Chapter 1: AdrianaEdit

Adriana lay on the bed exhausted. "What's the matter Adriana?" "I'm exhausted." "Exhausted. How?" "From taking care of them and having all these duties." Adriana lay on her side and faced her husband. Jason stroked her arm and smiled. "Just take it easy." Jason suggested and Adriana kissed Jason. "I wish we could go back to Italy, just once more." Adriana sighed. "But we can't." "We can." "We can?" Adriana questioned Jason confused. Jason brought her closer to him before he spoke. "You aren't officially a citizen of the kingdoms yet, you still have your life from the other world so..." "So you are saying we can!" Jason nodded. "Please!" Adriana squealed with delight. "Can we?" "I think you need it, since we have been here for a year and 3/4." "Oh thank you Jason." Adriana hugged her husband.  "When can we go? What shall we do? How will we - " "Calm down Adriana." Jason kissed Adriana. "We will go in a month and you can plan what we can do." "Yay!" Adriana exclaimed and kissed Jason twice. Jason hugged Adriana and lifted her up and placed her on the other side of him. Adriana and Jason laughed. "You're so funny!" Adriana commented still laughing. Jason kissed Adriana and touched her cheek. Adriana lay on top of Jason and hugged him. Adriana soon placed her head on Jason's chest. Jason stroked Adriana's back and she sighed. Adriana held Jason's hand. Jason sat up and placed his hands on Adriana's tummy. Adriana placed her arms around Jason's neck and placed her head on his shoulder. "Which we could of done this when I wasn't pregnant with Ethan and Kathalina." "I know you wanted to." Jason replied. Adriana lifted her head and placed her forehead on Jason's forehead. Adriana's nose touched Jason's and they both chuckled. Jason carried Jason outside onto their bedroom balcony. Adriana's hair blew behind her and she hugged Jason. Jason lightly held her neck before he kissed her. Jason slowly moved around the balcony with Adriana. "A month from now we will be on holiday." Adriana murmured and Jason smiled.

==Chapter 2: Jason ==


"Say 'my family and I shall spend our time, together in (the country).' Ok?" Jason instructed Adriana as his family cuddled together. "My family and I shall spend our time, together in Naples, Italy." Jason hugged his family as the world around him disappeared and he soon was at a train station. Adriana kissed Jason as the world became normal again. "Naples train station." Adriana sighed. "We need a taxi." Jason suggested and he and his family headed to the taxi stand. Soon they got in a taxi big enough for them. "Tuscany Sunset Winery please." Adriana asked the taxi driver and the driver nodded. The taxi driver drove onto the motor way. "Yay! We’re back!" Adriana quietly exclaimed, hugging Jason. "Yes we are." Jason replied. "Wow, look at this country side." Jason commented. "I grew up here." Adriana added and held Jason's hand. Adriana kissed Miranda and looked outside. 45 minutes later they arrived at the winery. "Thank you." Adriana handed over the money and they got out. The car drove away and Adriana jumped in the air with joy. "Now I want to act like normal people and then surprise them at the door." Adriana said and Jason nodded. Jason helped Adriana place Kathalina and Ethan in their stroller and they headed down the stone road to the house. They stopped halfway because Adriana felt something odd. They continued and soon reached the house. Jason and Adriana went onto the balcony and knocked on the door. A young woman answered. "Hello?" "Eloise?" "Yes and who might you be?" "I am Adriana, your cousin." Eloise squealed with delight and hugged Adriana. "Look at you! A mother to 4 and a wife!" Adriana nodded. "Aunt Denise! Uncle Drake! Adriana is here!" Adriana's parents came rushing to the door. "Surprise!" Adriana exclaimed and hugged her parents. Adriana's parents came to Jason and hugged him. "Come in." Adriana's parents gestured them in and Jason and Adriana went into the living room with their children. The living room was cost and country house like. Jason saw horses out of the window. Jason raised his eyebrows before he sat down next to his wife. "4?" Adriana's mother asked as she saw Adriana holding Miranda and Orlando. "Miranda and Orlando." Adriana commented and showed their youngest daughter and son to her mother. "Where's Jovaani?" "Jovaani went with Poppy." "Oh. She is looking after him?" "He is her son." Adriana became speechless. Adriana's mother sat down next to her. "So how long are you here for?" "A week and a 1/2." Adriana replied. "Stay with us since your here for that long." "Ok mother." Adriana replied and Adriana kissed Jason. "You 2 are the perfect pair." Eloise exclaimed. "Jason, this is my cousin Eloise. Eloise this is my husband Jason." "Nice to meet you." Eloise greeted Jason and Jason nodded in reply. "Your English has improved a lot Eloise." "Si. I am glad I have been learning to speak English." Adriana smiled and passed Jason, Orlando. "I was wondering if you guys could take care of these four for a day. I want to take Jason Roma." "Of course!" Adriana's mother exclaimed. "Eloise go show these guys their room. You guys should go rest." "Ok mother." Adriana got up and Jason followed her. They followed Eloise into a room with a cot inside. "Here you go. I'll see if there is another cot somewhere." Eloise said and left the room. Adriana sat on the bed and cuddled with Miranda. Jason placed the rest of their children on the bed and Adriana and Jason played with them happily on the bed.

==Chapter 3: Adriana ==


"You have your hotel room all sorted out?" Adriana's father asked. "Yes father. We are all ready." Adriana turned around to see Jason coming towards her. "Are you ready to go sweetie?" Adriana asked Jason and Jason nodded. Adriana hugged Jason before she took the car keys and went with Jason to the car. Jason placed their bags in the back seat and they both got in. Adriana put her seatbelt on and turned on the engine. "Now is there anything you want to do in Rome?" Adriana asked Jason as she drove onto the motorway. "Well, I don't know. Colosseum is a must." Jason replied. Got that all sorted. Adriana smiled and placed one of her hands on Jason's leg. Jason held that hand and kissed Adriana's hand. "Now do you get why I asked for Italian villas in our kingdom?" "I definitely do now." Jason answered. “It’s so beautiful out here." Jason added and looked at her. Jason raised his eyebrows at her. "What Jason?" Adriana asked him. "Your tummy weight has nearly gone now. The lemon juice is the right cure for the disease." Adriana nodded in reply. Adriana took a deep breath as she felt a pain in her side. "You have coped through everything so well." Adriana smiled and Jason kissed her on the cheek. - - - “There it is El Gladiatore. This place has the best food and view in the part of town." Adriana showed him into Adriana's favourite restaurant. "Table for 2?" a waiter showed them to a table where they could get a perfect view of the Colosseum. "Wow." Jason commented as he saw the lit up Colosseum behind a dark blue sky. "It's beautiful at this time of night am I right?" Jason nodded and just started at the Colosseum. "Ok Jason that's enough Colosseum for now." Jason turned to face Adriana and held her hands. "You're so beautiful." Jason kissed Adriana and Adriana blushed. 20 minutes later, they finished their meals. Adriana and Jason walked outside hand in hand and went to the Colosseum. "I thought we could have a romantic stroll around here." Adriana commented and as soon as they got the Colosseum, Jason picked her up and kissed her. Jason and Adriana started walking round the outside of the Colosseum. Jason kept and kissing Adriana and she liked it. In 10 minutes, they had walked round the whole colosseum. "Let's head back now." Jason suggested and Adriana stopped him. "Just one more thing." Adriana went closer to Jason and kissed him. They both hugged each other as they kissed. "I love you." Jason commented and kissed Adriana on the cheek. Adriana smiled and hugged Jason for the rest of the night at the hotel.

==Chapter 4: Jason ==


"Here we are." Jason said as Adriana and he pulled up into Adriana's parents place. Jason saw someone sitting on the porch. "Is that Eloise?" Jason pointed at a woman standing up. "Yup." Adriana replied as Jason stopped the car. "Go ahead. I'll catch up." Adriana smiled and got out of the car. Jason watched as Adriana hugged Eloise. Jason smiled and got out of the car. He went the boot and got their suitcases out. Jason took the suitcases to the porch and joined Adriana and Eloise. "Hey sweetie. I am going to ride Fifi. Want to join me?" Jason nodded. "Who's Fifi?" Adriana chuckled. "I'll show you." Adriana pulled Jason to the stables. "Fifi is a horse." "Yes. My horse." Adriana placed a saddle on a brown thoroughbred and got on. "Are you going to ride a horse?" "I am not sure Adriana." "Oh come on. For me?" "Oh alright." Jason got a saddle from the rack and placed it on the horse next to Adriana. Jason hopped on and sighed with relief. "Race you to the field." Adriana exclaimed and took off. Jason laughed and raced after Adriana. A few minutes later Jason caught up with Adriana and they arrived at the field. Adriana opened the gate and closed it after Jason got in. Adriana started making circuits round the fenced off area. "Woo hoo!" Adriana exclaimed and laughed. After a few rounds Adriana came to Jason. "I never knew you were a pro at horse riding." "I know. I thought I might have lots my skills after I moved to Toronto. It looks like I haven't though." "Which is good Adriana." Adriana's horse started moving side to side. "Fifi." Adriana's horse was getting worked up. "Fifi stop. Stop!" Adriana screamed as her horse reared and Adriana fell off her horse. "Adriana!" Jason got off his horse and saved Adriana before her horse might have stepped on her. With tears in her eyes, Adriana stroked Jason's cheeks quickly with both hands. She soon squirmed and squealed. "Are you alright Adriana?" Jason got no reply. "Adriana?" Jason showed Adriana's face and saw Adriana's eyes were closed. "Jason?" Adriana's eyes started to open again. "We have to get you to the house." Jason instructed and looked at his horse. "If they can do it in movies so can I." he muttered to himself before standing up and placing Adriana on the horse. Adriana's eyes closed again and he got behind her. Jason got out of the field and galloped to the house. When Jason got to the stables, Jason hopped off the horse carefully and Adriana started squealing. Jason raced into the house and lay Adriana on the sofa. "What’s happened?" Eloise asked Jason as she approached. "Adriana fell off her horse and she is injured." Jason saw Adriana bleeding on her side. He lifted her top and saw a cut going along her side. "Any bandage wrap?" "Maybe." Eloise went away and soon came back with some. Jason lifted Adriana's top up and wrapped the bandage wrap around her tummy. Adriana started stirring. "Adriana." Jason stroked Adriana's cheeks. "What is happening Jason?" Jason was too scared to reply. Instead, he kissed her. Adriana watched Jason with her eyes half open. "Adriana!" Adriana's mother exclaimed. "Mother?" "Adriana, just look at me." Jason instructed. Jason hugged Adriana as she closed her eyes again. Still hugging him, Jason picked up Adriana and carried her to their room. Jason positioned Adriana as he approached the bed and lay next to her. Adriana woke up and touched his face. "You are alright." Jason commented. Jason carefully hugged Adriana. He kissed her on the cheek and continued to hug her.

- - -

"I don't want you going Jason." "I will be safe don't worry." Jason kissed Adriana before he got the keys for his rental motorbike. "Don't crash." Adriana said as Jason opened the door and left the house. Adriana followed Jason onto the porch. Jason kissed Adriana again before he got on the motorbike. He placed his helmet on and sped onto the motorway. After 30 minutes, Jason was the Central Napoli Train Station. He soon got distracted and heard a smash. He felt himself fall to the ground and he closed his eyes.

- - -

Jason heard his heart beats and opened his eyes. He saw he had an oxygen mask on and was lying on an ambulance travel bed. Adriana isn't going to like this. He thought before he closed his eyes again.

==Chapter 5: Adriana ==


"In breaking news, there has just been a crash involving 2 cars and a motorbike near Central Naples Train Station." Adriana gasped and stared at the TV. "C’è appena stato un incidente che coinvolge due automobili e una moto vicino alla stazione ferroviaria centrale di Napoli." "... And the motor biker is in San Giovanni Bosco Hospital with minor injuries. We advise you stay away from that area for the next half hour." "... E il motociclista è a San Giovanni Bosco ospedale con ferite lievi. Si consiglia di stare lontano da quella zona per la prossima mezz'ora." Tears started to fall down Adriana's face and she accidentally dropped her glass. It smashed and small glass bits spread across the area in front of her. She dropped onto her knees and cried into her hands. Adriana felt the stroke of someone's hand on her arm. "I am so sorry mother." Adriana apologised to her mother, next to her. "He's in hospital." Adriana cried, nearly whispering. "Adriana." her mother kindly asked. Adriana looked up and saw the keys to her father’s Toyota in her hands. "Go to him." her mother gestured. Adriana took the keys and got up with her mother. Adriana put her coat and shoes on, full of sadness. "We will come pick you up later." Adriana nodded and burst into tears. Adriana opened the door and headed to the car door. Adriana opened the door slowly and hopped in. She started the engine as soon as she closed the door and went onto the motorway. For the next half hour she cried her eyes out, desperate to see her husband. Soon the traffic picked up and she soon came to a standstill. "Ugh!" she cried and laid her head on the top of the steering wheel. She soon looked up with wet cheeks and realised she could turn around and go the other possible way to the hospital. Adriana turned her indicator on and turned onto the road heading back. 10 minutes later she arrived at the hospital. She wiped away her tears before heading to the reception at the front entrance. "Jason Randolf?" she sadly asked. "I am sorry señora; he is going into surgery in 10 minutes." "That's all I need." Adriana was full of sorrow. In her mind she repeated no to herself. "I will see what the surgeon thinks." the receptionist said and picked up the phone. ".... Si. Ciao." the receptionist placed the phone back down. "The surgeon said you may go see him until it's time for the surgery." the receptionist replied and smiled. "Thank you! Where might I find him?" Adriana exclaimed with relief. "When you get to Level 1, go left and he is in the 10th door on the right." "Graize. Ciao." Adriana thanked the receptionist and went upstairs. "....9, 10!" Adriana sighed with relief and opened the door. "Adriana?" Jason asked. "Oh Jason!" Adriana exclaimed and rushed to his side. Adriana kissed Jason and started crying again. "I am scared Jason. About you." she commented with tears in her eyes. Jason shushed Adriana and stroked her cheek. "There is no reason to be scared." Jason comforted her and Adriana hugged him. Minutes went by so quickly and it was now only a minute until Jason fell asleep for surgery. Adriana saw Jason's eyes beginning to close. “No, No Jason!" Adriana cried. "Don't worry Adriana. I will be fine when you see me tomorrow." Jason said.  "I love you." Adriana commented as she went closer to Jason's face and kissed him. When Adriana finished Jason's eyes had become closed. Adriana frowned and sat back up. She gazed sadly at her husband. A nurse came in and Adriana turned back to see her mother at the door. "Come on Adriana. He has to go now." Adriana turned and faced Jason when her mother told her this. Adriana gripped onto Jason's hand full of disappointment and worries. She felt her arm getting pulled and looked to see her father trying to get her out of the room. "No, No Jason! Jason! Jason!!" she tearfully cried and soon got forced out of the room. She saw one last glimpse of her husband before the door closed. Adriana again burst into tears and her mother soon comforted her. Adriana nudged her arm away and cried. She walked with her parents to the car park. Adriana got in her father’s car and sadly looked out of the window. Her father soon got in. "Do you know what you just did Adriana!?" her father questioned sternly and Adriana said nothing. "You just humiliated us!" her father replied angrily and burst back out of the car. He soon argued with her mother and Adriana then cried into her hands. The door opened and she saw her mother get in. "Sorry sweetie. You know he gets angry sometimes." her mother apologised. "I am the one to blame." Adriana admitted and cried while looking out of the window again. 45 minutes later they reached her parents’ house. 

==Chapter 6: Adriana ==


Adriana got out of the car and burst through the door. "Adriana are you - alright?" Eloise asked but Adriana ignored her question and started crying again. She pushed the porch door open and sat on the stairs leading to the winery. She buried her face in her hands and wept heavily. She shook her head and cried 'no' now and then. Adriana looked up at the dark garden. She wiped away her tears then immediately started crying again. She looked at her tummy and sighed angrily. "Who am I kidding? I am not getting pregnant again, they won't be as beautiful as the ones I have had!" Adriana burst into tears again. Adriana heard footsteps coming up to her from behind. "Adriana." "Eloise! I miss Jason so much!" Adriana felt Eloise place a blanket on her shoulders. "I know you do." Eloise said before heading back inside. Adriana sighed sadly and leaned on the wooden porch pole. She saw a pillow and placed it behind her head. She watched her hand as she stroked her tummy, even though all the weight was gone, with tears still running down her face. She stopped stroking and looked at the garden in front of her. She soon gradually drifted into sleep, still full of sadness. - - - Adriana woke up to the sound of birds chirping. She realised she was still on the porch as she stretched. She bumped her elbow on the pole behind her. "Ouch!" she murmured and stood up. She looked at her wound from yesterday before she picked the blanket up and went inside. Everyone was down eating breakfast, everyone besides Jason. Adriana went over to the children and kissed them, while holding each little one individually. She fed them before grabbing her father’s car keys and heading to the door. "I am going to see Jason." "Opening hours hasn’t started yet Adriana." her mother added. "By the time I get there, they would have been open for 1/2 an hour." Adriana commented looking at her watch. "Okay then." her father sarcastically commented. Adriana knew he was still angry about the humiliation the day before. "Bye." Adriana opened the door and headed to the car. Adriana sighed as she started the engine. An hour later, she reached the hospital and headed for Jason's room.

==Chapter 7: Jason ==


Jason woke up sad. He wanted to see Adriana so much. He heard a knock on the door. "Come in." he said and a nurse appeared in the door way. "Jason!" a woman exclaimed and he saw his wife race to him. Adriana hugged and kissed him. "You are alright!" "I am besides a broken leg and a few stitches." Jason confessed. Jason showed Adriana his stitches after Adriana sat down next to him holding his hand. "Oohh." she worriedly cried quietly. "But you are okay besides that." Adriana smiled and kissed him again. "I was up most of the night, worried about you Jason." Jason stroked Adriana's cheek. "Well I am fine. There is no reason to be worried." the nurse came next to Adriana. Adriana moved slightly before the nurse lifted his top up and touched his stitches. Jason closed his eyes in pain and Adriana stroked his fingers. "He can go in about 10 minutes." the nurse told Adriana and she nodded. "We will give you crutches and a few pills he will need to take before he comes back." "When should he come back?" Adriana asked the nurse. "About 3 days." "Ok." Adriana nodded and smiled at Jason. The nurse went to the other side of the room to do some things. "Jason, I can't get pregnant again." Adriana told him quietly. "Why?" Jason asked. "They won't be as beautiful as the ones we have already had." Adriana whispered and started crying. Jason carefully stroked Adriana's head as she leaned on his shoulder. Jason kissed Adriana on the head before seeing that the nurse was preparing the wheelchair. "Time to go." Jason murmured to her and Adriana looked up wiping her tears and nodded. Jason carefully sat himself up and the nurse brought the wheelchair to him. Adriana helped him slowly get out of the bed and onto the wheelchair. Adriana kissed him and smiled. The nurse gave Adriana the things he needed and then they went out. The nurse towed Jason and Adriana held his hand. As they all reached outside, Adriana pointed out their car. When they reached the car, Adriana and the nurse helped Jason get in. Jason soon got in and Adriana placed the crutches in the back seat and thanked the nurse. "So he has to come back in 3 days so the stitches can go?" the nurse nodded. "Graize. Ciao." Adriana closed the doors and got in herself. "At least you are ok." Adriana kissed him and held his hand. She drove them out of the hospital car park and onto the main road heading north. "I'm glad that you made it here and back safely yesterday." Jason commented and stroked his wife's fingers. "Now you're on the road to recovery." Adriana told Jason with a smile. "I'm glad too." Jason replied. "Can we do something tonight? Just the two of us?" Jason added. "I don't know. You just came out of the hospital. You should be resting." Jason stroked Adriana's hand. "I'll see but you must rest."

==Chapter 8: Adriana ==


Adriana carefully nudged awake her sleeping husband. Jason stirred and faced her. "Jason. We are going for a walk." "What?" Jason said opening his eyes and sitting up. "We are going for a little walk so you can get used to the crutches." Adriana repeated and got Jason's crutches. Jason sat on the side of the bed and waited for Adriana. Adriana passed Jason the crutches and she went to her suitcase. She opened it and shrieked. "What are you guys doing in there!?" Adriana was shocked to see Snowy, Midnight, shadow and sugar in her suitcase. "Surprise." Jason said as she slowly came to her. “You brought them?" Jason nodded. "How could they have survived in there for 3 days?" "They didn't. They were behind me when we got here and then your cousin took care of them for the last few days. You know when I told you to say fur bundles?" Adriana nodded. "Eloise left instantly because she placed the dogs in here." Adriana carefully got each of them out. "Ok." Adriana placed Snowy on the floor and placed their leads on. "By the sounds of it, my parents have made a path that we need to follow." Adriana instructed stroking Sugar. "Now guys I want you to hold these and go downstairs because I have to help Jason. Once you’re down go to that porch and wait there." Adriana pointed left and the dogs nodded. The dogs placed the handles carefully in their mouths and left the room. "Now I know it's only a few steps but you have to be careful going down." Adriana told Jason. "I know, I know." Adriana placed her coat on and slowly walked next to Jason as they left the room. Jason held onto the stair rail and Adriana took the crutches. Jason and Adriana slowly made it down the stairs. "Mamma, io e Jason stanno andando per la passeggiata." "Ok. Ciao." Adriana's mother replied. "Ciao. I just told her we're leaving." Adriana commented as they headed onto the porch and met up with the dogs. Adriana bent down and took the handles. "I know a few things in Italian." Jason commented. "You do? If you are so sure tell me something in Italian." Adriana got up and faced Jason. "Ti amo." "Awww, Anche io ti amo." Adriana kissed Jason and they headed onto the pebble road. Adriana and Jason slowly walked although the 4 dogs tried to tow them on. "So have you ever had crutches before?" Adriana asked Jason as they walked. "Well, once when I was 11. I broke the same leg and I have now." Jason replied. Adriana nodded and pointed to a pole with a pink ribbon tied to it. "Ok. We have to go that way." Adriana said, pointing right. "Ok." Jason and Adriana slowly made it round the corner with the dogs. "Guys can you not race ahead please." Adriana asked the dogs. "Sorry Adriana. We're excited that's all." Midnight replied. "Where are we going?" Sugar cutely asked. "We don't know." Adriana replied and they continued walking. Adriana carefully held Jason's arm as they walked. They passed 3 more pink ribbons they soon came to a flower covered garden arch. Adriana gasped as she saw a small lake after the arch. They went through the arch and headed down to a row boat. "Want to get on it?" Jason asked and held Adriana as he passed the crutches to her. Adriana and Jason carefully lowered down so Jason could get in. Jason sat in and Adriana passed the crutches. Midnight and Snowy got in and sat in either sides of Jason. Adriana got in and Shadow and Sugar lay next to her. Jason pushed off and Jason rowed them round the lake. Jason and Adriana continued to laugh. Adriana splashed a little bit of water on Jason and she laughed more. Jason soon shook the boat and Jason laughed. Adriana sat next to Jason and leaned on him as he rowed. After 1/2 an hour in the row boat, Jason rowed them back to the shore. Adriana and the dogs got out first before Adriana helped Jason get out and when he got out, she gave Jason the crutches and they headed away from the water. Adriana spotted a blanket and Jason and Adriana went to it. Jason and Adriana lay on it and they hugged each other. They continuously kissed each other and Adriana carefully lay on Jason. Jason kissed Adriana before she hugged him again. "You are the most beautiful and most important girl in my life Adriana." Jason commented, stroking her cheek as she lay next to him. "You're the most important and supportive guy in my life." Adriana placed a hand on Jason's chest and Jason stroked Adriana's tummy. "When will we enter another child into the world?" Adriana asked Jason. "Soon. Just let yourself be free for a few years before we decide." Jason replied and stroked her arm. Jason and Adriana smiled at each other and rested together. 

==Chapter 9: Jason ==


Jason saw tears running down Adriana's face as she hugged her parents and cousin goodbye. "I will see you at least one more time." Adriana commented as she finished hugging them. "Yes. Come any time." Adriana's mother replied. "I am sorry I yelled at you earlier." "It's ok dad." "Well we must be off." Jason said holding her sad wife's hand. Jason kissed Adriana on the cheek before they left the house. Jason slowly walked down the stairs on the porch holding his crutches and they walked back to the winery. When they weren't visible from the porch Adriana stopped and they all faced each other. "Ok. You know what to say." Adriana took a deep breath. "My family and I have finished our trip take us back to where we now call home." Jason saw one last glimpse of Italy before he saw himself in his room with his family. Adriana sighed as she took the leads off their dogs and they sprinted to their beds. Adriana got up and placed their children in their cots. Jason walked in his crutches to their bed and carefully lay down on it. Adriana placed a hand on her flat tummy. Adriana sighed again and cuddle on the bed with Jason. "For some reason I really want to get pregnant now." Adriana commented and Jason shook. "Really? I would like you to have a rest from having children for a few years." Jason replied. "I know but I feel pregnant that's all." "You do feel pregnant?" Adriana nodded. "I act as if and I still feel pains in my sides. Like now." Adriana grasped her side and closed her eyes.  Adriana started crying. "This one really hurts!" Jason carefully sat up on the bed and stroked Adriana. "I feel something." Adriana exclaimed and Jason lifted her top. Jason saw a small cut where Adriana was grasping her tummy but nothing else. "It is only a cut there." Jason corrected. Still with her eyes closed, Adriana carefully held Jason's neck and brought his head down so Adriana could hug him. "Calm down and the pain should go." Jason suggested and kissed Adriana on the cheek. Adriana's breathing calmed down and Jason lay next to Adriana.

==Chapter 10: Adriana ==


Adriana sat on the bed and read the Royal Rules book Cinderella gave to her. Adriana turned to the Non-Citizen section and screamed. "What Adriana?" "I- I- I am going to die." "What!?" Jason came as fast as he could to her. "It says here, 'Any Non-Kingdom Citizens will die as who they are, in some sort of way including kissing a royal; an illness; an actual death; getting shot etc.' Now I'm really freaking out." Adriana started crying and Jason hugged her. "Sshhh. Dave." "The door opened and a guard stood in the open door way. “Yes your majesty?" "Can you please get Amy to come here immediately?" "Yes." the guard bowed and closed the door. Jason helped Adriana up and went to her rocking chair. As Adriana sat down, Jason brought Miranda to her. "Thanks sweetie." Adriana cuddled Miranda and she started rocking in the chair. Amy came in minutes later. "I came as soon as I got your message." Amy told Jason in a floor length purple gown. "It doesn't look like there is a problem. What did you call me for anyway?" Amy asked. "There’s a problem inside." Jason said stroking Adriana's leg. "Aww Adriana. Lauren told me she had it." Amy hugged Adriana who was starting to cry again. "When? How?" Adriana asked. "It was a kiss. That's all." "Yeah Amy but she worried about the other ways." Jason handed the book to Amy and she read the section. "Oh. Jason must stay with you at all times." "So you are saying I can't leave the castle grounds?" "Without him or me." Adriana started crying again and covered her eyes with her hands. "She wants to see her parents again." Jason said kissing Adriana on the cheek. "Well I’m afraid she can't. She's losing it; if she goes back she might not be able to return." Adriana got up holding Miranda and went onto the balcony. She lay on the sofa chairs and cried. "Oh Miranda. Why does everything bad happen to me?" she told Miranda who yawned. Adriana held her daughters small hand and stroked her fingers. Adriana curled up with her youngest daughter and placed a light blanket over them.

==Chapter 11: Adriana ==


Adriana stopped strumming her guitar and went to her drawers. She got out a detailed box and placed it on the bed. She sat down and opened the box. She got out the photo albums she had kept safe. Adriana carefully started flicking through the pages. Adriana sighed as she saw a picture of her favourite memories of her with Jason. Adriana saw Jason sit next to her on the bed and stroked her arm as he hugged her. Adriana leaned on Jason and sighed again. "Where would I be without you Jason?" Adriana kissed Jason before he spoke. "Well we wouldn't be together, we wouldn't be ruling together, we wouldn't be parents, you would be a bearologist still and I would be a doctor too and nine of us would have known each other. Also, especially, all these memories wouldn't have made and been printed and placed in albums." Jason finished and touched the picture Adriana was looking at. Adriana put the albums away and put her guitar in front of her. Adriana started strumming and Jason soon joined in. Adriana chuckled at the sound they were making. - - - "So, tell me Anna de Valén, how did you become famous?" "Well, I got to try and remember." Adriana said cuddling up with Jason on their bed. "Ok. I had been playing the guitar for most of my life and I only played concerts in the winery. I didn't know what else to do with my guitar skills. I thought maybe I could become famous. I made my You Tube account and started posting videos of me to make me famous. After about 2 years I got 1 million subscribers which was my goal. Then I got an amazing deal. In LA, a record company called me and they wanted me to come and I could make a single with them. I agreed and went to LA. My single 'Snowfall', became a huge hit and from them I have been famous." Adriana finished with a smile. "Why did you have to move to Toronto after your parents died?" "I don't want to talk about it." Jason replied and looked away from her. "Oh. Ok." Adriana got up and went onto their balcony. She sighed and looked at the view. She lay down on one of the loungers and looked at her wedding and engagement ring. Adriana sighed again. She place that hand on her tummy. "Wonder when we'll expect another baby." Adriana wondered and closed her eyes with a smile.

==Chapter 12: Jason ==


Jason sat up in bed and opened his eyes as he heard Adriana vomiting for the 4th time that morning. She soon came out of the bathroom slowly. "Did I wake you?" Adriana asked. "No." Adriana started coughing. Adriana lay down in the bed and Jason got his phone. He called Amy. "Hello?" "Hi Amy. Adriana has been vomiting a lot this morning and I am guessing she's ill. She has just started coughing." Jason got out of bed and walked round the room. He looked at the ground as he talked with his sister. "More likely yes, she ill. The children are on her side of the bed right?" "Yes." "Bring their cots onto your side." "Ok." "This is making me think that Adriana has a sickness before she dies." "Please don't bring that up." "Ok, ok." "I'll come and check on her." "Now?" "Yup. It's alright at 6:15 right?" "Yes. Please do come I'm worried about her." Jason looked up at Adriana. "See you soon." Amy hung up and Jason placed his phone away. "Amy's coming to check on you." he said as he sat next to Adriana in their bed. He stroked Adriana's arm as she nodded. "I really don't feel good." Adriana croaked as she faced him. Jason felt Adriana's forehead and jumped to the hot feeling. "I am guessing you’re ill." Jason replied and Adriana frowned. Adriana got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She closed the door and vomited again. Jason sighed got up. He went to the table and prepared a glass of cold water for Adriana. As Adriana came out of the bathroom Jason gave her the glass and she drank it. When Adriana finished, she leaned, on her side, on Jason and Jason hugged her. He stroked Adriana's left arm and kissed her on the head, he started moving from side to side. This made Adriana comfortable. Jason gasped. "Adriana you have gained weight!" Adriana looked at her tummy and placed hands on either side. Jason didn't know what Adriana's expression was. He was surprised she had gained. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Jason heard high heels and turned to see Amy putting the lights on. She closed the door and Jason helped Adriana lie down.  Jason hugged Amy in greeting as Amy came to them. "Hi Amy." Adriana croaked. "Hi Adriana. How are you feeling?" "Not too good." Adriana replied. Amy sat next to Adriana and Jason went on his side of the bed. "I am going to check a few things while Jason tells me what you've been like ok?" Adriana nodded and Amy got a few things out of her bag. "Ok, let me remember. Adriana has been vomiting since 10pm last night. She only just started coughing when I called you. Her temperature has increased sometimes and has gained maybe 2 kgs." Jason told Amy as she checked Adriana's temperature. "Ok." Amy replied. Jason saw Adriana's hand shaking so he stroked Jason's fingers. "You’re alight Adriana. I'm here." Amy soon finished checking Adriana and got out the rules book Adriana was given. She turned to a page and handed the book over to Jason. Jason took the book and read the page. 'Sickness before death for a non-citizen: a non-citizen will have an illness (only if they become citizens by death) before they die. Things noticed are, weight gain, temperatures, vomiting and a croaky voice. Please note: this illness does not affect other people, only the non-citizen who will die.' "You're right Amy." he said as he passed the book back. "What? How is she right?" "I'll tell her." Amy replied and Jason gestured her to tell Adriana. "You're sick and this sickness leads up to your death." Adriana straight away got freaked out and pressed herself against the headboard. "Is this true Jason?" Adriana asked him freaking out. Jason sadly nodded and Adriana started crying. Jason hugged Adriana. "Ssshhh." Jason comforted Adriana, he was freaked out she was actually going to die. "Why am I always the one that gets hurt the most? Why!?" Adriana continued crying into Jason's chest. Amy got off the bed and gestured to Jason that he was leaving. Jason did thumbs up. Amy motioned call me to Jason and he nodded. Amy soon left the room. Jason kissed the crying Adriana on the head. "Why me? Why me?" Adriana cried. Jason looked at his phone and he saw a text from Amy.  'Keep her cool, comforted, safe and hydrated. I'll come and check on her every few hours.' it read. Jason replied. 'If every few hours, why don't you and Lauren stay at the castle here?' he wrote. He soon got a reply. 'Ok, I'm on my way to see Lauren. I'll come back with her. :) '. Jason placed his phone away and continued to comfort Adriana.

==Chapter 13: Jason ==


Jason heard a smash and heard Lauren scream. "Adriana!" Jason turned around and saw Adriana lying on the floor. "Adriana!" Jason bent down next to Adriana and leaned her on him. "Move the glass." Jason moved some of the broken glass Lauren and Amy stood above them watching. "Adriana!" Jason grasped her hand. "Come on open your eyes." he pleaded to her. Jason got no response. "Adriana." Jason cried. Adriana was still and had her eyes closed. Tears fell down Jason's face. Jason soon stroked Adriana's left cheek. Amy knelt beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Jason held Adriana's hand and placed it on her tummy. Jason kissed Adriana's forehead and laid his chin on her head. A few of his tears fell onto Adriana. The area where the tear landed glowed for a few seconds before disappearing. Jason sadly smiled as he picked Adriana up and placed her on the bed. Jason placed her in the position Snow White was placed in when she was in her coffin. Jason placed a flower in Adriana's hair and sat Miranda next to her head. He placed Miranda back in her cot and then sat by Adriana. He lay on his side and stroked Adriana's arm. Jason carefully lay on top of Adriana and kissed her on the cheek. Tears fell down Jason's face again and he sat back next to his wife. He placed a hand in Adriana's tummy and stroked it. Jason sadly sighed and placed one of Adriana's hands on his and continued caressing her tummy. Jason bent down and kissed Adriana. When he finished, Jason leaned Adriana in his left shoulder. "Adriana!" he quietly exclaimed as he saw Adriana open her eyes.  Jason stroked Adriana's cheek. Adriana smiled at him. 

==12 YEARS LATER........ ==


==Chapter 14: Adriana ==


Adriana screamed. "Yay!" Adriana quietly squealed as she looked at her test's result. She held her tummy. "Hello, if you're in there." Adriana was so excited that after 12 years she was going to have another baby. "Adriana?" Adriana hid the test at the sound of Jason's voice. Adriana opened the bathroom slider. "Yes?" "2 things. 1, why were you screaming? And 2, Ethan and Kathalina are fighting again." Adriana packed the test box away and closed the bathroom door and went to Jason. "Oh nothing. There was just a spider in the sink." Adriana lied; she had to surprise Jason at their wedding anniversary which was 2 weeks away. "Do you want to go sort out this fight with me?" Jason asked. "Just a minute." Adriana sped back into the bathroom and closed the door. She got out the test again and read the rest of the results. "Twins! 1 month through!" she whispered to herself. She jumped up and down with joy. "I can't believe it." Adriana quietly exclaimed. She shoved it in her pocket and went out of the bathroom. She placed the test into her locked jewellery box and went with Jason to the fighting Kathalina and Ethan. - - -  "Mum... Ethan hit me again." "Now you started it." Ethan protested. "No you!" Kathalina replied. "Hey, hey, hey, hey." Adriana slowly pushed Kathalina and Ethan away from each other. "You two are 12 years old now. Can we please have less fighting from you guys around here? You are supposed to set an example to your siblings." "Yes mum." Ethan and Kathalina sulkily replied. "Good." Adriana replied and got back up. She went and hugged Jason. She kissed him. "Why do you hug and kiss so much?" Ethan asked. "We love each other that's why Ethan." Jason replied as they both looked at their eldest child. "Yeah that's pretty obvious." Kathalina added. "Remember it is our wedding anniversary coming up." Jason added. "We are allowed to love each other aren't we?" Kathalina nodded. "We also love each other so much that we need to express it somehow." Adriana commented before Kathalina asked. "How long have you known each other for?"  "Over 14 years." Jason answered and Ethan and Kathalina's eyes went wide. "Ok.... I am going to go swimming Kathalina. Want to join me?" Ethan asked getting up. "Sure." Kathalina got up and then they sped out of the room. "We should have said a long time." "You should of." "Yes, I should of." Jason corrected himself and kissed her. "I never would have guessed we have known each other for over 14 years." "It's been a long time." Jason replied to Adriana and she smiled. 

==Chapter 15: Jason ==


Adriana sat on the bed and smiled at Jason. "There's something different about you Adriana." Jason commented examining her. "What do you thing is different?" Adriana said pretending to be bewildered. I’m 2 months pregnant! Of course he can tell. Jason held Adriana's hand. "Don't tell me you’re expecting." "Me! Pft, no. I would have told you earlier." "You're right." Phew! "I have just gained a bit of weight because I haven't exercised lately. That's all." Adriana finished. Jason raised his eyebrow. "Well I will believe you since I love you and you're my wife." Jason said shrugging. Adriana sighed with relief in her mind. Adriana sat in front of Jason, leaning in the beds headboard, and cuddled with Jason. Adriana held his cheek and kissed him. As Adriana finished kissing him, she felt a pain. Oh no! "Adriana. I saw your tummy rise." How do I put this? "I made that happen." Really? Is that the best I can think up of? Adriana just smiled at Jason. Adriana got up and placed a scarf on her.  She sat down again with Jason and laid her head on his chest. Jason started stroking her side and he laid his chin on Adriana's head. "Adriana. Something's up with you." Adriana sat up as she felt a pain in her side. "If I tell you now, it won't be a surprise on our anniversary." "All I need to know is if you're alright." Adriana slowly lay back on Jason. "I'm alright. I'm alright." Jason stroked her cheek. Adriana smiled and sighed with comfort.

==Chapter 16: Adriana ==


Jason hugged Adriana. "12 years exactly!" Adriana exclaimed. "I love you!" Adriana kissed her husband as he spun them around. Jason jumped onto their bed and they laughed. "Sweetie, I need you to open a present." Adriana got up and got a present from her drawer out. Adriana went back to Jason. "Go on. Open it." Adriana said trying to persuade Jason to open her gift. "I am not sure. Shouldn't we open it later?" "No, now." Just do it! Adriana thought. "Fine. I'll open this one now." Jason started tearing the wrapping. He opened the box lid and gasped. In the box the test that Adriana took. It still said pregnant thankfully. Jason placed the box next to him and hugged Adriana. Adriana got a fright as Jason picked her up and spun her around. Adriana started laughing as Jason kept spinning her around. Jason slowly lowered her to the ground. "Is it true?" Jason exclaimed and Adriana placed his and her hands on her growing tummy. "Yes. 4 months with -" Kathalina came in the door. "Happy wedding anniversary mum and dad." "Awww, thank you sweetie." Adriana hugged Kathalina. "Can we tell her?" Jason eagerly asked Adriana. "Later." Adriana replied. "Tell me what?" Kathalina asked. "Daddy found something out a few minutes ago. He's so excited about it, that's all." "Oh ok. Can I go swimming soon?" "Yes." Jason quickly replied. "Thank you daddy. I'll tell the others they can too." "Ok."  Kathalina closed the door as she exited the room. "Where were we?" Adriana got a fright again as Jason pulled her closer to him. "I am 4 months with twins. Genders unknown." Jason kissed Adriana repeatedly. Adriana knew he was pleased. "Let's find out the gender." Adriana suggested and they went to the test. "Omg!" Adriana exclaimed as she read the test. "It's a boy and girl!" Jason picked up Adriana again and kissed her. Adriana kissed Jason back. "There they go." Adriana said as she felt a kick. "First one.” Adriana stroked her tummy and Jason lay her down on the bed. Jason sat next to Adriana {C}and started stroking her tummy. "I am proud of you." Jason kissed Adriana before he lay down next to her. Adriana and Jason both touched her tummy. "Hello Jason Jr. aka Jay Jay." Adriana commented and Jason hugged her. "I love you." Adriana kissed Jason again, pleased that she had announced her pregnancy to him. Adriana and Jason went onto their bedroom balcony. Jason stroked Adriana's tummy from behind and Adriana placed her hands on top of his. Adriana smiled at him and Jason kissed Adriana in the head.  "I am so proud that we will be parents again." "After 12 years." Adriana added and placed her hands on her tummy. "Are you ready?" Adriana asked Jason. "All I need to know is if you're ready. You go through the most pain." "I am if you are." Adriana replied and gazed at her tummy.

==Chapter 17: Jason ==


Jason and Adriana sat next to each other as their children sat down. "Your mother and I have some news to tell you." "Yeah?" Kathalina asked. Jason held Adriana's hand and he placed his hand on Adriana's tummy. Jason and Adriana smiled at each other. "You are going to be older siblings to twins." Adriana announced. Kathalina and Miranda squealed with delight. Miranda stood up and hugged Adriana. Adriana kissed Miranda and continued hugging her. "Really? More siblings?" Ethan asked not pleased. "If it’s what your mother and I want then it’s what we get." Jason answered to Ethan. "I'm excited." Orlando exclaimed. "Well, I'm the oldest which means I have seen everyone here, besides Kathalina and I, as new-borns." Ethan replied to Orlando. "I saw all of you guys at seconds old." Jason looked at Ethan. Adriana leaned over and kissed him. Jason turned and bent down to kiss Adriana's tummy. He kissed her tummy with a smile on his face. "When are they due Mother?" Kathalina asked. "In 4 1/2 months." Adriana answered her daughter. "We'll help you and Dad with the nursery." Miranda decided and Kathalina nodded. "How generous of you two." Adriana hugged Jason. In the corner of his eye, Jason saw Ethan get up and head to the door. "Where do you think you're going Ethan Angelo Randolf?" "Back to my room." Ethan opened the door and left the room. "I'll talk to him later." Jason told Adriana who was sad about Ethan not happy about her pregnancy. "Miranda and I are going to pick some toys out for the twins." Kathalina said and they sprinted put of the room. Jason saw Orlando sulking on the floor. "Orlando?" Adriana asked and sat in front of him. "I'm always the one left out." Orlando sulked to Adriana and Jason sat next to his pregnant wife. "No you're not. You have Ethan." Adriana replied and wiped Orlando's wet cheeks. "He's nothing like me and he doesn't want me around." Orlando commented and Adriana kissed him on the head. "I'll let you do something none of your siblings have done yet." Adriana told Orlando. Orlando looked up curious. "I'll let you feel your twin siblings." Adriana got Orlando's hand and placed it on her tummy. Orlando smiled. "Now what I want you to do is stroke mums tummy in circles 5 times then take your hand off and see what happens." Jason instructed Orlando as he lifted Adriana's top. "Jason...." Orlando stroked Adriana's tummy and soon let go. Adriana squeezed Jason's hand and squinted shut her eyes in pain. Adriana let out a cry of pain and Jason saw a bump on her tummy. "Whoa... That's one of them?" Orlando asked fascinated. Adriana nodded as she calmed down. "You did that when you were in there." Adriana commented pointing to her tummy. Orlando's eyebrows raised and Jason messed up Orlando's short brown hair. "Hey!" Orlando exclaimed and Adriana chuckled. "Sweetie. I think it's time for these guys to rest." Adriana faced him holding her tummy. "Ok." Jason helped Adriana up and she leaned on Jason. "If you want to Orlando, go join the girls." Adriana suggested. "Ok." Orlando said getting up and went out of the room. Jason kissed Adriana and then they headed for the bed. Jason helped Adriana lay down and Adriana uncovered her tummy. Jason then placed a light blanket on top of Adriana's tummy. Jason soon lay next to Adriana and stroked her growing tummy. Adriana cuddled up with Jason and she soon fell asleep in his arms.

==Chapter 18: Adriana ==


Adriana lifted up her top and looked at her enlarging tummy in the bathroom mirror. "1, 2!" she smiled and pointed to each of her children inside her. Adriana caressed her tummy with her right hand and sighed. The bathroom door opened and Adriana saw Jason come in. "Hey." Adriana gestured Jason to come to her. Adriana placed her left hand on Jason’s cheek and she kissed him as he hugged her from behind. "Come. They're kicking." Adriana took Jason’s hand and placed it on the area where the kicks were. Jason smiled and Adriana smiled back. "Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!" "Look at them." there was a raised bump on Adriana's tummy, which was a kick from one of the twins. Adriana placed a finger on the bump and smiled. The bump soon disappeared and she placed her tank down and faced Jason. Jason kissed Adriana and then they went out of the bathroom hand in hand.  Jason helped Adriana sit down on the bed and Jason went behind her. "Are you sure you're alright expecting again? You're 40 now and haven't done this for 12 years."' "Who said I needed a break?" Adriana asked Jason who had begun massaging her shoulders. "I did." "Besides, I have had twins before and they are due in 2 months. You will be there for me right?" "Of course. I always have, haven't I?" Jason kissed Adriana on her cheek and Adriana nodded. Jason placed his hands on her tummy and Adriana placed hers on his. Miranda came in. "Hey Miranda." "Hi mum and dad. You're ok mum?" "Yes I am sweetie." "I can go swimming right?" "Yes, you can. We will be coming in shortly." "We will?" Jason nodded. "Go get ready Miranda and wait for us down at the pools." "Ok." Miranda exited the room. - - - Jason activated the bubbles in the hot tub and he helped her in. Jason sat next to Adriana and soon Miranda joined them. "What is it like mum, being like that?" Miranda asked. Adriana faced Jason not knowing what to say. "Different." she told Miranda. Adriana got Jason's hand and placed it on her tummy. Miranda touched her tummy then took her hand off. Miranda smiled and went into the other pool and started doing laps. "Why would she have asked that?" Jason shrugged. Adriana sighed and stroked her tummy. Jason hugged Adriana and then he went underwater to kiss her tummy. He came up and kissed Adriana. Adriana kissed Jason again. "You're alright with the pains?" Jason asked her. Adriana nodded and stroked her tummy. Jason went to the buttons and turned the bubbles off. "Look at that tummy."  Jason commented as he touched her tummy. "They're big aren't they?" Adriana added and Jason nodded in reply. Jason stroked doing stroking motions on her tummy and Adriana felt relaxed. Jason slowly went behind her, still stroking her tummy. She closed her eyes and placed her hands on top of Jason's. Adriana smiled and Jason kissed her on the forehead.

==Chapter 19: Adriana ==


Adriana woke and sat up. She felt liquid at her legs and knew instantly what it was. "Why 4am!" she whispered to herself. "Jason. Jason!" he nudged Jason awake as she started freaking out. "Huh?" "I just spilled." Jason sat up quickly and felt Adriana.  Adriana hugged Jason before he replied. "You did." Jason got out of bed and turned the lights on. "Adriana just lie down ok. Keep yourself calm." Adriana lay down and stroked her tummy lightly. "It’s time to deliver the baby." she repeated in different voice tones, 8 months after finding out about her pregnancy. 5 minutes later Adriana saw Jason holding his phone against his ear.  Adriana screamed at the top of her lungs as she got a contraction. Adriana started crying as she finished screaming and she grasped her tummy. "I don't want to make you more upset but I have some bad news." Jason told Adriana stroking her arm as she lay on her side in pain. "Amy can't make it." "What?! I can't have them without her!" "You can. I know you can." Jason gently wet her forehead with a cloth. Jason then kissed her. Jason carefully pushed his hand down on Adriana's tummy and she screamed. Jason stroked Adriana's cheek with his nose. Adriana placed her hand at the bottom of her tummy and felt a contraction coming on. Just before the contraction came. She told Jason it was on its way. Jason held Adriana's hand as she felt like pushing. "Don't push." Jason instructed her. Accidentally she pushed and Jason looked down to see what she had done. Jason touched something unseen by Adriana and he got up and got a few towels. Jason came back and placed towels on and under her. She knew what she had done. She had started bringing one into the world. Adriana shook her head and bent down to see what she had done. Jason slowly pushed Adriana back. "I don't want you seeing." he told her and Adriana nodded in agreement. Adriana felt something odd and it freaked her out. "Jason!" Adriana sat up and held her tummy. She panted as Jason comforted her down. Adriana held Jason's hand and screamed as another contraction came. Adriana lay back down and breathed while stroking her tummy. "That's a good girl Adriana. Just breathe." Jason held Adriana's hand and stroked her fingers. "How far am I?" Adriana asked Jason as he examined her. "Nearly Adriana. I can see him or her." Adriana squinted and screamed in pain. Adriana felt something weird again and her breathing started getting heavier. "Adriana. You're just spilling." Jason told her and Adriana settled down again. Adriana screamed and bent as far down as she could. Adriana cried and Jason sat next to her. "5 more minutes." 

==Chapter 20: Jason ==


"Where is he? Where is he?" Adriana wailed. "You have done the shoulders now Adriana, let's try going until the arms come out." Adriana nodded and squeezed Jason's hand. She closed her eyes and squealed.  "He's coming." Jason encouraged Adriana. Adriana pushed. "Slowly Adriana. Good girl, slowly push him out." "Him?" Adriana choked. "It's the boy." Adriana sat up right and her mouth dropped. She placed a hand on her tummy. "Adriana settled down. Lie back down."  Adriana lay back down and squealed again. She thought her daughter was coming too. Adriana felt to find out for herself. Adriana bent forward as she pushed again. "Lovely! Arms are out." Jason noticed Adriana was breathing really heavy and he decided to kiss her. "Sweetie can I have your hands?" Jason asked and Adriana placed her hands out. Jason placed Adriana's hands on the baby being born and Jason put his hands next to hers. Adriana screamed in fear. "What are you doing!?" Adriana screamed. "The legs are easy right? Since we have the legs to go we can bring the baby into the world together." Jason answered and Adriana tried to place a smile on her face. Instead she made a decision. "Let's get them in the world." Adriana said. "3....2...1 go!" Adriana pushed and screamed in pain. Adriana stopped and made an uncomfortable expression. Jason looked at the new-born below him. Adriana took one of her hands away and placed it on Jason's arm before she started pushing again. "Nearly......" Jason exclaimed as Adriana finished pushing. Jason and Adriana pulled the rest of the baby out and carefully placed their new-born son on Adriana's chest. Adriana panted as she saw her son and the baby started crying. Jason sat next to her and they admired their son. Jason kissed Adriana on the head before Jason washed their son. He did a few others things with the baby before Jason brought some clothes to her. "Look at him." Jason sat next to Adriana with the baby clothes.

==Chapter 21: Adriana ==


"Let's dress him."  Jason prepared the clothes and they both dressed their son. Their son continued crying and Adriana placed their son's feet so they would lightly kick her chest. "He is so cute." Adriana exclaimed. Jason placed Adriana's top down and covered her with a light blanket. "I wish I could have done it in water." "Maybe next time." Jason said kissing Adriana. "Name deciding." Adriana suggested and Jason lay next to her in the bed. "Well, I dedicate this baby to you remember so, Jason Jr. But his nickname is Jay Jay." "I wish to have the middle name Kamal for our son." Jason replied. Adriana sighed and nodded. She cuddled the still crying Jay Jay. Jason held Jay Jay's hand. "I know we are going off our new-born son topic but do you want me to get pregnant one last time? I wouldn't mind but it would have to be a water birth." Adriana passed Jason his new-born son and he held him. "Well, it would be nice too but, we are getting a big family here Adriana. Are you sure you want even more?" "I would like to have at least 3 more children." Adriana replied. "Really? Triplets?" "It would be a change from twins...." "We have had one singular, one twin and one triplet which ended to twins... Are you sure?" "I can do anything if I have you right here." Jason and Adriana placed a free hand on Adriana's tummy. "Triplets in the next year." they both said. Jason passed back Jay Jay and Amy came in with Ethan, Kathalina, Orlando and Miranda. "Come meet him." Adriana said and their 3, 12 years old children and Miranda came to them to see their new brother. "He's so cute!" Kathalina exclaimed. "You guys were all like that when you were born." Adriana commented as Jason gestured their children to sit around them. "Born at 3:43pm on the 27th of June." Jason whispered to Adriana and she smiled. Jason rang the new heir bell so that Lauren and Cinderella could hear it. Adriana laid her head on Jason's shoulder. "Hope Aunt Lauren and Great Aunt Cinderella come and see him." Kathalina commented. "They will." Jason and Adriana kissed each other before they went back to admiring their son with smiles on their faces. "Wait. The girl hasn't arrived yet." Jason exclaimed. Adriana slowly closed her eyes. She couldn't hear, feel, see or smell.