Chapter 1:JasonEdit

Jason and Adriana soon popped at the hospital car park. Jason raced in carrying his wife. "Can somebody help me please?" Jason exclaimed and placed Adriana on the ground. "Yes?" "My wife gave birth about 1/2 an hour ago and 20 minutes ago became unconscious. The only problem is that there is still one needing to be born." "Oh ok. Can I get a bed over here please." she called out and soon a hospital bed came to them. Jason laid her on the bed and an oxygen mask was placed over her mouth. The hospital bed started moving and Jason followed the nurses. Adriana stirred "Jason?" "Adriana!" Adriana's eyes closed again. They rushed through corridors and finally reached a room in a ward which was available. Adriana was quickly wired to machines. A crowd of nurses and doctors came into the room and tried ways of trying to get her conscious. Jason worriedly waited for some good news and watched his unconscious wife. "Can you please face away for this one?" a doctor asked and Jason faced away as the doctors and nurses tried one last thing to wake Adriana up. The machines went silent. Jason turned around. "She hasn't made it." A doctor told Jason. "No!" Jason pushed aside the doctors and went to Adriana. "Her heartbeat isn't fast enough." one of the doctors added. "But we did get this." Jason turned around and saw a crying new-born baby girl wrapped up in towels in the doctor’s hands. Jason fearfully held the baby in his arms and faced his wife. Jason started crying as he touched his dead wife's face and he shook his head sadly. "Shes only in a coma." Jason sighed in his mind, she was still alive. "If you want anything push that button once or if anything happens, push it twice." one of the nurses said before they all left the room and left Jason with his wife. Jason got on the bed and lay next to his wife. "I lost her!" Jason exclaimed sadly and cried on Adriana's shoulder. Jason pulled out her mobile and texted Amy about the news. Amy replied soon later. 'Oh my gosh! I'm sorry. I won't tell Lauren.' she wrote. Jason put her phone away and looked at Adriana. "I can't believe I might never see you again. I can't believe I might never have any more children with you. I will never marry again if you leave me because I would have lost my only love." Jason cried and held Adriana's hand. A nurse came in and Jason got off the bed. The nurse adjusted Adriana's oxygen mask. "I'm sorry." the nurse said before she left the room. Soon afterwards a doctor came in. "There is a way we can get her conscious again." Jason turned to the doctor full of hope. "But it could hurt her, since she just had children." Jason was disappointed and faced Adriana again. "We will leave her for a day before we think about trying the way I just told you about." Jason nodded and he heard footsteps leave the room. Jason cried heavily and leaned on Adriana's shoulder. "You're gone!" Jason cried. Each time he looked at his unconscious wife, he got flashbacks of his favourite memories they shared. He never took his eyes off his wife after that moment. He was scared, terrified and sad. "I must have done something wrong. This was my entire fault." Jason placed his head on Adriana's tummy and clutched her hand. "I'll mightbnever hear feet kicking again or the screaming of Adriana in labour again." Jason heard his phone ring and he answered it. "Hello?" "Hello Jason." "Amy, you know I don't want to talk." "I'm sorry, just be strong about it. How long will you be there for?" "A few days at the least." "Take your time." Amy said and hung up. Jason sighed and tears fell down his face. "Oh Adriana!" Jason carefully hugged his wife who was sileng. "Why have you gone?" Jason asked his wife and kissed her on the forehead.

Chapter 2:JasonEdit

Jason held his wife's hand as he sadly watched her. Jason soon looked at the heart rate machine and saw the same result as hours before. Jason was so tired. He had stayed up all night not wanting to miss anything. Jason started stroking Adriana's cheeks. Jason frowned and started crying again. He placed Adriana's fingers on his wet cheeks. Jason shook his head and kept on looking at his wife's face. "Why have I lost you!?" Jason quietly exclaimed. Jason's phone rang again and he looked to see it was Amy. "Hello?" "Hi Jason. I'm at the hospital." "What?" "I'm here with the kids." "Why? How?" "Your children needed to see their mother before she possibly could be leaving them." A group of people came in and he saw Amy with his 6 children. "Where's mummy dad?" Kathalina asked. Jason gestured Kathalina over to where he was. "Is she asleep?" Ethan asked. "Yes." Jason lied; he didn't want to tell them the possible result of the bad news. "Can you guys go wait outside? I want to talk with your father." Ethan, Kathalina and Orlando walked out of the room and Jason heard the door shut. Amy placed Jay Jay and their un-named new-born daughter on the chair. Miranda faced the window, looking outside. Jason burst into tears and hugged his younger twin sister. Amy hugged him and stroked his arm. "She was brave and beautiful." Amy commented about Adriana. "Full of emotion and love." Jason added. "She was your perfect girl." Amy kissed Jason on the cheek and continued to hug him. Jason continued to cry. Jason went to Adriana and kissed her on the forehead before stroking her tummy. "I'll take them back." "Leave Miranda and the new-borns here please." "Ok. Call or text me if anything happens." Amy hugged Jason before she left the room. Jason was still depressed as he leaned his head on Adriana's shoulder. Jason sat down holding Adriana's hand and cradled his new-born daughter. Jason sighed and stroked Adriana's fingers. Jason perked up as he heard the heart rate machine beep faster. He got up and watched as Adriana's eyes opened. "Adriana! Adriana! You're alive!" Jason hugged Adriana and at the same time pressed one of the buttons twice. Jason kissed Adriana on the forehead before doctors and nurses flooded in. "She's alive." a doctor exclaimed. A nurse took off her oxygen mask and Jason immediately kissed Adriana. "I thought I had lost you forever!" Jason exclaimed and kissed Adriana continuously. "I wouldn't have gone without saying good bye." Adriana replied and hugged Jason carefully. "We will leave you guy’s alone." all the doctors and nurses left the room. "Did the girl survive?" "She just did." Jason said passing their surviving new-born girl to Adriana. "She's so adorable." Adriana exclaimed. "Why are we in a hospital? There aren’t any in the kingdoms." "We're in Canada, Adriana. It was only way to save you. You just awoke from a coma. I am glad you are alive!" Jason again hugged Adriana before gesturing Miranda to stand up. “I thought you might have wanted to see her." "Hey Miranda." Adriana stroked Miranda's cheek with one finger. "Hi Mother." Miranda carefully hugged her mother and then sat back on the chair. "This one should be called Ayesha, meaning small one, and Najiyah, meaning safe." Jason nodded in agreement. "I can't believe they are both premature and survived even though they are 36 weeks and 6 days."  "They may of just being able to make it." Jason commented looking at their new-born girl. Jason pulled out his phone and texted Amy the good news. Jason placed Jay Jay in Adriana's free arm and she smiled. Jason kissed Adriana before they both admired their new twins. "Little Ayesha Najiyah and Jay Jay Kamal, premature but survived." Jason commented and kissed Adriana another time.

Chapter 3: AdrianaEdit

"What do you have there Miranda and Kathalina?" Adriana asked her daughters after placing Ayesha and Jay Jay in their cots in Adriana's bedroom. "Well, these cats came to our windows and started meowing so we opened the window carefully and the cats came in." "Interesting story." Adriana commented. Jason held Adriana's hand and smiled. Adriana placed her hands on Jason's chest and kissed him. "Can we keep them pleeeeaaassse!" Miranda and Kathalina pleaded to them. Adriana shrugged at Jason. Jason looked at Kathalina and Miranda. "You can take care of them if you promise you will." "We promise!" Kathalina and Miranda said. Adriana and Jason smiled. "I'm going to name mine Kit Kat." Kathalina decided. "Remember Kit Kat's Jason?" Adriana murmured to him and Jason nodded. "I'm naming this one Sparkle." "That is a very cute name Miranda." Adriana commented. "Now take these cats to your room before the dogs find out." "Cats?" Midnight opened his eyes and sat up. Adriana had found out that no one besides Jason and she could understand the dogs. "Midnight. Stay." he instructed and he lay head on top of his paws. "Ok. Mum." Kathalina and Miranda left the room. Adriana looked into Jason's eyes and he her up. Jason carried her and they lay side by side on the bed. Adriana placed one of her legs over Jason's legs. "Oooohhhh. You're going to be trying for a baby Jason." Midnight commented. "No we aren't just yet." he replied to Midnight and Adriana looked surprised at him. "Why?" "You had twins a week ago." Jason replied and Adriana nodded. Jason placed her hands on Adriana's cheeks and Adriana placed her hands on his chest. Jason bent in and kissed Adriana. As Jason kissed her, Adriana placed her arms around Jason's neck. </span></p>

Chapter 4: Adriana

"Looks like I have a meeting tomorrow." Jason said to Adriana as he walked to her. "Really? Can’t you postpone it?" Jason kissed Adriana on the head and hugged her. "I can't sorry sweetie." Adriana nodded, understanding. Jason looked down at Adriana's tummy. "Come on. Let's try." "No Jason. Not now." Adriana turned away from him and sat on their bed. "Why? You have always liked the thought of expecting again." Jason went on his knees and held Adriana's closed hands. "Tell me. You know you can." "It's only been 1 1/2 weeks since I gave birth. I - I can't get pregnant right now. Next week? Ok?" In his mind Jason was surprised. "Alright." Jason replied and placed a hand on Adriana's tummy. "What are we going to try for next time?" "More twins?" Adriana suggested. Jason kissed Adriana in saying yes. "Twins then." Jason announced.  Jason helped Adriana get up and they walked over to their pictures in the wall. They passed a few wedding photo collages made by Adriana and then they looked at their children's hand and feet moulds and their birth certificates. As they passed Miranda's, Adriana placed her hand on the glass and placed that hand in her tummy. "12 years ago she was kicking in there." Adriana commented looking at her tummy. They went to a few spare hooks after Miranda's. Adriana got 2 frames and placed them on separate hooks. Jason gazed at the new frames with a smile in his face. He scanned all the frames if their children. He was proud that he was Adriana's wife and the father to each of her 6 children.  Jason took Adriana to their wedding frames. Jason faced Adriana and she continued to look before Jason got her attention. Jason held Adriana's hands and he placed a finger on the wedding ring he gave her. "I love you and always will to the end of our lives. I will comfort and protect you until we die." Jason kissed Adriana's wedding ring and Adriana kissed Jason on the cheek. Adriana looked back at the pictures. "I really didn't look pregnant in that dress did I?" Adriana commented pointing at one of Jason and her kissing each other in a pagoda. Jason nodded. "That was the whole point of that dress. Wasn't it?" Jason asked. "Yup." Adriana replied and leaned on Jason's shoulder and they continued to look at the frames.

Chapter 5: Adriana

Adriana woke up on her side at 3am. She felt pains in her side and placed a hand on top of the area. Adriana removed the covers over her and she sat up. She squinted and clutched the pain area. "Argh." Adriana quietly exclaimed. "Oh my." the pain got worse slowly. Adriana screamed in pain and grasped her side. Adriana started crying, freaking out and worried. "Adriana?" Adriana looked behind her and saw Jason sitting up. Am I in labour? Adriana checked her side of the bed but saw no puddle of liquid. It must just be my post-pregnancy pains starting up. But these are - Adriana screamed and bent down in pain. Jason sat next to her. "Don't worry. You're alright and safe." Jason comforted Adriana by saying that. Slowly breathing, Adriana lay herself back down. "Argh!" Adriana screamed and sat up. There was so much pain, Adriana found herself lying face down on the ground. She grasped her tummy and rolled onto her back. Adriana tried to get up. Her arms took her to a certain height before making her collapse again. Every movement she made, it would cause pain. Adriana kept wailing and screaming in pain. Jason came down next to Adriana and leaned her in him "You can't go to the meeting Jason." "Why?" Adriana screamed and grasped her tummy before continuing. "I know and feel something bad is going to happen to you." Adriana managed to say. Adriana held Jason's hand. "I don't want you to get hurt." Adriana clutched her tummy and squinted her eyes shut tight. Jason got out his phone and dialled someone. As Jason spoke in the phone, Adriana wailed in pain. "Amy, Adriana is having massive pains and I don't know why." Adriana grasped Jason's hand and screamed. "Please come immediately." Adriana went off Jason and clutched her tummy. Jason grabbed her with his free hand and placed Adriana back on him. "It's like labour but it isn't." he told Amy before hanging up. "Don't worry. Amy's coming." Adriana calmed down for a few minutes before the pain started working up again. Adriana started crying as Jason lifted Adriana's dress up. Jason touched Adriana's bare tummy and then placed his hand on other areas. "Mainly my tummy." Adriana choked. Jason looked up at her and stroked Adriana's cheeks. Adriana screamed and leaned back on Jason's arm. Jason felt to see if there was a baby. Jason sighed with relief. Maybe there isn't. The pain then got so intense that Adriana got off Jason and just grasped her tummy on her knees. She couldn't move or it would make the pain worse. Without knowing, Jason left her and went to the bathroom. Adriana kept screaming and holding her tummy. Jason came back to her and picked her up carefully. . With her clothes on, Jason placed Adriana in the, 1/2 filled with water, bathtub. Adriana wailed as she got in. It was uncomfortable for her. Jason held Adriana's left hand and stroked her fingers. "Jason?" Adriana heard Amy's voice. "In the bathroom." Adriana screamed as Jason replied. Adriana started crying again. Amy came racing into the bathroom. "Is Adriana alright?" "Well, does it look like I am? ‘Cause I'm not." Adriana protested. Amy placed a hand on bare tummy underneath the water and Adriana wailed and cried in pain. Adriana squinted and pushed for no reason. "You will need to get behind her." Amy instructed and Adriana bent forward so Jason could get behind her. Amy emptied out most of the water. "Don't worry. Amy knows what's she's doing." Amy soon turned the tap to cold and put water in the tub. In a few minutes it reached the same height Jason put in and stopped the water flow. Jason placed some water on her forehead and afterwards Adriana screamed and grasped Jason's hands. Adriana stopped and panted. She felt no pain at all. Adriana lay back on Jason and sighed with relief. Adriana kissed Jason. "The pains finished." Amy said as she felt Adriana. "If it ever happens again. Immediate cold water in the bathtub. Well done Jason for putting her in here and well done Adriana -" "For coping through this so well." Jason ended. Amy went into her knees and held Adriana's left and Jason held her right. As Adriana calmed down with Jason, Amy checked Adriana to make sure it was over.

Chapter 6: Jason

"Time to go." Jason helped Adriana up. "Why do you have to go? I had massive pains this morning and I don't want it happening again while you're not here." "Remember you know what to do if it happens." Jason kissed Adriana on the head. Adriana hugged Jason. "I love you." she commented and looked at his face. "Love you too." Adriana kissed Jason and she placed her hands on Jason's cheeks. As they finished, Jason started walking to the door. Adriana couldn't let go. "Adriana, I have to go." Tears fell down Adriana's face. "I don't want you too. I know you'll get hurt." Adriana hugged Jason and cried. Jason stroked Adriana's head and moved side to side. "If you want, come see me in 10 minutes. Alright?" Adriana looked up and nodded. "Love you so much." Adriana hugged Jason. "I do and know you do." Jason kissed Adriana on the cheek and let go of Adriana. Jason kissed Adriana before heading to the door. Jason opened the door. "Stay safe." Adriana called to him. "I will, love you." Jason replied and he left the room. "Ouch." Jason heard Adriana comment as he was just about the close the door. He stood there with the door opened a fraction so he could hear Adriana's conversation. He heard footsteps and stood away from the door. Adriana appeared in the door way. "Let me come with you." Adriana wailed. "I can't Adriana. You agreed to 10 minutes." "I want to make sure you'll stay safe." "I will, I promise." Jason kissed Adriana and held her hands. "I love you forever will." Jason commented as they finished and Jason moved back, Adriana staring into his eyes.  Jason let go of Adriana's hands but Adriana did not budge. Jason turned around and headed down the hallway. Jason took one last look of Adriana before continuing down the hallway.

Chapter 7: Adriana

Adriana walked down the hallway and saw a dark figure running away. She walked further into the corridor to see her husband lying on the ground with blood around and on him. Adriana gasped and fell to the ground next to him. Adriana turned Jason around and leaned him against her. "Stanley! Call the royal doctor to come immediately." Adriana exclaimed worriedly. "Yes your majesty.” Stanley replied. Jason eyes opened and Adriana stroked his cheek. "Jason. Don't leave me I beg of you." Adriana felt tears running down her cheeks. "I love you but this is good bye." Jason croaked. "Good bye? No not now Jason." Adriana squeezed Jason's hand. "I love you." Jason croaked again and Adriana kissed him. She carefully placed her chin on Jason's forehead and cried. "Your majesty." Adriana looked up to see the royal doctor in front of her. She nodded in greeting and the doctor sat down. "Save him." Adriana pleaded. "Ok. Place Jason's ear in front of your heart. It will keep him alive for a bit." The doctor instructed and Adriana followed. "Wake up again, wake up again." Adriana pleaded to herself and Jason opened his eyes. "Jason stay with me." Adriana started crying again. Adriana got Jason's hand and placed it on her tummy and then her cheek. "You are important to me." Jason managed to say. "You are important to me." Adriana kissed Jason on the cheek before the doctor spoke. "He might cry out in pain in a few minutes." "Come on Jason. Don't go." she murmured into Jason's ear. "I want another baby with you!" she murmured into his ear. "Try." Jason said before he soon cried out in pain as expected and Adriana comforted her husband. "Good bye Adriana. I love you and will always be with you." Adriana kissed Jason again. She closed her eyes and opened them as she finished. She saw that Jason's eyes were closed and he was still. "No!" Adriana placed her hand over her mouth and she knew she was going to cry. "No, no, no Jason!" "Sorry." the doctor left her and she cried. Adriana shook her head and looked at her dead husband. She picked him up and carried him to their room. Adriana lay Jason down on the bed.  She lay next to him and placed her hand on his chest. Adriana burst out into tears and placed her head on Jason's shoulder. "Mum. Orlando was -" Kathalina screamed.  "Dad!" she noticed Jason was dead and she came next to Adriana. "I'm sorry but leave me alone Kathalina." she tearfully told her eldest daughter. Adriana felt movements on the bed and the door closed. "No, no. Jason! Don't leave me!" she cried and placed her head on Jason's chest. Adriana sung the chorus of Mirrors to Jason as she cried. "'Cause I don't wanna lose you now, I'm lookin' right at the other half of me. The vacancy that sat in my heart, Is a space that now you hold. Show me how to fight for now and I'll tell you, baby, it was easy comin' back here to you once I figured it out. You were right here all along. It's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me. I couldn't get any bigger with anyone else beside of me, and now it's clear as this promise, that we're making, two reflections into one.  Cause it's like you're my mirror. My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me..... I don't wanna lose you now!" she broke off into louder cries and lay on top of Jason. She buried her head into his shirt. "Jason!" she repeated to him. "Come back! Please! Come back! Stay with me!"

Chapter 8: Jason

"Mum, Dad!" Jason exclaimed and hugged his royal parents. "You have joined us." his mother announced with her White glowing dress. Jason looked down and saw Adriana crying on his dead body underneath the clouds. "I have to be with her." "We know you do." Jason saw he was lowering and getting bigger. He soon realised he was in his spirit form next to Adriana. "Adriana." Adriana turned round and jumped. "It’s me, Jason." "Jason?" Adriana finally asked. Jason nodded. "Jason!" Adriana sat up and hugged him. Instead she went straight through him. Adriana looked at her hands and then cried. She went onto her knees and bashed the floor with her fist. "Adriana." Jason tried to stand Adriana up again, but he couldn't. Adriana stood up and tried to touch Jason. "I'm alone. I'm completely alone!" Adriana ran to her bed and jumped face down to cry. "You- you left me." "I know." "I told you but you didn't listen." "I know." "You didn’t even know this was going to happen!" "I did." Adriana looked at him. "What?" "It's time I should tell you about my parent’s death." "Yeah, while I'm grieving over you! Perfect timing." Adriana said sarcastically.” Adriana this is serious to me." Jason sat next to Adriana. Adriana held Jason's hand. Even though it wasn't his spirit hand, Jason felt the warmth and comfort from his body's hand from his spirit hand. Jason wiped Adriana's tears away before speaking. "The guy's family has been killing my family for generations. When Amy and I were born. I was the most loved and favoured. Now the guy, that killed my parents, just had a son too. His son would kill me or Amy. The only way to get to me or Amy was by killing my parents. Everyone knew about this guy and the guards protected my family. One night, the guards weren't close enough to protect them, but this guy sneaked in and killed my parents in their bed. At the time, my mum was expecting my other sister, not Amy. A nurse came in and saw them. She knew that she was expecting and gave birth to my sister herself. Sadly, my sister was 34 weeks and didn't survive. My Aunt Cinderella, heard about her sister and brother in-law dead and took us in. She ordered this guy to be executed, not knowing that he had a son.  Now yesterday, I got a letter saying I have to meet this guy’s son. I totally freaked out but I had to do it. I spent as much time as I could with you before I went to never return to you. As I left you I felt sorry for myself, but I knew you were strong and brave and able to take care of him so I continued. He told me that he was going to kill me so that he could get to you. I know he was trying to get to you so he could kill Ethan. So he killed me." "Jason, why? Why couldn't you not go?" "I knew I had to." "No you didn't. 1/2 an hour after you die I'm struggling already. "I know you well enough to know you will stand up for your family, yourself and I." Adriana wiped her tears away and hugged his body. "Adriana, I have to go." "No stay!" “I’ll visit you regularly." "Jason don't -" "I'm with you, even if you can't see me." Jason started fading away. "That's how you'll get me back." "What? Jason no!" Jason went back to his parents.

Chapter 9: Adriana

Adriana started strumming her guitar. She realised she couldn't make the right tune. She got frustrated and chucked her guitar in the carpet, thankfully not breaking it. , She cried even more and lay face down in Jason's chest. Adriana sat carefully on top of Jason and placed her face onto his.  Adriana kissed Jason then continued crying. She couldn't bear to see her husband dead. "I will never marry or fall in love again because I have lost the only and most important person in my life. I have lost you, I have lost you!" Adriana hugged Jason and leaned him up on the headboard. Adriana kissed Jason continuously as she cried. Adriana placed her forehead on Jason's and she stroked Jason's pale cheek. She lifted one of Jason's hands and placed it on her cheek then on her tummy. Adriana stopped crying for a moment then continued crying and placed her head on his shoulder. "You loved dad very much didn't you." a voice talked behind her and she turned to see Kathalina behind her. She nodded with wet cheeks and Kathalina sat beside her on the bed. "I love you guys a lot too." Adriana said to her eldest daughter. "I really wanted to have at least one more baby with him but how can I." Adriana added. "You can still try mum. It's not too late." Kathalina replied as she started crying. Adriana hugged Kathalina and kissed her on the head. "I am sorry for your loss." a tall and dark man said as he entered the room. "You - you killed him." Adriana recognised his walking when he saw him running away as she went to check on him and Jason days before. "I did." "Stay away from my family and I!" Adriana demanded and guarded Kathalina and Jason. "I am not here to harm your family. I have already got rid of the one I needed to get rid of." "G-" "I am here to ask you something." the man continued. "Will you marry me?" "Guards!" Adriana exclaimed. 5 guards came into the room. "Take this murder into the dungeons. I will see about execution." The 5 guards got the man and towed him out of the room and closed the door. Adriana sighed with relief and turned to Kathalina and saw her curled up scared next to Jason and Snowy. "That guy was the one that killed him?" Snowy asked and Adriana nodded. Adriana leaned on her side and asked Kathalina to bring her Jay Jay and Ayesha. "Thank you." Adriana thanked as she cuddled her new twins. Adriana made sure that, if Jason could see what was going on, he could see his 3 month old twins. "Dave.” Adriana announced. Dave came into the room and bowed. "Get 3 bodyguards to take Kathalina protectively to her siblings so she can bring them here." "Yes your majesty." Dave gestured Kathalina to come to him and she cautiously went to him. "He's a good guy Kathalina. He won't hurt you." Adriana commented and Kathalina went with Dave out of the room.

Chapter 10: Adriana

"Please give me a kick if there is a baby. Please give me a kick if there is a baby." Adriana murmured to herself and she leaned forward on Jason. "Come on, Come on!' Adriana quickly placed her hand on her tummy and closed her eyes as she felt a painful kick. "Yay!" Adriana rejoiced when the pain was over. "We're having a baby! - " Adriana looked at her dead husband with a frown. “I’m having a baby." Adriana lifted her top up and placed one of Jason's cold hands on her bare tummy. She got goose bumps instantly and then they disappeared. Adriana placed her free hand on and caressed her tummy. She turned around and leaned back on Jason. "Mum." Kathalina, Ethan, Orlando and the full grown Miranda came into the room. "I am having another baby!" Adriana exclaimed. "What?!" Ethan asked. "Come. The proof is the kicks." Ethan came to her and placed a hand in her tummy. There was a small kick and Ethan then took his hand off. "Yup." he told the others and Miranda hugged Adriana with delight. "But how can you mum? Last week you said you will be moving soon, since dad died a month ago, and anyway you won't have anyone to help you when he or she arrives." "I will have to be by myself but I'll call Aunt Amy to help me." Adriana replied to Kathalina. "When did you find out?" Miranda asked touching Adriana's tummy. "Just before you came in." Adriana went to the cots and got Ayesha and Jay Jay. "Can I feel?" Orlando asked. Kathalina and Miranda quietly laughed. "Girls. Just because you think Orlando is being unusual then don't think that. He can and wants to be himself." Orlando placed his hand on her tummy. "Ethan, Miranda and Kathalina you guys can go swimming if you want. Make sure Olivia is watching you." "Yes mother." Ethan said and the 3 left the room, leaving Orlando and her in Adriana's bedroom room. "I feel so different from the rest." Orlando sulked. "Don't think that Orlando. You’re special." Adriana hugged Orlando after placing Ayesha and Jay Jay in their cots. "You know you’re actually a twin." "I am?" Orlando asked surprised. "You are actually Miranda's twin. You're the first of your siblings to know." "Really?" Adriana nodded in reply. "You were born 4 months after your father and I got married." "Wow." Orlando replied astonished. Snowy jumped up onto the bed. "Hey Snowy." Orlando greeted Snowy and stroked her neck. Adriana carefully got one of Snowy's paws and placed it on her tummy.

Chapter 11: Jason

Jason watched as Adriana looked at her growing bump. She uncovered her tummy and placed a hand on. Adriana got Jason’s limp hand and positioned it next to her hand. Adriana placed her hand on top of Jason’s and cried. "Don’t cry Adriana." Adriana turned round and looked at him. "Jason!" Adriana stood up and sighed. "I have some exciting news." Adriana placed both her hands on her tummy. "I'm expecting." "Our daughter. I know." Jason went closer to her and placed a hand on Adriana's tummy. He stroked her tummy and kissed her on the head. "How do you know it's our daughter?" "I can tell by the kicks." Jason replied and Adriana smiled.  Jason saw tears falling down Adriana's face. Jason held Adriana's fingers and stroked them. "Come on. You can be brave." Adriana shook her head. "I can't without you." "You can. I'm with you." "Not physically which I want." "You -" Jason didn't want to say what his parents said. Sugar came to Adriana's legs. Adriana bent down and stroked Sugar's neck. Sugar barked with pleasure. "Why can we have 2 dogs that talk and 2 that don't." "I." Adriana stood up again and looked at him. "Jason. We're through." "What?" "Were through.” Adriana repeated and walked away. "Why?" "You left me Jason!" Adriana replied angrily. "You left me when I needed you most." "Adriana-" "Leave me now." "But Adriana -" "Leave me now." she shouted at him and Jason backed away.  Adriana panted and calmed down. Jason started walking away from Adriana. Adriana started crying. "Jason?" Jason shook his head and left her. He knew this was going to come. Jason soon watched Adriana from the clouds. She was crying on her bed. "I'm sorry Jason. Forgive me!" she pleaded. "I forgive you." he said.

Chapter 12: Adriana

"Now. You must stay together at all times alright?" "Yes mother." Kathalina, Ethan, Orlando and Miranda answered. "Good and don't say anything about father." Adriana entered the hall where the meeting was held in her castle. Adriana saw her sibling and sibling in-laws. "Go with the others guys." Adriana commented as she sat down at a table holding Jay Jay and Ayesha. "Ok mother." Orlando replied and he went with the others outside the room. Adriana looked back at Michael, Lauren, Ashton and Amy and smiled. They smiled back. Ok, only say about the baby. Adriana told herself in her mind. "We will each tell about any news happening with our lives and the kingdom." Michael and Lauren nodded when Amy spoke. Adriana placed Jay Jay and Ayesha in their bassinets and then looked back to the group. "I will start. Jason Michael and Adrian are starting to learn about ruling a kingdom." Amy stood up and sat down when she finished. "Our kingdom is getting ready for our festival of the harvest." Ashton said and sat back down. Lauren stood up. "It is Michael and my 11th wedding anniversary coming up." Lauren sat down and Michael stood up. "Our new Market has officially opened." Michael told everyone before sitting down. Adriana stood up. She patted her navy gown and took a deep breath. "Before you speak sis, why isn't Jason here?" Adriana froze as Lauren asked her. "Um, he is at his sword practice." "Oh interesting. Carry on." Lauren gestured her to continue. "Our 2nd winery has just been opened." "Anything else?" Amy asked. Adriana crossed her fingers and held her hands together. "I am expecting." Adriana blankly looked at everyone with their mouths dropped. Adriana gulped.

Chapter 13: Adriana

"Expecting?" Amy asked speechless. "Your - your 7th? Are you crazy?" Adriana frowned and sat back down. She covered her eyes with her hands and cried. She had to tell them about Jason. "What's wrong Adriana?" Lauren asked. "Actually, Jason isn't at sword practice." Adriana said looking up at them with wet cheeks. "Where is he then?" Michael asked suspicious. "He's -" Adriana paused. "He's dead!" "What!!" Michael and Amy exclaimed standing up. Adriana nodded. "He's dead." "Why? How?" Amy asked. “This leads up to me moving back to Italy." Adriana added. "What? No you can't!" Lauren got up. Adriana got up and cried as she left the room. She raced into their room. She opened the door and slammed it shut. She went to her bed and lay on top of Jason. As she cried, Adriana stroked Jason’s cheeks. "Why is it so hard without you?" she questioned her dead husband. "Why!?" she cried louder and placed her head on Jason's chest. There was knock on the door and the door opened. Adriana looked up and saw Lauren with Ayesha and Jay Jay. "I brought them back for you." Adriana sniffled and wiped away her tears. "Thanks." Adriana sat up and Lauren sat next to her after Lauren put Ayesha and Jay Jay in their cots. Adriana started crying and Lauren hugged her. "What am I going to do Lauren? I'm pregnant, Jason has died, I have to look after 6 children and this is all leading up to me having to move back to Italy. I need support." "You have support Adriana." "No, I want mum and dads support." Adriana placed a hand on her tummy. "You can't go back to Italy anyway..." Adriana shook her head and placed her hands on her face. "I was thinking, since you can't go back and don't have Jason with you -" Adriana looked up to Lauren annoyed. "Physically, I could stay here with your or you can stay, with your children, at my place. Adriana you have support from me and Amy. You're not alone." "Thanks, but I am scared. The baby could arrive anytime and I want someone there. Partly, you and Amy are the only people that can, physically." "I'll stay with you for a few months." "The baby's not due till February next year." "I know but I'll stay with you till the baby is 3 months old. I'll help you out." Adriana hugged Lauren and then went back with Jason. She shook her head and kissed Jason. Adriana pretended to fell pains. "Oh Lauren! Argh!" Lauren stroked Adriana's arm. Adriana pretended not being able to touch her tummy because of the pain. "Lauren can you touch my tummy too make sure I'm alright?" Adriana pretended to choke. Lauren placed her hand on her tummy and Adriana stopped. Adriana smiled without her looking and Lauren soon smiled at her. "The baby is there. I can feel it kicking." Lauren commented and Adriana smiled. "I know it is. All safe and sound."

Chapter 14: Adriana

Adriana placed and hand over her weeping face and hugged Lauren. She looked at her husband in a glass case, surrounded by flowers and loved ones. Lauren placed a hand on her growing tummy. "He is very proud that you are having your 7th. I can tell." Adriana nodded and placed her head in Lauren's shoulder. Adriana looked up and saw Amy starting to cry. Adriana went over to her and hugged her. Michael soon joined them. "You were such good siblings to him." Adriana commented as she cried. "You were to best wife he could have Adriana. You changed his life." Amy tried to smile but she cried more. Michael left to group and Adriana hugged her sister in-law. "You brought along 6 kids, becoming 7. He might have only got 2 with someone else." Amy chuckled. "Because of you, Jason's life changed. I can see in his eyes that he is proud of you." Adriana cried more and hugged her sister in-law. "You have a wonderful twin brother. I changed because of him." Amy hugged Adriana tighter. Michael joined them. Adriana soon broke the hug and faced Jason. She slowly walked to him and placed his cold hand on her tummy. Adriana soon held his hand and cried. She bent over and laid her head on his chest. Adriana stroked Jason's left leg with her other hand and shook her head. "I can't believe you are more depressed than I am." Adriana looked up to see Amy, half annoyed, looking at her. "I loved him." "So did I but he was my brother." Amy angrily raised her temper and Adriana shouted back. "Well I am his wife who is pregnant with his 4th daughter." Adriana paused and then gasped. "It's a girl?" Lauren asked Adriana, curious. Adriana nodded calmly. "It was supposed to be a surprise." "Fine. Now I'm telling you my secret Adriana Valentini. I'm pregnant with his 3rd niece." Amy retorted. "Congrat-" "-We're seeing about abortion." Amy took Ashton's hand. "Why?" "What’s the point? If Jason can't see his sister's daughter, then there is no point being pregnant." Amy walked down the small set of stairs. "I'm not talking to you Adriana." "No Amy! I'll need you when I go into labour." Adriana called to Amy as Amy headed to the curtains, separating the room from the hall. "I shall talk to you after she arrives." Amy finished and disappeared behind the curtains with Ashton. Adriana looked at her tummy and fell down the stairs. "Mum!" Miranda screamed. "Adriana!" Lauren added and she came racing up to her. "Adriana, come on." Lauren pleaded. Adriana noticed her world getting darker. Soon it was pitch black.

Chapter 15: Adriana

Adriana woke up on her bed. Adriana sat up and he led herself up. She walked to one of her drawers and grabbed an engraved wood box. Adriana then placed it on the bed. She opened the box and took the silver edged thing out and placed it in her hands. A dagger. She left the box open on the bed and headed to the door behind a curtain against the wall. She raced down the secret corridor leading to the area where Jason's body is held. She burst herself into the room a d sat at the bottom of the stairs in front of Jason. She held Jason's hand placed the dagger in front of her, pointing at her heart. Adriana closed her eyes and got ready to kill herself. "Adriana?" Adriana dropped the silver dagger and it tumbled down the stairs. It ripped her dress but she didn't notice. The dagger landed with a loud clang and Adriana opened her eyes. Adriana decided what she should do instead. Adriana cried in pain as she tried to kill her unborn daughter. "Adriana?" "I'm getting her out." "No Adriana." Lauren retorted as she sat next to her. "Adriana, stop!" Adriana stopped at the tone of Lauren's voice. Adriana looked at Lauren scared. Lauren helped Adriana up and they sat on the chairs facing Jason. "I'm a horrible wife and mother." Adriana started crying and leaned on Lauren's shoulder. "You aren't. It's a big change I know but you will have to get used to it." Adriana soon stood up and went to Jason with Lauren. Adriana wanted Jason and she could tell Lauren wanted too so things would be happy again. Lauren placed a hand on Adriana's tummy and stroked her cheek. "Come on, let's go." Lauren took Adriana's hand and took her out of Jason’s burial area. Adriana could hear her cries echo through the hallway as they walked. Lauren led Adriana to a room where Michael was sobbing at the window. Michael turned to face Lauren and Adriana. Adriana cried louder and raced to Michael. She hugged him and exclaimed. "He's gone!" soon Lauren spoke. "Rest Adriana." Lauren and Michael helped Adriana lie on the bed. Lauren wiped Adriana's wet cheeks before speaking again. "We have an inquiry." "Go ahead." Adriana replied stroking her tummy. "We want to get pregnant-" Lauren paused and Michael continued. "But Lauren can't since she has the disease so..." "What disease? Lauren...” Lauren sighed. "I can't get pregnant." Michael stated. "She could die if she falls pregnant." "No." Adriana exclaimed and Lauren placed a hand on Adriana's tummy. Lauren frowned as she touches her flat tummy. "We want to ask-" Lauren broke off into a cry. "If you can be our surrogate?" "Me? Surrogate? I don't know. It can't work; I'm pregnant with Jason's daughter." "Can you think about it?" Adriana looked up at Lauren. Adriana sighed. "Give me 1/2 an hour." Lauren carefully hugged Adriana. "I'll hopefully have an answer for you by then." "Thank you Adriana!" Michael and Lauren thanked her before leaving the room. Adriana had a big decision to make.

Chapter 16: Jason

Jason appeared in front of Adriana. "You only have 5 minutes." he commented and Adriana looked at him. "What do I do??" "Say yes." Jason answered. "Why?" Adriana asked puzzled. "You don't want this child without me s it's the best thing to do." Adriana sighed. "Ok. I'll say yes but you will see her when she's born right?" Jason tried to kiss Adriana. "Of course I will." Jason soon sighed. "This is the last time I'll see you as a pregnant woman." Adriana nodded. 6 are enough for me. Adriana placed a hand on her bare tummy. Adriana sadly smiled at Jason. "I'll be alive soon." Jason slowly touched Adriana's tummy before disappearing from Adriana's sight.

Chapter 17: Adriana

Adriana sighed after Jason left and she caressed her tummy. A knock was made on the door. Adriana placed her shirt over her tummy. "Adriana?" Lauren asked. Adriana lay back down and replied to Lauren. "I've made my decision." the door opened and she saw Lauren had been crying. "Come and feel your daughter." Adriana smiled and Lauren raced to hug her. Lauren kissed Adriana on the cheek as she hugged her sister. Michael came to them and placed a hand on her tummy. Adriana took Michaels hand off and raised her shirt. Michael, Lauren and Adriana placed a hand on Adriana's growing bump. Lauren had a big smile in her face. Michael soon hugged Adriana. "Thanks, you made Lauren's day." Michael stopped hugging and kissed her on the cheek. It felt the same as Jason’s. Adriana wiped away a tear. Michael kissed Lauren. "Were parents!" Lauren exclaimed. Adriana sat up grasping her tummy. She closed her eyes and felt hands go on her back. "Are you alright Adriana?" the pain died down and Adriana opened her eyes to see Michael next to her. "I feel we might have put too much stress on you." Adriana shook her head. "I'm alright. I just experience painful kicks now and then." Michael nodded and helped Adriana lie down again. "I'll let you sisters have a few minutes alone." Michael left the room and Lauren lay on her side next to Adriana. "Look at her. Big for 4 months." Lauren stroked Adriana's tummy and she smiled. "They aren't actually kicks, their pains but this is the time when kicks start." Adriana corrected her sister. There was a knock in the door and Michael came in again. "Sorry I was ease dropping." Lauren rolled her eyes and chuckled. Adriana placed a hand on her tummy. "There she goes." Adriana exclaimed. "1st kick." Michael and Lauren placed their hands on her tummy so they could feel their foster daughter. Adriana squealed and leaned over. "Calm down." Lauren instructed and Adriana slowly breathed as she sat herself up. "You haven't been in my birthing room haven't you?" Adriana asked and Lauren and Michael looked at each other confused. "I'll show you." With Lauren and Michael's help, Adriana got up and slowly walked out of the room. "This is 1/2 a surprise also." Adriana commented as they walked to the doors that led to the garden. "This is the surprise." Adriana pushed 2 wooden doors open. Lauren gasped as they saw the house Jason and Adriana had in Toronto, "That's where most of my kids were born - well actually only Jay Jay of the recent set of twins." Adriana, Michael and Lauren walked to the house. Adriana opened the front door and memories flooded through Adriana's brain. Adriana held the tears back as they went upstairs.

Chapter 18: Lauren

"Only Jay Jay has been born here?" Adriana twiddled her thumbs as she sat on the side of the bed. "Adriana you are hiding something from us." Lauren and Michael sat next to Adriana. What might she be hiding? Adriana sighed. "We didn't want to tell you because we thought you would freak out." Adriana commented and Lauren grasped Michaels hand worried. "Ayesha was born via C-section." "What!?" Laure saw tears fall down Adriana's pale face. "C-section." "You couldn't have had Ayesha born C-section here? Adriana tell me how this came about." Adriana sniffled and wiped away her tears. A few tears fell in Adriana's Rose pink gown. "About 1/2 an hour after Jay Jay was born, Ayesha still hadn't entered the world. I fell unconscious. From what Jason told me, Amy instructed Jason to try and take me to Toronto so I could get hospital treatment. I was successfully put in hospital. The many nurses and doctors tried to save me but they couldn't. He said to me that the doctors told him my heart rate was too slow to get me conscious again but they were able to get Ayesha into the world. Jason held Ayesha scared. He didn't know what had happened to me and wanted me to hold Ayesha first. Jason mourned for the two days I was unconscious at the hospital. I fell conscious after 2 days and I got to see Ayesha at 2 days old. I wish I saw Ayesha when she was minutes old but at least Jason did." Lauren looked at Michael, full of fear. Michael hugged Lauren. She loved the feel of Michaels warm body against hears. "Adriana?" Michael spoke and Lauren looked to see her older wiser rushing out of the room in tears.

Chapter 19: Adriana

Adriana cried as she placed her high heels next to her and placed her feet in the warm pool water. She buried her head in her hands and wept more. Her cries echoed through the damp room. "Aww Adriana." Adriana heard her sister’s voice and heels as they clicked when she walked to her. "Mi manca." Adriana mourned as Lauren sat next to her. "It's sad I know but you have to be strong." Lauren hugged Adriana as she continued crying. Adriana grasped her tummy as her niece brought on a painful kick. Adriana squinted her eyes shut and panted. Lauren stroked her back. When the pain had decreased, Lauren bent over and talked to her foster daughter. "Hey sweetie, don't hurt Aunty Adriana okay?" Lauren chuckled. Adriana couldn't bear to know it wasn't now officially her baby. Lauren helped Adriana stand up and Lauren took her shoes. Lauren supported Adriana as they walked to the loungers where Adriana lay down. "Come sta?" Michael asked as he entered the room. "Sapete italiano?" Adriana asked Michael. "Alcuni." Michael answered before Lauren whispered to Michael. "Can I be alone for 10 minutes?" Michael and Lauren nodded as they held hands and left the room. Tears fell down Adriana's face as she lay back down on the lounger, silent. Adriana though of Jason and felt his comforting strokes on her. Adriana smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 20: Jason

"I'm pregnant without you!" Adriana exclaimed and started crying. Jason comforted his wife. "Shhhh." Jason kissed his wife on the head. He looked at Adriana so he didn't have to see his dead body. "Why is it so different without you? So wrong in fact." Jason disappeared from Adriana but watched her. "Jason?" Adriana sat up and looked around. Adriana wiped away her tears and walked slowly to the hallway door leading to her bedroom. As Adriana sat down on the bed, there was a knock on the door and 3 people in black burst into the room with swords. "The assistants of the dark guy." Jason told Adriana through her thoughts. Adriana had a little bit of fear written on her face but she stayed strong. Someone tied her hands around her back and placed a sharp dagger in front of her neck. "How dare you kill our master!" the 3 people chanted. "How dare you kill my husband!" she scolded back at them. The dagger went closer to her neck. Adriana touched one of her charms n her bracelet and guards burst in. Adriana cried in pain as the guy holding the dagger made a cut on her arm. Adriana fell to the ground. "Your majesty." Dave went to her aid. "Argh." Adriana cried in pain as the cut stung her. Dave cut the ropes that held her hands together. Adriana stopped crying in pain as she saw liquid. "When you take these men away get Queen Lauren and King Michael, Dave." Adriana pleaded to her highest guard and protector. Dave laid her down to rest and nodded to her. A few minutes later, Dave and the others took the dark guys away leaving Adriana on the ground, on her own. Jason appeared to Adriana again and cleaned her cut. "Jason?" Adriana looked to him before she closed her eyes in pain. "She's coming." Jason placed a hand in Adriana's bump and smiled. He kissed her. "Good Luck sweetie. Be strong. I am with you." he encouraged Adriana and left her.

Chapter 21: Adriana

Adriana's niece started to bring on painful contractions. Lauren and Michael burst into the room and noticed Adriana. "You're going to have to carry her there Michael." Michael nodded and carefully picked Adriana up. "Are you ready?" Lauren asked and Adriana nodded without a word. Lauren bed Adriana's free hand as they walked to the room where her niece would be born. As soon as they entered the house, Michael stood Adriana up and she slowly walked upstairs. Adriana slowly lay down on the bed inside her birthing room. Michael placed an ice pack in her head as Lauren bandaged her cut up. Adriana squirmed and screamed. Adriana saw Michael filling up the pool next to her and Adriana smiled. "Anything for my sister." Lauren comforted and kissed her hand. Adriana took deep breaths and tried not to think of Jason being there with her. Michael came back to them and took the ice pack of Adriana's head and carefully picked her up. Adriana felt water on her toes and slowly sat in the pool. Adriana placed her arms on the side of the pool and breathed. Adriana closed her eyes and pushed. "Adriana, no." Lauren instructed and Adriana turned and cried. "I can't bear to know she's not mine." Lauren and stroked her back. "I told you this was too much pressure for her." Michael commented. "No, I'm alright. It's just - different." Adriana crossed her arms and placed them on the edge of the pool. Adriana soon placed her head on them and breathed.

Chapter 22: Lauren

"You ready Adriana?" Adriana nodded. "Do what you need to do." Lauren instructed and Adriana closed her eyes and pushed. Lauren stroked her older sister's fingers and kept an eye in her pushing. Lauren loomed over Adriana's leg and saw hair. "Stop." Adriana panted and saw what she had done. "We'll start again and I'll count to ten." Adriana closed her eyes and started wailing as she pushed. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10." Adriana panted and looked down at her niece. "Heads out." "Good. Now I want you to do that again but you count." Adriana nodded. "Go when you're ready sis." Adriana squirmed and started counting. "1...2...3...4...5...- this is too much for me." Adriana stopped and placed a hand under the water to touch her niece. "You don't want to have her pulled out." Lauren asked. "Of course not." Adriana answered. Adriana wailed and closed her eyes extra tight. Lauren leaned over the pool edge and helped Adriana placed her crying foster daughter on Adriana’s chest. Adriana panted and Michael placed a towel over Adriana's new-born and herself. "Well Done." Michael and Lauren both commented. Lauren chuckled and Michael kissed her. Lauren looked to Adriana and saw her smiling. "She's beautiful." Lauren commented. "Just like her mum - her aunt and uncle." A frown replaced Adriana's smile. "Get the bed ready please Michael." Michael got up and prepared the bed. "You can have all the time you want with her." Lauren whispered into Adriana's ear. "Really?" Adriana nodded. "After all, you're her official mother." Adriana frown disappeared and Adriana kissed her niece on the head. Lauren took her half daughter and gazed at her with a smile. Michael helped Adriana out of the pool and laid her on the bed. Adriana sighed and held her daughter again. "Which one do we pick?" Michael asked. "I don't know. We have 2 choices." Lauren whispered back. "What about we ask Adriana pick a number?" Michael suggested quietly. Lauren nodded and she sat on Michael's lap on the bed. "Adriana, can you pick a number from 1-12 for us?" Lauren asked her sister. Adriana showed them a confused look then shrugged. "Number 7. Since she is my 7th surviving child." Lauren looked at her husband and smiled. "Adriana, you are present with Princess Aurelia Adriana Randolf. You are the proud official mother of Aurelia." Adriana chuckled. "But I'm not -" "We are her foster parents to you and Amy." Adriana nodded. "Can I spend some time with Aurelia?" "Sure. We will get Antalya and Karina Zara and then we will come back." Lauren said and she left the room with Michael. "I feel wrong?" "Wrong how?" Michael stopped her. "Adriana is giving away her daughter for us. She loves her; you can see it in her eyes." "Jason told me she's bound to get pregnant again. Don't worry about it." Michael kissed Lauren and they exited down stairs

Chapter 23: Jason

"She's gorgeous isn't she?" Jason commented about his official daughter. "Too bad she's not ours now." Adriana replied. "She is Adriana." Adriana sighed. "I don't have much time. I need to get my point across." Adriana turned to face Jason. "This is the last time you'll see me for a bit and I want to know how much you love me and want me back." Tears fell down Adriana’s face. "I love you and want you with all my heart. Jason, I'll always remember you and never will forget you. Jason come back to me." Adriana pleaded. "You will get me back. Someday." "Someday is now Jason! I’m dying without your presence." "I am in your presence. I always will." Jason kissed Adriana and never let him go. "Sweeties I have to go.” "No!" Adriana retorted. "No, Jason, No." "I'll visit you when I can." Adriana started crying and clutched onto Jason's spirit hand. Adriana soon let go. Jason could see that Adriana was devastated. Jason walked towards the door. He placed himself against the wall as Lauren and Michael came in with Antalya and Karina Zara. Jason then slipped through the gap before it shut. Jason then looked at his hands and saw them changing to skin colour. Soon his whole body was skin. Jason touched himself and grinned. "Adriana's going to flip when she sees me." Jason muttered. Thank you mother and father.

Chapter 24: Adriana

Adriana wiped her tears and handed Aurelia to Lauren and Michael. Adriana tried to put on a smile but it was too much for her so she burst into tears. Lauren passed Aurelia to Michael and she sat next to her. "Is it Aurelia?" Adriana shook her head. "Jason." "Awww Adriana." Adriana sat up and hugged her younger sister. Lauren stroked her cheeks and Adriana sniffled. Adriana then looked at her wedding ring. She soon got flashbacks of the time when she first kissed her husband for the first time. Adriana leaned on the head board on the bed. Adriana looked at her tummy and got flashbacks of when Jason and Adriana first met Ethan and Kathalina. Adriana started panting. What's going on? She the gazed at her Pandora bracelet and got flashbacks of receiving the bracelet at sunset. Everywhere she looked she got flashbacks of sometime in the past. Adriana squinted her eyes tight and screamed. "Adriana calm down." Lauren instructed and Adriana slowly opened her eyes, hoping she wouldn't see more flashbacks. Adriana stopped panting and took a deep breath. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." the door opened and a very familiar man entered the room. "Hi Adriana. I saw your necklace in the hallway." Adriana became speechless and started at the man. Is it him? Adriana slowly and carefully stood up. "Jason?" the man turned around with a smile on his face. "Yes?" Adriana screamed in her mind. Adriana slowly started walking to the person and eventually ran to him and threw herself in his arms. Adriana kissed Jason nonstop. Jason swung her around in circles. "Jason, Jason, Jason!!" Adriana’s started crying in joy and hugged her husband tighter. "I told you I would come back." Jason kissed Adriana and stroked her cheek. Adriana, still crying, placed her head on Jason’s shoulder. She heard the door close but didn't look back. Jason jumped onto the bed with Adriana. She couldn't remove her smile. "Adriana, will you be my forever partner?" Jason showed her a charm from her bracelet. "I wouldn't ever say no." Jason placed the charm on her bracelet and Adriana lay on top of Jason. "I don't care if we are trying for a baby. All I care is about being with you." Adriana kissed Jason and touched his warm cheeks, both with smiles on their faces. This memory will last forever...... Till the end of time.