The series started on 11/2/13 by Midnight Snow.

This Series is based on the relationship of Adriana and Jason Randolf. These 2 characters are minor characters in the Partners Series Book 'Unexpected Move', which is also done by Midnight Snow.

Brief About The Books:Edit

  • Dreams Do Come True is about Adriana and Jason dating relationship.
  • Tears of Love is about Adriana and Jason's life as a married couple and about becoming parents.
  • Royal Duties is about Jason and Adriana's new family moving to the Kingdoms where Jason comes from and Adriana finishing her pregnancy.
  • Big Changes is about Jason and Adriana becoming more experienced with parenting.
  • Her Tears is about Adriana coping with a relative loss.
  • Meeting Them is about a tough time that happens after Adriana and Jason's 15th wedding anniversary.
  • The Rise of The Rumours is about The Randolf's taking new paths in love and courage.