Chapter 1: Adriana

......Tonight Jason and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. It's such a big number but I am glad. Also tonight, I plan to announce it to him, if I can hold it in that long. Exciting evening! "What's it?" Adriana jumped and shut her diary. "Someone's who nose in in my diary." Adriana stood in front of Jason and placed her nose against his. "Happy 15th wedding anniversary sweetie." Jason quietly commented and kissed her. Adriana held his hand and slid her fingers through Jason's. Adriana smiled and placed her head on his shoulder. Adriana slid her hands on Jason's chest and Jason wrapped his arms around Adriana's lower waist. Soon, Jason started swaying them side to side. Adriana closed her eyes and smiled. The door slowly opened and both of them looked up. They saw Amy holding something in a blanket. "It's her?" Adriana gasped and went to see her niece. A little head showed a sleeping 2 week old baby girl. "Amina Maria Yara Valénk." Jason came behind her. "She's beautiful." They both commented and Adriana chuckled. Amy looked at Jason, speechless. Amy placed Amina in Adriana’s arms and hugged her older brother. Amy started crying with joy. "We -we thought you were dead." "I fell unconscious, not dead." Jason explained and Amy looked at Adriana. "I - I didn't know till now." Amy smiled as she wiped her tears and hugged Adriana. "I'm sorry I haven't seen you for 6 months." "6 months and 2 weeks." Adriana added. Adriana passed Amy, Amina and Amy cradled her daughter who yawned. "Where are Lauren and your new-born?" "Well she's a month old and she's in the nursery room next to my birthing room." Amy nodded and curtseyed. “I’ll see you later." Amy left the room. "Amy." Jason exited the room to find Amy. Adriana went to her bed and curled up. She soon felt the stroke of Jason’s hands and smiled. Should I tell him now? Adriana agreed to her thought and gestured Jason to lie in front of her. Jason went in front of Adriana and continued stroking her. "Jason we're parents." Adriana started the conversation. "I know that." Jason replied. "I mean again." Jason stopped stroking and looked at her confused. "I'm pregnant...... With number 7 and 8." Jason gasped and cheered with delight. Jason brought Adriana closer to him and kissed her nonstop with a hand on her tummy. Jason and Adriana continued hugging as they continued kissing. "But." Adriana paused. "It'll be my last time. Jason 8 kids will be enough-" "and you wanted 8." Jason added. "I don't care. I'm just so happy." Jason then continued to kiss her. We're proud parents indeed.

Chapter 2:Jason

Adriana and Jason slowly danced around the ball room. Jason placed his forehead on Adriana's and they both smiled. "Can you keep it a secret?" Adriana murmured. "What secret?" Adriana stopped and looked at him bewildered. "Them." she replied in a single word. Jason moved his hand over Adriana's bump. "Why?" Jason asked and Adriana sighed. Adriana towed Jason onto the balcony, where they could be in private. "I want them to be a surprise." "That doesn't answer my question my dear Adriana." Adriana huffed in annoyance. "Why is it so hard?" Adriana muttered before continuing. "They're due around Lauren's birthday, so I want them to be her birthday surprise and for Amy." Adriana paused. "It’s a little thank you gift." "Thank you?" "For all she's done Jason for us. Ever since I had that incident where we found out about Kathalina and Ethan, she's supported us so much. Would you agree to thank your twin sister?" Jason nodded and kissed her wife's small bump. "Come on, let's continue dancing." both of them went back into the ballroom. They continued dancing as they got back in positions. They swirled around the room until Adriana stopped suddenly. She slowly placed a hand on her bump and squished her face in pain. Adriana fell forward and Jason caught her. Jason was speechless. What was that? He thought. Adriana soon looked up at him with a confused smile and they continued dancing. 1/2 an hour passed and they stopped dancing and headed up to their chamber, slowly climbing the staircase. Jason watched Adriana's every move, scared she would fall again. Adriana didn't say a word; she looked horrified from Jason's angle. When they reached the hallway, Jason stopped and made Ariana looked at him. Jason looked up to see an empty hallway so he talked. "Are you alright? Is there anything wrong? What made you stumble towards me? Dear, you looked so freaked out." "I-I think they moved." "Explain." Adriana placed a hand on the right of her bump. "I felt something here and it moved. I felt it come over here." Adriana moved her hand to the left side of her bump. "I freaked out and nearly fainted." "Well you're alright now. Nothing bad happened." Jason kissed Adriana on the head and Adriana hugged her. Jason held Adriana's hand and they continued to walk down the hallway to their chamber. "How about a nice, warm bath?" Adriana nodded and added. "In our clothes?" "I don't see why not." Jason replied and they opened the door of their chamber looking into each other’s eyes.

Chapter 3: Adriana

Adriana lay in front of Jason in the bath." Adriana sighed with comfort and placed her head on Jason's shoulder. Jason stroked Adriana's tummy and she looked up and kissed him. "I don't feel them." Jason commented with a smirk. "You know you won't feel them for a few more months." Adriana playfully smacked his arm. There were a few minutes of silence, just smiles, before Adriana broke it. "15 years..." Adriana curled up and Jason’s chest. "Of marriage." Jason added. Adriana got her left hand out of the water and placed it on Jason’s right cheek. "I have loved you for every minute of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month and every year." Adriana kissed Jason and Jason hugged her. Jason placed his forehead on Adriana's and made his nose touch hers. They both smiled and hugged tighter. Jason started stroking the left side of Adriana's head. He soon twirled his fingers in Adriana's hair. "Jason." Adriana chuckled. "What? I'm doing nothing to you." Adriana laughed at Jason's reply. Adriana messed up Jason's hair. "Adriana?” "What? I've done nothing." Adriana replied with a smirk. Jason splashed water onto Adriana's face and Adriana splashed back. Adriana and Jason laughed. "I think they want us to stop." Adriana replied rubbing the side of her tummy. Jason placed his hand on Adriana's bump for a few seconds before Adriana made Jason splash water on him. Jason got a cup and filled it up with water and poured it onto Adriana's head. Adriana closed her eyes and gasped and the water drenched her hair. "Who's wet now?" Jason said with a huff of amusement. Jason unexpectedly was kissed by Adriana. They got out of the bath and wrapped towels around them. Adriana kissed Jason and hugged him, full of love.

Chapter 4: Jason

Adriana headed out onto the bedroom balcony, texting on her phone. Jason frowned as she disappeared from sight. Why do I have to have a wife who has many problems! "It's to teach you dear Jason. To be brave, strong and a role model to the girl of your dreams." Jason’s mother told him in his thoughts. Jason soon heard Adriana crying on the balcony. Jason walked to the balcony door and moved the curtain to reveal Adriana weeping and looking at her phone. "What's wrong my dear Adriana?" Adriana looked at him and handed her phone to him. Jason took the phone full of confusion and read what was displayed. Adriana was just messaging Lauren. 'I’m devastated Adriana. How? sono morti ... che cosa? che erano in viaggio verso l'ospedale di vedere Eloise e il suo bambino non pianificati quando si è schiantato.' "It's written in Italian. I can't read it Adriana. Something about your parents, Eloise and a baby?" "Dead." "What?" Jason asked bewildered. "They crashed while heading to the hospital." "Why were they-" Adriana shrugged. "Laurens saying Eloise had her unplanned daughter." Adriana wiped away her tears. "They loved you dearly." Adriana looked at him. "You think?" "I know." Adriana hugged him. Jason kissed her on her head. "You love me dearly don't you?" "Isn't that why I proposed to you?" Adriana chuckled and moved some hair away from her face. Fur brushed against Jason's legs. Jason looked to see Sugar and he picked her up. "Hey Sugar." Adriana stroked Sugar's head. Sugar barked and wagged her tail. "Come on, I want to show you something." Jason placed Sugar down and Adriana towed Jason to Ayesha and Jay Jay's cots. Adriana picked up Ayesha out of the cot and held her. "Want to say something to daddy?" "Dada." Jason smiled and held her daughter. Jason kissed Ayesha on the cheek and admired her recent premature daughter. "Ma am?” Jay Jay cutely asked and Adriana cried with pleasure. Adriana kissed Jay jay as Jason placed Ayesha in her cot. Jason kissed Adriana and stroked her growing bump. "Let’s get everyone ready for the horse riding lesson." Adriana suggested and Jason nodded. Adriana moved away from Jason but Adriana stopped her. Adriana looked at him and he smiled. Jason pulled Adriana inferior of him and Adriana smiled. Jason kissed Adriana on the head and murmured. "I love you." "I know. I do too." Adriana placed a hand on Jason's cheek and slowly walked away again from him. Jason turned to face his wife. Just like 16 years ago. He thought. Jason went inside and closed the balcony glass door and released the tie curtains. Jason saw Adriana facing him. Jason walked to her and they hugged each other as they walked down the hallway down to their children's chambers. "23/6?" "They don't count Sunday and the midnight hour." "Oh." Adriana smiled at Jason.

Chapter 5: Adriana

"That's it. Do a few more like that Kathalina. I'll be right back." Adriana turned from the paddock and went to the garage of her old home. Adriana gasped as she looked up and covered her mouth. "I know.” Jason commented and Adriana looked behind her. Jason hopped of the horse and led him and his horse to her. "I only noticed when we were separated." Adriana and Jason looked at their dusty cars. “So you haven't known these were here for 14 years?" Jason nodded in reply to Adriana's question. "Where are the keys?" Jason shook his head. Adriana thought he knew where the question was leading. "We'll take them for a spin later." Adriana smiled and went to her car. Adriana peered inside. "I mean I'll be taking them for a spin and you'll be joining me." Adriana looked at him. "You’re pregnant. Aren't you?" Adriana laughed. "Of course I am. This weight isn't all for nothing." Adriana placed a hand on her tummy and frowned. "I haven't driven a car for 15 years." "So have I." "Less than 15 years. I’m lying Jason. I have driven maybe 3 times since we married and had Kathalina and Ethan." "I get your point Adriana." Adriana chuckled and looked at her tummy. "Hope they arrive smoothly." "When they arrive in 38 weeks. I'll be a minute." "You can stop the 4." "Ok." Jason hopped back on his horse and trotted away. Soon she heard jingles and footsteps on the gravel. Adriana turned to see Jason coming to her with the keys. "We'll go in your car. Can I drive?" "Will you be alright?" Jason held her hand and worriedly stared into her eyes. "As long as you're with me, yes." Jason kissed Adriana on the cheek. Adriana then kissed him back and they began to continuously kiss. "Let's get a move on, before we get an audience." Jason huffed in laughter and they opened the doors to Adriana's car. They placed their seatbelts on and closed the doors. "I think I'll ruin the car." Adriana commented. "You won't. I'll direct you." Adriana smiled and turned the engine on. Adriana leaned her head on the edge of the wheel. "I can't do it." "Ok. I'll drive." they switched places and Adriana held onto Jason's hand. "Let's go." Jason pushed the pedal and they began to move. "Wait." Jason immediately stopped and Adriana closed her eyes. Adriana stared crying. "Jason they're coming along." Adriana looked at Jason and saw Jason stare at her. Adriana placed her other hand on her tiny bump and closed her eyes again in pain. "Get me into the labour room, quickly."

Chapter 6: Jason

Adriana leaned way over clutching her tummy. Adriana lowered herself to the ground, inches say from the bed. Jason rushed to her side in seconds. "Come on get up. It's only pains." Adriana shook her head. "No. They're coming, too fast for - to handle." Adriana breathing was slow but heavy. Jason thought she might be having an asthma attack. Adriana screamed and lifted her body, slightly turning to the right. "Let's get you on the bed." "No. I can't m -" Adriana screamed and started crying. Jason looked down and saw two small heads. "They're coming at the same time." he muttered, surprised. "What?" "This will be fast Adriana." he told his wife. "Push." Adriana showed that she was pushing but the heads didn't move. "Oh no." Jason went to the row of bells and rung the one for Doctor Smizkeen. "Calm down." he repeated to Adriana. Jason wet a face cloth and wet Adriana's forehead. "Lie down." Jason helped Adriana slowly lie down. "Doctor!" Adriana gasped. "She's giving birth." Jason exclaimed. "She's 10 weeks and the heads are both out. She's pushing but nothing’s happening." Jason nearly shouted at Doctor Smizkeen. "Calm down, both of you. Queen Adriana will get through this. Have you spilled?" Adrian shook her head. Jason kneeled at Adriana's side, nervous for her. "She needs to spill but she can't. We need to pull the twins out." "No! Is there any other way?" Adriana wailed. "Sorry, no." A few tears fell down Jason's cheeks. He couldn't bear to see what his wife was about to go through. "Ready?" Doctor Smizkeen asked. "Ready?" Jason murmured. Adriana slowly nodded. "Ok. Remain calm."

Chapter 7: Adriana

Adriana bit her lip. "I'm not ready." she blurted. Adriana wailed. Jason stroked her cheek. She took a deep breath and nodded. "Ok. 3...2...1...” Adriana started screaming as the doctor slowly pulled out the twins. She closed her eyes, releasing the pain in screams and wails. Before she knew it, the pain and pulling had stopped. Adriana panted and opened her eyes. She noticed her 5 week old twins in a blanket on her chest. They were tiny and pink. All fell silent. "I'm sorry your majesty." Adriana looked up at the royal doctor. "They're dead." "No! No." Adriana and Jason started crying. Jason hugged Adriana. "Call me when you are finished." Adriana nodded. Liquid spilled onto Adriana's leg but she didn't notice. The doctor placed towels in front of her and left them. Adriana shook her head. Jason got their camera and took pictures of Adriana with their very premature twins. Adriana then took pictures of Jason with the twins. Adriana chucked the camera onto the bed and looked at the twins in Jason's arms. "Rose and?" "Cameron." Jason answered. "Let them go." Jason suggested and gave the twins to ring the bell. Jason sat next to Adriana and placed a hand on the blanket. Soon the doctor came in. "Finish them."  The doctor came to them with his arms open. Adriana looked at her twins for the last time and slowly gave the, to the doctor. The doctor turned away when he claimed the twins and knelt down to kill the twins. When Adriana saw movement, Adriana gasped with fear. When it was finished, Adriana cried and hugged Jason tight. Jason cried too. Adriana knew she wasn't going to get through this loss alone. "Doctor?" Adriana looked up. “A - are there more?" The doctor placed his rough hand on Adriana's bare tummy and pushed down in areas to see if a baby (or two) was still there. The doctor nodded then took his hands off. Adriana took a deep sigh of relief and placed her head on Jason's knees. Jason nodded and Adriana started crying with joy. Adriana and Jason hugged tight knowing that that birth wasn't the last.

Chapter 8: Adriana

"No, No. Don't kill my new-borns." Adriana woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Jason sleep talking. "If you touch a single hair of them I'll kill you myself." a tear fell onto the bed from Adriana's cold, pale face. "No!" Jason squirmed in the bed. Adriana faced Jason and shook him awake. "Jason." Jason opened his eyes and looked at her. "Sweetie, are you alright?" Jason shook his head in reply and hugged Adriana. Jason sniffled while hugging Adriana. Adriana kissed Jason on the ear and spoke after Jason started crying. "There, there Jason. We know it's hard, but we cope. Don't we?" "Adriana, they were going to be our last children." Jason calmly retorted. "Remember Jason, we have two more coming." Jason nodded. "We should think of some names now. If it was a girl?" "Just first name has to be Ariana." Jason commented. "Has to be?" Adriana asked. "Definitely. Jay Jay is named after to me. We have to have one named after you. I told you didn't I?" "You did. If you are saying that then if it was just a boy it would be Adrian Jr. But if we had twins the boy would have to be Zach." "Ok." "We can choose the middle names when they come." Jason nodded. Jason kissed Adriana. "Night." Jason turned away from Adriana to fall back asleep. "Good night." Adriana closed her eyes, happy.

Chapter 9: Jason

"Jason! Jason!" "What?" Jason looked up from his book to see Adriana at the door of the library. "You won't believe it!" Adriana came to him, nearly tripping over her dress. Jason finished the sentence in the book he was on and let Adriana catch her breath. "Careful of the kids." Jason commented and Adriana nodded. "Antalya's expecting -" "Wow." Jason continued reading the book. “- and Orlando's the father." Jason dropped his book onto the ground. "What!?" "We're the first to know besides Antalya and Orlando." "Or-Orlando's the father?" Adriana nodded. "But even better, we're going to help the parents to be." Jason picked up his book and placed it on the table beside to him. "This can't be happening."  He muttered. "It is Jason. We're going to be grandparents!" "Ok, ok. This is too much to handle. You're 12 weeks and Antalya's 2?" "Jason in not even 10 weeks, I'm 8 and yes Antalya is 2." "Orlando's the father - oh why did you let this happen?" "Me, let this happen? Jason -" "Get away from me!" Jason shouted at Adriana. "Get out of my sight. Get out of my life!" Adriana frowned, scared and turned away from him. Adriana dashed towards the door. What have I done? "Adriana-" "No." Adriana pushed the door open and left crying. Jason started regretting about what he had said to his true love.

-   -   - 

"Adriana, just listen to me." "Zitto idiota!" Adriana gasped. "You lied to me. You never wanted this to happen! Ho sposato hai fatto possiamo avere figli e di essere felice di questo, non ha combattimenti quando questo tipo di materia è in giro. Non hai mai voluto essere con me e questo molti bambini!!" Adriana scolded. Lauren butted in. "Adriana, si prega de calmarsi." Adriana calmed down at Lauren's strokes. "Zia Adriana." Antalya gestured Adriana to come to her and Orlando. "Fine, just remember you started this." Lauren looked and shook her head at him as Adriana walked to Antalya.  Lauren came up to him and spoke to Jason in Italian. "Combatte come questo accadono Jason .... Sempre." Lauren whispered and went to her sister and pregnant daughter and partner.

Chapter 10: Adriana

Adriana clipped the necklace around Miranda's neck. Adriana smiled at her daughter in the mirror. "Why aren't you talking to father?" Adriana looked at her tiny bump. "We're fighting." "Oh." Miranda replied and faced Adriana. "Come on mother. Let's be happy." Miranda held Adriana's hand and Adriana looked up to her daughter. "No wonder you're my favourite." Adriana commented and kissed her 14 year old daughter on the head. "Come on, let's go dance."  -   -   - "Why are you so down?" Ashton asked Adriana as they danced. "I'm in a hang - up." "With whom?" "Jason." "Oh, don't worry. You'll be with him again soon." Ashton stopped dancing and turned around. "May I?" Michael asked and Ashton left them. Adriana linked hands with Michael and they started moving. "Isn't it great that Antalya is expecting with Orlando?" Adriana nodded and sniffled. A few tears fell down Adriana's cheek but she wiped them away with her peal white glove.  "Come here." Michael led her to the side of the ball room and they sat down on a couple of chairs. "It's been 3 days Michael and we haven't made up." Adriana started crying. Michael cupped Adriana's hands on her lap. "Would it make you happy if Jason and you talked privately? I heard he did come." Adriana looked around seeing if she could find Jason, but she didn't. "Ok." she said trying to smile at Michael. Michael smiled as they stood up and walked up the stairs to Lauren, Antalya and Orlando.  She kissed Orlando and Antalya on the head while Michael told Lauren the story. "Have you been alright Antalya?" "95%." "What's the last 5%?" "I've been vomiting since I told you but it's over now. Thank you Zia Adriana." "Gracias for letting me be your midwife. You know you can teach what you know of Italian to Orlando." Adriana and Antalya smiled. "Orlando, have you been looking after your cousin?" Orlando nodded. "He's been occupying me in some way for the last week." "Let's hope that continues." Adriana chuckled. "I'll talk with you a bit later Orlando." Orlando nodded. "Ok, mum." "Andiamo Adriana." Lauren placed her hand out and Adriana held it as they walked down a hallway.  "I've arranged with Michael that Orlando, Miranda, possibly Kathalina and Ethan, and you can stay here until this matter is sorted.”Gracias Lauren but -"  "There is no buts about it. If this doesn't go to plan then this is available for you. We're doing a favour." Adriana nodded. Lauren opened doors before then which led to a lit up garden. "Wow, very classy."  Lauren chuckled. Lauren then kissed Adriana on the cheek. "Let's hope this goes well. Miranda will wait and will come to you when Jason leaves you alone." Adriana slowly nodded and walked without Lauren to the fountain. As soon as Adriana looked at the water she felt a pan and held her tummy. She sighed with relief and carefully sat down. Adriana stroked her tummy and looked at the growing bump. "Are you alright Adriana?" Adriana took her hand off her bump and looked up. "Yes Jason." "Then there is no reason to talk." Jason turned away. "Jason please." Jason looked at her and sat next to Adriana. "Can we stop? We are meant to be happy. Jason being pregnant for the last time and not being with you because of this fight is putting stress on me." "No." "No Jason?" "We need some time alone." Adriana started crying.  "Go! Don't expect to see my happy anytime soon." "Adriana, I'm not apologizing until you do." "I do? I didn't start it." "You did.” "Stop -" Adriana clutched her tummy and bent down. Adriana saw Jason walking away from her. "Jason please." "No." Adriana sat up and cried for 5 minutes alone. "Mother?" Miranda came to her. Adriana cried in pain and bent over. Miranda stroked Adriana's arm. "Mother, what's happening?" "I'm expecting too okay!" Miranda placed a hand on her tummy. "Really?" Adriana looked away. "Yes."

Chapter 11: Jason

Jason huffed in annoyance and lay on his bed. He soon closed his eyes and fell asleep. He started getting flashbacks of the ball he had in high school. Facing with a brunette wearing a coral pink gown. The girl of her dreams. Soon flashbacks changed and he was at the conservationists’ dinner party. Jason felt confused as he saw a familiar look on Adriana's face. Flashbacks changed again and he was at the doctors with a freaked out Adriana. "You're expecting." Amy commented and Adriana hugged Jason. "Will you marry me?" Jason was on one knee and proposing to Adriana. Adriana cried with joy. "Yes." Jason placed the engagement ring on Adriana's finger and Adriana jumped into his arms to kiss him. Quickly it changed and he was facing his wife at that time, his bride. "You may kiss the bride." Jason kissed his wife.  Jason soon noticed was at the northern lights on Adriana’s birthday. "Argh." Adriana cried in pain as she pushed while giving birth to Kathalina and Ethan. Kathalina and Ethan were soon both on Adriana’s shoulder but she fell unconscious. "Surprise." flashbacks had changed again and she was in the moment where he arrived home with his twins. Kathalina and Ethan laughed as they played with their mother. Jason smiled. "Are you going to be alright?" Jason asked Adriana worried about her helping Lauren give birth. "Yes." Adriana kissed him.  "Jason, I know what it's like. I'll be fine." Adriana finished her answer and the memory changed. Adriana panted under Jason. "I wish I was single!"  He stood up looming over the sad Adriana, frustrated. Jason stormed outside and sat on the wooden stairs. The memory once again swapped to the opposite emotion. "3...2...1...Jump!" Adriana and Jason jumped in the book where they would start a new life. --- Jason was now in his homeland. "Keep on going, keep on going! Yay!" Adriana exclaimed and Jason took his eldest twins in his arms with a smile. Jason's twins walked for the first time. “Meet Orlando Nedad Randolf." Adriana commented as they announced Orlando's birth. Jason stroked Adriana's right arm and gazed at his 2nd eldest son. Flashbacks switched and he was now watching his wife die. "I - love -you." Were Adriana's last words before she died as a non-citizen. Jason stared at Adriana, horrified.  "I've lost her." he repeated to himself for minutes. Jason went back to the bed and sat next to Adriana. He cried into his hands a month and a half later. “No you haven't." Adriana said as she awoke from her deep sleep. Adriana gave a big squeal of pain. Jason felt Adriana's tummy lower quickly and Adriana placed their new-born daughter in front of her heart. Adriana just had Miranda. "Dear Jason and Adriana Randolf, You are invited to the wedding of Lauren Valentini and Michael Randolf on the 8th of January." Adriana squealed with delight on Christmas day about Lauren and Michael's wedding. Rapidly the flashbacks changed.  Jason felt a stick on his shoulder as he knelt on stools. "I declare Prince Jason Conner, King Jason Conner. Granting that he will win many fights is less likely of sickness and a safe ruler for the Red Kingdom." the stick kept moving back and forth on each shoulder before the King's crown was placed on his head. Jason smiled and the head moved onto Adriana. "I declare Lady Adriana Evangeline, Queen Adriana Evangeline.  Granting that she will protect the king, protect her kingdom and be less likely of sickness and be a safe ruler of the Red Kingdom." Jason saw Adriana smile in the corner of his eye. "Please rise." the church head announced. Adriana and Jason arose. "Presenting King Jason Conner and Queen Adriana Evangeline of the Red Kingdom." he announced.

Chapter 12: Jason

 Jason showed Adriana their house that they had in Toronto. "It's the real one?" Adriana managed to ask. Jason nodded and Adriana hugged Jason with delight. Jason woke up to see Adriana hugging him. "1 year." Jason said and kissed Adriana. "Yes, one big year." Adriana replied and kissed him back. "Has Adriana lost any weight yet?" Jason's uncle asked and Jason shook his head. "Not now and not for a while."  Jason turned to face Adriana as they turned away from the colosseum and held her hands. "You're so beautiful." Jason kissed Adriana and Adriana blushed. Jason shushed Adriana and stroked her cheek. "There is no reason to be scared." Jason quietly commented in his hospital bed. The flashbacks moved to when they were back in the red kingdom. Jason leaned Adriana in his left shoulder. "Adriana!" he quietly exclaimed as he saw Adriana open her eyes.  Jason stroked Adriana's cheek. Adriana smiled at him. Days quickly fast forward to 12 years later. “Sweetie, I need you to open a present." Adriana got up and got a present from her drawer out. Adriana went back to Jason. "Go on. Open it." Adriana said trying to persuade Jason to open her gift. "I am not sure. Shouldn't we open it later?" "No, now." "Fine. I'll open this one now." Jason started tearing the wrapping. He opened the box lid and gasped. In the box the positive test that Adriana took. Jason and Adriana pulled the rest of the baby out and carefully placed their new-born son on Adriana's chest. Adriana panted as she saw her son and the baby started crying. Lying on Adriana's chest was Jason Jr. Kamal. A nurse took off her oxygen mask and as Adriana took her first breath after unconsciousness, Jason kissed Adriana. "I thought I had lost you forever!" Jason exclaimed and kissed Adriana continuously. "I wouldn't have gone without saying good bye." Adriana replied and hugged Jason carefully. “Come on Jason. Don't go." she murmured. "I want another baby with you!" she added as she murmured into his ear. "Try." Jason said before he soon cried out in pain as expected and Adriana comforted her husband. "Good bye Adriana. I love you and will always be with you." Adriana kissed Jason again. Jason fell unconscious. Dead. - - - Adriana slowly and carefully stood up. "Jason?" Jason turned around with a smile on his face. "Yes?”. Adriana slow started walking to him and eventually ran to him and threw herself in his arms. Adriana kissed Jason nonstop. Jason swung her around in circles. "Jason, Jason, Jason!!" Adriana started crying in joy and hugged her husband tighter. Flashes of white soon sparked around him. Jason woke up and saw Adriana smiling at him. Jason smiled but soon he saw everything was dark. It was raining and there was no Adriana. "I've known Adriana longer than I've thought." Jason muttered to himself as he sat up in bed. Jason huffed in annoyance again and lay back down on his bed, staring at the roof. "I wish I was single! Get out of my life." Echoed in his ears. 

Chapter 13: Adriana

Adriana suddenly woke up. She just had the same dream, same flash backs but in her point of view. Adriana sat up and started crying. She rested her head upon her arms which were leaning on her knees. "Jason. Oh Jason why can't you just apologise!" Adriana cried. "Jason.”..... 2 months later....... I wonder what Lauren has called me for? Adriana looked out the windows of the sunlight lit hallway and continued walking. She walked too far before she bumped into someone. She stepped back and held her bump. "I'm sorry. I -" Adriana looked up and saw she had bumped into Jason. "Jason?" Jason angrily frowned and shook his head. "Jason please...." Adriana moved to the side as Jason started walking away from her. Jason just continued walking, ignoring her words. Small tears started falling down her face. She slowly made her way to one of the arched windows. She sat in the thick window frame and sighed angrily. Adriana carefully wrapped her right arm around her knees and cried into the gap made. Adriana's left hand sat on Adriana's baby bump. Adriana looked up and leaned her head back, touching the wall. She shook her head in disbelief with her eyes closed. Adriana opened them and looked outside, still crying. "Adriana?"  Adriana looked to her right. "Lauren, I was supposed to come to you." "I know." Lauren placed her hand out and Adriana grasped onto it tightly. Adriana carefully got out of the window frame and held her back. "Have you hurt your back?" Adriana nodded. Lauren stroked the area Adriana had her hand placed on and they walked. "I bumped into Jason. He just left as soon as I looked at him."  Lauren stopped them and she wiped away the tears on Adriana's face. Lauren hugged Adriana. "Michael and I are trying the best we can." "Thank you so much." "Come." Adriana and Lauren continued along the hallway before Lauren came to a door and opened it. Michael was walking from one side of the room to the other and he stopped to look. "Lie down Adriana." Adriana slowly walked to the bed in the room. Michael kissed Adriana on the cheek and Adriana hugged him. "Were trying." "I can see. Thanks for helping me." Adriana slowly continued to the bed and laid her back on the pillows as she sat down on the bed. Lauren and Michael looked supportively at Adriana and Adriana looked down. Knocking began and Orlando came in with Antalya. "Are you alright mother?" Orlando came to her side and held her hand. "Are the twins coming?" he whispered. "No Orlando. You need to worry about the mother of your child more than me now."  Adriana and Antalya smiled at each other. "How are you doing Antalya?" Adriana asked. "I'm doing fine Zia Adriana. In the 4th month now."  Orlando and Antalya sat on the side of the bed, holding hands. "Lauren." Lauren turned to her and came to her side. "Can I tell them a little about the birth? I don't have to if you want to tell your daughter?" "No, no, it's perfectly fine. Go ahead." "Michael. Andiamo a fare una passeggiata. Adriana mette in guardia per parlare con i nuovi genitori." Michael and Lauren went out of the room and closed the door. "Now. Guys, I want to say something brief on the birth. It will be painful and there will be lots of wailing and screaming but that's a good thing. That means that the baby's ready to see you guys. You two can choose if you want me to actually bring your child into the world or not. It's your choice, but bear in mind you don't have to start decision making now. I don't want to get you scared or anything but I am just letting you know." Antalya frowned. "You'll be alright Antalya." Adriana stroked Antalya's leg. She was shaking. "Come here." Adriana hugged Antalya and Orlando.  Antalya gripped onto Adriana's hand. Adriana kissed Antalya on the head. "You'll be great parents. Both of you." 

Chapter 14: Adriana

Adriana sat in the window sill of Lauren's guest bedroom on her birthday, depressed. "I'm celebrating my 42nd without him." Sugar barked. Adriana looked below her to see Sugar wagging her tail. Adriana stroked sugars back and then stared out of the window again. She could see her home in the distance. She knew Jason was there, possibly looking at Lauren's castle. "Queen Adriana." Adriana looked at the door and saw one of Lauren's guards at the door. Adriana walked to the guard and got handed a few small boxes and an envelope. "Happy Birthday." "Thank you." Adriana smiled and the guard left. Adriana went to the bed and opened the envelope. 'Happy Birthday, dear sister.' said the front of the card. Inside it said 'Got a surprise for you in the throne room, come when you're ready.' Adriana nodded and opened the box on the top.  She saw a detailed box inside and stood up. She opened it and gazed inside. She collapsed onto the ground when she saw what it was. Inside the box was the last thing she didn't expect. A photo of her husband and her and with the message, I love you.

- - - 

Adriana placed a hand on her bump after she stood up after her collapse 1/2 an hour later. The door soon burst open and Adriana turned to look. Jason appeared in the doorway. Adriana looked at the picture then back at Jason. Adriana fainted again.  She woke up and saw Jason kissing her. Adriana pushed Jason away and sat up. She panted. "I'm sorry." "That’s alright." Adriana replied. "I mean sorry Adriana." Adriana stared, surprised. "Sorry?" Jason held her hand. "I've been a complete idiot. I was stressed and it went out of hand. It went over board and I'm completely sorry. I have realized I caused the separation. I'm the one to blame." "Come on." Adriana quietly commented and gestured Jason to come closer to her. He came closer to her and Adriana lay on the carpet.  "Why didn't you say it earlier?" Adriana commented before embracing him. "Sorry." she murmured to him. "Ti amo e non dovrei di fatto la scelta che ho fatto." Adriana sniffled and cried. Jason stroked her arm and Adriana tightly grabbed onto the back of the neckline on Jason's shirt. He finally apologized. Adriana didn't know if she was crying with or without joy. "Don't leave me alone again." she murmured under her crying. "I won't." Jason replied. "You don't deserve to be alone. Especially on your birthday." Adriana kissed her husband, finally back together.

Chapter 15: Jason

Jason sighed as he leaned on the railing on his bedroom balcony. "You're still a bit stressed about becoming a grandfather aren't you?" Adriana asked approaching from behind. Jason turned to his wife. "Yeah." Adriana placed her hand over his. "I'm becoming a father and grandfather at the same time. It's just all coming with a bang." "So you're saying you don't want the twins?" Adriana asked sadly surprised. Jason looked at her. "No. I do want them." Jason placed a hand on Adriana's belly and smiled. He felt his unborn twins and kissed Adriana. "They're telling you off." Adriana commented and chuckled. Jason placed his warm hand onto Adriana's cold cheek. He stroked her cheek with his thumb. Adriana gratefully smiled. "Our children need to find the truth about you at this age." "Jason... I - I don't want them to know." "Why? They keep asking us about it." "We understand it. We haven't told them so we can have private conversations around them in Italian. If they know... How are we to talk privately?" "I wouldn't know." Jason scanned the balcony view around him. "I wouldn't know." Jason looked at the ground. "Then we shall not tell them in that case." Jason turned away from Adriana and sat on one of the seats. Jason sighed again. Adriana sat on the seat next to him. Adriana held Jason's hand and placed it on her tummy. Jason turned and looked at his hand in her tummy. Jason smiled. Adriana stood up and kissed him on the head. Adriana returned inside and Jason's hand slid off her bump. Jason grabbed Adriana hand and followed her inside. Once inside, Adriana slowly twirled him and carefully pushed him against the wall. Adriana placed her right hand gently on the back of his neck and the left on the back of his head. Jason placed his hands on Adriana's waist and grinned before continuously kissing her.  Jason heard the door open a few minutes later and he looked up. Amy was standing in the door way. "I'm sorry, I should have knocked-" Amy said looking away and started closing the door. "No. It's ok Amy. Come in." Adriana turned to look and they broke away from each other. Amy sat down on their sofa and smiled. "I'm glad you're back together." Amy pulled something small from her bag. "I know it's a few days late but, happy birthday Adriana." Amy handed Adriana a small box. Adriana opened it to see a ruby red rose preserved into a glass pebble. Adriana hugged Amy. "Thank you. You're going dark Amy!" Amy nodded. "Slightly brown, I still have the blonde." "You look gorgeous." Amy smiled. Amy stood up and hugged her brother. "I love you." she murmured into his ear. "I love you." "I'm divorced." Jason stepped away from Amy with a frown. Jason gasped. Amy started crying and hugged his twin brother tight. "What?" "I'm divorced with Ashton." Adriana came and hugged Amy. "You can stay with us." Adriana commented. "Really?" Jason mouthed. "Thank you." Amy thanked and kissed Adriana on the cheek. "We have to help her." Adriana mouthed back to Jason in reply. "You're pregnant. She can't know." Jason mouthed again. "Adriana." "Yes Amy?" "You're pregnant aren't you?" Adriana stopped stroking and looked at Jason nervous. "Go on." Jason mouthed and came to her. "It was supposed to be a surprise." Adriana placed a hand on her tummy. "They are a thank you gift for you." Amy looked at Jason and smiled. "But you must promise us that Michael and Lauren don't find out a-" "-and that you shall not help her give birth when they arrive." Amy nodded and placed a smooth hand on her tummy. "Twins?" "Yup, they're the last ones for the family." "Then I should help." "No. You can for the rest of the pregnancy but not on the day." Amy nodded again and stroked Adriana on the arm. 

Chapter 16:Adriana

"Your child's going to be big isn't he?" "It's a she Zia Adriana." Adriana smiled and looked out to the bright blue waves crashing onto the sparkling sand. Kathalina held Jay Jay's small hands as she held the 3 year old Jay Jay up in the water. Jay Jay squealed with delight and Kathalina laughed.  Adriana turned to see Orlando placing a flower crown on Antalya's head. Antalya touched and looked up at Orlando with a smile. Orlando knelt beside her and placed a hand on her bump. Antalya hugged Orlando. "They're going to be engaged soon, I can feel it." Amy sat next to Adriana. Adriana turned to Amy. "Hope not too soon." Adriana replied with a chuckle. "They're such a good match though." Amy debated. "Will also be good parents." Adriana added. Jason approached them. "Let's go for a walk Adriana." Adriana nodded. With the help of Jason and Amy, Adriana stood up. She moved a step before feeling a painful kick. "They don't want me to go." "Oh ok." Jason and Amy helped Adriana sit down. "I'm a bad person, I don't make anyone happy." Adriana started crying and lay down. "Shhh. You made me happy." Jason stroked Adriana's cheek. "How? We were separated for nearly 4 months." she closed her eyes and continued crying. "Guys, move." Amy told Antalya and Orlando and Adriana heard them get up and go with Amy. "Adriana. There's someone coming." "Who?" "If he asks any questions don't answer or just say no." Jason kissed Adriana and left her. "Huh?" she saw a dagger in front of her. She hid it and continued crying. All felt silent but her crying helped her break it. She heard someone approach. "Who are you?" a deep voice asked her. Adriana didn't respond. Adriana cried in pain as the person kicked her with his hard boot. "What are you doing here alone?" Adriana didn't respond and the person kicked Adriana in the back and she cried in pain. "You're pregnant. Ok, you're not responding to me so it leaves me no choice." she slightly opened her eyes to see a hard boot above her tummy and heard a sword being drawn. Adriana closed her eyes tight. "Get away from her!" She heard Jason's voice and opened to see him with his sword drawn, running to fight. The person kicked Adriana hardly in the back which made her wail. "Don't you dare plunge that sword into her." The person sliced the sword over her arm and blood began gushing out. Adriana screamed and placed her hand over the cut made. She heard swords classing against each other. Adriana knew Jason was fighting with the man. She opened her eyes to see Jason on the ground and the man over him. Jason tried to hold in the pain in as the person kicked him. Jason pushed the person back up but Jason was pushed back down. Adriana knew she had to do something. Adriana grabbed the dagger from under her and slowly dragged herself to the person. The person kicked Jason in the stomach and Jason bent over. The person grabbed an area of hair and pulled it out. Jason cried in pain and blood began streaming down his face. Adriana was behind the person. Jason lay on the ground and the person was ready to stab him. With all her strength, Adriana threw the dagger into the person’s body. "Move Jason." Jason saw her and quickly moved over. The person fell face down onto the ground. Adriana held out her hand for Jason but then fell unconscious because of her weakness.

Chapter 17: Jason

Jason panted and stared at his unconscious wife. Blood streamed down from his forehead and he wiped it away from his eyes. Jason grasped onto Adriana's still hand that was held out for him. "Adriana?" he spoke aloud but got no response. Jason pulled himself closer to Adriana with all his might. "Dad!" Miranda came running to him. "Dad, are you okay?" "I'm more worried about your mother than my state." Miranda pulled out a tissue and started wiping the blood from his forehead. "Jason. Is Adriana okay?" Amy asked and everyone came up to Adriana and him. Jason tried to sit himself up but he couldn't. "Jason lie down." Amy helped Jason lie down and Amy laid Adriana on his left side. "Take the kids back." he said, still panting. "I'll take them back and come back. I'm not leaving my brother and sister in-law alone." Amy held his hand and kissed it. "Come on guys." Amy instructed. "I'll drop you guys off. Antalya tell your mother and father that we three are still on the beach having some time alone." Antalya nodded and held her tummy. "Come on Antalya. The sooner you're home, the better." “The sooner we're home the better." All the children left to the carriages leaving Jason and his unconscious wife. Jason stared up at the clouds and sighed. "I remember the birthday, where we lay on the beach for hours." Jason started to talk to his unconscious wife. "It was my 30th and Kathalina and Ethan were a month old. You didn't want to do something too big so you planned a sunset outing at the beach." Jason held Adriana's hand and kissed her on the head. "I wanted to be with you in the 3 month separation. You're probably thinking why I didn't just apologize, well; I thought you wouldn't want to be with me. That's true!" Jason chuckled and coughed. "You're dazzling for just 7 months pregnant." he commented looking at Adriana's tummy. "Hope the kids are all right in there." he muttered and placed a hand on her tummy. Jason surprisingly noticed that Adriana's hair was wavy. "I prefer you with a slight wave." Minutes passed by quickly as Jason painfully cuddled with Adriana. "I'm back Jason." Jason looked up to see Amy. "You're lips are dry!"  Amy got some water and fed it to Jason. "Thanks." Amy smiled and sat down beside them. "Tell me, how you ended up with a divorce." Amy sighed. "We were fighting for some reason that I've forgotten. Ashton got so mad he took my hand and ripped my wedding ring off and chucked it in the bin. I stared at him blank and he said I have 10 minutes to pack up my things and leave. When Ashton left I rummaged through the bin to find the ring. I found the ring and cried two minutes. I packed my things and as I was about to enter the carriage with my kids when Ashton said, leave the boys take her. I shouted at him that he wasn't there to see the full birth so rightfully they're both mine.  I was able to take Adrian but when I got in, Ashton shoved the door and Jason Michael wanted to be with his brother. Ashton held him back; I got out of the carriage and grabbed Jason Michael. I scolded at Ashton saying that he didn't deserve to keep a child since he hadn't seen me give birth to any and because of what he had just did. Then I left and came to you." Tears rolled down Amy's face and Jason stroked Amy's arm full of pain.

-   -   -

Sunset began and Adriana still hadn't woken. "You haven't kissed her yet, have you?" "I have but -" "not on the lips." Amy smirked. Jason looked down on Adriana and slowly lifted her head. When Jason could kiss her, Jason placed a hand on her cold cheek and kissed her. Jason closed his eyes, as soon as they were closed Adriana's eyes fluttered open and then she closed them again. Adriana held his arm and kissed again. Jason opened his eyes when he finished the kiss and saw Adriana chuckling with a big grin on her face. "Oh Adriana."  Jason hugged Adriana and kissed her. "This will be fun." Amy commented. "How am I going to get both of you to the carriage?" "Do Adriana first." Jason answered and Amy held Adriana's hands. Amy slowly stood Adriana up and placed Adriana’s left arm on her shoulder. Jason watched as Adriana limped with Amy to the carriage. Adriana carefully climbed in and Amy raced back. She placed everything in her bag and helped Jason stand up. Amy placed his arm on her left shoulder and they limped to the carriage. Amy held Jason's back. For a moment he thought Amy was his older twin sister. Jason cried in pain as he climbed into the carriage and sat next to his wife. Jason held his tummy in pain and Adriana stroked his back. "Don't worry; I feel as much pain as you did." Adriana wet her thumb and wiped some blood from his forehead. Amy sat opposite them and they began moving to Lauren's castle. Adriana placed a hand on her tummy and closed her eyes in pain. She took a deep breath and cried in pain. Amy knelt in front of her. "Adriana, look at me and breathe. You're alright." Adriana panted and held Jason's hand. Amy stroked her leg. Adriana nodded, telling Amy it had died down. Amy kissed Adriana on the head and sat back down. They were silent for nearly the whole trip back.

Chapter 18: Adriana

"Ok, we're on our way. Orlando don't stress." Adriana stopped. "I'm worried mum." "Orlando don't stress." Adriana gestured her husband to come to her. "Dad knows what to do. We'll be there shortly. Here he is." Adriana passed the phone to Jason. "Orlando? Yeah. You'll be fine. We will be there to help." Adriana listened to Jason's conversation. She held her tummy and felt liquid go down her leg. Adriana was speechless. "Ok, bye." Jason hung up and Adriana spilled more. "Oh gosh." Jason came and held her hand. Tears started falling down Adriana's face. "Stay there." Jason went into the bathroom to get some towels. Jason cleaned the wet area and Adriana's leg and Adriana stared in horror. Jason got up and chucked the towels on the bed. "Come on. Hold my hand." Adriana grasped his hand and slowly walked with Jason to get her bag. "Everything's in it?" she asked Jason as he got it out of the cupboard. Jason nodded. "We'll take the car." Jason announced and they headed their way to Jason's car. "Jason, I’m scared." Adriana hugged Jason. "I’m scared about giving birth to the twins on the same day that I give birth to our granddaughter." "Ssshh." Jason stroked her head. "You'll be ok. I promise." When they arrived Adriana leaned on the car and held her tummy. She closed her eyes in pain. Adriana took a deep breath and carefully got into the car seat. "Leave the belt off." Jason instructed and placed some towels on the floor in front of her. Jason closed the door and got in. "Just in case you need to push." Jason commented.  "I'm sorry." "It’s not your fault. It might be coming in a bang but at least we know we're going to see them soon." Adriana looked at her tummy. It was the biggest one she had during her 6 pregnancies. "They're going to be big babies." Jason nodded and turned the engine on. Adriana placed a hand on her tummy and bent down in pain. Jason stroked her back Jason held Adriana's hand as she sat back in the seat. "If pushing is necessary, just push ok." "But -" Adriana butted in. "Don't worry if you ruin my car, all that is important is that they are delivered."  The car started moving and Adriana felt nervous. She was to become a mother as well as a grandmother on the same day. "What if I give birth while delivering Antalya and Orlando's?" "Don't worry." "I don't want Orlando to experience what I had experienced when he entered the world." tears started rolling down her cheeks. Jason stroked Adriana leg. "You’ll be alright." The door opened. "Might I join you?" Amy asked and Jason nodded. Amy closed the door "Antalya's in labour." "I heard. I'll look after the others while you 2 are with Antalya, Orlando and Lauren." Adriana stared at Jason. "Lauren. She's going to find out."  "Don't tell Amy you're in labour." Jason whispered. "Don't tell me what?" "Nothing." Jason quickly replied and they sped off to Lauren's castle. Adriana grasped onto Jason's hand, shaking like mad. Worried of what will happen soon.

Chapter 19: Jason

"Antalya! Orlando!" Adriana gasped as they entered the room Antalya was to give birth in. "Zia, I'm scared." "Don't be scared. It'll be over and done with in no time." Lauren burst into the room. "I got you a drink dear." Lauren placed a cup of water beside the bed. Antalya looked at Jason with sorry in her eyes. "You don't want me to be present for the birth, don't you?" "Sorry." Antalya apologized. "It's quite alright. I'll just be outside." Jason gestured his son to come to him. "Mum is in labour too. Get me if your mother needs me." Jason whispered and Orlando nodded. Jason kissed his son on the head. "You'll treasure the moment you see your girl for the first time." Jason smiled and went to Adriana. Adriana hugged Jason. "Orlando will get me if anything happens ok?" Jason murmured and Adriana slowly nodded. "You'll do well." Jason kissed her and exited the room. Jason went to the closest window and gazed outside. Today was the day he would see his last twins and his first grandchild.

Chapter 20: Adriana

Adriana felt something swing in her tummy as she helped Antalya give birth. She placed her blood covered hand off of her granddaughter. "Is there anything wrong with her?" Antalya panted. "Adriana are you alright?" Lauren worriedly asked. Adriana closed her eyes. "Argh!" She cried in pain with one hand clutching her tummy. "Zia!" Antalya exclaimed. "Mum?" Orlando asked. "Get your father. Quickly?" Antalya instructed and Orlando burst out of the door. Adriana bent over in pain. She felt stroking on her back and realized Jason was next to her. "Zia, bring my girl into the world so you can do yours." Adriana nodded. “I’ll watch for any head." "Yours Adriana? You're in labour?" Adriana sadly nodded. "3...2...1" Antalya pushed then Adriana screamed in pain and went on her knees. Antalya gasped. Lauren got a towel and Antalya placed their daughter on her shoulder. Lauren cleaned their child. Adriana saw both the new parents had smiles on their faces. "Thank you Zia." "Thank you mum." Antalya and Orlando thanked and gazed at their daughter. "Adriana." Adriana panted. She placed a hand under her skirt and shrieked as she felt a head in between her legs. Jason stroked her back and pushed. Soon, without pain, there was a thump and Adriana looked down to see one of the twins squirming on the ground. Adriana cupped the baby and sat in front of Jason. Jason placed a hand on the baby's head and he checked the gender. "The girl to go." "Argh!" Adriana bent over n pain and went on her knees. She leaned herself against the end of the bed. "1 push Adriana." Adriana pushed and panted once she couldn't push no more. Adriana looked up to see Lauren, Antalya and Orlando watching her. She saw fear in Orlando's eyes. "Your, birth, wasn't like, this." Adriana told her son through breaths. "Adriana, I have some bad news." Jason commented. "She's breech." Jason finished. "Breech! Oh no not a breech!" Adriana started crying. "It's ok Adriana." Lauren stroked her arm. Adriana placed a hand under her skirt to feel her girl. She didn't feel hair from a head. She felt smooth skin. "Push when you like Adriana. I'm ready." Lauren took Adriana's son off her and Adriana grasped onto the edge of the bed. Adriana screamed and wailed in pain as she began pushing. It was so hard for her. She felt something drop out. "Jason, what was that?" "It's alright. The hard pushing’s over." Adriana pushed until she was stopped by Jason. "Sweetie I need you to carefully sit down. Sit down on my legs so there is a gap for you to bring her out." Me? I'm bringing her out! Adriana carefully sat down and Lauren handed their boy back. "Adriana hold onto the girl’s feet. I'll bring the head out. Push." Adriana did one final push and Adriana gasped as the girl dropped out of her. Jason brought the head up and placed her next to her brother. Adriana started crying. "It's all over now. No more pregnancy, no more pushing." Adriana shook her head. She was devastated that she just finished her last pregnancy. Jason took pictures of the new-borns. Both the twins started crying. Adriana kissed each of them on the head. Lauren took the camera and took pictures of Antalya and Orlando's child. Orlando sat next to Antalya and held his daughter. "They're so gorgeous." Adriana commented through her crying. Jason got back their camera and looked at their granddaughters pictures. "Your granddaughter Amelia Olivia Williams - Randolf, Zia and Zio." Antalya announced and smiled at her cousin. Orlando kissed Antalya. "Awwww." Orlando blushed.  "You helped her into the world." Jason commented. "Can we go next door to have some time alone?" Jason asked Lauren and she nodded. They both helped Adriana up and she went to Orlando and Antalya. She showed them the twins. "No names yet." Adriana chuckled and kissed both of them. She looked at her granddaughter and smiled before she went next door to have some time with Jason alone.

Chapter 21:Jason

Adriana slowly lay on the bed and Jason sat next to her. "Oh Jason!" Adriana cried on his shoulder. "I want to have more!" Adriana exclaimed. "Let's treasure them at the moment. They're with us right now." Adriana nodded and sniffled. Jason placed a hand on the edge of the blanket his twins were in. Adriana stoked them with her free hand. "Ariana Natasha-Kate and Zach Benjamin - Dean?" Jason nodded. "You have given birth 13 times since we've been married, I shall agree to any name you choose." Adriana smiled. "13 times!?" Jason nodded. "Can I hold them?" Jason asked and Adriana handed the twins to him. They were perfect in every way. "I wished they stayed like this for the rest of their lives." Adriana chuckled. "I would too." Jason added. "Like that would happen." Adriana frowned. Jason carefully picked up the bag beside the bed. Jason opened the bag and got out some clothes. "They shouldn't be cold." Adriana smiled and took the clothes from Jason. Jason placed the twins on his lap and gave Ariana to Adriana. She changed Ariana and Jason changed Zach. "I'm sorry to say but these two are going to replace Orlando and Miranda's place as favourites." "Don't say that Adriana." "Sorry. I can't handle the cuteness." Adriana chuckled. When they finished getting them changed, Adriana positioned Ariana to lightly kick her tummy. Jason copied Adriana's idea and he enjoyed it. Jason got papers out of his case and handed them to Adriana. "New rooms for you under construction." Adriana looked at the papers and gasped. "Rooms dedicated to our 8." Adriana kissed Jason meaning thank you. Adriana handed back the papers and started crying with joy. Jason handed Zach over to his mother and Jason streaked Adriana. "You are so gorgeous. You are the one who brought them all here. You are the wife of me whom I adore. You are the mother of all eight kids we have together. You are the much loved woman by me.  I love you with all my heart and am proud to be your wife and the father of your children." Adriana hugged Jason and kissed him.  Adriana passed both the twins to Jason. "I've carried them with me for 9 months. You need more holding time than me." Adriana placed a hand on her empty tummy. "I'm exhausted from birthing children." Adriana placed her arms around her kids. There was a knock on the door and Lauren opened the door. Antalya and Orlando came n and sat next to Adriana. Lauren stood next to Jason. "Names mother?" Orlando asked. "You announce them." Adriana gestured to Jason. "We announce them." Adriana smiled. "Presenting our last son and daughter, Zach Benjamin - Dean and Ariana Natasha - Kate." they both announced. "Born on is day at 11:34 am and 11:43 am weighing 3.5 kgs and 3 kgs." Jason added. "Do you know when Amelia was born?" Antalya asked as she handed Adriana, Amelia and Antalya held Zach and Ariana. "Around about 11:30am." Jason and Adriana gazed at their granddaughter. "She's lovely. I can see both of you in them." "We're getting married." Orlando announced and Lauren, Adriana and Jason looked at them. Adriana kissed Antalya and Orlando with delight and Jason and Lauren hugged them. Adriana started crying with joy. Adriana hugged and kissed Jason, happy they soon were to have a daughter in-law. Antalya and Orlando held hands and Jason saw the ring Orlando had given Antalya. Jason smiled and showed his twins to Lauren.

Chapter 22: Adriana

Antalya, Orlando and Lauren went back next door so Adriana and Jason could have more private time. Adriana lifted her top and looked at the shape of her belly. It was about the size of a belly with one child but lowered. Jason passed Adriana, Zach. Adriana lifted up her top more and started breastfeeding him. Zach kicked Adriana's side with delight. Adriana looked at Jason and smiled. "I'll let you see this once." Adriana commented. "Alright. Am I able to see you feeding them from now on since they are my last children too?" "Oh ok, since they are our last. Can I have Ariana?" Jason passed Ariana and placed her on Adriana's lap.  Adriana slowly removed Zach from feeding but he started crying. Adriana let Zach continue feeding so Adriana lifted the other side of her top and started breastfeeding Ariana. "Can you rub my belly Jason? Since you can't really rub anywhere else." Jason sat closer and started rubbing Adriana's belly. Jason's smooth hands against her rough belly nearly made her doze off. She smiled at Jason. Adriana wanted to place her hand on top of Jason's but she had her twin’s breastfeeding, which occupied her hands. Adriana heard knocking and turned to the door. The door opened and Lauren entered. "Sorry, your breastfeeding. I'll come later -" "No come in. It's alright."   Lauren closed the door and came to them. Jason stopped rubbing and left his hand sitting on Adriana's belly. "You can stay if you prefer. I can tell Adriana is exhausted and a bit weak. Feel free to stay." Adriana smiled at Lauren. Adriana looked down to see how the twins were going. Ariana had finished. "Jason." Jason turned and Adriana started moving Ariana from feeding. Jason placed Ariana in his arms and Adriana lowered her top on the left side. Adriana rested her hand on her belly and she started stroking with her thumb. "Amy came and told me to give you these." Lauren handed Jason two invitations. Jason opened them with one hand and smile. "They're great." "I'll RSVP later." Lauren came next to Adriana. "Zach likes his milk." "He'll be a forte boy." Adriana moved into a new comfortable position. "Do you want me to call the others?" "Not at the moment. I want to have bonding time with the twins and Jason first." Lauren nodded and kissed Adriana on the cheek before going back to Orlando and Antalya. "What are those invitations for?" "Our children shower." Jason showed Adriana the invitations. They were baby showers in honour of the eight kids. "Who organized that?" Adriana said with a smile. "Amy. She only told me she was going to hold a celebration for us and I found out now what for." Jason closed the invitations and looked at Zach. "Oh." Adriana lowered the rest of her top to only have her belly bare because Zach had had enough. Adriana sighed as she gazed at her son curled up on the crease on her belly. Adriana carefully lifted Zach up and placed him in her arms. She kissed little Zach on the head and placed a blanket on top of him. Adriana placed Zach on her shoulder. Zach started squirming. "Ok, ok Zach." Adriana carefully took Zach off her shoulder. "You don't like shoulder rests do you? I guess not." Adriana passed Zach to Jason. "Mind holding him for a few minutes?" Adriana sat up. "I'm going to rest. With you and them." Adriana slid under the covers and Jason joined in next to her. Adriana smiled and faced Jason. He handed her Zach again and Adriana kissed him on the nose. Adriana jumped as she felt Jason place his hand on her belly. "No more now." Adriana frowned. "I want more." Someone burst into the room. "Adriana, Antalya needs help with some things. Can she come in?" "Yes." "Jason, Orlando wants to talk to you." Jason gave Ariana to Adriana and got out of the bed and went next door. Antalya came in with Amelia. Adriana sat up. "What do you want help with?" Antalya sat on the bed. "Feeding and holding." Adriana nodded. "Sit against the headboard." Antalya did as Adriana instructed. "Hold her like this." Adriana held Zach in the feeding position and Adriana followed. Adriana lifted up Antalya’s top. "Now place her mouth so she can get milk from you." Antalya was unsure about this so Adriana put Amelia in place. "Hold Amelia's back while she feeds ok." Antalya nodded. "Make sure she does this right Lauren when I'm not around." Lauren nodded. "There you go." "I'm breastfeeding!" Antalya exclaimed and Adriana smiled.

Chapter 23: Jason

"You want some guy talk about parenting?" Orlando nodded. "Marriage too." "Orlando, marriage is simple. See you mother and I? We've been together 15 years and we've had 2 or 3 fights. You'll be fine." Orlando hugged Jason. "I feel odd. Being a father and engaged when I'm the 3rd eldest." Jason went on his knees. "Orlando, it doesn't matter what age you are. You fell pregnant with Antalya who you had a crush on and now you're engaged because you love her. You love her enough to be the parent of Amelia; you love her enough for you to propose to her. You'll be a good husband and father." Jason smiled. "Now parenting. Hmm..." "Just like, what is my part really in looking after Amelia." "Your part is to love her and care for her." "How am I to care for Amelia as well as my fiancé?" "Orland, that's what fathers do. They look after both all the time. If I'm with you, it'll be easy as pie." "While I have time to ask -" Orlando looked at the door before continuing. "There's something about mother which she's hiding from us. Can you tell me what it is?" "Orlando if I tell you your mother will get furious. I'll be surprised if she tells you because she doesn't want to." Orlando sighed. "I was scared through both births." Jason stroked Orlando's arm. "I know. First time parents are always scared about the birth." "Don't mean to be rude but... Were you scared when Kathalina and Ethan were being born?" "Sort of. Your aunt Amy, who helped your mother, told me what would happen. I could tell your mother was scared too when she was pushing." Orlando nodded. "Antalya was scared. She wasn't prepared."  "It's amazing though isn't it? The whole experience." "Besides the birth." "Ok beside the birth." Jason chuckled. "You know what." "What?" "Your mother's a brave woman isn't she?" Orlando nodded. "She's been pregnant for nearly 3 years if you add up all the months of each pregnancy." Orlando's eyes widened and Jason messed his hair with a laugh. "Dad. I have to look nice for my fiancé." "Oh do you? She didn't say yes to the proposal because of your looks. She said yes to your personality." "Orlando." Orlando turned around to see Lauren at the door. "Antalya wants you." "Thanks dad." Orlando hugged him and went through the door. "Adriana going to tell this about the secret." Jason nodded as he went to Lauren. "Adriana has helped Antalya so much in this 15 minutes." Jason went through the door and sat next to Jason. "Where's Zach?" Jason said as he took Zach from Adriana's arms. Adriana chuckled and kissed Jason. Adriana held Jason's free hand. "Orlando, I have some news to tell you which you can't tell to your siblings." Adriana grasped Jason's hand. "I not from here. I'm from another world." "What?" "That's why I speak another language that Antalya understands." "That's why she says Zia to me." "I'm not from here." "Good girl." Jason murmured and stroked her shoulder. Adriana started crying. "It's alright mother. I now understand." "Your mother and I are sisters who both lived in another world. Antalya was born there." Lauren added. Orlando looked at Antalya and she nodded. "2 months after Kathalina and Ethan were born we were here Jason." Adriana commented. "Sshh." Jason's stroked Adriana's back. "We didn't tell you earlier because you were too young to know and understand." Jason said to Orlando. "It's ok mum and dad." Orlando came next to Adriana and hugged her. Adriana stroked Orlando's back. Adriana sniffled and stopped crying. "I won't tell the others." Adriana smiled at her engaged son.

Chapter 24:Adriana

Adriana smiled at everyone surrounding her as she walked at the celebration of her 8 kids. Adriana stopped and bobbed the 1 week old Zach up and down. Ariana was soon placed on her spare arm. Adriana looked up to see Jason above her. She smiled and kissed her husband. "You want to take Zach; he's getting heavy for me?" Adriana turned and carefully gave Jason, Zach. Adriana looked to her left and saw Antalya and Orlando. Adriana walked over to them and kissed Antalya on both cheeks before kissing Orlando on the head. "How has her first week been in the world?" "She's changed our lives around." Antalya kissed Orlando on the cheek. "I'm going to have to get used to kisses from my future wife." Orlando commented. Adriana looked down at her granddaughter. "It's not really the right time to ask Zia but." Antalya paused. "When will the baby weight go?" "For you, about a month. For me, since I had twins it makes it two months." Adriana answered. "We’re not here for questions it's about celebrating the birth of your fiancé but 15 years later." Adriana chuckled. Adriana looked up and turned to see Jason talking with his aunt. Jason looked at her and gestured her to come. "Excuse me." Adriana went to her husband with Ariana. "Hello Aunt." "Hello Adriana. I see you've finished with pregnancy and ended finishing with twins." Cinderella commented. "Once again." "Let's see her." Adriana turned slightly so Cinderella can see Ariana. "Aunt, this is Ariana Natasha - Kate." Jason commented. "She's wonderful. You haven't met Gracie." Cinderella gestured to two girls and they came to her. Adriana realized the 17 year old was Hope and the 14 year old was Gracie. "Gracie, this is your Aunt Adriana and Uncle Jason. Adriana, Jason this is Gracie." Adriana smiled and she smiled back. "So you did have a girl 14 years ago?" Cinderella nodded and Chace came to them. "Hi Jason." Chace hugged Jason, aware of Zach. "Hello Adriana." Chace hugged Adriana. "Careful. We don't want Ariana squished." Chace looked at Zach and Ariana with a smile. "Born a week ago." Jason said and Cinderella and Chace nodded. "Well, I have to take Adriana somewhere. Nice seeing you. Nice meeting you Gracie." "Bye." Adriana said before she followed Jason out of the room and down the hall. Jason placed his arm around Adriana's back. "They finished just in time." Adriana followed Jason to a door. Jason opened it and Adriana gasped. Each wall in the room was covered in photos of her 4 daughters. "The special thing with this room is." Jason took a picture of Ariana. Jason then pointed to Ariana’s wall. Adriana looked and the picture that Jason took appeared on the wall. Adriana felt tears of joy run down her face. She was speechless. She went up to the wall and touched the picture. It was an actual picture frame. Adriana placed her hand on Ariana's head. "Next door?" Adriana followed Jason to the door connecting to the other room. This room had navy coloured walls and was filled with photos of their sons. Adriana scanned the pictures on Orlando's wall. He had grown so much. Born a premature, now an engaged father. "What's behind the door?" Adriana asked as she touched the newly painted door. "It's lead to our private room. We'll go in there later. It might get very emotional for you." Adriana nodded and kissed Jason. Jason kissed Adriana back and they started continuously kissing each other for a good few moments.

Chapter 25: Jason

"Thank you for coming." Jason shook hands with the last guests before sighing with relief. "Now can we?" Adriana was dying to go inside the other room. Jason nodded. They closed the door of the room and walked to their chamber. They came to their chamber quickly and went inside. They placed the sleeping Zach and Ariana in their cots and Adriana kissed each one on the forehead before going out of the chamber. Jason entwined their hands and kissed Adriana before walking to the chamber. "Let's go this way." Jason led Adriana into their son’s memorabilia room and closed the door him. Jason got the keys out of his pocket. "Both doors of this place are locked. So this private room is for us." Adriana smiled. "Great." Adriana commented. Jason unlocked the door and opened it. They went in. There was not as many things on the walls in this room but there were a few surprises. Adriana let go of Jason's hand and looked at the birth certificates. Jason went into the middle of the room where a stand was. He pushed a button on the side and a tablet and projector appeared. He turned the projector and tablet on. "Adriana." Adriana turned around and he gestured her to where he was. "Which was your favourite pregnancy?" "Orlando and Miranda's since there more likely isn't one on Zach and Ariana yet." "There is." Jason calmly retorted. "Zach and Ariana then." Jason pressed 'Pregnancy' and 'Ariana and Zach' on the tablet. "Watch." Jason pointed to the wall. Adriana looked and a series of photos of her belly appeared. Adriana gasped and placed a hand on her tummy. Adriana hugged Jason and started crying. Jason stroked his wife's back and with his free hand clicked back twice before going 'Birth', 'Ariana and Zach'. Adriana looked to see what Jason was doing. "Labour or After Labour?" Jason asked. "After labour." Jason clicked on 'After Labour' and pictures of Ariana and Zach at seconds old appeared. Adriana started crying again and hugged Jason tighter. Jason was pleased. She enjoys here I think. "Adriana can I show you one more thing? You might want to hug me during." Adriana nodded. "Ok." Jason and Adriana walked over to another stand nearer to the window. This will be emotional for me. Jason thought, knowing what it was. Jason pushed another button on the side of the stand and 3 carved boxes appeared. Adriana grasped Jason's hand. "Open one if you want." "No you Jason." "Ok." Jason went up to the closet box and unlatched it. She opened the lid and they saw a picture of their dead and premature Rose. Tears started forming in Jason's eyes. He took away the photo and there was there was Rose. Her dead body was in the box. Adriana screamed and hugged Jason. They both started crying. "Jason." Adriana murmured. "I'm with you. Don't worry.” Jason said through his crying. "Come." Jason pressed the same button again and got rid of the 3 boxes. Jason and Adriana sat on the couch that we put in the room. Adriana stared into Jason's eyes. "You don't have to see it again. I can get rid of it if you want." "No, leave it. It was just a big fright for me." "You know I love you. I wouldn't want to harm you." Jason stroked Adriana's cheek while Adriana grasped onto his other hand. "Why can't we have more Jason? I enjoy pregnancy and now I have to give it up?" "Adriana, I don't want to put so much pain on you, you know how birth goes. I'm scared it's too much for you." "It's not. Jason, when I said it was too much for the first pregnancy I wasn't prepared for it all. I didn't know what to expect." "So did I. Alright, we can go into our chamber and try to get one or just don't get pregnant again." Adriana kissed Jason meaning for him to stop talking. Adriana sat on Jason's legs and hugged him. They continuously kissed. Jason closed his eyes. He realized Adriana was trying to get one. Jason lay himself on the carpet. Adriana stopped kissing for a moment and took off Jason's top, leaving his vest on. Adriana placed her hands on his chest and ran them up his body. Jason kissed Adriana and hugged her in the floor. "I love you." "Me too."

                                             THE END