Chapter 1: Jason Edit

As Jason took a champange glass he walked over to the new bearologist. In his eyes she was a beautiful brunette with a kind attitude but shy. The brunette turned to face Jason as he came to her. "Hi." Jason was the first to speak. "Hi." the brunette replied and she sat down. Jason sat down next to her. "My name is Adriana and you?" "Jason." jason replied. the brunette couldn't look into his eyes. "I just joined th conservation office. What's your job?" "I'm a doctor. My brother brings me to all these parties though." Adriana just nodded and smiled. "You are very pretty." Jason admired her dress. "Why thank you." Adriana looked up at  Jason and moved away some hair in her face. "Any colour goes well on me." Jason smiled in relpy. They talked together for a few minutes before Jason's brother was trying to get everyone's attention. "The dinner is now finished. please touch glasses with the person next to you in good luck to their work until we meet again."Jason and Adriana touched glasses and drank. "Well, I must be off now.
 I have to catch a taxi." Adriana got up and walked off. "Wait Adriana." Adriana stopped and looked. "I can take you home." "You would? it's my honour to come with you." Adriana replied. "Wait outside fr me." Adriana nodded and Jason went to his brother. "I'm leaving bro." "Why so soon?" "I have to go in for work." jason lied to his brtoehr. "oh ok. See you at the next meeting?" the brothers did a manly hug. "Yup." Jason replied and went outside. He took Adriana's hand. "Shall we?" they both walked to his audi. jason opened the door for her and she smiled. Jason closed the door and got in himself. The buckled up and Jason started the car. "So where do you live?" "I live at the Rosemont Residency Apartments." "I live there too." Jason replied to Adriana surprsied. "They left the car park and drove to the Rosemont. 10 minutes later they parked at the Rosemont. Jason helped Adriana out and they walked to the entrance. "Number 42." Adriana spoke and gave the counterman her card. "Also Number 44." Jason replied and gave the same person his card. They both got their cards back and got in the lift. "Not meaning to be rude but I have noticed you have an italian accent." Adriana blushed. "Yes I do have an italian accent. Both my parents are Italian but my father could speak fluent english so he taught me how to speak english as well as Italian." "Interesting." Jason replied and they stopped at their level. They both walked out holding hands. They arrived at Number 42. "Well this is where I stop." Adriana replied and opened her door. "Adriana." Adriana looked at her. "Do you want to have a date this weeked, just the 2 of us?" Adriana again blushed. "I wouldn't say no." As Adriana replied Jason kissed Adriana on the cheek. "Saturday?" Adriana nodded. "Pick me up at 7". Adriana closed her door and Jason went into his apartment next door pleased.

Chapter 2: AdrianaEdit

Adriana heard a knock on the door. "Coming". she knew it was jason. She walked over in  her green dress and answered the door. "Jason." Adriana smiled and jason hugged her. Jason showed her a rose and handed it to her."Aww, how sweet jason." She smelt the rose and they walked to the lift hand in hand. They went down into the car park and headed to Jason's audi. "Where are we going?" "You will have to wait and find out." Jason replied and they hoped in the car. Adriana noticed that Jason was following signs to CN Tower. "Why are we following the signs to there?" she soon asked Jason. "We are going there." Jason replied and Adriana smiled. As soon as they got there Adriana followed Jason up to the resaurant there. They spent 2 hours talking and laughing with each other until Jason payed the bill and they went to the park nearby. "What chose you to be a doctor?" Adriana asked as they strolled through the park. "Well, I don't know. I like to  help people so I think it just hit me. I should become a doctor. Why did you become a zoo keeper at first?" "Well, when I was younger I knew that I do a job connected with animals. When I was a teen I was looking at  job ideas. I came across animal biologist's and that became my dream job. When I left university with my bachelors degree I began looking for biologist jobs but there was nothing. I went to Vancoover Zoo dissapointed that I can't get my dream job but then I saw a sign that had zookeeper needed. So I went for that joba nd I got accepted." Jason nodded and smiled. Jason placed Adriana's coat over her. I knew that was a long story but thats what happened. she thought to herself as Jason took her hand and grabbed her close. Adriana soon noticed that Jason placed a hand on the side of her tummy and she backed away. "I'm not ready to be a mother yet." Adriana looked away. "So how long have you been a doctor?" Adriana asked changing the subject. "I have been a doctor for 5 years and how long were you a zoo keeper for?" "6 years." "Wow!" Jason said surprsied. "That's a long time." "I plan to be a bearologist for 6 years too.. before I think about having a family.." Adriana shyly looked away. "I plan on finding a wife in 2 years..." Jason replied "My choice would be you." Jason hugged Adriana and nearly kissed him as he noticed her sister was walking by them. "Don't say a word." he muttered into her ear and her sister went past. They headed back the way they came. "It's getting late." Adriana replied. I feel like he's my father and I am his child saying that.  she sliently spoke to herself. "Yes it is, but lets spend this time together slowly." Jason replied and they set off again back to the car park. Adriana lay her head on Jason and they got into the car.

Chapter 3: JasonEdit

"Your 25th date goes better than the first right?" Jason adjusted his tie as he talked to himself. Adriana and Jason had had 24 dates in the last year and they were getting closer. " I guess so." Jason turned the light off and opened his door. Jason closed it and knocked on Adriana's door and sighed. "Come in Jason." Jason opened the door.   She must of know it was me. Jason saw Adriana sitting on one of her chairs. "Is red your lucky colour on Valentines Day?" "Yes, it is.I always wear at least one thing red on this day. Red must be your lucky tie colour on this day." Adriana got up and continued. "Have you got something special in mind for today?" "As a matter of fact I do." Jason kissed Adriana and took her hand. "Shall we?" Adriana got up and they both walked to her door. I hope I have her gift. Adriana closed her door and they kissed each other before they went down the lift. They hugged each other and sat down in Jason's car. Jason checked his pocket and sighed relieved. "Are you ok Jason?" "Yeah. I have got the keys." Jason pulled out the keys as he lied. Adriana smiled and hopped in the car. "Wait Adriana." Adriana got out again. "Yes?" "I thought we could walk to where were are going?" "Ok, its your choice I don't mind." Adriana closed the door and held hands with Jason. They walked back to the entrance and went out the main door. They walked to
the coast for 20 minutes when Jason announced they were there. It was sunset by the time they reached their beach.  Jason saw Adriana gasp and placed her hand over her mouth in astonishment. A table was laid out on the sand.A card on the table said : To Adriana, My Valentine. She hugged him and they sat on the chairs. A plate was placed on their mats. There wasn't food on them, there was a scroll placed on them. Jason gestured Adriana to go first. "Mine has nothing important on it." Adriana smirked and opened the scroll. Adriana read aloud what it said. " Love at first sight means something to me. As soon as I lay eyes on you, I knew you would be mine. A year has gone by. We have had some many romantic times together. I love you so much Adriana." While Adriana continued Jason got out a small box with Adriana's gift in it. "To show my precious love to you, I give you a small gift I hope you will treasure." Adriana looked up and gasped. Jason handed over the gift and smiled.

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Adriana and Jason dancing

Chapter 4: AdrianaEdit

Just by looking at the box, she knew she would love the gift. Adriana took a deep breath and unwrapped the ribbon. She took the red lid off the box. She noticed a small message on it and read it. "I love you with all my heart Adriana." it read. She placed the message on the table and took away the wrapping on the gift. She became speechless as she saw the pandora charm bracelet she had always wanted. She noticed another message with the charms on it and read it to herself. Charm 1: From my boyfriend,  Charm 2: from my lover, Charm 3: my love of animals, Charm 4: my sense of style, Charm 5: my gemstone. Diamonds were in-between each charm. Adriana cried with joy as she read the last sentence. "Adriana, will you be my valentine?" "Yes, yes!" Adriana hugged Jason and he placed it on her wrist. "The place is ready." a waiter came and spoke to Jason. Jason held Adriana's hand and she followed him. He took them to a pagoda and underneath here was petals and music playing. Adriana couldn't believe what she was seeing. As they got under the pagoda, Jason took her hand and placed it on his shoulder and he held the other one. He started the move slowly around so Adriana nodded. By the time the sun was down Jason got a  signal. Jason took Adriana out onto the beach. There she saw a heart shaped lantern lit ready for them. Jason got one side and Adriana the other. They lifted the lantern into the sky and watched climb higher. Adriana got a kiss on the cheek from Jason. As soon as the lantern was out of sight, they headed back. While they were walking, a pain swelled in her side and she stopped and grasped the area it was in. "Adriana?!" the pain still hurt her and Jason felt the spot where the pain was. "I don't know what's happening." she cried almost sitting on the sand in pain. "We have to get you to the clinic." Jason replied and carried her into the car. The pain still hurt and she was scared. Jason placed a hand on her when he got in. Could it be? Oh no. "It might be a contraction, but not a pregnancy one." " What if I am pregnant?" Jason started the car, "No it's not a pregnancy pain." Jason sped as fast as he could to the clinic. Adriana noticed Jason's sister wide eyed. Jason got out. "Amy, there is something wrong with Adriana." Amy opened the door and examined Adriana. "She might have to go to hospital. Let's take her in here first." Jason picked her up and Amy showed them to her room. Adriana noticed an ultrasound bed and equipment in the corner of the room. Adriana was placed on that bed and Amy turned every thing on. Jason got a chair and  comforted her. Adriana grasped her side and started to cry. "Don't worry Adriana. It will be over soon and we will know the truth." Jason replied and stroked her cheek.

Chapter 5: JasonEdit

Jason watched his sister worriedly and anxiously as he waited for an answer. Adriana was freaked about it all and was grasping his hand. "Adriana." Adriana looked away, she didn't want to know what it was. "You're expecting." Adriana looked up at Jason and hugged him with delight. "A baby?" Amy nodded. "She needs to have some days at home resting. Can you guys take days off?" Adriana and Jason nodded. "I suggest you both stay home with each other." Amy smiled and replied. "I'll get a wheelchair." Amy left the room. Adriana touched her belly. "We are having a baby together! But that means.." "You soon won't be able to continue your job." Jason continued and Adriana started to cry, "Remember you will be able to do your job when the baby is in school." Amy came back in with a wheelchair. Jason picked Adriana up off the bed and sat her down. "She is just a few weeks in, she'll have plenty of time for work." Amy commented. "Take good care of yourself Adriana." Amy continued and whispered to Jason. "Put a ring on it Jason. It's about time." "I will." Jason replied and headed to his Audi. Jason helped Adriana in and buckled her up. He gave the wheel chair back to Amy and they drove off. "Well that was totally unexpected..." Adriana just touched and looked at her belly. "It's not s big problem at the moment so dont worry about it." Jason placed a hand onto of Adriana's. "How can you be the father? We aren't even engaged!" "It just happens Adriana, we will both be good parents." Jason comforted Adriana. "So which apartment will we be in for a few days?" "I would feel more comfortable in mine." Adriana replied and Jason's phone rang. Jason looked to see who it was and answered it. "Hey Amy." Jason spoke. "Hey Jason, I need to ask you something?" "Sure go right ahead." "I know that ultrasound wasn't a proper one so I was wondering if I could come over sometime this week to do a proper one?" "Yeah, how could you get the stuff here?" "I will need your help..." "Ok. so when do you want to do it?" "What about tomorrow?" "I think that will do. See you then." Jason said goodbye and hung up. "It was Amy. She wants to do a proper ultrasound tomorrow." "Oh." Adriana sadly said surprised. "Ok." Adriana finished and looked out the window. They soon reached the car park. Jason helped Adriana up. "Will you be okay walking?" "I shall find out soon." Adriana replied and held her tummy. Jason locked the Audi and slowly went towards the door. "Don't worry it will be ok." Jason replied and stroked Adriana's arm. They got into the lift and Adriana lost her balance. Jason helped her up and they stopped at the right level. Jason supported Adriana against the wall and got out her keys. Jason unlocked the door and carried Adriana in. He lay her on the sofa. "I'll be a minute." Jason said and went out of the apartment. 


Adriana seeing her baby.

Chapter 6: AdrianaEdit

Adriana woke up to the sound of a knock. Jason went and answered the door. Amy appeared at the door and came in with the equipment. Adriana yawned and sat up. "Are you ready Adriana?" Adriana sleeply nodded. Jason sat next to Adriana on her left and Amy on her right. She pulgged in the machine and she moved the cursor over her tummy. "Look." Jason pointed at the screen and smiled. Adriana leaned her head on Jasons shoulder and watched the screen. As soon as Amy finished she placed her hand on her tummy. "You are 2 weeks pregnant Adriana." Amy replied and Adriana became wide eyed. "2 weeks! Wow." Adriana said surprised. "I'll explain the process to you a bit. So you become pregnant, according to you, in 38 weeks you will have the baby. In about 2 months you will find the gender. I can be your personal doctor if you want." "That will be nice thanks." Adriana smiled. 38 weeks of pain! I was not prepared for this. Nu uh! "I must be going now." Amy hugged her brother and left with the machine. Jason placed a blanket over her. "We must do as many dates before you need to stay put until the baby comes." Jason placed his hand on Adriana. Adriana smiled and leaned on him. "I am not ready for this." Adriana confessed. "You are, you will be. I will be here for you always. You can come and see me anytime at work." Jason smiled and kissed her on the cheek. Adriana jumped and clutched her tummy. "The baby?" Jason asked and Adriana nodded in reply. "I'll make you a drink." Jason got up and went to the kitchen. Adriana sighed and lay on the sofa. "Argh!" Jason looked round. "Is everything ok?" "Yeah, I have got back ache." Adriana replied sadly. Jason finished making the drink and gave it to her. "Thanks." Adriana thanked and Jason sat down again. "Can we do a date this week?" "Later this week Adriana, later." Jason reassured her and placed his hand on top of hers. Adriana leaned on Jason's shoulder and cried. "I don't want to have a baby Jason. I don't!" Jason placed their drinks on the coffee table and hugged her close. "You will have your family to help you don't worry." Jason said comforting her. Adriana continuously cried. "I can't believe I am pregnant." "There is no reason to be afraid and scared Adriana. I am here to help you if there ever is a problem." "I know that." Adriana kissed him in the cheek then she felt a kick. Adriana took the blanket off and placed Jasons hand on her exposed tummy. Adriana smiled and cuddled up with her boyfriend. "There it goes again." "What Jason?" "A kick." Jason replied and placed his hand with Adriana's. Jason kissed Adriana. "I love you." Adriana said as they looked at their baby's picture with smiles and she closed her eyes.

Chapter 7: JasonEdit

"I am going to get changed then we can go." Jason helped Adriana up and she went to her room. "I'll be back in a minute Adriana." Jason opened the door a d went in his apartment. It had been a few days since the unexpected baby announcement and it wad time for Jason to take Adriana on one last date and propose to her. "Rose, check. Ring, check. Reservation, check. Ok, I am ready to become engaged to Adriana." Jason locked his door and went back into Adriana's apartment. He saw she was now in a blue, green and White dress. Her small bump was now visual but it didn't matter to him. "Adriana, let me help you." Jason went to Adriana and helped her put her shoes on. "Thank you. This bump is not letting me do some things now." Adriana got up and held Jason as they walked to the lift. When they got in Adriana had to grasp her tummy. "Adriana." Jason supported Adriana and she became ok again. "Where would I be without you Jason." Adriana thanked and the lift stopped, the doors opened and Adriana held him again. As soon as they were in the car park. Jason unexpectedly picked up Adriana in his arms and carried her to his car. He helped Adriana in and then got him in himself. "Hopefully your bump won't hurt you this time. At least we know it was a baby." Adriana nodded and placed her hands on her tummy. Jason placed his right hand on her tummy and felt a kick. Both of them chuckled and Asriana reached over and kissed him. "You will be a great father." and a loving husband he said to himself. After about 8 kicks from their baby they arrived back at the beach. "Why are we here again?" "I want to redo the date from earlier this week." Jason got out and helped Adriana out. She tried to walk herself but she stumbled a few paces after wards so Jason held her up properly. He saw the table under the pagoda and gestured Adriana to follow the flower petals laid out on the sand. Jason soon noticed that Adriana was leaning a bit back as she walked. Oh yeah. Normally happens. With Jason's help, Adriana made it to the table under the pagoda. A scroll was placed on Adriana's side. As she sat down she picked it up and opened it. This is it. I hope all goes well. "Do you want me to read it out loud?" Adriana asked and quickly placed one of get hands on her tummy. "Yes, please do." "Ok." Adriana replied.

Chapter 8: AdrianaEdit

Adriana felt a kick then read the scroll. "Adriana you are the love of my life." Adriana read out loud. " I know we have dated just over a year and you are unexpectedly pregnant with our baby but but I would continue because you're mine. I love you so much and I have one thing to ask." Adriana looked at Jason and gasped. Adriana saw Jason was kneeling on one knee in front of her with a box in his hands. " Adriana Evangeline Valentini." "Yes?" Adriana asked crying with joy and placed her hand over her mouth. Jason opened the box and continued. "Will you marry me?"
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Jason proposing to Adriana

Adriana cried louder and nodded. Adriana placed her hand out and Jason slid a diamond ring onto her finger. Adriana and Jason both got up and hugged each other. Adriana lifted her feet up and kissed her new finance. Jason stopped hugging her as she felt a kick then Jason kissed her again. "I can't believe you proposed to me! I love you so much!" "I love you more." Jason replied and Adriana admired her ring. Jason kneeled down and placed his head on Adriana's tummy. Adriana chuckled and stroked his head. Jason stood up and kissed her for a long time. While kissing Adriana got Jason's hand and placed it on her tummy. Jason stopped kissing. "I thought you didn't like that?" "I do now." Adriana replied and hugged Jason.

* * *

Adriana and Jason both heard a knock on the door and looked at each other surprsied. Jason went to open the door and Adriana's sister and niece were there. "Surprsie!" Adriana's sister exclaimed. "Oh my gosh!" Adriana slowly  got up and hugged her sister. "Look at Antalya, isn't she so cute now! She has grown so much since we last saw you." Lauren, Adriana's only sister, and Adriana support each other in anything. Adriana was with Lauren when she had her daughter Antalya. Lauren gasped. "Adriana, you're pregnant!" "Yes Lauren." Jason came and hugged her while stroking her tummy. "A pregnant bride to be." Lauren gazed at Adriana's ring on top of Jason hand and gasped again. "How long have you been engaged for?" " 2 days exact." Jason replied. "Also how long have you been pregnant for. "3 weeks, but we found out a week ago." Adriana replied and hugged her only sibling. "Come in and sit." Jason, Lauren and Adriana sat down with Antalya. "Did you know, mum is expecting a boy?" "No. At this age?" Lauren nodded. "she only told me yesterday. It will be here in July." Adriana's eyes widened. "Mums 3 months on!" Lauren nodded again and passed Adriana her niece.

Adriana talking with Lauren who is with Antalya.

Jason stroked Antalya's head and Adriana slowly swayed her. Lauren felt her sisters tummy and smiled.  "I can't believe you are pregnant Adriana. You said you wouldn't until another 6 years at least." "Same here." Adriana replied and gave Antalya to Jason. "Pregnancy can surprise you sometimes." Lauren commented and Jason nodded. " I can see that." Adriana carefully nudged him. "Well anyways, I can help you, as your sibling, with food and care etc." Lauren continued "That would be nice but we will have to go house hunting soon." "We will?" Jason nodded in Adriana's reply. "Adriana and I can go house hunting and we can send you pics." Lauren suggested. "That would work but you have to let me see at least one house in person." "We will." Adriana replied and gave back Antalya. Jason kissed her and turned the lights on and closed the curtains. Adriana heard a noise from her laptop. " Jason can you get my lap top while you're up. Jason gave her the laptop and kissed him as a thank you. "How's Patrick by the way?" "Yes he's doing well in his work. Since Antalya is still young, he is trying to get as many days of as he can." Adriana smiled and continued. " it's from my boss." she said worriedly and Jason sat next to her. "Go on read it Adriana." Lauren gestured Adriana she cuddled her daughter. "Congratulating you on your pregnancy. Regards anastasia Malcolm. P.s you're - fired.". Adriana broke off into a cry and hugged Jason. Adriana soon looked up and leaned on his shoulder. Lauren moved some hair in front of Adriana's face and smiled. "Let's see whats for rent or sale." "Ok."Adriana said wiping away her tears. Lauren got a bottle out of her bag and fed it to Antalya. "Look at this one." Jason said pointing to the screen. " it is a 4 bedroom place right next to you Lauren." "Houses on either side of my home are for sale/ rent."'Lauren added. "This place has a pool also." Adriana look at the screen and smiles. "Look at this one!" she exclaimed and pointed at the screen. "That one we have to see." Adriana said and Jason hugged her. Jason placed a hand around her back and it ended up on her tummy. Adriana placed her hand on his and Jason described the place. "Again it is a 4 bedroom house. It has pool and lots of back yard space. It also has a outdoor roofed garage and this one is for sale. There is an open house for it this Saturday. Want to go sweetie?" "Of course!" Adriana replied and started. "don't worry about the baby right now Adriana." Jason comforted her. "Could I come as well?" Lauren asked. "Sure! Since you live next door." Lauren's phone rang and she answered it. "Hey sweet. Uh huh. Ok. I will be back in about 20 minutes or so ok? Ok. Love you, bye." Lauren hung up. "Patricks home and he wants me so i will have to go soon." "Ok we will look at one more house." Adriana replied. "What about this one?" Jason pointed at one and they clicked it. "This one is 5 minutes from here. It is only 3 bedrooms and has a little path of beach access." "We will look at this one too." Lauren said as she got up. "Bye Adriana." "Bye Lauren." Adriana got up slowly and hugged her sister. "When shall we do the first house?" "Wednesday?" "Okay. See you then." "Bye." Lauren waved Antalya's small hand and chuckled. "Bye." Jason opened the door and closed it when Lauren left. Jason came nearly running to her and kissed and hugged Adriana. Adriana soon was lifted off the

Jason listening to his child.

ground and spun around. Adriana laughed and was taken into her room. There she was carefully laid down by Jason and Jason joined her. "Your tummy is big in 3 weeks!" "I know!" Jason placed his hand on her tummy and his head soon was leaning on it too. Adriana kissed him and gazed at her husband to be. They soon sat up again and looked at the picture of their baby from the ultrasound.

Chapter 9: JasonEdit

"Say aahh." Jasons patient opened his mouth. "Good boy." Jason heard his phone ring. "Excuse me for one moment." Jason answered his phone. "Hello?" "Hi sweetie, its me. I was wondering since I am coming into the clinic for an examintion I was wondering if would like to join me?" "Well, I am busy right now but I think I can afterwards." "Ok see you then. Love you." "Bye." jason hung up and got back to his patient. "I think I will prescribe him some medicine and then you are good to go." Jason went to his desk and wrote down a prescription. He passed it to the woman. Jason passed the boy a lollipop. "You were very brave." the boy said thank you and they went out of the room. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Amy came in. "Hi, Adriana is here and I am doing the examination now. Do you mind-?" "Yes, I will say I cant have any patients for about an hour." "Alright I will be with her in the consulting room." Jason got up and went to the front desk. "Just letting you know I won't be availible for about a hour." "Ok Jason." "Thanks maria." jason thanked and went into the consulting room. "Hey sweetie." Adriana embraced her arms ready for a hug. "Hi." Jason hugged Adriana and sat down next to her. Jason felt Adriana's tummy and kissed Adriana. "Lets get started shall we?" Amy asked and Adriana sat on the bed. "Well since your first ultrasound which was a month ago.. you still don't know some things about your baby.

Jason feeling his unborn baby.

Well... I can tell you the gender." "Whats the gender?" Adriana asked ready to gasp. "You're expecting a boy." Amy replied and Adriana carefully hugged Jason. "A boy!" Amy nodded. "Who is in a perfectly healthy condition. Would you like to see him?" Jason saw Adriana nodd, eager to see her child. Adriana, Jason and Any went into the ultrasound room. Adriana lay down on the bed and a sheet was placed below her tummy. Amy turned the machine on and placed the cursor on Adriana's exposed tummy. Jason held her hand and Adriana smiled back to him. "Wait Amy." Amy looked at Adriana and Jason. "Yes?" "What's that?" Adriana pointed at a circle near their boy. "Ugh. I totally gave you the wrong information when we were in the consulting room." Jason raised an eyebrow at Amy. "You are having better than a boy..." "What are we expecting?!!!!!" "You 2 are expecting boy and girl twins." Adriana squealed with delight and hugged Jason. Amy turned off the machine and Adriana got off the bed. Adriana raced to him and hugged Jason. Jason spun her around and she lifted her feet off the ground. "We are having twins!!" Adriana cried with delight. "We should go home and celebrate with Lauren!" Jason said. "I'll be a minute." Jason went out of the room and went to the front desk. "Maria, I am off until Monday, since it's Friday." Maria turned to him and nodded. "Go, enjoy the time with your wife to be." Maria smiled and turned to her computer. Jason went into the consulting room where Adriana was waiting. Adriana was holding paper. "Let's go home." She said and pulled her phone out. She dialled Lauren's number. "Hey Lauren. No no I am at the clinic. Just got a few things checked. We have some exciting news that we want you to celebrate with us." Adriana smiled and hugged Jason. "We are on our way home now so you can make your way over. Can you bring Antalya? Great see you soon, bye. Bye." Adriana hung up and placed her phone in her jean pocket. Adriana carefully got into the car herself. When Jason turned the engine on he saw Adriana happy as ever. Jason leaned over and kissed Adriana. Jason placed a hand on Adriana's tummy and smiled. He helped his wife to be put her belt in and they set back to the Rosemont. When they reached back at the apartments they saw that Lauren was waiting for them near the lifts. Lauren hugged Adriana with Antalya. "Let's go up. We will tell you the surpise soon." Adriana said and they made their way into the lift.

Chapter 10: JasonEdit

Lauren cried with delight. "Twins!!! Mum will be so proud of you!" Lauren exclaimed and hugged Adriana. Jason looked over from filling glasses. "You will be a great father Jason." Lauren acknowledged. "Thank you." Jason replied and gave Lauren a glass of champagne and Adriana a glass of lemon flavoured water.
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He got his glass and sat next to Adriana. "Cheers." Adriana said and they touched glasses. When Lauren had drunk some of hers, she passed Antayla to Adriana. Adriana gave Jason her glass and cuddled Antayla. Jason placed their drinks on the table infront of them and placed his hands on either side of Adriana's tummy. Adriana looked at him and smiled. Adriana gave Antalya back. She carefully lay back and kissed Jason. "You have looked at all the houses that are around?" Lauren asked Jason. "Yes we have. I know which one we are getting." "Is it my favourite one?" Adriana asked and lying, Jason shook his head. "Better." Adriana smiled. "We have to go shopping for the twins soon Jason." "Also get married." "Oh." Adriana looked away. "I forgot about that." "What about you guys start planning it. I will see you later in the week Adriana. Call me if you need anything." Lauren said and got up. "Ok. Bye." Adriana got up and hugged her sister. "Bye." She did a mini wave to Antalya and she giggled. Jason got up and went to open the door. "See you later." "Bye." Lauren went through the door and jason closed it. Jason saw that Adriana had sat down on a chair at her table and had turned on her laptop. Jason went and sat on the seat next to her. "We need to set a date." Adriana said. "What date shall it be?" "I don't know. It depends on where we are getting married." "Where shall we get married. It would have to be local. Just incase these guys come along." Adriana placed Jason's hand on her tummy. "Ok. Could it be on the coast." "Of course! I have always wanted to have a beach wedding." Adriana smile a placed a hand on her tummy. "I felt that too." Jason replied and kissed Adriana. "Well I know some nice beaches in the USA which we can do it at. But would I be allowed to travel?" "Well, I would say if Amy comes with us I think you can." Jason replied and held Adriana's hand. "Let's make the date sometime in late June." Jason suggested. "Why then? My brother will be born them." Adriana Sulkily replied. "Mid June?" Adriana asked and Jason nodded. "21st?" Jason said nd Adriana nodded. "That's settled now we need a venue." "What about Jekyll Island?" Adriana pointed at the Internet. "Jekyll Island! Oh my gosh! I went there as a kid. It was amazing, we have to get married there." "Ok ok, don' t get too hyper about it." Adriana stroked his arm and smiled. "I'll make the card later. I think that's all we can do so far." "Yes.Wait no." "No?" "We need to find best man and brides maids for us and also other guests." "Ahhh, thats simple enough."

Chapter 11: AdrianaEdit

A month had passed since they had found out they were having twins and Adriana and Jason hadn't moved houses or made a nursery yet. "Look at the tummy of yours Adriana! It is as long as my arm from my shoulder to elbow!" Jason excliamed. "You don't have to rub it in." Adriana shlyly replied and placed her hand on her tummy. "I won't be albe to fit in a wedding gown when I am this big!" Adriana sat down on the sofa and looked at the ultrasound pictures from
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Adriana looking at the ultrasound pictures.

yesterday. The both sadly found out that one of them wasn't in good condition. Jason sat next to Adriana and she started crying. "Why does one of our childern have to be in bad condition!" she cried and leaned on Jason. Adriana felt Jason stroking her. "At least it wasn't in severe condition. Other wise the baby would have to come out and leave the other one in." Adriana cried more. There was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Jason asked. "Me Amy." "Come in." Adriana looked up and Amy walked to them. "Sorry to be a bother but I need to check them." Amy pointed at her tummy. "No. Go away! I don't want to know." Adriana demanded. "Adriana please." Jason said. "They might be in a better condition." Adriana felt a starp being wrapped around her arm. She cried and leaned on Jason. A few minutes later passed before Amy felt her tummy. "Looks like they are in good health. Which is a good sign. I must be on my way. Bye". Adriana just said bye and jason hugged his sister. "I can't believe you!" Jason shouted at her. "You were so stroppy infront of my sister who is kindly looking after you during this tough time of yours!" "Well, you are right. It is tough and I hate it!" Adriana retorted. "I never wanted to become pregnant and end up losing my job over it!!!! I wish I had never met YOU!" Jason stared at her. Adriana got up and stammered into her room. As soon as she sat on her bed she grasped her tummy. The pain soon ended and she lay crying on her bed. She heard a knock on the door. "Go away Jason." Adriana demanded and buried her head in her pillow. Someone sat on her bed. Adriana  looked up to see Lauren. "Hey." Lauren smiled and stroked her arm. "Don't worry. Fights like this happen. Couples always make up." Lauren replied and Adriana sat up. She soon held her tummy and worriedly looked at it. "Adriana?" lauren asked as her breathing was starting to get heavier. "Jason!  Jason!" Adriana choked and lay on her bed grapsing her tummy. Jason came rushing in. "Yes?" "I am sorry for shouting to you but.... I think they are here." she choked. Jason came to her side. "No Jason. its just a contraction." Lauren replied and Jason sighed in relief. Jason leaned her against her headboard. "Breathe slowly Adriana. Breathe slowly." Jason gestured Adriana. Adriana managed to make her breathing slower. Suddenly the pain stopped and sighed with relief. Adriana looked at Jason and hugged him."I and sorry about what happened earlier." she whispered in Jason's ear. "It's ok. I am sorry I yelled at you." Adriana kissed him in reply. Jason kissed her back. She soon noticed Lauren had left and a card was written for her on the bed. Jason sat next to her as she opened the envelope. "Dear Adriana and Jason, I am too surprised and scared to tell you in person so I wrote it for you instead." Adriana cuddled with Jason. "This is half unexpected and half planned. I am 2 weeks pregnant with my second child." Adriana gasped and covered her mouth. Jason continued,"Please call me. Hope to see you soon, Lauren." Adriana got her mobile out and called Lauren. "Hello?" Lauren asked. "You're pregnant!!!! Oh my gosh!!" "I know. I am still stunned about it myself." "I have to see you later." "We should. At my favourite cafe at 6pm?" "Sure, we can make it then." Adriana smiled at Jason. "Bye." "See you later Adriana." Adriana hung up and hugged and kissed Jason.

Chapter 12: JasonEdit

"Oh my gosh you're pregnant!" Adriana exclaimed after they got their drinks. "How did you know?" Jason asked. "Well, I took a test 2 weeks ago and it showed positive but I went to the doctor secretly to check. The doctor said it was a yes. He said days before that test I fell pregnant so yeah... I told Patrick on Saturday." Lauren replied and Adriana hugged her. Lauren stretched her T-shirt out so you could see her tiny bump. Jasons phone rang. "Hello?""Hi jason I need some advice from you." "Sure Amy go right ahead." "Well you see, I have been secretly dating and the guy I am dating wants me to become pregnant and I don't know what to do.." "You have been dating?!" "Don't tell mother please." "I won't. Follow your heart Amy... It's your choice. But if you do please get pregnant after Adriana and Lauren have their children." "Lauren is pregnant?" "Yeah, we found out 2 hours ago. See ya." "Bye." Jason hung up and sat with his wife. "Who was that honey?" "It was Amy, Adriana. She has been secretly dating and wants to become pregnant. She just wanted some advice from me." Jason replied to Adriana and she kissed him. "It's getting on, I should be going." Lauren got up and hugged both of them. "Bye." Adriana kissed her sister and Lauren left. "Let's go walk along the promenade." Jason suggested and they left the cafe. They were slowly walking holding hands. Adriana soon stopped and looked around. "What's wrong Adriana? Anything to do with the twins." "No not the twins. I just heard some barking nearby." Adriana soon gasped. "2 stray dogs!" Adriana went to a corner where 2 dogs where huddled together. Jason walked over. "Careful Adriana. Don't hurt yourself." "Hello there." she talked to the dogs, ignoring Jasons message. "Look Jason." Jason knelt down next to his wife. "It looks like they have mated. That one is pregnant." Adriana pointed at the White samyoed. "Can we take them?" Adriana asked and held her tummy as she got up. "We will but we must go and by collars quickly. I'll do that you can stay here." "Ok." Adriana replied and placed her hands on her tummy. Jason went to the nearby pet shop around the bend. He quickly grabbed 2 leads and payed for them. He raced back to Adriana. "They actually talk Jason." Adriana said as she looked up to him. "Listen." "We have been strays here for a month." he heard the black dog talk. He backed away surprised. Adriana got the leads and placed them around their neck. She looked both ways before bringing them out of the dark corner. Adriana picked up the black dog while Jason held the White pregnant one. "Talk in the car ok." Adriana whispered to the black one. The black dog barked as they reached the car. "Pass me the black one." Jason commented as he lay the White dog on the back seat. Adriana passed the dog and she slowly got in. As soon as he was in he started the car. "So tell me a bit more about yourself." Adriana asked. "Well, we had owners before who left us there. Snowy here is expecting 2 pups in a bone circle." "That's a week." Adriana cleared Jason. Jason just focused on the road. "So what are your names?" Adriana looked at the dogs and Jason rolled his eyes. "I'm Midnight and she's snowy. Before you came we were thinking of names for your pups but we thought you could name them." Midnight replied. "We are back." Jason finally spoke. He parked the car and helped Adriana out. She placed her arm on the top of the car and grasped her tummy. "Dont worry Jason, just pains." Adriana commented as Jason stroked her. He got the dogs out and they headed to the lift. "You guys must behave ok." the dogs nodded as the lift opened. "I am having 2 pups as well but in a few months." "Wow." Snowy said for the first time as the lift door opened and they went to the door. Jason opened the door for Adriana and they all went in.

Chapter 13: AdrianaEdit

"We should walk them." Jason suggested after they got essentials for their new dogs who were waiting outside. "Ok. The park is next door right?" Adriana asked and Jason nodded in reply. Adriana got Snowy's lead and Jason got Midnight's and they went to the park. "Look at that spot Adriana. Go sit there with Snowy and I'll take a picture of

Adriana with Snowy.

you." Jason gestured Adriana to a spot on the grass. Adriana went and sat on the grass with Snowy next to her. She stroked Snowys fur as Jason took their picture. Adriana slowly got up and walked back with snowy. Adriana leaned on Jason as they walked. "I am getting too heavy." Adriana sighed. "Let's get the most of the time together shall we?" Adriana nodded in reply to Jason and he kissed her. "I'll have to go dress shopping for me soon. I am only going to take Adriana and Amy." "Good." Jason commented. "We don't want anyone else knowing." "They are the only 2 bridesmaids that I have got." Adriana looked at the ground. "I only have 2 groomsmen also Adriana. Don't worry about it." Jason kissed her on the head and stroked her arm. Adriana gazed at her tummy. She noticed and felt kicks from her twins inside. "Can we sit down?" she asked as they came to a seat. Jason nodded and helped her sit down. Adriana grasped her tummy with one hand and hugged Jason with the other. Jason passed her a bunch of roses and kissed her. "Thank you Jason. You remember I love roses. Jason bent down and kissed Adriana's tummy and placed his hand on her exposed tummy under her top. Adriana smiled at him and stroked Snowy.  Adriana grasped her tummy and Jason grabbed her. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes in pain. She opened again and looked at Jason. She saw a worried look in his eyes. "Dont worry. I'm fine." Adriana comforted  Jason and she lay her head on his legs. Jason stroked her side like a cat as she lay on him. He soon placed his hand on her tummy and she placed hers on top of his. "I think the twins are hungry Adriana." Jason commented as they felt kicks. "Lets go to the cafe." Jason suggested and jason helped her up.Jason suggested and helped her up. She nearly collapsed on the ground cause of her weight. Adriana started crying."Make this all stop. It's too much for me!" Adriana wailed before she dropped to the ground again. Midnight and Snowy sat as Jason bent down and helped Adriana back up. When she got up she noticed blood on her hand. Adriana was losing her balance before she soon fainted.

Chapter 14: JasonEdit

Adriana was surrounded by many machines which made him worried about his wife to be. Adriana had fainted because there was a small gauge in her side which could of caused Adriana to go into labour. She had woken up from surgery minutes before. Jason was stroking the hand she was holding and Adriana was just looking at the plain ceiling. Jason saw Adriana tummy rise twice. Adriana placed the hand jason was holding on her tummy and then looked at Jason. Adriana gave him, her hand back and Jason went over to kiss her. He pulled the chair closer to where he was  and sat down. Jason stroked Adriana's cheek. "I was so worried about what happened to you Adriana." Jason wailed. Adriana tried to move but straps across her tummy kept her there. "I was scared after I saw my hand Jason." "I want to protect you in every way I can while you're experiencing this pregnancy." Adriana squealed with pain as a kick 'attacked' her. "Don't worry Adriana." A surgeon came in. "It has been a day now like I said she needed the stitches in so it's time for them to come out and we need you to leave please." "I wish to stay with my fiancé". Jason kindly replied. "I am sorry. No other people are allowed during surgery." the surgeon replied and unstrapped Adriana. Jason got up and kissed Adriana. "I am in your heart Adriana. I am with you." Jason whispered before heading to the door."Please no! Let Jason stay. Jason!" Adriana cried. "I will see you later sweetie. I am with you." Jason replied and went out the door. He sat on the seats to his right and saw Adriana on her bed. She reached her hand out to me. "Stay."she said before she was too far away to be heard. "I will." Protect her.

* * *

Jason saw Adriana coming back on her bed after surgery. Jason got up and saw Adriana asleep. "We have a few minutes before she wakes up. We need to get in her the room now." the surgeon said and Jason opened the door for them. As the nurses and surgeon were in he closed the door. They quickly wired her up to machines and strapped her tummy up. Jason couldn't bear to see her wife to be in hospital like that. Days before they move into a new home she's here. Jason couldn't believe it. The nurses and surgeon went out and Jason sat down next to Adriana . Jason soon looked away and cried at the sight of her. He started as he felt a stroke along his side. Jason turned around to see Adriana awake and comforting him. Jason hugged her carefully, "I was scared about you Adriana." "I was scared about you in voice and thoughts." Adriana replied and kissed him. Jason moved down to check her tummy. "Either the twins are bigger or you've but a massive amount of weight on." Adriana started crying and Jason went to her side. "I don't know why. I asked Amy she doesn't know why!" she wailed with her eyes closed. "What Adriana?" "Yes I have but on a lot of weight. I can't do anything about it till they arrive." Adriana opened her eyes and Jason stroked her  head. Soon the door opened and Amy and Lauren came in. "We both got your text Jason." Lauren said and Lauren gasped. "What happened Adriana!" Lauren rushed to Adriana's side. "She fell over at the park yesterday and made a hole in her side. Yesterday she had surgery on it and she just came back from another surgery session." "Oh. At least you're fine now." Lauren comforted Adriana still crying. Amy came to her. "I've taken your advice Jason. I am going to try and become pregnant at the start of the next year." she whispered to him and Jason nodded. A nurse came in with a wheelchair. "The surgeon told Adriana that she needed to spend an hour after they finished surgery before she could leave. It's been 45 minutes so I just came to give you a wheelchair. The surgeon will come back in 15 minutes to unwire and unstrap her ok?" the nurse told Jason and he replied. "Yes." she passed me the wheelchair and left. He turned back to Adriana who had her eyes closed. "She's resting." Lauren murmured. Jason nodded back and held her hand. "I love you and will protect you always." he whispered in Adriana's ear before kissing her.

Adriana and Jason at the hospital.

Chapter 15: AdrianaEdit

Adriana woke to the light stroke of Jason's hand. "Jason?" Adriana asked opening her eyes. "The surgeon will be here in a minute." Jason turned to face her. The door opened and the surgeon came in. "She is nearly ready to leave." the surgeon replied and un strapped her. Finally! Free from this prison! As soon as he took away the last needle in her arm, Jason was trying to get her sitting upright.  Jason kissed her when she was upright before, with much effort , helping her get on the wheelchair. "Keep the wheelchair till the big day Jason." the suregeon said and Jason nodded. "Thank you." Adriana thanked the surgeon as they went out. "I'll let you get changed then we can go. I have a surprsie for you." Jason murmured and gave Adriana her clothes. Adriana went in the bathroom and got changed. She came out soon slowly heading to Jason. Jason got her hand and helped her back in the wheelchair. Jason and Adriana headed to Jasons Audi where Midnight and Snowy were. "Is she okay?" Midnight asked. "I'm fine Midnight." Adriana said and Jason opened the car door.He helped  Adriana up and got her sitting down. He buckled her up for her and packed down the wheelchair. He placed the wheelchair in the back and closed her door. Jason got in and closed the door. He turned the engine on and backed out of the spot. "So what's your surprise you have for me?" "Well, we aren't going straight home." Jason replied and turned onto the road. Adria a placed a hand on her tummy and looked out the window. She still couldn't believe what just happened to her. She started to cry. Jason placed a hand on her. "What's wrong Adriana?" "Everything bad happens to me. It's so annoying and I don't like it. I hate who I have become. First I was a girl interested in bears who became a zookeeper and bearologist and now I am an engaged mother to be, who got fired from her job over it!" Adriana covered her eyes with her hands and cried more. Midnight and snowy whimpered. "I cant believe I'm pregnant! I haven't been happier since that night." Jason stroked her arm. "Soon our lives will change and we can start happy alright? As soon as we get married we have a new life. When the twins arrive our life has gone too a new level." Jason comforted Adriana who weeped. Adriana nudged Jason's hand away and leaned on the window sill. "I'll be a minute." Jason said as he stopped the car."Ok." Adriana replied quietly. Jason closed the door and went to the building next door. Adriana looked over the seat with wet cheeks to see Midnight and Snowy lying together. Adriana smiled and looked back to see Jason coming back with 2 bottles in his hand. Jason opened the door and got in. "A cappuccino for my brave wife to be." Jason smiled and handed her a drink. "Thanks." Adriana replied and took the drink. Jason started the car up again and they kept on going down the road. "So what's your surprise Jason? We aren't going back to the Rosemont." "Why the Rosemont? We don't live there anymore." Adriana squealed with delight. "We are going to the new house!" "Yes Adriana." Jason replied. A frown appeared on Adriana's face as she looked at her tummy. "When will you guys stop hurting me?" Adriana murmured to her tummy before stroking it. "What was that honey?" Jason asked. "Huh? Oh nothing." Adriana raised her head. Adriana sighed. "Midnight?" "Yes?" Midnight replied. "Are you excited about becoming a father to 2?" Adriana asked before she felt a kick. "Yes I am Adriana. I am glad you took us. I didn't want to raise my pups as strays." Midnight replied and she smiled at him. "So am I." Adriana looked to Jason who has stopped at lights. "If it wasn't for the dinner party, we wouldn't be here today about to become husband and wife, and parents." Adriana blushed and stroked her tummy again. "How about you Snowy? Have you coped with little bodies inside you?" "It was scary at first but as I got on, it became normal to me." Snowy replied and Adriana nodded. "It still is so scary and unexpected to me. I never wanted this." Adriana sadly said and a few tears ran down Adriana's cheeks. In a few minutes she saw them pulling up near Lauren's house "Why are we here?" Adriana soon asked. "we live here." Jason pointed to the house in front of them. Adriana gasped. "You got us my dream house! Thank you Jason!" Jason pulled up and stopped the car. Jason got out and Adriana unbuckled. Adriana's door soon opened and she saw Jason with Midnight and Snowy. She soon frowned as she saw the wheelchair. "Oh." she said and got off the seat. Jason held her out of the car and onto the wheelchair. She grasped her tummy as she sat on the wheelchair. Adriana let out a deep breath before looking at Jason. "Who's car is that?" Adriana asked as she noticed a red car parked in the garage. "Mine and this Audi.." Jason passed her the keys to the car. "Is now yours." Jason smiled and Adriana gasped. She took the keys. "Can you get my hospital bag from the passenger seat Jason?" Jason got her the bag and he placed it on her lap. Jason wheeled her to the front door with the 2 dogs padding along beside them. "Would you like to do the honours?" Jason asked as he showed her the keys. Adriana nodded speechless. Adriana held they keys and placed them in the hole. Jason placed a hand onto of hers as she turned the keys. "A new family with a new home." Jason murmured to her as she pushed the doors open. Adrian gasped and covered her mouth. "It's  beautiful!" was all she could say before she cried with joy. Jason kneeled in front of her. "I love you!" Adriana carefully bent over and hugged Jason. Jason kissed her and they hugged. Jason carefully picked her up and he twirled her around until he placed her on the sofa nearby. "Since you're expecting, I got a sofa bed. So if you can't move around as much, we can cuddle here." Jason said and lay Adriana down. He placed blankets covering only her legs and Jason sat next to her. Jason moved her t shirt up leaving most of her tummy exposed. He bent down and kissed it. Adriana chuckled when he listened for his twins and stroked her tummy. Adriana placed a hand on her tummy and stroked Jason's head.

Chapter 16: JasonEdit

Jason and Adriana lay on the sofa. "Breathe out slowly. Breathe in slowly and let it out." Jason instructed Adriana as he massaged her shoulders. "I think that's enough labour practice for now Jason." Adriana replied and lay on Jason. Midnight came supporting Snowy. "Do you know how to help dogs give birth?" "Half." Adriana replied. "Why?" "Our pups are here." snowy whimpered and lay on the ground. Adriana shot upright and kneeled on the floor. "Come Jason." Adriana gestured Jason sit next to Midnight. Jason went and sat next to midnight. "Ok the pups are coming so, Jason you watch for them and midnight comfort your mate. I'll get her comfortable." Adriana clutched her tummy as she grabbed some pillows and placed them under snowy's head. Snowy kept whimpering with pain. "Push Snowy." Midnight calmly spoke to snowy, muzzling her neck. "Just remember, you will be like this when our twins come Adriana." Jason admitted. "I know." Adriana replied. Jason saw some gloves next to him and put them on. He saw a puppy on the ground so he picked it up and placed it at snowy's teats. Another pup soon appeared and Jason placed it next to the other one. Jason and Adriana got up and left midnight and snowy with their new pups. "Wait!" Snowy choked and Adriana turned back. "Yes?" "Come name them." Midnight gestured to them with his head. As they went back midnight stroked snowy with his muzzle. "I have perfect names Snowy and Midnight!" Adriana exclaimed. "Yes?" snowy asked and looked up at her. Jason stroked snowy and smiled. "Shadow and Sugar! The female is Sugar and the male is Shadow." "Now do you know we have a boy and girl?" midnight asked curious. "I found out when we took you guys to the vet." "oh." snowy replied and licked her pups. "I love the names. Let's have them midnight." "Ok." Midnight replied and helped licking. Adriana and Jason soon got up again and slowly went outside. As soon as the set foot in their back yard Adriana stopped and breathed deeply slowly. Jason helped her move to the chairs where she grasped her tummy. "Where's the wheelchair?" Adriana asked. "You want it?" Jason asked and Adriana nodded in reply. "I'll get it." Jason went to the corner where their dining table was and grabbed the wheelchair. He went back to Adriana and placed her in it. "Thanks." she replied and lowered Jason's head so she could kiss his cheek. Jason smiled and sat on the seat next to her, holding her hand. Adriana stroked her tummy and soon Jason joined in. Adriana chuckled and stopped stroking. She bent down and kissed her tummy and then kissed Jason again. She smiled and closed her eyes as she leaned on him. "I love you." Jason murmured into Adriana's ear and he kissed her before stroking her arm.

Chaptet 17: AdrianaEdit

Adriana moved the covers over her tummy and placed her hands on it. She sighed as Jason came back from the bathroom. Adriana stoked and admired her tummy. She kept stroking her tummy but closing her eyes when a kick arrived. Jason placed a hand on her tummy after he lay on the bed. Adriana lay down closer to Jason and kissed him. They smiled at each other before a serious kick arrived in her tummy. She lay upwards and grasped her tummy, frightened. Jason got on top of her and calmed her. Adriana slowly breathed in and out. She closed her eyes in pain and grabbed Jason's hand. She accidentally squeezed it and cried in pain. "Help Jason!" she choked to her husband to be. "I am trying." Jason replied. She nearly fainted but Jason managed to stop her from doing it. Her breathing got heavier before the kicking started to die down. Adriana sighed with relief and cuddled Jason. "We should go swimming. Just the 2 of us tomorrow." "Are you sure?""Yeah. I'll be there if anything happens to you." "Oh alright." she said before kissing him and getting under the covers again. She turned the light off and closed her eyes. "Goodnight." "Night sweetie." Jason replied and Adriana fell right to sleep.


Jason gestured Adriana to come into the pool. "I'm coming." Adriana said and took off her shawl. Her swimsuit just fitted her and gazed at her big wide tummy. She placed her feet into the pool and slowly waded down the stairs with her hand holding her tummy and one holding the side. Soon she was shoulder deep and slowly swam to Jason. Jason soon held her. "When was the last time I went swimming?"
Adriana asked. "I don't know. Last year I think." Jason answered. Adriana placed her arm around Jason's neck and held her tummy as Jason swan around the pool, pulling her along. Adriana chuckled as Jason went under and kissed her belly. Jason came up again and kissed her on the cheek before pulling her through the water. Jason grabbed the water seat and carefully placed Adriana on it. "Remember Jason, I am pregnant still and am caring a lot of weight." Adriana reminded Jason as he pushed her. "I remember. Don't worry about the twins Adriana. Just stay in the present and lets spend this time together perfectly." Jason pleaded. Adriana placed herself in the water again and kissed Jason. Jason and Adriana went to the mini water bar they had. They sat on the seats and kissed each other. Jason and Adriana placed and hand on her tummy. "I love you." "I love you too." Jason replied and they hugged each other. Adriana lay in the water and Jason kissed her. Adriana hugged Jason and they kissed again.

Chapter 18: JasonEdit

Adriana laughed when Jason placed his head on her tummy. Jason felt little kicks from his twins and he smiled. It was

Jason felling his twins.

3 weeks till the wedding and Jason and Adriana were making sure everything will be good on the big day."So we are having the main wedding in the church next to the beach and the reception on the beach?" Adriana asked lying with Jason on the couch. Jason nodded in reply and she smiled. "The venues, food and furniture is all checked and we are ok. Now its just us and clothing." Jason sat up and stroked Adriana's tummy. "Also flowers?" Adriana asked. "Oh yeah." Jason replied to Adriana. "There is a florist nearby want to go there and see some bouqets?" Jason nodded and helped Adriana up. "I'm fine Jason." Adriana commented and kissed him. Jason supported Adriana all the way till they were at the BMW. Adriana cautiously got in. Jason got in and backed the car out of the driveway. He drove for 5 minutes holding Adriana's hand and they reached the florist. "Beauty's Florist. interesting name." Jason commented and Adriana nudged him with her elbow. "What?" "Oh come on let's go in." Adriana said and got out of the car. Jason followed her in. "Hi there, how can I help you?" the lady asked. "Hi, we are looking at wedding flowers." Adriana replied and held Jason's hand. "This way." the lady pointed in the direction they should go. "Thank you." Jason replied and they headed to the area they were directed. "Look at these colours Jason!" Adriana exclaimed and hugged Jason. Adriana gasped at the sight of a bouquet. She picked it up and admired it. Adriana got Jason's hand and placed it on the bouquet. Adriana placed hers on and she laughed. "Can this be the colour Jason?" "Sure. I love that shade." The bouquet had roses with a very light pink colour. Jason placed his arm around Adriana's back as they kept looking for smaller ones. They ended up finding a bouquet for Adriana, 2 smaller ones for Amy and Lauren. And 3 button holes for Jason and his brothers. "Well at least that part's finished." Adriana said and Jason nodded in reply after they bought the flowers. "Wait." Adriana said as she looked at the sign. "They do cakes." Adriana replied and placed the flowers in the car. "Let's go get one ordered." Adriana suggested and they headed back inside. "Excuse me. Where are the cakes?" Jason asked and a lady pointed to the stairs. "Up and in your left." "Thanks." Jason replied and they went up the stairs.

Chapter 19: AdrianaEdit

"I absolutely love the cake and flowers Jason." Adriana hugged her fiance. "Me too." Jason replied and kissed Adriana. "I hope Amy and Lauren are here soon." "I want my brothers here soon also." Jason replied. The soon heard a knock on the door. Adriana got up and opened it. "Hi!" Lauren and Amy exclaimed. "Hi!" Adriana replied and hugged them "Look at you Adriana!" Lauren gasped. "No, look at you!" Adriana replied. "Come in guys. We will head out soon." Amy and Lauren came in and the sat on the sofa. Jason got up and hugged his sister and Lauren. "Let's go shall we?" Adriana said and they went to the door. 2 men appeared at the door. "Hey guys." Amy said and hugged them. "He's inside." "Come in." Adriana gestured them in and then shouted to Jason "They're here. I'm going out now." "Ok. Love you." Jason replied and raced to Adriana. "You too." Adriana hugged Jason and he closed the door. "Ok. Where is the nearest bridal store?" "The one I went to for my wedding was 10 minutes from here." "Alright lets go there." Adriana replied and she hopped in her Audi. "Adriana. I don't think it's safe for you to drive." Amy commented. "Oh." "I'll drive for you Adriana." Lauren replied. "Thanks." Adriana thanked and switched seats. They headed to the bridal store. "You'll find your perfect dress there Adriana." Lauren commented. "We will also look for 2 bridesmaids dresses." Adriana added. "2. Why?" Amy asked. "You 2 are my bridesmaids." Lauren and Amy squealed with delight. "Yay! What colour are we  having?" Lauren asked. "I was thinking-" Adriana's phone buzzed and she got it out. The text message read, 'What colour are you having your bridesmaid dresses? I might get that colour tie for me and my brothers.' Adriana replied back. 'Purprle. Love you.' Adriana sent the message. Lauren and Amy were eager to hear the colour. "Purprle." "Awesome!" Amy commented. They soon arrived at the bridal store. "Oh yeah. This one." Adriana said as they got out of the car. "Are you alright walking Adriana?" Amy asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." Adriana replied and went through the door. "Our baby brother is nearly here." Lauren whispered in Adriana's ear. "Really?  Wow!" Adriana replied and they went upstairs. "Now. jason and I are revealing the pregnancy at the recpetion and I would like to have a dress which doesn't look like there is one there. Big skirts is the main idea." "Alright, Lets get looking!" Amy said and they went through the aisles. An hour later Adriana had tried on 10 wedding gowns and none of them were what she wanted. "I'm not sure about this one." Adriana lied. She actually loved it. "What ever it is come out and show us." Amy replied. Adriana walked out of the dressing room to Lauren and Amy with a big smile on her face. Lauren and Amy gasped with delight. "This is the one." Adriana exclaimed. Adriana's dress was a sweetheart neckline slevless gown. It was  light pink and had flowers outligning the middle part of the skirt. "I'm taking it." Adriana said and went back into the dressing room to get changed. When she came out her phone rang. She answered it. "Hey sweetie." "Hi. I just got a text from my cousins saying they are coming but want to be my groomsmen. Is it ok if you can have 6 bridesmaids?" "6! Oh Jason 6?" "If you don't mind. Your cousins can be your bridesmaids instead of mine." "Well, alright. I've chosen my dress!" "I hope it looks pretty." "You aren't seeing it till the big day Jason. Remember that." "Oh alright. Do 6 each?" "Yeah." "Ok bye." "Bye Jason." Jasin hung up and Adriana placed her phone away. "Lauren." "Yes Adriana?" "Looks like our cousins are bridesmaids too." "Really?, Yay!" "How many?" "3. The other is Amys sister." "Wait a minute." Adriana pulled her phone out and asked of Jasons other sister can be my brides maid. Jason replied saying yes. "Hey Amy?" "Yeah?" "Is your other sister around this area?" "Yeah, I'll call her to come." Adriana nodded and went with Amy and Lauren. "Can Antalya be the flower girl?" Lauren asked and Adriana nodded. "Thanks Adriana." Lauren hugged her. Adriana smiled and held her dress. Adriana soon grasped her tummy. "Adriana you have to sit down." Amy knew what it was from the tone of her voice. Adriana sat down and Lauren comforted her. "I'll call Jason." Amy said and they went carefully to the Audi. "She has to go to hospital." Amy commented. "Can you take us Lauren." Lauren nodded. "I'll be with her in the back." Amy said. Amy helped Adriana in."I've paid for the dress." Lauren said as she got in. "Thanks." Adriana choked as she breathed heavily still grasping her tummy. "Don't worry Adriana. Jason is on his way there." Amy let Adriana lie on her legs and Amy comforted her. Adriana closed her eyes in pain. I hope so.

Chapter 20: JasonEdit

Jason's phone rang. "Hello?" "Hi Jason it's Amy. You need to come to the hospital." "Why?" " Adriana, Lauren and I are heading there."  "Are the twins here?" Jason questioned and Amy replied. "No. Meet me there. Lauren will stay with her. "Ok, I'll be right over." Jason hung up. "Sorry guys. I have to go somewhere." "Don't worry Jason. We'll let you know when were done." "If you pay for them I'll give you the money for my suit." Jason replied and went to his BMW. Jason went at top speed too the hospital. When he arrived, he saw Amy waiting for him. Jason went over to Amy. "What's happened to Adriana?" "She having a contraction. It's a bad one. That's why she's here." Amy replied and went into one of the rooms. Jason saw Adriana grasping her tummy and breathing heavily. "Jason!" she choked. "Adriana." Jason hugged Adriana and sat on the seat next to her. Jason stroked her arm and she started crying. "Sshh Adriana. You are alright." Adriana closed her eyes in pain and panted. "She thinks the twins are on their way." Lauren commented. "Argh!" Adriana grasped her tummy again and she cried. "Are the babies coming? Are they?" "Adriana, your twins aren't due yet." Lauren comforted Adriana. "Don't worry Adriana. You are alright." Jason whispered to her. Amy looked at her clip board. "There is no signs that she is giving birth. It's just a contraction, but a bad and painful one." the beeping on the heart beat measurer began to rise in warning her heart is slowing down. Everyone dashed to her side. "Adriana!" Adriana's eyes were closing. "Do something Amy!" Jason demanded and looked back to Adriana, still as a rock. Her eyes were now fully closed but her heart beat was slow. Jason felt for her heartbeat. "I can't feel it." tears were rolling down Lauren and Jason's face. "There is still time." Amy said and an oxygen machine came into the room. A mask was strapped to Adriana's face and oxygen was getting pumped into her. Jason held her hand and he sat down next to Lauren who soon cried on his shoulder. Nothing had happened 10 minutes later, everyone was anxious and worried that Adriana had gone. Another few minutes passed and the machine soon beeped quicker. Jason got up and removed the mask as he saw Adriana open her eyes. "Adriana!" Jason exclaimed. "Adriana!" Lauren cried with tears of joy and she hugged her sister carefully. Adriana soon again grasped her tummy and cried in pain. "She will have to stay in hospital for a few days." Amy commented and moved the oxygen machine away. "We have to travel to the wedding venue since the wedding is 2 weeks away? What if she does have the twins here though? We would have to postpone the wedding

Adriana at hospital with Jason.

and we don't want to do that." Jason asked worriedly. "Don't worry, even if it comes unexpectedly, at the venue or back here at your home,  you will be prepared." Amy replied and smiled. Adriana squealed with pain. Jason looked at her and stroked her arm. "I am here. don't worry." Adriana wiped away her tears and Jason hugged her. "It's done now." Adriana whispered to him. "It's finished." Jason said to Amy. Adriana lay back down and wiped away her tears. Jason kept hold of Adriana's hand. Adriana started crying again. She sat up and hugged Jason. Jason stroked her back. "I want this all to stop Jason!" she cried to him. "It will soon Adriana." Jason replied to Adriana. "You can go now Jason." Amy replied and Jason looked at her. "Ok." Jason replied and helped Adriana out of the bed. "Just remember, the wedding is 3 weeks away. That's something to be happy about." Jason murmured to Adriana as they went out of the hospital. "I'll bring Adriana's car back Jason." "Thanks Lauren." Jason smiled and passed Lauren the keys. She smiled and hopped into the Audi. Jason helped his finacee in. When he got in she started crying aain and covered her face with her hands. Jason buckled Adriana in. "Adriana. It's all over now. We can be excited about the wedding. A week till we fly over there." Jason comforted Adriana and kissed her. "There is nothing to be afraid of now Adriana. That's all over."

Chapter 21: JasonEdit

"I wonder what Adriana's wearing Jason." Michael, Jason's brother, commented. "I would barge into their suite and find out right now." Jason joked and the groomsmen laughed. "Are we all ready?" Michael asked and they all nodded. "Good." Jason went to the phone and called the reception. "Hi this is Jason Randolf. I just want to check to see if the bride is downstairs now?" "No sir. She isn't due for 15 minutes." "Thank you." Jason hung up. "Let's go to the limo's shall we." Jason gestured everyone to the door. They all went out of the door and out to the entrance. "Good luck." the guy at the reception called. "Thank you." Jason called back. "We will be back later." Jason got into the limousine. "Wow!" he commented and sat down with his groomsmen. "Now this is luxury. Am I right Jack?" "Yeah Michael." the limousine headed off to the church. "So, what's the agenda for this afternoon Jason?" Michael asked. "First the ceremony at the church. Then a tea sort of thing for the guests and then the reception on the beach an hour before sunset." All the groomsmen nodded. "Any tricks bro?" Jack , one of his cousins, asked. "No. But there is a surprise only Adriana, Lauren, Amy and I know." "oh com on. Why didn't you tell me!?" Michael asked. "Only we could know it." Jason replied and nudged his brother. The door opened and they all got out. Jason adjusted his tie as he walked in. "Jason!" his mother exclaimed. "Mum!" Jason hugged her. "I cant believe my big boy is getting married!" his mother kissed Jason on the cheek. "Yes I know mum. Adriana is the perfect girl for me. "Jason! I'm so proud of you son." Jason's father came and man hugged him. "Thanks dad." "Sorry. I am needed up front. Love you guys." Jason walked up to the front of the church where his groomsmen were. Everyone was getting settled in. Jason took a deep breath and sighed. He smiled when he saw more people come in. He soon saw his niece and cousin come in. He went down to greet them. "Hey James." Jason hand shook with him. "Hello Amelia." he waved to his niece and she shyly looked away. "Aww, kids these days. They get so cute sometimes." James replied and looked at his watch. "Adriana must be here now so I have to go. Nice seeing you." "You too." James replied and Jason went back. The organ started playing when everyone was seated. The closed doors opened and he saw Antalya coming down the aisle throwing petals. She is so young and cute. She is the perfect flower girl. A brunette woman appeared in the arch way with 2 purple dressed girls on the side.

Adriana and her father.

She noticed the 2 girls were Lauren and Amy. At the end of the rows there she was. Jason's pregnant gorgeous bride was there waiting in her floor length sleeveless dress. The skirt was wide enough to not show her tummy. Let's hope no one finds out about it till tonight. A man rushed to her side. That must be her father. Jason gazed at his bride. This is the last time I will see Adriana Evangeline Valentini. In a few minutes I will see her as Adriana Evangeline Randolf. Jason smiled pleased and waited for his bride to come forth.