Jason's Diary is below:


Day 1 - Week 1: Tuesday December 24 2011:

Christmas Eve

Dear Diary,

Yesterday Adriana gave birth to our 4th child, Miranda, and unxpected 5th. Amy also gave birth to her son. Adriana and I had the pleasure of giving Amy our 5th child, which she accpeted. Today our family decorsted the christmas tree and welcomed Miranda into the family. Adriana had dizzyness earlier on and she coped well with it. Tonight, Adriana and I are going along to my aunt's Christmas Eve supper. I can tell Adriana hopes that nothing will happen. I am so excited that I am a father to four children. It is a big and fun challenge Adriana and I are competing in.



Day 2 - Week 1: Wednesday December 25 2011:

Christmas Day Dear Diary, well today is Christmas and boy was it perfect. The first Christmas with family is the most precious one. Any who, Adriana had only one pregnancy incident which was good fir a special day. Our children's birth certificates and announcements have been framed. They are wonderful. A very pleasant and enjoyable first public holiday as a family.