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Chapter 1: AdrianaEdit

Adriana landed with a thump on a hard surface. "Jason. I think I'm in labour." she said in pain. Jason, who landed just before her, came to her side. "You are?" "I think it's just labour like pains." she replied grasing her tumy. "Can you take Kathalina?" she asked and Jason took her. She lay in pain until everyone had come down. "Is everyone alright?" Michael asked checking on everyone. "I am not sure about Adriana." Jason said looking at her worried. "Jason, I'm alright." she comforted her husband and sat up. "Well we're here." Lauren said and sighed. "Where are we going to be heading?" Adriana asked. Jason looked at Amy and she nodded. "Glass Kingdom." Amy told everyone. "let's get a move on then." Amy suggested. "No Amy. We need to rest. There are 2 pregnant women and a new

Adriana and Jason

mother in the group. We need to relax before moving on." Jason said. Amy sighed and looked at her tummy. "That is a wise decision. A few minutes." Jason helped Adriana move to under the tree's shade nearby. Adriana lay down and Jason sat comforting her. A few minutes soon passed and they decided to get moving. Adriana leaned on Jason as she walked, holding Kathalina. Hours felt like days to Adriana and they all finally reached to gate to the Glass Kingdom. It was a tall silver metal gate with 2 guards guarding the entrance. "I'll do this." Jason said and went up to the guards. Jason talk to them and the gates opened. Jason gestured to follow him and they went through the gate. As soon as she was through, Adriana stooped and held her tummy. Adriana felt worried. Please don't be labour, please don't be labour! she pleaded to herself. Jason turned and walked back to her. Jason held her hand. "Come on." he said and they walked together hand in hand to the others. "How far is the castle from here?" Lauren asked Michael. "Another 2 hours at least." "Woah! 2 hours? I can't cope non stop with that." "Why?" Amy asked. "Hello.. I am a heavily pregnant woman here." she said pointing at her tummy.  "Adriana's right. I can see her not making it to the castle in one hit." jason said supporting Adriana. "Argh!" she held her tummy and nearly fell to the ground. She started to breathe heavily and looked at the ground. "Amy, we can't move on right now." the tone is Jason's voice sounded angry. Jason went on his knees and helped Adriana lean on him. Adriana leaned on jason and panted. Amy broke off into a cry and went to the nearest tree. Adriana couldn't close her mouth and continued to pant. Jason kissed her and stroked her arm trying to calm her. Lauren came to her side. Lauren held her remaining hand. Adriana faced Lauren. "Be brave Adriana." she encouraged. Adriana closed her eyes and cried in pain. She held her tummy and sat up. "Done?" Jason asked and Adriana tearfully nodded. Adriana started crying and Jason hugged her. Jason sushed her. Adriana stopped crying at the sight of Jason holding her twins. She smiled at tem and cradled them in her arms. Jason helped Adriana up and he went over to Amy. Adriana sighed and Lauren came next to her. "The hardest thing is pregnancy is the contractions." Lauren said and hugged Adriana. Adriana saw Jason come to them with Amy and Michael. Amy wiped away her tears before speaking. "Can you walk for a little bit more?" "I might be able to. With the help if Jason." Adriana replied and Jason rushed to her side. Adriana looked at the ground. "Another one." she said and handed the twins to Jason. She grasped her tummy. "Do you mind?" Jason asked Amy passing the twins to her. Amy held them and Jason picked her up. He took her to a fallen down log and supported her against it. Adriana cried in pain. "Amy!" Jason exclaimed and Amy turned to him. "Come look." Jason said and Amy came to them. Jason pointed to something unseen by Adriana and Amy gasped. "Early labour!" Amy replied and looked at Adriana. Adriana became worried. "You have to give birth Adriana." Amy said and Adriana cried louder in pain. Amy gave Lauren the twins and gestured them over to a group of trees nearby. Amy went on her knees and Jason sat by Adriana's side. Adriana pushed twice. "Anything?" Adriana choked and Amy shook her head. Jason placed his hands on her tummy and put weight on them. "Argh! Jason! Argh!" Adriana started crying. "Jason! Stop! Another baby could be in there." Amy exclaimed and Jason took his hands off and held Adriana's free hand.  Adriana leaned forward in pain and lay back down. She tried to push but she raised her back. She started panting. Soon Amy leant inwards and Adriana's mouth dropped in horror. She dug her head into Jason's shirt and started shaking. Jason stroked her arm and Adriana looked up. She saw Amy holding something in her hand. Adriana gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. She shook her head. "Your 2nd son Adriana." Amy said calmly. Amy brought her hand closer to her but Adriana pushed her hand away. "It's 1/2 stillborn." Amy said and Adriana broke into tears. She leaned forward to see her son. "I love you." she whispered to him before Amy got up and went away from them. Adriana cried into Jason's shirt and Jason comforted her. Amy came back minutes later holding her tummy. Adriana looked away and cuddled closer to Jason. "I'm sorry." Amy said and she left them.

Chapter 2: JasonEdit

Jason looked at his sleeping wife's tummy worriedly. He saw her tummy rise and fall a few times. "Definitely another one in it's way." he told himself. Jason saw Adriana stretch and saw her wake up. "Morning." he said and kissed her forehead. Jason placed a hand on Adriana's tummy and she sat up. Adriana sat up and leaned on him. "There's another one in there for sure." Jason said to Adriana, looking at her tummy. Adriana clutched her tummy and closed her eyes. She raised her back in pain and then lowered it. She opened her eyes and kissed Jason. Kathalina started crying and Ethan followed. Adriana got up and cradled Kathalina back to sleep. Adriana soon dropped to the ground holding Kathalina. "Adriana!" Jason rushed to her side. He noticed an arrow in Adriana's leg. He took it out and drew his sword. "Who dares to shoot my wife!?" he exclaimed with rage. "Show yourself!" Michael, Amy and Lauren came to them. Jason looked around anxiously and he saw a little girl with a bow coming up to them. Jason stood up. "Is she alright? I am sorry, I didn't mean to shoot her." the girl said wiping her eyes. Jason placed his sword in the cover and went to the girl. "It's alright. I thought someone might attack her." the little girl smiled and Jason gave her back the arrow. "Now go run along and be careful where you shoot." he suggested and the girl ran off. He turned back to Adriana and saw she was grasping her leg. Amy was was placing cloth over the area where it got her. Adriana looked at him with watery eyes. Jason went closer to her and cuddled her. "Let's try getting her up." Amy suggested and Jason helped her up. "Argh!" Adriana cried as she put weight on the leg. "She'll have me as her support as we walk. Amy, can you take the twins?" Amy nodded and got up. They all went to pack their things up and Adriana hugged and sobbed with Jason. "Let's head off now." Amy said as the came back to them and they started walking again.

- - -

"Jason, is that the town." Adriana said pointing at the collection of houses in the distance. "Yes! Yes!" Jason exclaimed. "The village!" he pointed for the others.  They headed into the town. They bought a few more supplies before they reached the gate to the castle. "Now what do we do Jason? The guards won't believe us." "I have the card." he said to Amy and they approached the guards.

Chapter 3: JasonEdit

"Halt!" the taller guard at the gate said. "I have a meeting to go to with the Queen." "You do?"'the smaller guard asked. "Yes I do." Jason replied and got a card out of his back pocket and handed it to the taller one. "This pass counts for everyone in my party." he said and was given back his card. The gates slowly opened. "You know where to find her?" the smaller one asked him. "Yes." he said and went through the gates with the others. Adriana gasped. "It's beautiful." she whispered to him. Michael and Jason helped Adriana up the stairs and they waited for the others. They went through the tall and blue open doors and entered a hallway of paintings either side. "Jason." Adriana said and pointed at 4 paintings with candles under neath them. "Is that-" "Yes, that's Amy, Michael and I." "Who's that's?" Adriana asked pointing at the one with an extra set of candles. "That's my other sister. She died just before we left to go into your world." Jason sadly replied. "Oh sorry." Adriana kissed him and they moved on with the other 7. They reached the ball room. Amy gave back the twins and she told a guard to do something. "Queen Cinderella, your guests have arrived." the guard said and they all walked in together. As they entered they saw Cinderella in a blue strapless wide skirted gown and her husband standing next to her. They stopped half way through the hall. Cinderella gasped and came to them. "Hi aunt." Amy said and smiled. "Amy, Michael! Jason!" she exclaimed. "You have returned! Who are these other 6?" Cinderella asked. "Aunt, this is Adriana my wife and this is Kathalina and Ethan. They are my children. But last but not least." Jason touched Adriana's tummy. "Another one will be here soon." Jason said and Cinderella kissed him on the cheek. "Nice to meet you." Adriana said and curtseyed the best she could do. "This is my sister Lauren and her two daughters, Antalya and Karina. He is engaged with Michael." Adriana said and Cinderella walked over to Amy. "You dear child? Bring any news?" "I'm pregnant with my first."  Amy said and she hugged her. "Chad, darling, they have returned." Jasons uncle came to them with a big smile. "Welcome back." he said and everyone smiled. "Civel?" "Yes your majesty?" one of the guards asked. "Do we have 3 remaining rooms?" "Yes Madame. Just cleaned." "Good, can you escort these 3 to 2 of the rooms?"  Civel bowed and Amy, Lauren and Michael went with him. "I just want to let you know, you guys can stay for as long as you want in this castle. Oh! I almost forgot, I am throwing a ball this evening and I was wondering if you could make it?" Cinderella asked. "I can make it but I am not sure if Adriana can make it since she's expecting and injured." "I have maternity gowns... She's injured!" Cinderella exclaimed. Adriana lifted up her skirt to show the cloth. Cinderella shook her head. "Just rest it and by the time it's the ball it will be able to be walked on." Cinderella commented. "Kenward." Another guard was at the ball room entrance. "Yes your highness." "This family will go with you to an empty chamber." Cinderella told him. "I'll come into your chamber in 1/2 an hour to check on you." Cinderella smiled. "Thank you Aunt." Jason replied and they went to Kenward. "I'll take your things." Kenward said and took their 3 suitcases. They went down 2 hallways and Kenward stopped at a door. Kenward gestured them in and Jason smiled. Adriana gasped. "Wow. This is what royal life is like is it?" Adriana whispered to him.  "Yes."  "Make yourselves comfortable." Kenward said and closed the door. jason sat Adriana on the bed and she admired the room. Jason walked over to a mirror. This is familiar. he thought to himself. "This was my room." he told Adriana touching the mirror. Jason turned around and saw Adriana hoping to the blacony. "Careful Adriana." Jason called and went to her. Jason went to Adriana who's hair was blowing and had her eyes closed. Jason hugged Adriana from behind. Now, over there is the Spindle Kingdom, where I am originally from, there is the Jewel Kingdom, the Green Forest is there, Locks kingdom, you can just see it and the Magical kingdom is on our right." Jason told Adriana pointing at the directions of the kingdoms. "What's at the Magical Kingdom?" Adriana asked, kissing Jason. "Fairies and Mermaids from what I remember." Jason replied and they went back in. Adriana sat on the bed and placed Kathalina and Ethan on the ground. They both started crawling to Jason. "Oh my gosh! Keep on going! Keep on going.. Yay!" Adriana exclaimed. Kathlina and Ethan had gone straight into Jason's arms. Jason got up and passed Adriana, Kathalina. Ethan and Kathalina were making cute noises. Adriana smiled and touched both the twins noses. Adriana and Jason placed Ethan and Adriana in the cot and they sat together on the bed. There was soon a knock on the door. "Jason." "Yes?" "The king wants to speak with you and the Queen is here to see Adriana." Jason got up and saw his aunt walk in with a smile. Jason kissed Adriana. "I'll be back soon." he said and walked to his aunt. "First glimpse at your cousin." she said and he looked at his 2 year old cousin. "You'll see her later." she said and Jason went through the door.

Chapter 4: AdrianaEdit

Cinderella came to her. Adriana shyly looked away and removed some hair in her face. "So how is your leg getting on?" her aunt in-law asked. "It's getting better." Adriana replied stroking her tummy. "I see it's not your first?" "Yes. After I had Kathalina and Ethan, I found out another one is on it's way." she replied. "Do you know the gender?" "Not yet. Jason knows but he told me he will surprise me with it." she smiled at Cinderella and got up. She carefully went to the cot. She looked at her sleeping twins and she started crying. Cinderella came to her and sat her back on the bed. Cinderella brought the cot closer and then comforted her. "What's the matter?" "Pregnancy is hard and painful." she tearfully said to the Queen. "I know it is." the Queen replied. "But I can tell you are brave, just by looking at you." Adriana wiped a few of her tears away and smiled. "This was the year where I would have a planned pregnancy, but no. Kathalina and Ethan were unexpected. I am glad I married and love Jason. He's been there all the time. He really helps me and loves me back." "So Jason is the perfect husband for you?" Adriana nodded. "Yes." Adriana finished wiping away her tears. "Well, as soon as I laid eyes on him when he was days old, I knew he would have the perfect wife and here she is." cinderella stroked her cheek and heard the door open. "Your highness. The King has requested your presence in the throne room." "Well, I must be off." Cinderella said getting up with her daughter. "Thank you your highness." Adriana replied. "Please, call me aunt." the Queen said and left the room. "I shall." she told herself and got her guitar and music book out. She started strumming away to one of her pieces. She hummed the melody to herself. "Your the light in my world. The gift in my hands. You mine and always will be. I. I love you so. Come and hold me tight." she sung and kept on humming. "Nice song sweetie." She heard Jason speak and she startled at the sight on him. "Oh.. That was nothing." she smiled at his and placed the guitar and book away. Jason looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Adriana sighed. "You know Anna dé Valenń?" she asked shyly. "Yes she is my favourite guitarist." Jason said sitting next to Adriana. "You are married to your favourite guitarist." Adriana continued. "I am Anna dé Valenń." she finished with a smile. Jason mouth dropped wide. "R- really?" Adriana nodded and Jason still surprised was speechless. "Oohh!" Adriana shrieked at the sight of something strange. "Adriana. What is it?" "S-something strange just, Oohh!" she shrieked again and pointed at her tummy. Jason kneeled on the floor and lifted her tank up. Adriana closed her eyes in pain. "Adriana, it's just the child." Jason calmly replied. "It's just kicking and you can see her foot." Adriana looked at her tummy and back at Jason. "Her?" she asked him. "It's a girl." Jason replied and Adriana hugged Jason. "A girl!" "So far all healthy." Jason replied and lifted her up in the air. Adriana kissed him continuously. "I can't believe a girl!" Jason carefully threw Adriana onto the bed. Adriana laughed. "Did you just see her?" Jason lay next to Adriana. "She just twirled by the looks of it." Jason didn't look pleased and stared at her tummy. "Jason? just like that!" Adriana stroked her tummy after her unborn daughter did a wave kick. Jason placed a hand on her tummy and smiled. Jason kissed her and then they cuddled together before they fell asleep. 


Adriana in her dress.

Chapter 5: JasonEdit

Jason awoke by the movements of his unborn daughter and looked at the clock. His eyes went wide and nudged Adriana awake. "Adriana. The ball starts soon!" "Huh?" Adriana said waking up. "Adriana! Your baby weight from the twins hasn't gone! The weight has expanded twice as much." there was a knock on the door. "Come in" his aunt soon appeared. "Are you guys alright?" "Yeah. we just woke up from a rest." Jason replied and helped his wife sit up. "I have Adriana's dress." Cinderella said closing the door and heading to them. "She needs to get changed." "I'll be in the corner." Jason went to the corner. "Ouch! Is this supposed to be really tight on a pregnant woman?" "Don't worry Adriana. it's uncomfortable for a few minutes." Cinderella replied as Jason made his bow tie. He shrugged at the look of it. "You look gorgeous even for a pregnant woman." Cinderella exclaimed and clapped her hands 5 minutes later. Jason turned around to see his wife in a dazzling orange dress. Adriana patted the dress carefully and looked up and Jason with a smile. "I have never seen you so gorgeous my love." Jason commented walking to her. As soon as he reached her, Adriana adjusted his tie and smiled. "You need to work on bows." she chuckled and hugged her. "Now. To finish this look you need a tiara." Adriana gasped at the sight of a sparkling diamond tiara on her head. "I have never looked this grand. Not even at prom."she commented looking at herself in the mirror. "Can I take a picture of you Adriana?" Adriana turned round and Jason got his camera out. He took a picture of Adriana and put the camera back. "Well, I must be off. Head to the top of the ballroom in 10 minutes." Cinderella said. "you both are a great stylish couple." she commented before leaving the room. Adriana took a deep breath and held her tummy. "I can't stroke my tummy in this!" Adriana exclaimed. "But we can dance." Jason suggested as sunset started. Adriana placed her arms around Jason's neck and Jason placed his arms around her tummy. Adriana leaned her head on Jasons shoulder and they started to slowly move around the room. "We should do this when I'm in labour. It should calm me down." "As you wish your highness." Jason calmly spoke and kissed Adriana. There was a bell ring and they realised it was time to head down. "Midnight, Snowy." Adriana called quietly. "Yes?" "Take good care of Kathalina and Ethan." she instructed and they went hand in hand out of the room and into the hall.

Chapter 6: AdrianaEdit

"Presenting his royal highness, Prince Jason and her royal highness in waiting, Lady Adriana Evangeline." Adriana heard one of the guards call their name. She gripped onto Jasons hand as they walked out into the hall. She heard applauses from the ball quests. Adriana saw Lauren and Amy both in gorgeous, bright dresses. "I am glad to announce that 3 of King Andrew and Queen Auroralia's children have returned. "Queen Auroralia and King Andrew may the rest in peace." the guests called. "This ball is in honour of their return. Let the ball begin!" Cinderella announced.  Jason and Adriana went to Amy and Lauren. "Guess what!" she told Lauren and Amy. "What?" Lauren asked. "Kathalina and Ethan crawled to Jason for the first time." "Wow!" Lauren replied. "Adriana?" Jason asked with his hand out. Adriana held it and they went down the stairs. They started dancing when they reached the stairs. Adriana felt a pain in her tummy and rested her head of Jasons shoulder. "Jason." "Yes?" Jason answered. "The baby. I think it's started." "Really?" Jason asked and Adriana nearly dropped to he ground. "Adriana." everyone turned to them. Amy came down the stairs. "There's nothing to see here. Just continue with this ball." Jason and Amy helped Adriana back up the stairs. Cinderella came to them. "Is she ok?" she asked. "I'm - Argh!" Adriana grasped her tummy. "I'll take her." Jason said and they slowly walked back to their bedroom. Jason placed Adriana on the bed. Jason sat next to her and Snowy hopped into the bed. "Is Adriana alright?" Jason shook his head. Adriana leaned forward with her eyes closed and grasped her tummy. Adriana felt something move inside her. Jason checked Adriana. Adriana panted and became even more worried than she was before. "Adriana. It's time."Adriana cried and held the headboard. "Start Adriana!" Jason said nearly demanding her. She took her hands off the board and grasped Jasons hands. The door opened and she saw Amy close the door and rush to her. "Breathe Adriana." Jason instructed. Adriana breathed and Jasons hand disappeared from Adriana's hands. Jason told something to Amy and she sat on the bed. She whispered something back to Jason and he frowned. "Adriana. It's not the girl we are waiting for." "Who is it then?" "You have been pregnant with triplets. This baby you will be able to keep." Adriana pushed after Amy finished. Jason sat behind Adriana. "Go!" Jason whispered. Adriana closed her eyes and pushed back on Jason. "Ouch!" "Sorry Jason." Adriana choked. "Jason, if you want Adriana to have the baby perfectly you need to sacrifice the pain you might get." Amy said placing her hands under Adriana. Jason sighed. "Nearly there Adriana." Amy said. Adriana placed her arms on Jason's shoulder and closed her eyes. "Done." Jason whispered and she felt something be placed on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to see 2nd surviving son lying on her shoulder. Adriana looked at Jason and smiled at him. Adriana sighed and touched his sons forehead. "I'll get Lauren and the others."  Amy suggested and left the room. "Let's surprise them with the name." Jason suggested. "Okay."Adriana agreed.

Minutes old Orlando

"He will have the Italian name first." Adriana fished and Jason leaned back on the bed "I can't believe we are going to be parents to 4!" Adriana exclaimed. His first name should be Orlando." "Nedad?" Jason asked. "Orlando Nedad Randolf. Works well." Adriana commented and kissed Jason. Lauren, Amy and Michael came in the room. Lauren can next to her. "Meet Orlando Nedad Randolf." Jason said and Adriana showed newborn Orlando to Lauren. "He's adorable! Is he your expected child?" Lauren asked. Adriana saw Jason shake his head."No?" Lauren wondered. " 1 more." Jason commented and kissed Adriana. Cinderella soon came in. Adriana looked up from admiring Orlando. "I would like to speak to my nephew and niece in-law alone please." Cinderella said calmly. Adriana hesitated and sadly looked at Lauren. "We will be just outside." Lauren comforted Adriana before leaving the room with the others. When they had all left, Cinderella sat on the bed and admired her newborn grand-child. She smiled and sighed. "The wonders of birth. Women struggle through pain so bravely." Cinderella commented smiling at Adriana. "I am sorry if I caused any problems at the ball. It really comes unexpectedly-" "No need to apologise, child. It was unexpected as you said, nothing bad happened." Cinderella replied grinning at her. Adriana smiled back. "So one more baby?" Adriana saw Jason nod above her. A kick brought pain and she slightly leaned forward. "I can tell you are so brave during pregnancy Adriana." "She is. Copes very well with the pain. She-" Jason suddenly finished at the sight of his uncle at the door. The king came to Cinderella. "Congratulations." the king said to Jason and her. "Thanks uncle." Jason thanked back and Adriana looked with a smile at Jason. He smiled back."We have some news that we want only you guys to know at the moment." Cinderella told them. "we are expecting a 2nd heir to the throne." the king, known as Chad, announced to them holding Cinderella's hand. "Congrats." Jason commented. "It's a girl." Cinderella continued. "How do you know it's a girl?" Adriana asked. "Mothers instincts." Cinderella replied. Soon, Adriana closed her eyes in pain and leaned her head on Jason's shoulder. "Jason." "Yeah?" he replied to her. "Contraction." she choked in pain. "We will leave you guys." Cinderella said and left the room with Chad. Adriana passed Orlando to Jason and she clutched her tummy. She soon let go and sighed with relief. "Done." she said and cuddled Jason. He placed Orlando in her arms and they cuddled together.

Chapter 7:JasonEdit

"Jason are you sure we should be having a wedding a month after Orlando entered the word?" "That's what my aunt is suggesting." Jason replied looking through a drawer and Adriana sighed. "That means it's 2 weeks away." Adriana said and went to the window. She opened it and leaned on the balcony railing. Jason looked at Adriana and sighed. "Soon think it. We will be a king and queen and have our own kingdom." Jason perked up and sat next to Adriana. She sat on the seat and held her hands together on her lap. "I thought we were already married." she commented and went back inside. "Adriana."  "You just don't get it Jason." she continued stroking her right arm. "Get what?" he asked closing the glass doors. "I'm pregnant. I would like to have a wedding when I'm not for once." Adriana said holding Orlando. She went to a wardrobe and continued. "I am not royal or anyone like that. I am just what you might call a commoner. I am not prepared for the royal life." Adriana said, placing a scarf over her shoulders. "Now where do you think you're going?" Jason asked as she closed the cupboard doors. "I'm going into the gardens." she replied looking at him and placing Orlando in his cot. "It's not safe for you in that condition." as Adriana started walking to the door she turned to him. "So your saying im not safe in the pregnancy condition I am in?" "Well, yes and no." Adriana sighed angrily and went to the door. "Adriana, you gave birth 1 week and 4 days ago. You are still recovering from birth." Adriana didn't pay attention, she just headed out of rhe room. Jason went to th door and saw Adriana pacing down the hall. "Adriana." Jason sighed and leaned against the wall. His aunt came to him. "Can I look after the children while you sort the matter out?" she asked. Jason nodded and showed her in. Cinderella made herself comfortable on a seat. "She needs space Jason. She is stuck with you." "By the way you are putting that aunt it sounds like I shouldn't be with Adriana at all." Jason walked out if the room and went the way Adriana went. He soon reached the gardens. "Adriana? Adriana?" Jason looked around. He soon saw his wife weeping on a garden bench nearby. "Adriana." Jason went to her and sat next to Adriana who continuously wept. Jason tried to comfort her but she nudged his hand off her arm. Jason got up and placed Adriana's hands in his. Adriana got up and looked at Jason with wet cheeks. Jason stroked them and Adriana placed a smile on her face. He kissed her forehead and smiled back. Adriana placed her hand on her tummy and her ring fell off. Adriana looked at Jason worriedly. "Adriana? What's the matter?"

Chapter 8: AdrianaEdit

Tears startled swelling up in Adriana. She released them and buried her head in Jason's shirt. "Save me! Save me!" Adriana pleaded. "Save you from what?" Jason asked. "Im about to die." she said looking at him. "or fall into a deep sleep but it will be painful." Adriana replied hugged Jason tight. She looked up to see a archer a distance away from them. She closed her eyes and held Jason's hand, scared. She knew this would happen to her sometime. "Look out!" jason exclaimed and pushed Adriana out of the way of an arrow coming towards them. "Argh!" Adriana exclaimed as the arrow pierced her arm and she fell to the ground. "Adriana!" Jason rushed to her side. She grasped her tummy and Jason took about the arrow. Adriana noticed tears on Jason's face.  "Sshh. I am alright. It's just a deep sleep." Adriana said stroking Jason's cheek. "I don't want to loose you." he commented. "You aren't." Adriana started to loose her voice. "Even if I am like this, I am here." Adriana placed a hand on Jason's heart. Jason half smiled. Adriana started coughing and gasping for breath. She took an envelope out of her dress and gave it to Jason. "Read it." she choked and curled up because of the pain. "Adriana." Jason raised her head so she was looking at him. "Yes?" "'I love you so much!" he said hugging her close. "I love you too." she replied. She noticed something red on her hand but the looked back at Jason. "Will you be alright?" Adriana asked. "Yes. I will be by your side trying until you are with me again." Adriana was touched at this message and kissed Jason.She heard thunder clouds rumbling and it started to rain. "Jason, go inside. you'll catch a cold." Adriana suggested losing her voice. "I am not leaving you Adriana. Not even for a second." Jason retorted, starting to soak. Adriana coughed a few times and clutched her tummy. Jason sat in front of her and looked as if he was about to cry. "Sshh. Jason, you aren't losing me forever." she said stroking his cheeks. "No, I am." Jason sadly retorted back. Adriana was starting to grow weak and lay herself slowly back onto the ground. As she lay down, Jason came closer to her. "You're going to cause another pregnancy like this Jason." she choked. "All I want is you safe and alive, that's all I will ever want." Jason comforted Adriana. Jason placed the ring back on her finger, hoping it will work. "Jason, it's no use. A few days you might have a chance." she said placing her head on the ground. Jason placed his cloak over Adriana. Jason broke into a cry and wept on Adriana's shoulder. She tried stroking his head. She managed with pain. "Jason, just look at me." Adriana said lifting his face up with one hand. Jason held Adriana's hand and then looked at her wounded area. Her eyes slowly started to close. "Adriana! Don't go!" Jason exclaimed. Adriana saw her daughter kick then suddenly stop. "I - love -you." she said before her blood covered hand dropped to the ground and lay her head on her side. She soon closed her eyes. She had fallen into the deep sleep.

Chapter 9: JasonEdit

"Nooooo!" Jason exclaimed as he saw his wife. The poison on the arrow had kicked in. He bashed his hand against the ground and cried. "Adriana!" he murmured to her with tears evolving down his face. "No." he muttered to himself before placing his head on Adriana. The rain still poured over them but he didn't care. All he wanted was his wife back. Jason was so scared he wouldn't even move an inch. He soon remembered the envelope Adriana had given him. He took it out of his shirt and looked at it. He cried more and held the letter close to him. He looked up with closed eyes and then back at Adriana. Jason saw his 4th child move in Adriana then she disappeared. Jason sighed and placed a hand on her tummy. He clutched Adriana's hand and placed the hand on his cheek. "Jason come in or you will catch a -" he recognised Amy"s voice and faced her. "You go in, you'll catch a cold." he told Amy. Jason leaned Adriana on him. "What happened to her?" Amy asked anxiously. He showed her the ring. "Oh. I'm sorry Jason. You will see her again soon." Amy placed and hand on his shoulder and sadly smiled at Jason. "Come on. You need to come inside." "No Amy." Jason retorted. "I'm not leaving her." he finished and held his wife close. Jason felt a blanket being placed on him. Jason looked at Amy. "Come with her." she finished and Jason looked at Adriana. He picked her up in his arms and got up. He walked with Amy back inside. "Don't worry. The baby will be fine. She just fallen asleep as well." Amy comforted Jason as they reached inside. Jason felt Adriana's weight heave on him but he cared about his wife most, not her weight. They soon reached the chamber and Amy opened the door for him. He entered and saw his aunt still in there. She gasped at the sight of Adriana. "What happened?!" she exclaimed. "She has fallen into a deep sleep aunty." Amy replied as Jason lay Adriana on the bed. He sat on the bed and stroked Adriana's leg. "We need to get her changed." Amy suggested. Jason went to her wardrobe and got out one of her night gowns. He passed it to Amy and he looked away as she changed Adriana. "Can I be alone?" Jason sadly asked as he placed a towel over himself and lay next to Adriana. Amy and Cinderella left the room. He got out Adriana's envelope and read the letter inside.     Dear my lovely Jason, I am sorry about this message as it is distressing even to my ears. Amy told me about the ring you gave me as my wedding ring. I understand now how your mother died. It is happening to me but I am not dying. Jason looked at Adriana sadly and continued the letter. I know as soon as I am gone it will be very sad to you but I am all right. You haven't lost me or your 4 th child. She is perfectly safe inside me. Jason stroked Adriana's tummy. I am only in a deep sleep just as your mother was before you were born. I know you are freaked out and worried but I am there Jason. I am with you right now, even if it not might be my human shape. As soon as I see you again we will rejoice as I have come back to you. I love you will all my heart Jason, remember that. Love your pregnant wife, Adriana. Jason got up and got his pen and paper and started writing a letter to her.

Chapter 10: JasonEdit

As I write this letter I am scared and worried about you Adriana. I love you will all my heart too but I can't bear to see you like you are now. Each anxious second I am watching you, eager to get you awake again. Orlando has started crying. I am cradling him back to sleep but he continues to cry. He needs you Adriana. I wish you were awake Adriana so badly. I want you and need you now. I can't sleep and stop thinking about you. This letter might be short but I can write more in my emotions. Love, Jason. Don't ever leave me. just as he finished Lauren came in wiping away tears. "I heard." she commented. She gasped at the sight of her older sister. "No." Lauren said and hugged Jason. Jason comforted Lauren. "She is safe, she isn't gone."

- - -

"Ugh! She is never coming back!" Jason exclaimed bashing his fists against the window. It has been an agonising 1 and a half months for Jason and it was 2 days till Christmas. She wanted Adriana to be there. He didn't want Adriana to miss their first Christmas as a family. Jason looked at the ring in his hand and sighed. "One more than I give up." he told himself and walked over to Adriana. He sat next to her. Jason held her hand and placed the ring on Adriana's finger. He kissed her and waited a few minutes to make sure she awoke. A few minutes later Jason started crying in frustration. He got up and leaned against the window. She crossed his arms and cried into them. "I've lost her." he repeated to himself for minutes. Jason went back to the bed and sat next to Adriana. He cried into his hands. A hand touched his shoulder. "No you haven't." Jason looked to see Adriana awake. "Adriana! Oh Adriana!" Jason hugged Adriana. "You're alive!" Jason kissed Adriana again and again. "I have been so worried about you Adriana. No sun has appeared since you were shot." Jason was so happy to see his wife safe. "Argh!" Adriana exclaimed and the both looked at Adriana's hand and wounded area. He got up and brought a tub full of water with a cloth and began to carefully wipe away the blood. "It stings!" Adriana wailed. "Sorry." Jason apologised and kissed her. The door soon opened and Jason saw Amy enter. "Aunt is suggested a few more days before-" Amy dropped her things and squealed. "Shes alive!" she exclaimed and hugged Jason. Amy placed a hand over her mouth at the sight of Adriana. Adriana squealed with pain. Jason accidentally touched her cut n her hand. Jason kissed Adriana as an apology and lifted Adriana's gown. He saw a big blood filled wound near the spot where it could have killed the baby. Jason placed a wet cloth carefully over the wound. Kathalina started crying. Jason got up and passed Kathalina to his wife. Adriana was so relieved that she was able to see her children again. "Jason." Adriana worriedly spoke to Jason. "Yes?" "She hasn't kicked, she normally kicks after about 2 minutes. It's been 10." Amy looked at Jason worriedly and they quickly and carefully examined Adriana. "She's there. I felt her." Jason soon commented. "I didn't feel her." Adriana added. "Don't look Adriana. You too Jason." Adriana started wailing in pain as Amy was doing something. Jason saw Amy's hand red. He slapped her arm. "Are you crazy! Don't hurt my wife." he said and a few tears went on Adriana's tummy. Her wound glowed for a few minutes and soon Adriana felt a kick."Argh!" Adriana clutched her tummy and sat up. Jason placed Kathalina back and lay Adriana back down. Adriana panted and Jason comforted her. Adriana squinted her eyes in pain and was eager to raise herself. "Help me Jason." Adriana pleaded and Jason comforted her. Adriana squealed loudly in pain. "She's killing me!!!!!" Amy gasped. "Jason go on the other side of Adriana and make sure she doesn't look." Amy instructed bending down. Jason sat next to Adriana again. She stared at him panting. "What is she doing?" she asked him clutching her tummy. "I don't know. Just don't look." Adriana gave a big squeal of pain as Amy and the kick finished.

Chapter 11: AdrianaEdit

"What is this all here for?" she asked suspicious about her tummy. "Why am I like this?" she asked again and looked at Jason. Jason stared horrified  at Amy.  "She is just experiencing some loss of memory about pregnancy. It only lasts 5 minutes." Amy replied dropping something red into the bin. "What do you think you were doing with my innocent wife?" Jason went to Amy and she told him something. Adriana sat  up on the side of the bed and held her tummy. She looked at her tummy and her memory came back. " Jason... " Jason turned to her. "The baby." she said and nearly fell to the ground. Jason rushed to her side. "Every kick is painful. All the kicks are different." Adriana told him as she leaned on him. "It's not birth or labour?" Jason asked looking at the kick patterns on Adriana's tummy. "No." she replied and grasped her tummy. She bent down and brought he knees closer to her. "Adriana place your legs down and breathe." Amy instructed and placed her legs down. Jason did them with her so she could feel more comfortable. Adriana's eyes became wide and she sat up. She placed both her hands on tummy and felt like labour had started. Jason helped Adriana up and Adriana decided to go for a walk. After a few paces she held her back abd leaned on the back of the seat. Adriana bent inwards and closed her eyes in. "Jason." Adriana exclaimed. Jason came to her side and supported her.  "I feel sick." Adriana said holding her tummy. Jason sat Adriana down on the seat. Adriana's breathing became heavy. Jason stroked Adriana to keep her calm. Adriana felt a gush of water. "She just spilled!."  Amy exclaimed moving slightly away from Adriana. "Labour?" Adriana asked. "Yeah." Amy replied. "Are you ready to have one last and hopefully painless than before, birth?" Jason murmured to her. Adriana nodded her head. "Could we try doing it in the water?" Adriana asked Jason. "I cant see why not." Jason answered looking at Amy. "I'll see if we are allowed to have the pools for the day." Amy suggested, getting up. "Stay here with Adriana and get her things ready." Amy left the room and Jason placed Adriana on the bed. Jason went to her cupboard and got out her bag of stuff needed during labour. "Where's your 2 piece swimsuit?" Jason asked. "2nd sleeve at the back." Adriana answered and Jason brought back the things. Amy came back in a few minutes later with her aunt in-law. "The pools are all yours. Good Luck Adriana." Cinderella encouraged and kissed Adriana on the forehead. "Start heading to the pools Jason. We will be there in a minute." Amy said and Jason kissed her hand. "Amy is here if anything happens." he said and left with Cinderella. "Let's get you changed." Amy suggested and Adriana sat up.

- - -

Jason helped Adriana slowly wade into the pool. Adriana soon got in and walked with Jason. "We will do it in there. But this one is just for getting comfortable." Jason pointed at a smaller pool next to them. Jason started towing Adriana around in the pool. "Why are you still in your clothes?" she asked. "I thought this might be easier for you to cope with." Jason answered. Jason brought her close to him and he kissed her. "I hope this birth will be smoother than the rest." Adriana wished. 10 minutes passed and A y suggested getting into the smaller pool. Jason got out first and helped Adriana out. Adriana carefully sat in the other pool and waited for Jason.

Chapter 12:JasonEdit

Jason went  behind the relaxed Adriana for the 4th time. "You are relaxed?" he asked his wife. "Sort of. The pain-" Adriana bent down. "Hurts." she replied soon later. Jason stroke Adriana's arm. "It will be here soon." Jason continued. "Have you been alright, being in a pool for nearly four hours can get boring and annoying?" he finished, kissing Adriana's ear. "Yes. Since you have been around. I just hope she comes soon. It's 6  hours till midnight." Adriana replied and lay back on Jason. "I want the baby to come before or after then." she commented. She was wanting to have the baby now by the way she was holding Jason's hand. "Not now Adriana. We have to let her do what she wants and come when she wants." Jason held Adriana's tummy with one hand. Amy was sitting on the edge of the pool, anxiously watching their child's every move. Lauren came in a few minutes later. "Adriana!" she exclaimed and kissed her on the forehead. "May I please stay for this birth. I promised her if she was with me when mine happened." Amy sighed. "No one else after you." Amy replied. "But only Adriana and Jason are allowed in the water. Unless there is a problem." Adrianna bent inwards and squealed. Jason started massaging Adriana's shoulders. Adriana started panting. Amy passed her an oxygen tube and she started breathing into it slowly. Adriana finished breathing into the tube and passed it back to Amy. She lay back on Jason and they waited for their daughter to arrive. Amy got a mini machine and placed a stick on Adriana's tummy. She watched the screen connected to the stick and then took the stick off Adriana's tummy.

- - -
Adriana with new daughter

Adriana with her seconds old daughter.

Hours passed and Adriana was wanting their daughter to come. "Come on!" she would mutter to herself. Adriana squealed. "She's coming." Amy encouraged Adriana. Adriana remained calm who Amy said this.  "I'm scared Jason." Adriana started shaking. "Why?" "I can feel her in my hands." Adriana soon commented. Adriana give a big squeal of pain. Jason felt Adriana's tummy lower quickly and Adriana placed their newborn daughter in front of her heart. Amy placed a blanket over the top of  her. "Well Done." Jason murmured to her and stroked her arm.  Adriana panted heavily and started crying. Jason kissed Adriana. He knew it was tears of joy. "Born at 10:30pm on the 23rd of December." Jason commented. Adriana sighed and they both looked at their daughter. "Congratulations Adriana." Lauren  stroked Adriana's shoulder. "The name?" jason asked. "We have named 3 other children Jason. Let this one have a special name that their aunts decide." Adriana murmured back. Jason nodded and they both turned to Lauren and Amy. "We want you guys to decide the name." Adriana commented. "Really?" they both exclaimed. "Lauren first name and Amy middle name." jason added. "How about Miranda for the first name?" Adriana looked at him and he told Adriana. "if you want. I like it." "Penelope?" Amy asked. Adriana nodded. "Hello Miranda Penelope Randolf." Adriana murmured to their daughter. Jason went infront of Adriana. "Will you have another wedding here Adriana?" he asked. Adriana nodded and Jason kissed her. He gazed at his 4th child. "It's time to get out guys." Amy suggested. Adriana froze. "No." she replied and looked down. "Theres another one!" Adriana exclaimed. Jason took Miranda and pass her to Lauren. Adriana held onto the sides of the pool and squealed in pain. Adriana started following Jason in breathing. "Can you place a towel here Amy?" Jason asked and Amy placed a towel next to him. "Jason, I can't push." Adriana admitted soon. "Why?" "I'm weak and have given birth 5 times this year. It's getting tiring." Jason looked down. "One push then I can do something." Adriana clutched her tummy and bent inwards as she did a push. "Don't look and block your ears A,y and Lauren. This might be distressing." Jason said and Amy and Lauren turned around. "This might hurt, but it will get the baby out." Jason told Adriana and he placed his hands on the baby's head under the water. " Jason..... " Jason started pulling the baby out without any pushing. Adriana cried and wailed in pain. 5 minutes later, the baby was just about out. "3,2,1.... All done." he said to Adriana and he placed the unexpected baby on Adriana's shoulder. Adriana slapped him on the face with her free hand. "Are you insane!!!!!" she exclaimed. "Sorry, it was the only way if you couldn't push." he replied to the heavily panting Adriana. He kissed her and passed her the oxygen mask. She breathed into the tube for a few minutes then finished with it. "Sorry I slapped you." Adriana said kissing him. Jason cut something's off the baby and found out the gender. "I can't believe I killed my own unborn son." Jason heard Amy say to Lauren. " Do you want this child?" Jason murmured to his wife and Adriana shook her head. "Well, Amy isn't having a son now. This baby is a boy." Adriana gasped. "So you are saying.." "We give him to Amy?" Adriana nodded and Jason looked at Amy. "Amy." Amy turned to him. "Come meet your son." he said and Amy came to then with a covered mouth. "M-my son?" Amy asked speechless. Adriana nodded and Amy bent down. "He's mine! He's so adorable!" Amy exclaimed. "I am sorry you had to go through that pain Adriana." "It's alright." Adriana replied and looked with a raised eyebrow at Jason. "I already apologised!" he said looking innocent. Adriana laughed. "Well, birth is over. Now it's just the labour recovery." Adriana sighed. "Can I have Miranda, Lauren?" Lauren passed Jason, Miranda. "Can I hold my son? I'll give him straight back." Amy asked and Adriana handed her son to her. Amy cradled her boy in her arms. "Hey Ashton. Guess what? Our son has arrived. No no. Adriana had him but then gave him to me. See you soon." Amy finished talking with Ashton on the phone and passed the boy back. "Argh!" Amy exclaimed and went on her knees. Jason passed Miranda to Adriana and he got out of the pool and helped Amy. "I thought he was dead." he said confused to Amy. "Well they have to come don't they!?" Amy exclaimed panting. Jason moved Amy a distance from Adriana. Amy placed her hands on Jason's shoulders. She soon placed one under her skirt. Amy nearly fainted as she must of felt her dead son. "Push." Jason demanded and Amy squinted in pain. Jason saw Amy's arm moving slowly. Jason saw Ashton come in. "Amy." he exclaimed and went on his knees. "She's having your dead son." Jason told him and Ashton comforted Amy. Jason checked how far the baby was. "One more..... now!" Amy squealed and pulled out her son. Jason placed a towel over the stillborn and Amy panted. He passed her the oxygen mask and she breathed into it. "Amy he's  not dead." Ashton soon commented. Jason saw the boy moving. Jason went to Adriana and got the boy she was holding. He went back to Amy and placed him in her arms. "I am sorry Jason. I shouldn't have given birth now. You needed to be with your wife." Amy apologised still slowly panting. "It's alright Amy. She's fine." Jason kissed her younger sister's cheek and got up. Amy pulled Jason back down and hugged him. "Thanks." he murmured to her. "Thank you for being there when Adriana has need it most." Amy smiled at him and Jason went back into the pool. He sat next to Adriana. He carefully splashed some water on her. He kissed Adriana on the cheek and cleaned up around and on Adriana.

Chapter 13: AdrianaEdit

2 hours went after Amy's birth and Adriana had had enough of the pool. Jason got out and took Miranda. With his other free hand he helped Adriana out. Lauren placed a towel on her shoulders and she sat in the loungers. Jason wrapped a towel around him and sat with Adriana. Adriana sighed as she heard the midnight bell. He stroked her. "You did very well." he congratulated Adriana. She kissed him back. Jason kissed her and Adriana smiled. "Thank you Jason. For being right there and helping me through this year long pregnancy." Adriana thanked him. Jason kissed her like they did in the church on their first wedding and Adriana carefully hugged Jason. Amy came over to them holding her two alive sons with Ashton.  She lay with Ashton on the lounger next to them. "Adriana, Lauren. This is Ashton. Ashton this is Jason's wife and sister in-law." Ashton smiled at Adriana and she smiled back. "Have any names for your sons Amy?" Lauren asked and Amy nodded at Ashton. "We are naming then after their wonderful Aunt and Uncle." Amy looked at Adriana and Jason. Jason hugged Adriana and stroked her arm. "The one you gave birth to Adriana is called Adrian and the one Jason helped me have will be called Jason Michael." Amy added. Tears of joy ran down Adriana's face and she cried into Jason's towel. "Can we add Amy to Miranda's name Jason?" she murmured to Jason and he nodded. "Jason and I have chosen to add a name in Miranda's middle name." Adriana announced. "Welcome to the family Miranda Amy Penelope Randolf." Adriana smiled at Amy. "Thank you." she tearfully thanked Adriana. Adriana smiled and replied. "your welcome. Also, I have decided personally the name of our next son." Which I hope will be planned... Adriana continued. "He will be named after the most important person in my  life." She smiled at Jason who was starting to cry. "You have been there for me since the day that ultrasound told us about the twins and...... I have always trusted you that you are there and I love you for that." Jason was touched my the message and kissed Adriana. Just were up till 4 am talking to the families and were excited about next year until... "Amy." Ashton got down on the ground. "Will you marry me?" he asked holding her hands. Amy nodded and Ashton kissed Amy. Ashton sat back up and admired his twin boys. "I love you." Jason kissed Adriana. "Me too." Adriana replied leaning against Jason and admiring Miranda.


"Can I hang the tree topper Jason?" Adriana sat down holding Miranda. "Sure." Jason replied placing some baul balls

Adriana resting.

on the mini christmas tree they had in their room. Adriana started stroking her tummy. She lay on the soda and closed her eyes. She started stroking her tummy again. Jason came infront of her and she smiled at him. Jason took Miranda and placed her in the cot.  Her hand was taken off her tummy by Jason. She egearly placed it back on. "Adriana. You aren't pregnant anymore." "Remember my disease? I will still act as I am pregnant. It is kind of comforting also though." Adriana said sitting up. Jason placed his hands on her tummy. "oohh." Adriana said in pain. She held her tummy and closed her eyes. "Come on. Time for the tree topper." Jason commented and helped Adriana up. He passed her the star tree topper and headed towards the tree. Jason came behind her as she placed the topper on the tree. Adriana smiled and leaned on Jason. He kissed her. Adriana looked up to see mistletoe above them. Adriana laughed as she saw Jason holding it. She heard her eldest twins laugh and saw then trying to stand up. "Jason. Look." she nuged Jason to look at Kathalina and Ethan. Kathalina and Ethan started walking to them. "Come on. Awww." Kathalina and Ethan reached Adriana and Jason and they hugged them. Adriana got Jason's free hand and palced it on her tummy. She felt something strange which had never happened before. Something was swirling inside her making her dizzy. "I am freaking out about it Jason." she shakily commented. Jason kissed Adriana and lay her down on the sofa. "Lie there for a few minutes. Hopefully it will go then." Jason stroked Adriana's cheeks before heading to a box on the table. "Jason. Can you get me some water. My head is now spinning like crazy." Adriana asked and Jason passed a glass of water to her. After a few minutes of dizzyness, it finally stopped. "I just had an idea Jason." "What might that be?" "We start writing our own diaries.... like I do on how I am coping with this disease and you can write about being a father. Just an idea." Adriana suggested to Jason.Jason smiled as he must of liked the idea. "Oh. I forgot to give you this." Jason handed her an envelope. Adriana opened it and saw a letter addressed to her inside. Adriana got it out and read it. November 9 2011, Dear Adriana, 'As I write this letter I am scared and worried about you Adriana. I love you will all my heart too but I can't bear to see you like you are now. Each anxious second I am watching you, eager to get you awake again. Orlando has started crying. I am cradling him back to sleep but he won't stop crying. He needs his mother. I wish you were awake Adriana so badly. I want you and need you now. I can't sleep and stop thinking about you. This letter might be short but I can write more in my emotions. Love, Jason. Don't ever leave me.  Adriana looked at Jason and kissed her. Adriana carefully got up and held Miranda. She went over to the box and got out 6 stockings, each of her children's ones hand made by her. She placed them on hooks in the wall and smiled. Adriana placed a coat over her and a blanket over Miranda. She walked to the balcony and went outside. It was starting to snow. Jason came behind her. He started stroking her tummy just like earlier in the year. Adriana sighed and went back inside holding onto Jason. She sat down on the desk and got out a paper and pen. She started writing her diary. Jason sat near her and started writing his one.

Chapter 14:JasonEdit

Jason kissed Adriana and she woke up. She wanted him to kiss longer so he did. "Merry Christmas." Jason commented hugging Adriana as she sat up. Jason started stroking Adriana's tummy and back. Adriana sighed in comfort. Adriana clutched her tummy. Jason continued to stroke it and Adriana calmed back down. "The baby's coming!" Adriana exclaimed and started to pant. "Huh? What baby?" Jason asked but Adriana didn't reply. She closed her eyes in pain and looked up. Jason placed his hands on her shoulders. "Adriana! Stop." Adriana's breathing started to slow down and Adriana lay on her back. Adriana sat back up and hugged Jason. They soon both got up and went to their 4 children. "Are you sure you are prepared to look after 4 kids Jason?" Adriana asked looking at him. "All I want to know is if You're prepared and that you will cope with the disease?" Adriana nodded and cuddled Miranda. She took Orlando and sat on the bed. "Merry Christmas." she murmured to them as Jason sat next to her holding Ethan and Kathalina. Adriana lay Miranda and Orlando on the bed. She lifted her top up to bare her tummy. She looked at it before rubbing it. "You like to caress your tummy don't you?" Jason commented. "I still feel pregnant so I want to do it ok." Adriana replied. Jason watched his wife fondle with her tummy and soon Jason joined in. Jason kissed Adriana. Miranda started crying so Adriana cuddled her and she bobbed around the room. Adriana faced away as she gave milk to Miranda. While her tummy was up, she stroked it a few times before placing Miranda on her right shoulder. Adriana sighed and turned around. "Sorry, I preferred doing it facing away." Adriana told him coming towards him. Adriana passed over Miranda to him and he gladly held his youngest. Adriana went to the same spot with Orlando. Jason took a deep breath before telling Adriana some news. "Did you know, Amy and Lauren went last night." " They didn't ." Adriana said bewildered. Jason placed Miranda in the cot and soon did Adriana with Orlando. Adriana leaned on the cot holding her back. Jason stroked her back. "Back ache?" Adriana nodded and leaned on Jason. A knock was heard from the door and a servant came in. "You have some letters." the servant passed a plate of letters and Jason took it. The servant left the room and Kasin sat with Adriana. They were addressed to both of them and 1 to Adriana and another to himself.  Adriana snatched the envlope Jason was holding and opened it. "Dear Jason and Adriana Randolf, You are invited to the wedding of Lauren Valentini and MIchael Randolf on the 8th of January." Adriana read aloud. "P.S: The other two letters are asking for a helping hand ;)". Adriana finished and took the letter addressed to her. Jason took his one and opened it. Dear Jason Randolf, As the brother of the groom, the groom has asked if you could be one of his groomsmen. Please RSVP, ASAP. It read."Yay! Michael and Lauren are getting married soon." Adriana exclaimed and hugged Jason. There was a knock on the door and Kenward popped his head in. "Her  majesty wants you to be present in the the throne room  with your children. " he said and opened the door for them. Adriana held Miranda and Kathalina and went to the door. He took Ethan and Orlando and as a family they went to the throne room.

- - -

"The last gift, then it's time to pack up". Adriana said passing Jason a huge gift. "Oh Adriana." he gasped looking at the size of it. He opened it up to see 6 frames inside. He got them out carefully and placed them on the bed. The first two had Orlando and Miranda's hand and feet in the moulds and the other four were birth certificates and announcements. Jason hugged Adriana and they both admired the frames. "They are gorgeous." Jason exclaimed and he was getting handed an envelope. "These are the official birth announcements that have special pictures and information." Adriana commented as he opened the envelope. He looked to see 4 birth announcements with a picture of their children when they were just born. Jason looked at the cards and then his children. "Kathalina and Ethan had changed so much since their birth." Jason smiled and placed them all back in the box. Adriana and Jason picked up their children and placed them in their cot. They left them and soon they were ready to go to sleep. Adriana soon closed the curtains and hopped in bed holding her tummy. As they got in bed they looked at each other. "Thank you for a wonderful Christmas Jason." Adriana smiled. "Thank you for being prepared to  be pregnant so we could have the perfect Christmas with our children. Our first Christmas was perfect." Jason kissed Adriana.

Adriana and Amy in their bridesmaids dresses.

They cuddled together before they fell asleep.

Chapter 15:AdrianaEdit

Amy, Lauren and Adriana laughed. Adriana placed her flower strap on her arm. "You look really pretty Lauren." "Thanks Amy." Lauren thanked Amy's compliment. Adriana straightened Lauren's dress. "This is your aunts dress Amy." Lauren commented. "It is?" Amy said surprises. "It's a perfect fit on you." Adriana replied. "Ok, since there is 3 young girls here. I was thinking Dawn can be the flower girl and you guys hold Antalya or Karina?" Lauren suggested. "Sure, I'll take Karina." Adriana suggested. "I'll take Antalya." Amy added. "Ok." Lauren commented and Adriana passed the bouquet to her younger sister. "Let's go shall we." Lauren suggested and Adriana opened the door. Amy, Lauren and Adriana walked to the church nearby.

- - -

Adriana picked Karina up and held her. Amy cuddled Antalya. "Well at least none of us are pregnant for this wedding." Lauren commented gazing at her big bouquet. "Well, besides -" Adriana looked sternly at Amy. She knew what she was going to say. "Besides?" Lauren asked looking at Amy. "Never mind." Amy shyly looked away. "Sorry, I just don't want her knowing." Adriana whispered in Amy's ear. "It's alright. I understand." Amy replied. The doors soon opened and Adriana started walking down the aisle with Amy. They soon reached the end of the church and waited for Lauren. Kauren slowly came down the aisle by herself. Lauren passed her bouquet to Adriana when she reached them. First, Lauren repeated her vow to Michael, "I, Lauren Williams choose you Michael Randolf, To be no other than yourself, Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know. I will respect you as an individual, a partner, and an equal. I promise to laugh with you when times are good, and endure with you when they are bad. I will always adore, honor and encourage you." then Micheal said his to Lauren. "I, Michael Randolf choose you Lauren Williams,To be no other than yourself, Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know. I will respect you as an individual, a partner, and an equal. I promise to laugh with you when times are good, and endure with you when they are bad. I will always adore, honor and encourage you." To Adriana, it looked like Lauren was blushing. "You are now husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Randolf. Prince and Princess of their kingdom to be." Lauren smiled and Adriana after the pope finished speaking. "You may kiss the bride." the pope told Michael. Michael and Lauren kissed and clapping began. Jason came to Adriana and held her hand. Adriana passed Laurens bouquet back to her and together the grooms men and brides maids walked back down the aisle following Lauren and Michael.

Chapter 16: JasonEdit

Jason saw Adriana roll her eyes and heard her sigh. "Adriana." he whispered. "Really." he continued. "Sorry." she replied. Jason and Adriana were discussing with his aunt about ruling in one of the kingdoms. "I am going to check the children." Adriana said getting up from her seat. "Not again." he muttered to himself. Adriana walked out of the room. "I have to go talk to her." Jason told her aunt. "Ok." Cinderella said smiling."So you are saying the Red Kingdom can be ours? Changing the name and all?" Jason asked standing up. "Yes, I will organise a carriage to take you there so you can look around." Cinderella answered. "Thanks Aunt." Jaosns thanked and left the room. Jason headed to his room. He guessed Adriana went there. As Jason entered the room, he saw Adriana checking on their children. "How dare you walk out of the room when we were in an important decision both of us needed to take part in!" "Both of us? More like you. I am not a royal, you are." Adriana replied.Jason slapped Adriana angrily on the cheek. Adriana gasped and placed a hand on her cheek. A  few tears fell down her face before she cried. "I can't take this anymore!" Adriana confessed. "Can't take what?" Jason calmly asked. "Can't take what. can't take what!?" Adriana's voice tone made Jason think that he questioned her too soon. "I have had sleepless nights cause of them.." Adriana pointed at their 4 children sleeping in their cots. "... And have had a very tough year. First we were dating, next thing I know I'm pregnant, then you proposed, then we got married 5 months later, then 2 months later I have Ethan and Kathalina. Next thing I find out I am unexpectedly, again, having another baby. Then Lauren has her second daughter, next I find out I am married to a royal. Then I have a dead baby, few weeks later I have a boy which was not the one I was hoping it was. Then I fell into a deep sleep of two months. Days later I have Miranda, then it's Christmas. A month later it was Lauren's wedding to your brother and here we are now!" Adriana was getting really stressed. "Adriana. I am sorry for slapping you but please, you must calm down." Jason instructed Adriana placing his hands on her shoulders. Jason took Adriana to their sofa and sat her down. "I'm sorry. It's - it's just so hard for me, being a full time mother and queen to-be in just a short time. I was never prepared for this." Adriana started crying again and leaned on Jason's shoulder. Jason stroked Adriana's cheek. "I know it has been tough in you and I am sorry for all that pressure." Jason kissed Adriana who hugged him. She soon wiped her tears away and looked at her tummy, which had still not decreased. "Who knows what will happen in the future. We will have our royal wedding, our official wedding anniversary, our children's 1st birthday. Who knows, we may even plan another baby or there maybe is one in there right now, wanting to enter the world."

Adriana and Jason talking.

Adriana placed one of Jason's hands on her tummy and Jason kissed his wife. Adriana kissed him back. "I am not sure if there is a baby on it's way." "Why you say that Jason?"Adriana asked curious. "Well there aren't any kicks and...."Jason got his stethoscope out with a hand still on Adriana's tummy. ".... And I can't feel any heart beats." he finished trying to find a heart beat. "Well, just keep in mind and we will just check now and then." Adriana smiled and hugged him. "Now, it looks like tomorrow we will be visiting the red kingdom. We will have about a week to at least get the castle designs ready so it can start to get built." Adriana nodded. "I am sorry Jason. I can't help being stressed. A lot has happened to me in the last year which I couldn't take all at once." Adriana lay her head on Jasons legs. "I know." Jason replied stroking Adriana's forehead. "Don't worry about it. We are getting through it together." Jason bent down and kissed his wife. "Hey guys!" Adriana exclaimed at the sight of Midnight, Snowy, Shadow and Sugar. "How are you fur balls?" Adriana asked Shadow and Sugar as she tickled them on her lap.

Chapter 17:AdrianaEdit

"I can't believe this place hasn't changed at all since I last saw it." Jason exclaimed. Adriana looked out of the carriage window and saw the Red Kingdom as a baron country side. Adriana sighed. "You alright Adriana?" Jason asked stroking Adriana's knee. "Yeah, I could just see this country side full of Italian country villas." Adriana replied. "It'll - remind me of home." Adriana started crying and buried her face in her hands. Jason sat next to her and comforted her. "We can put some Italian houses if you want to. It's our kingdom now." "We can?" Adriana said looking at Jason. "Of course! Anything." Jason replied and kissed Adriana. Jason got back up and sat on the other side of the carriage. Soon the carriage stopped and Jason looked outside. "We are in the town now." he said and opened the door of the carriage. Adriana took Jason's hand and Jason helped her out of the carriage. Jason placed Adriana's shawl over her shoulders and they started walking hand in hand. The town was empty and quiet. It slightly freaked Adriana out. "How can we get people to stay in this kingdom since it's like -" Adriana shivered. "this?" "We will try." Jason replied and Adriana walked closer to Jason. Adriana saw the old castle in front of them. It was still in tact from the outside. Jason led Adriana to the entrance of the castle. Adriana started feeling scared. Jason and Adriana quietly walked through the hallway. "Jason, I'm scared." Jason stopped as Adriana confessed to him. "Adriana, you have been even more scared than this.  Be brave." Jason comforted Adriana before they moved on. An hour later they finished looking through a bit of the castle. "Just a little bit of renovating and few changes then we can start the kingdom!" Jason exclaimed as they walked out of the castle. Adriana let go of Jason's hands as Jason walked down the stairs. "Adriana?" "I can't live here." Adriana commented looking down at her dress. "Why?" Jason asked coming back up the stairs. "It's missing our memories Jason." "Our memories?" Jason asked confused. "The house Jason. Our dream home in Canada. Remember you brought it with us?" "Yes. What does the house have to do with this?" "Don't you get it Jason. I'm homesick. I want the house as part of the castle area." Jason held her cheek and leaned her head back so she could look at his face. "Anything for my brave and gorgeous wife." Jason kissed Adriana on the forehead and took Adriana's hand. Jason and Adriana walked down the stairs together and walked back to the awaiting carriage. As they walked, Adriana looked at her tummy and touched it. She smiled and took her hand off. "Do you want to have another baby soon?" Adriana asked Jason. "Why are you asking me that?" Jason wondered. "Well, new place, new house, new family - new baby." Adriana replied and stopped  Jason and her. Adriana turned to face Jason. "You do want a bigger family? Right? "Of course I do. With you." Jason placed a hand on Adriana's tummy. "Soon." Adriana and Jason started walking again. "Just wait a few years Adriana before you -" Adriana felt something in her tummy. "Amy still has the scan equipment right?" "Yes. Why?" "I will need a scan when we get back." Adriana said holding her tummy. "Come on. don't worry about it." Jason gestured Adriana to follow him and they got back in the carriage.

Chapter 18: JasonEdit

"Ok. The kingdom is now undergoing repairs." Jason exhaustedly said sitting on the couch. "At least I am not pregnant." Adriana said lying on him. "That was a close call." Jason replied. "Well, that's in the past now." Adriana said. Miranda started crying in her cot. Adriana got up and sighed. Adriana picked Miranda up, out of her cot and started bobbing up and down. Adriana tried to quieten down Miranda and kissed her cheek. Adriana sighed as Miranda stopped crying and fell asleep. Adriana held Miranda as she lay back down with Jason. "She's gorgeous for just 2 months." Jason commented stroking Miranda's forehead with one finger. "Since we're talking about children, I have a question to ask you." Adriana looked up at Jason. "If you were allowed to decide how many children we had for 2 more pregnancies, how many would I have each time?" Jason thought for a minute. "One time just one and the other time, twins." "Same." Adriana commented and got up. She kissed Miranda before placing her in the cot. Jason saw Adriana smiled so Jason got up and went to her. He admired his 4 children in their shared cots. Jason went behind Adriana and held her hands. "You were so brave when you were expecting every single one of these children." Adriana kissed Jason and then they both turned to Orlando. He was sucking his thumb cutely. "Awww, come here." Adriana quietly and carefully picked up Orlando. She placed him on her shoulder before he started crying. "Want to do it?" Adriana passed Jason, Orlando and Jason started  bobbing up and down. "ssshhhh." Jason kissed his youngest son and continued bobbing. Adriana came in front of him and gazed at him getting Orlando to sleep. Soon Orlando fell quiet and sucked his thumb again. Jason passed Adriana, Orlando and she placed him in his shared  cot. Jason saw Adriana slightly lean over and grasp her tummy. Jason dashed to her side. "I cant get married next week if I keep getting these weird kick- like feelings." Adriana commented leaning on Jason and still grasping her tummy. "This one feels like-" Adriana squirmed and bent down slightly. "like I'm giving birth." Adriana screamed and acted like she was pushing. "Adriana feel for a head." Jason instructed and Adria a felt for one. "No but there is something coming." Jason led Adriana to their bed and lay her down. "I'll call Amy." Jason got out his phone and called Amy. "Hello?" "Amy come quick. Adriana is pushing." "Pushing what?" Amy asked. "I don't know. You will though." "Ok, I'm on my way." Jason hung up and sat next to Adriana who was breathing heavily. Jason saw Adriana's hand covered in blood so he quickly faced Adriana. "Calm down. Breathe slowly." he continuously instructed Adriana. "No pushing till Amy is here." Amy burst through the door. She came to Adriana and felt her. "You know when Adriana woke up from her deep sleep she felt something coming?" Jason nodded. "It's the same thing. So don't look." Jason lay next to Adriana and Adriana faced her head towards Jason. "Does she have to push?" Jason asked Amy. "It's not needed. If she feels like it she can. Just warm me." "Well here one goes." Adriana clutched onto Jason's hand and closed her eyes. "She doing it." he warmed Amy and Adriana screamed. "No more!" Amy instructed and Adriana opened her eyes worriedly. Jason went closer to Adriana and kissed her until Amy had finished. After they finished, Adriana was shocked to see what Jason had just done.

Chapter 19:AdrianaEdit

"Am I looking at a bridal gown model or am I looking at a stunning Adriana?" Lauren exclaimed as Adriana came

Adriana's Gown

out of her dressing room with her Alfred Angelo wedding gown she brought with her. Adriana had her hair curled and diamond hair pins placed near her sparkling tiara. "I am wearing my fairytale dress." Adriana commented stroking her skirt. Adriana went to the cot where her dressed up Kathalina and Miranda were. "Miranda is so cute!" Adriana exclaimed picking up her daughter. "Who's going to be carrying who?" Amy asked. "Adriana should carry one of her daughter." Cinderella suggested. "I'll take Miranda. Amy you can take Kathalina and Lauren can take Karina." "I'll take Dawn." Cinderella added and Adriana nodded.  Adriana cuddled Miranda as she gazed at her flower bouquet. Full of White and yellow coloured flowers, it was Adriana's dream wedding. Adriana picked up her bouquet and turned to Amy and Lauren. "Can we go?"  Adriana asked Cinderella. "In a minute. Final preparations are always needed." Cinderella replied as she adjusted Adriana's tiara. When Cinderella finished, Adriana looked at herself in the mirror. Adriana kissed Miranda. "I look beautiful don't I?" Adriana sighed and added. "You too precious." Adriana stroked her youngest daughter's fingers before heading to the door.

- - -

Adriana held her uncle in-laws hand. I am not sure if I can walk down the isle with Jason's uncle. "Chad. I can't go down with you." Adriana faced Chad. "You sure?" "This wedding isn't my real one. I think I can go down on my own." Chad let go of Adriana's hand with a nod and went into to sit with his wife in the service area. Lauren placed Antalya in front of Adriana. "We are ready?" Adriana saw Amy and Lauren nod. "Ok." she murmured to herself and took a deep breath. She looked up and the doors opened. Adriana bent down. "Go on Antalya." Antalya started slowly walking down to his step - father. Amy and Lauren passed her. "See you at the front." Amy chuckled and Lauren and Amy walked down to the front with Karina, Miranda and Kathalina. Adriana took a step forward and froze. Why am I doing this again? A few tears fell down Adriana's face before she broke into tears and dashed to the front entrance of the church. She got outside and sat on the stairs crying. Adriana heard the doors open again. "Oh Adriana." she heard Jason exclaim and sit next to her. "I- I can't do it again." Jason comforted Adriana. Adriana looked at her husband and saw him in a blue and silver suit. Adriana wiped away her tears. "I will do this for you." Adriana said and got ready to stand up. Jason made her sit down. "Do it for us. Either we get married, again, or skip to our coronation?" "I would rather skip to our coronation." "I know you would." Jason commented as he hugged Adriana. "Come. We will announce the skipping together." Jason got up and helped Adriana up. Adriana and Jason walked back into the church and went to the door to where everyone was waiting. Everyone turned around at the sight of them. "We have decided to cancel the wedding and go onto the coronation. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience." Jason finished and Adriana motioned 1 hour to Lauren and Amy. Lauren nodded and Adriana and Jason headed back to the castle to get ready for the coronation.

Chapter 20:JasonEdit

"There. Good as new sweetie." Jason commented as Jason finished helping Adriana finish up with her makeup. Jason kissed Adriana and Adriana held his hand. "I found out that Kathalina and Ethan are actually identical twins." Adriana commented placing a small tiara in her hair. "Really?" Jason asked as he dusted the crown he was going to be wearing. "Yup." Adriana replied. Jason placed his crown on his head. He then wrapped a cape around his shoulders and tied it in front of him. Jason picked a sparkling, clear cape up a d went to Adriana. "Now to finish your look, you need this." Adriana turned around and gasped at the sight of the cape. Adriana stood up and let Jason place the cape on her. She tied it up and then looked at herself in the mirror. Jason turned around and saw his 4 dogs on the bed. Jason smiled and took Adriana to them. "So you guys are going to walk with us to the front?" Adriana asked. "That is what Jason said Adriana." Midnight replied and Adriana nodded. "Well, I think it's time." Jason said turning to face Adriana and holding her hands. "Ok." Adriana said before she kissed Jason.Jason hugged Adriana as they kissed. Adriana soon looked at Jason surprised. "Is anything wrong Adriana? Each time we have kissed recently you have been surprised about it." "They - have just seemed different from the others." "I understand. When I had a few kisses with you it felt different from the others." Jason replied and held Adriana's hand. They went back to the church with Snowy, Midnight, Shadow and Sugar. Soon they arrived and they headed towards the same room where their royal wedding was going to be held. Everyone was still there thankfully. Amy noticed them and told Lauren. Lauren nodded and smiled. "Presenting their royal highness', Prince Jason Conner and Lady Adriana Evangeline." the church head announced and Adriana gripped onto Jason's hand. "Go on you 4." Adriana quietly commented and Midnight, Snowy, Shadow and Sugar went down to the front. "Ready?" Jason asked his wife. "Ready." Adriana replied and the music started playing. Jason and Adriana slowly started walking hand in hand down the aisle. Adriana looked at Jason and he looked at his wife. Soon they arrived at the front and, still holding hands, they kneeled down on the foot stools in front of them. They bowed their heads and the head placed scented oils below them. Jason had been told they were there to 'cleanse' the body. The head took off the crowns they were wearing and placed them behind him. Jason felt a stick on his shoulder. "I declare Prince Jason Conner, King Jason Conner. Granting that he will win many fights, be less likely of sickness and a safe ruler for the Red Kingdom." the stick kept moving back and forth on each shoulder before the King's crown was placed on his head. Jason smiled and the head moved onto Adriana. "I declare Lady Adriana Evangeline, Queen Adriana Evangeline.  Granting that she will protect the king, protect her kingdom and be less likely of sickness and be a safe ruler of the Red Kingdom." Jason saw Adriana smile in the corner of his eye. "Please rise." the church head announced. Adriana and Jason arose. "Presenting King Jason Conner and Queen Adriana Evangeline of the Red Kingdom." he announced. "Can you please kiss her?" the head quietly asked Jason. Adriana and Jason faced each other and Jason kissed her. Everyone cheered as they kissed. Adriana smiled and kissed him again. They faced their wedding / coronation guests and walked back to the door. As a couple, as the King and Queen of the Red Kingdom.

Chapter 21: AdrianaEdit

"Today is such a big day!" Adriana exclaimed as they got into the carriage with their children. "Today is the start of our fresh start." Jason added. Their castle had been finished a few days after their coronation and they were allowed to move in. The carriage started moving and Adriana was full of excitement. Adriana picked up her daughters and held them close to her. Adriana gazed at them and smiled. A few tears of joy ran down her face. "I am proud of us as parents too." Jason commented, he knew what Adriana was crying about. "I went through so much just to be part of our family." Adriana added. "Us, well you, umm... It can be either I suppose." Adriana chuckled when Jason got confused. Adriana looked up and saw Jason looking at his sons with a smile. 20 minutes passed and they soon arrived at the gates of the Red Kingdom. "Look outside and welcome to our new home." Jason said and Adriana looked outside. Adriana gasped at the sight of Italian style villas all throughout the farmland. Adriana looked at Jason who had sat behind her and was stroking her arm. "I did it for you." Adriana leaned back and kissed Jason. Soon Adriana saw the castle. "That - that's ours?" Adriana was speechless at the sight of the castle. The castle was cream coloured and had a small italian style in with it. "Thank you so much!" Adriana kissed Jason again. Adriana sat back up and gave Jason, Kathalina. She went closer to the window and showed Miranda the castle. "Welcome home." Adriana murmured to Miranda who started moving around. Adriana knew she might start crying so she swung Miranda slowly. Miranda nearly cried but was stopped by the movements made by Adriana. A minute later the carriage stopped and Adriana saw they were at the entrance to the castle. "Were here." Jason said as he opened the carriage door. Adriana slowly got out holding Miranda and Kathalina. She heard her shoes tap against the marble staircase and she turned around. Jason opened up two twin strollers and placed Ethan and Orlando in one. Adriana placed Kathalina and Miranda in another one and went up with ramp with both the strollers. When she reached the top she went to the door and touched it. In the background, Adriana heard Jason talking to the servants. ".... That one goes in that room yes...." she heard. Jason came up and stroked Adriana. "Let's go in." Adriana and Jason pushed the door open and it gave a creaking noise. "Oh my!" The hallway before them was full of chandeliers and paintings. Jason and Adriana walked through with the strollers. Adriana gazed at the paintings. "Of us." "Really?" Adriana exclaimed. She stopped and went up to one. She looked at it and saw it was her when she was pregnant with Kathalina and Ethan. Adriana smiled and touched her tummy. "I want to show you something before we head to our room." Jason commented and Adriana followed Jason. Soon they came to another door. Jason opened it and Adriana became speechless and covered her mouth. She saw their house that they had in Toronto right in front of her. "It's the real one?" Adriana managed to asked. Jason nodded and Adriana hugged Jason with delight. Jason picked her up and spun her around. Adriana had her doubts lifted.

Chapter 22:JasonEdit

Jason woke up to see Adriana hugging him. "1 year." Jason said and kissed Adriana. "Yes, one big year." Adriana replied and kissed him back. "Lots of things have happened." Adriana sighed. "At least it's our children's first birthday's coming up. Adriana got up and went to her guitar. "You didn't." Jason exclaimed as Adriana picked up her guitar. "I have worked one year writing this and I wanted to play you it today since it's our wedding anniversary." Adriana commented as she sat down next to Jason again. Adriana started tuning her guitar. "Ok." Adriana took a deep breath before she started play music on her guitar. The melody was very similar to Give Your Heart A Break.  Adriana smiled before she sung her song, "The day I first met you, you showed me that I could fall in love.You've taken me, this far till we said we're together Now here we are full of love and romance, That I cannot describe. When will we decide, darling, what's next I'm life?

Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, I love you will all my heart. I know we fight sometimes but we make up all of the time. Jason you've taken us this far And darling tonight, tonight, I wanna hug you so close, hug you so close, let me hug you so close, hug you close. There's just so much that we've been through let's continue together. Let me love you so much, love you so much. Oh yeah, yeah

Oh Jason, it's been a year since we tied the knot. It's been magical, but frightening but you were right there. The love is ours if we want it We can bring it if you just hold me close. Let's just continue this love  Darling, I love you so much!

Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie, I love you will all my heart. I know we fight sometimes but we make up all of the time. Jason you've taken us this far And darling tonight, tonight, I wanna hug you so close, hug you so close, let me hug you so close, hug you close. There's just so much that we've been through let's continue together. Let me love you so much, love you so much. Oh yeah, yeah

The day I first met you. You showed me, we could fall in love". Adriana stopped strumming and smiled at Jason. Jason brought Adriana closer and hugged and kissed her in delight. "That was wonderful! Well dome and thank you." Jason commented and Adriana kissed Jason. Jason passed Adriana a small box. She opened it and gasped. "May I?" Adriana nodded and Jason took the charm out of the box. Jason took Adriana's wrist and placed the charm on her bracelet. Adriana soon passed Jason an envelope. "I know this isn't what you thought I would be but this is the first part of my gift." Adriana told Jason as he opened the envelope. Inside was an invitation to Adriana and his wedding anniversary celebration. "When is it?" "8pm at the Glass Kingdom." Adriana said as she got up and went to the cots. "You have something to tell daddy don't you Kathalina?" she commented as she cuddled her eldest daughter. Adriana sat back down with Kathalina. "Go I." she murmured to her. "What is she going to -" "Dada." Jason became speechless as her eldest daughter said her first word. Adriana clapped her hands with a smile and Jason hugged Kathalina. "Well done!" 

- - - 

Adriana walked confidently in her ball gown as they walked down the hallway to the ball room. Jason stopped and kissed Adriana before they continued on. They reached the ball room doors and waited. "Presenting their royal hinges' King Jason and Queen Adriana." they heard a guard announce them and they went in. They went down the stairs and danced. "we dance our first dance at this time at our wedding." Adriana commented and Jason kissed Adriana in reply, meaning 'I know'.

Chapter 23: AdrianaEdit

Adriana sat down with Kathalina. "Happy birthday!" Jason hugged Adriana while cuddling Ethan. Adriana sighed. "A very since I gave birth and they were born." Adriana commented leaning on Jason. Jason kissed Adriana on the head. Adriana got a small bracelet out from her pocket and gave it to Kathalina. "What that?" "My gift." "A bracelet?" Jason asked confused and Adriana took the bracelet and showed the engraving 'Dear Kathalina Rachel Randolf, our precious daughter' to Jason. "Oohhh. Ok." Jason replied. Adriana placed the bracelet back on her daughter's arm. Adriana picked her up and placed her next to Adriana's heart. "If you ask what I am doing.. I have made a new tradition." "What tradition?" "The baby when it has just been born and when it turns 1, has to be held in front of our hearts in honour of our love towards the child." Adriana placed the baby in the middle of their hearts. For the next 1/2 an hour they gazed at their daughter with love. Soon Kathalina fell asleep and Adriana cradled her. Afterwards, Jason gave Ethan a toy car. Adriana shrugged and did the same thing with Ethan. 1/2 an hour went by and Jason came closer to Adriana and touched their twins' heads as he cuddled with Adriana. Adriana kissed Jason before she handed her son to Jason. He took Ethan with pleasure. Jason got up and went to the cots. Jason kissed his sleeping son on the forehead before placing him in the cot. Adriana got up and went to her husband. Like Jason, she kissed her daughters forehead before placing her in the cot. Jason went behind her and placed his hands on Adriana's tummy. Adriana placed her hands on his and leaned back on him. Adriana closed her eyes in pain as she felt something in her tummy. She turned around and hugged Jason while Jason stroked her tummy. "All better?" he soon asked. "Yeah." Adriana nodded and Jason helped her to the bed. "Wonder what that was." Adriana commented as she lay on the bed. "Who knows." Jason hugged her and sat her up. "I love you and I am glad we are together." Adriana smiled and kissed her husband before they both looked at the cots.

Chapter 24: JasonEdit

Jason sat behind his beloved wife as they got ready to do the new tradition on Orlando. "Happy birthday Orlando." Adriana commented before she placed Orlando between their hearts. Every few minutes Jason and Adriana kissed each other for 1/2 an hour. After 1/2 an hour they gave Orlando 2 gifts, one a car, again by Jason, and a pack of alphabet blocks.  Jason and Adriana both got up and went on a walk around the room until Orlando fell asleep. He soon fell asleep and they both kissed Orlando and placed him in the cot. Jason and Adriana admired their 4 children. "Your turn next little Miranda." Adriana commented stroking Miranda's forehead. Adriana soon turned around to face Jason. "It's looks like you've put a but of weight on." Adriana worriedly commented. "only a few kilos, not much." Jason kissed Adriana and she hugged him. Adriana stopped kissing him and felt her tummy. "There is definitely something going on in there." Adriana said and Jason placed a hand on her tummy. "I don't feel anything." "I do." Adriana held her tummy with both hands and freaked out. "Oh my. Jason, there is something." Adriana placed a hand on his shoulder. Jason went on his knees and felt Adriana's tummy. Jason felt something move. "Ok. You are right something is in there." Jason got back up and carried Adriana to the bed. "Just calm down and relax." Adriana stroked her tummy as she lay on her side. Orlando started crying. "Can you get him for me?"  Jason went to the cot and held the crying Jason. "Ok, Jason!" Jason dashed to Adriana who was trying to sit up. "it might be cramping." "No. I felt a painful kick." Jason passed Adriana, Orlando and placed a hand on his wife's tummy. "Ahh!" Jason felt a bad kick as Adriana screamed. "Call Amy!" Adriana pleaded. "Call her!" Jason pulled out his phone and called Amy. "Hey." "Amy, Adriana's having some problems." "What type of problems?" "She is getting cramps and painful kicks when she isn't pregnant." "Ok. I can't come to you but one way to stop that is keeping her calm, no pain killers, and keeping her cool and occupied. Also you can stroke her tummy. Not her. "Thanks Amy." "Bye." Jason hung up and took Orlando, who had stopped crying and placed him back in his cot. Jason went back to Adriana and lay her down on the bed. Jason wet a cloth and placed it on her forehead. Jason went on his knees and started lightly rubbing Adriana's tummy. Adriana slowed her breathing and closed her eyes. "Good girl. That's it." Jason encouraged Adriana as she lay calmly on the bed. "That's done." Jason finished and hugged Adriana. "Well done." "Can I have my son please?" "Orlando?" "Yes please." Jason got up and gave Adriana, Orlando. Jason got on the bed and watched Adriana as she played with Orlando. "Happy birthday Orlando." Jason congratulated before holding Orlando's small hand.

Chapter 25: AdrianaEdit

Adriana woke up with Miranda by her side. Jason chuckled as Adriana noticed him stroking her tummy. Adriana sat up with Miranda and kissed her youngest daughter. "Happy little birthday."Adriana placed a bow in Miranda's hair before kissing her again. "Time for the tradition." Jason told Adriana and brought Adriana closer to him. Adriana leaned back and placed Miranda near their hearts. Time passed slowly and Adriana loved every second of it. Jason announced that 1/2 an hour had finished and Adriana placed Miranda on her shoulder. Adriana smiled and Jason got up and grabbed a few presents for Miranda. "Look sweetie." Adriana sat her favourite daughter on her legs and pointed at Jason. Jason sat in front of Adriana and Miranda and smiled. Jason's message noise was heard and Jason looked to see what it was. Jason raised his eyebrows and placed a hand over his mouth. He replied and faced Adriana. "She won't be an adult." "What?" "Amy just told me Miranda will stay a baby for most of her life." Adriana placed a hand over her mouth and shook her head. A few tears fell down her face before she wiped them away. "Let's get back to celebrating." Adriana said trying not to think about it. Jason stroked her arm before placing a small gift in front of Miranda.Adriana helped her daughter open it and inside was a headband. The headband had a Rose on it and a message was written on it. ' Lovely Miranda Amy Penelope Randolf - 23 Dec 2011' it read. Adriana carefully placed it in her hair before passing Miranda to Jason. He helped Miranda open his present and there was a necklace with Miranda's name on it. Jason placed it on her neck and Adriana hugged Jason. Jason lay down with Adriana and Adriana cuddled Miranda. She closed her eyes and felt a blanket being placed on her. Adriana opened her eyes and saw Jason smiling at her. Jason stroked Adriana's back and kissed her.

Chapter 26: JasonEdit

Jason hugged his wife as Adriana and him slowly moved around the room. "Wonder whats in store for this year, since it's new year." "2weeks ago it was new year." Jason corrected Adriana who kissed him. Jason heard bells and faced the window. Jason took Adriana onto them porch and they listened for the bells. "It's coming from the glass kingdom. My cousin has been born!" Jason exclaimed. Adriana hugged Jason with excitement. "Dave." Jason called as they went back inside. "Yes your majesty?" "Arrange a carriage to the glass kingdom please." "Yes your majesty." Dave closed the door and Adriana sighed. "Them?" "They can come."Jason added and smiled. Adriana went to the cots and placed each of their children on their bed. Adriana placed coats on each one of them. Just like mothers do. Jason thought and went over to Adriana. He set up the strollers and placed their children in the seats. Adriana kissed Jason on the cheek before Dave knocked on the door. "Yes?" Jason answered. "Your carriage is ready." "Thank you." Jason called back and Adriana and Jason got themselves ready. Jason placed Adriana's necklace on for her and soon they were ready to go. They went out of the room and headed to their carriage. As soon as they all got in, they set off on their 20 minute ride to the castle. The carriage stopped and Jason saw they were at the castle. Jason helped everyone out before the headed up the stairs. "The queen and king?" ""Their chamber." the guard told the, and they went to the chamber. Jason knocked on the door as they reached the chamber. "Who is it?" "Jason and Adriana." Jason replied and the door opened. Chace smiled at them and gestured them in. "Hi." Jason hugged his uncle and Adriana followed him. Jason saw Michael, Ashton, Amy and Lauren and then saw his aunt in her bed holding something. "A girl." Chace whispered to him and he went to his aunt. "Hi." he said to his aunt. "Come see her." Adriana and Jason both gazed at the baby girl Cinderella was holding. "Congrats aunt." Jason carefully hugged Cinderella. "has she got a name?" Adriana asked Cinderella. "Not at this moment." Cinderella answered. "Chace." Cinderella called Chace and whispered something into his ear. Chace nodded and looked up. "The name has been chosen. We are proud to welcome Hope into the world." Everyone clapped their hands at the announcement. As the girls chatted, Chace came to Jason. "Whats it like being a father to 4?" "A handful it's challenging and fun." Jason replied and looked at Adriana's tummy. "Has Adriana lost any weight yet?" Jason shook his head. "Not now and not for a while." Jason sighed and went to Adriana. Jason kissed Adriana by surprise and lifted her off the ground. "I love you." they said at the same time and laughed before they kissed again.


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