Adriana Randolf

Anna de Valen

Anna de Valen is an Italian country singer.

Her Story About Becoming Famous:Edit

"I had been playing the guitar for most of my life and I only played concerts in the winery, where my parents worked. I didn't know what else to do with my guitar skills. I thought maybe I could become famous. I made my you tube account and started posting videos of me to make me famous. After about 2 years I got 1 million subscribers which was my goal. Then I got an amazing deal. In LA, a record company called me and they wanted me to come and I could make a single with them. I agreed and went to LA. My single 'Snowfall', became a huge hit and from them I have been famous."


  • Adriana was Anna de Valen.
  • She was famous until she decided to make her dream to work with animals a reality.
  • Adriana still writes and plays songs.