Chapter 1: AdrianaEdit

"You look beautiful my dear sweet daughter." "Thank you father. This is the last few moments that I am a Valentini. Soon I'll be a Randolf." Adriana replied to her father. Tear rolled down her face. "I love you and I always will even if I am a Randolf." Adriana kissed her father. She smiled and looked at Jason. She took a deep breath and she placed the veil over her face. Amy and Lauren grabbed the end of her flowing dress and straightened it out. She grasped onto her bouquet and her father placed his arm around hers. "Are you ready?" her father murmured to her. "Yes father." she replied and they started to walk slowly down the aisle. She tried to keep a smile on her face and placed her bouquet in front of her tummy. She felt a kick so she carefully and secretly touched her tummy. She soon was at the front of the church. Adriana's father kissed her hand before giving her away.  I am now a nobody. I don't belong to any family. Jason removed the viel infront of her face and they faced the pastor of the church. He showed them a pillow with rings on them. They each got a ring and faced each other. "Repeat after me Jason." the pastor said. "I, Jason Randolf, take you, Adriana Evangeline Valentini" "I Jason Randolf take you Adriana Evangeline Valentini" Jason said, "To be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know." "To be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know." Jason replied. "I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the woman you will become, and falling in love a little more every day." the pastor said as he read from the little book. "I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the woman you will become, and falling in love a little more every day." "I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us." the paster continued. "I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us." Jason replied. "I give you this ring as a token of my love affection towards you." "I give you this ring as a token of my love affection towards you." Jason finished and placed a dazzling ring on Adriana's ring finger. Jason smiled at her. " Now Adriana.I Adriana Evangeline Valentini take you Jason Randolf." Adriana spoke "I Adriana Evangeline Valentini take you Jason Randolf." "To be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know." "To be my

Jason and Adriana exchanging vows.

partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know." Adriana repeated."I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the woman you will become, and falling in love a little more every day." The pastor continued. </span>"I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the man you will become, and falling in love a little more every day." Adriana continued as a tear fell down her face.  "I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us."  "I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us." Adriana said trying to remember the words. "I give you this ring as a token of my love affection towards you." the pastor finished. "I give you this ring as a token of my love affection towards you." Adriana smiled and placed the ring on Jason's finger. "I now pronounce you Adriana and Jason, Adriana and Jason Randolf. Will you be husband and wife for as long as you both shall live?" "I do." Jason said. "I do." Adriana replied afterwards. "Adriana, you had a special verse to say in Italian?" "Yes I do." she replied and found Corinthians 13 in the bible. "L'amore è paziente, è benigna la carità. L'amore non è invidioso o presuntuoso o arrogante o scortese. Essa non cerca il suo modo: non è irritabile o risentimento; non gioire sbagliato fare, ma si compiace della verità. Tutto copre, tutto crede ogni cosa, spera ogni cosa, sopporta ogni cosa.E ora la fede, la speranza e l'amore rispettare, e la più grande di esse è l'amore." "You are now husband and wife." Jason and Adriana smiled at each other. Tears of joy ran down Adriana's face. The pastor faced Jason and he looked at him. "You may kiss the bride." Jason looked at Adriana again. "I love you." Adriana cried. "I love you too." Jason pulled Adriana closer and he kissed her. Jason placed a hand on Adriana's tummy, facing the pastor, and Adriana placed her hand on top of his. Jason finished the kiss and Adriana hugged him. They soon held hands and walked down the aisle back to the entrance. I am now no longer a nobody, not belonging to any family. I am now a Randolf. Adriana leaned her head on Jason's shoulder and smiled at him as they went through the door.
Alvina-Valenta-and-Jim-Hjelm-Occasions-Real-Bridal-Party (2)

Adriana and Jason as a married couple.

Chapter 2: AdrianaEdit

Jason picked Adriana up and spun her around. "We did it! Now we are together forever!" Adriana exclaimed and kissed Jason. "Now it is just announcing the news. Not till much later though."  Jason replied and hugged Adriana.  "Can I have a picture of you 2 Adriana?" "Sure father." Adriana and jason went close to each other and posed for a picture. "Where's mother dad? She missed it." A pregnant woman came behind her father. "Surprise!" "Mother!" Adriana went and hugged her mother. "You came!" "Of course I did. I wouldn't miss my eldest daughters wedding." Adriana kissed her mother on the cheek. "Mother, Father this is Jason. I know you haven't met officially yet." Jason shook hands with her parents. "nice to meet you." he replied. "You too." her father said. "I loved how you said something in Italian Adriana." "That was my own special touch." Adriana replied to her mother. "Well we must be off. Adriana and I have sone photographs to be in." Jason commented. "It was nice meeting you." Adriana and Jason went off holding hands out side. Adriana kissed her husband. Jason stopped and kissed her back. As soon as they got outside, everyone was throwing flower petals at them. Adriana and Jason laughed as they went through and went to the pagoda where the photographer was. "Ok are you ready for pictures?" "Yeah. Could we have our ones separate?" Jason asked. "Sure, sure. lets start with you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen." Adriana nodded. Her bridesmaids and Jason's groomsmen came over. 1o minutes had passed and they were about to their pictures separately. "Ok. Now you lovebirds, where shall we set the scene?" Jason looked at Adriana. "In the grass field. You know where that is right?" "Yeah I do. lets go there them Come, come." "He loves repeating words." jason murmued in Adriana's ear and she laughed. While their pictures were getting taken, Jason always touched her tummy affectionately and Adriana always kissed him. "Now this is romantic." Adriana murmured in Jason's ear. "Yes. Yes it is my gorgeous wife." Jason commented and Adriana blushed. "I love you my darling husband." Adriana replied and Jason bent her backwards and kissed her.


"We have a special announcement to make before we start this reception." Jason announced. "Please watch this video." Jason pointed to the t.v screen behind them. Jason turned the T.V on and cuddled Adriana as they watched. Jason and Adriana appeared on the screen. Jason was the first to speak and Adriana replied in Italina. "Adriana and I thought we could start telling you about our surprise in a video." "Jason e ho pensato che avremmo potuto iniziare a parlarvi nostra sorpresa in un video." "I know weddings are about the bride and grooms love towards each other. But today you love is more than that." "So che i matrimoni sono circa la sposa e sposi l'amore verso l'altro. Ma oggi che l'amore è più di questo." Jason kissed Adriana on the head while they continued watching the video. "Children make your life important." "I bambini fanno la vostra vita importante." "Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful." "I bambini sono sempre più problemi di quanto si pensava - e più meraviglioso." Adriana hugged Jason and they sat down again still watching. "Family is the most important thing in the world." "La famiglia è la cosa più importante del mondo." "and we have a little surprise. Which we will tell you now." It's nearly finished. Adriana took a deep breath. Nearly time for the big reveal and surprise. "e abbiamo una piccola sorpresa. Che vi diremo ora." "Mother and father. You will be proud of us. Your eldest, Jason." Jason finished and Adriana ended. "Madre e Padre. Sarete orgogliosi di noi. il tuo primogenito, Adriana." Jason turned the screen T.V off and they got up again. "The big surprise is...." Adriana kept her fingers crossed. "We are expecting twins." Jason passed her the microphone and Adriana spoke into it with a big smile. "Ci aspettano due gemelli!" Adriana gave back the microphone to Jason and she showed the shape of her tummy. Adriana and Jason heard lots of gasps and they kissed each other. Adriana's mother came forward. "My tesoro Adriana is expecting twins!" Adriana's mother hugged her. "Yes I am." Adriana hugged her back. "Congratulations my son." Adriana saw Jason's mother and father come hug him. Amy and Lauren came forth. "Mother, Mi aspetto anche un altro bambino." Lauren shyly said also. Adriana mother gestured Lauren to come to her and she hugged both Lauren and Adriana. "Mum, I haven't told you this yet but, I have been secretly dating and I might be expecting also." Amy said and Jason's mother hugged her. When the hugging finished Jason took Adriana to a table with their wedding cake on it. Jason got the cake knife and held it in his hands. Adriana placed one of her hands on the knife and the other on her tummy. Jason placed his other hand on her tummy and they cut a piece of cake out. Everyone clapped as they fed cake to each other.Adriana and Jason laughed. They heard the
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Adriana and Jason slow dancing.

sound of 2 doves and saw some getting ready to be released. Adriana and Jason went to the doves and held them. They soon let them go and they kissed each other. Adriana heard one of her favourite songs being played and she turned to see Jason holding his hand out waiting for Adriana to place hers on top. "Shall we dance?" Jason said and they held each others hands until they reached the dance floor. Jason placed his hands on Adriana's tummy and Adriana placed her arms around his neck. They slow danced around the room. Adriana felt a kick and told Jason. "Adriana. it was only a small one so don't worry about it." Jason murmured to Adriana and she kissed him on the cheek. Jason started singing along with the song. "When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change. 'Cause you're amazing, Just the way you are. And when you smile. The whole world stops and stares for awhile 'Cause girl, you're amazing Just the way you are." Jason sung and Adriana chuckled. " I love you." Adriana said and kissed Jason. "Same here." Jason replied and kissed Adriana again.

Chapter 3: AdrianaEdit

"I can't believe we have been married for a week!" Adriana exclaimed as they checked in their baggage at the airport. "Let's head to our gate." Jason suggested and Adriana nodded in reply. "This will the last plane flight for me in a

Adriana and Jason at the airport.

while, since the twins are 3 months away." Adriana commented. "3 months! Wow the pregnancy has gone fast!" Jason exclaimed surprised. " I know. It's gone so fast." Adriana replied and hugged Jason. "Ok there's the gate so we will wait there." Jason pointed to gate 7A. Adriana and Jason sat down and waited for their flight. Jason and Adriana placed their hands with their rings on, on Adriana's tummy. "Now I am officially the father of the twins." Jason told Adriana. "Now you are." Adriana kissed Jason on the cheek. "It's funny. My birthday is a month before the due date and yours is the month afterwards." Jason nodded in reply. Adriana leaned on Jason and stroked her tummy. She soon placed on hand on Jason's leg and Jason placed his hand on top of hers. "Hopefully there will be no contractions on the flight." she whispered to Jason. "I hope so too." An hour soon passed and their plane had arrived. "Look here comes our plane." Jason pointed to their plane as they stood up. "Yes Jason." Adriana hugged him. Adriana got her phone out. She had been chatting with Lauren. 'Hey Adriana! Big new and surprise!' Lauren had just sent her. She replied back saying 'What is it?'. Lauren quickly texted back. 'You have to wait and see when you get back, you will love it,'. Jason hugged her and he read the messages. She nudged him. "What?! She is my sister in-law." "Well she's my sister." she replied and wrote to Lauren.'So I'll send you a message when we get home?' 'Sure. Love you. Remember this surprise is huge!' 'Bye.' Adriana finished and an announcement was heard. "Flight AA 284 going to Toronto, will open it's gates in 10 minutes." "Let's sit down again." Jason suggested and they sat down and hugged each other. 10 minutes passed and they were called. "Anyone in Business Class please proceed to the desks." "Well that's us." Jason commented and helped Adriana up. They headed up to the front and Jason handed the lady their tickets and passports. "Have a nice flight." the lady replied and gave the passports back. Jason and Adriana held hand in hand as they walked through the gate. "Phew. I thought I wouldn't be allowed to get on the flight." Adriana sighed with relief. They came to an air hostess and showed her their ticket. "Your seats in 3rd row back and on your right."she gestured them the way they should go. "Thank you." Jason thanked and they went to their seats. They reached their seats and placed their hand luggage above them. "How were you able to get return business class tickets?" "Michael. He's pretty high up in the conservationist's office so he got us 2 tickets since it was our wedding." "Now which seat would you prefer?" "Could I be aisle?" Jason nodded and went into the seat next to the window. Adriana held her tummy as she got into her seat. Jason helped her sit down. "Wow! These seats leave a lot of space." Adriana commented. "Michael thought we could have a bit of luxury." Adriana chuckled and buckled herself in. Adriana took deep breath as a kick hurt her. Jason stroked her back and kissed her as she leaned back. "Cabin crew please proceed to seats." the pilot called. "We are 3 hours away from starting a new life in Toronto, Adriana. We start there as a married couple and parents to-be." Jason stroked Adriana's tummy with her before they held hands. "I love you." Adriana kissed Jason on the cheek. "I am so happy we got married!". "Me too." Jason replied and kissed her on the cheek. 

- - -

"We are home now!" Adriana exclaimed as they made their way into the arrivals area. Adriana kissed Jason. "We have to go get my car. Then the 4 dogs." "No we don't have to get them." Jason raised an eyebrow at her. "Lauren has been taking care of them for us." "Oh." Jason replied when they came to the desk. "Hi. I would like to have my keys for 2548." a man gave him the keys. "Thank you." he replied and they went to the car park. 'We are back Lauren!' she texted Lauren. She hugged Jason as she replied. 'Yay! You have to come to the hospital ASAP.'
Depositphotos 4106371-Woman-holding-slepping-newborn-baby

Adriana with her newborn baby brother Jovanni.

'Why?' 'will tell you later but meet me at the labour and delivery entrance.' 'Alright see you soon.' Adriana placed her phone away as they reached the car. "Sweetie. We have to make a detour." "Why? Are the twins here!?" "No Jason. Lauren is there and she wants us to come." "Alright." Jason said as he placed the last suitcase in the car boot. Jason helped Adriana in. She gasped as she felt something unusual. "Don't worry Adriana. You have only even in this car once before. It's still new to you." 10 minutes layer they arrived at the hospital. When they reached the entrance Adriana saw her sister with a big smiled on her face. "Why did you call us over?" Adriana asked as they followed Lauren. "Well, just so you could see... THIS!" they went through a door and she saw her mother on a hospital bed holding something. "Mother!" "Adriana! Come see him." Jason followed her and she kissed her mother. Her father hugged her and she saw her brother. "Aww. He's so cute." She gasped and her mother gave her the new sibling and Adriana held him. Jason came behind her and gazed at him. "What's his name?" "We haven't go one yet. We are letting you decide." Adrianas mother told her. Adriana squealed with delight. "Lauren have you got any ideas?" she asked. "I have named the middle name." she replied and Adriana nodded. "So do you want it an Italian name mother?" "You choose." she replied. Jason kissed her. "What origin should it be Jason?" she murmured to him. "Let's make the name something special." he replied. "Jovanni?" "It's perfect Adriana. So your brother, Adriana and Lauren, is, Jovanni Tito Valentini." "Now that's a lovely name." Jason whispered to her. "Yes." she replied and gave back Jovanni to her mother.She clutched her tummy as a kick was felt. A doctor came in. "I am sorry Mrs Valentini but we have to do some stuff." "Oh." "You guys might want to go since your both expecting." "You're right mother. bye." Lauren hugged her mother. "Love you. You have to come by our place and bring Jovaani." "We will Adriana." Adriana hugged her parents and Jason and her left the room. She heard a cry from her brother but did turn back. Adriana sighed. "Lauren. Want to come to our place?" "Ok." she replied and they both got in their cars. Adriana and Jason went to their place. Adriana opened the door and saw Midnight and Snowy with Shadow and Sugar. Adriana cuddled her dogs and puppies d sat down on the sofa. "You guys were ok while we were gone?" "Yes we were alright thanks." Adriana smiled and Jason came in. He placed the suitcases at the stairs and went and sat next to Adriana. "Our new life here has started." he murmured to her and he kissed her tummy. She kissed Jason and lay on him.

Chapter 4: JasonEdit

Jason took a deep breath as he nuged his wife awake. "Happy Birthday Adriana." he murmured into Adriana's ear. It had been a month since Adriana's brother was born and they had seen him twice. "Aww, thanks Jason." Adriana kissed Jason still half asleep. She awoke fully and hugged Jason. "A month till our little additions are here." Adriana commented and Jason touched her tummy. "I love you." Jason smiled and kissed Adriana."What have you got in store for me today?" Adriana asked. "Well since your turning 28, I planned a big surprise for you." "Good." Adriana smiled and admired her tummy. She sighed when Jason held her chin and made her look at him. "The twins don't matter today." Jason commented and picked her up out of bed. Jason carefully carried her down the stairs and carried her outside. Jason sat her down on one of the loungers and went inside she made her breakfast and went outside with it. "Aww you're so sweet." Adriana replied when she saw what Jason had made. "I'll be a minute." Jason said after she started eating. Jason raced up stairs to his room and got 4 presents out. They were all small but there were very precious things in them. Jason went back down stairs and placed the gifts on the table outside. "Oohhh!" Adriana exclaimed as Jason took her stuff away. He placed them in the sink and went back to Adriana. He placed the gifts on the side of the lounger and Adriana gestured him to sit behind her. He lay back on the chair and Adriana cuddled up with him. "this one is from me." Jason said as Adriana picked up a pink box. Adriana opened it and gasped when she saw a necklace. "Now this necklace has been passed onto the eldest member in my mums side of the family for generation. At the weddng she gave it to me and told me to keep it forever and I thought you would like it." Jason told Adriana and she kissed him. "you are very thoughtful." Jason helped Adriana put it one. Once it was on it glowed for a few seconds. Adriana cuddled even more with Jason before opening the next one. "This is a very big-" Adriana stopped speechless when she saw a wedding album in the box. She carefully took it out and flicked through the pages. Tears of joy ran down her face and Jason hugged her. Adriana raised her back and soon lowered it before she noticed a piece of paper at the bottom of the box. She picked it up and looked at it. Ther was a mosaic of memorable moments of their life together. In big writing on the other side of the page was writing. 'To the love of my life. Happy birthday. From your husband.' it read and Jason placed a light blanket over Adriana. "Now that was a lovely gift Jason." she commented and kissed him. Adriana 


Adriana opening her 4th gift.

grabbed the 3rd gift and loosened the ribbon. Adriana soon saw charms placed on a pillow. "Oh my gosh! Charms for my bracelet!" Adriana carefully placed the charms on the pandora bracelet she was wearing. "I love you so much!" Adriana exclaimed and hugged Jason. "Could we go inside?" Adriana asked and Jason got off the lounger. Jason nodded and helped Adriana up. Adriana slowly walked to the sofa. Jason grabbed the last present and went behind her. He passed her the gift and Adriana kissed him. Jason hugged her while she opened it. Adriana took the lid off the box. She gasped. "You didn't!" "I did get you that." Adriana was stunned by the sight of an iPad in the box."All installed with apps suited to you." Jason replied and Adriana hugged Jason. Adriana turned the iPad on and looked through the apps he had put on for her. "How would you like to go out for a treat?" Jason asked as he sat next to Adriana. "Ofcourse!!" Adriana exclaimed and took a picture of them on her ipad. She soon placed the picture on her home screen. Jason kissed her and watched her on the ipad.

Chapter 5: AdrianaEdit

"So where is it you're taking me?" Adriana asked suspicious of where Jason was driving to. "I am telling you i'ts aonce in a lifetime surprsie." "Come on. Tell your precious wife more.." Adriana pleaded. "We are 5 minutes away you have to wait that much." "Oh alright." Adriana replied and stroked her tummy. 5 minutes later they arrived at a tourist destination. "Just wondering, have you ever seen Aurora Borealis?" Jason asked. "No why?" Adriana asked again suspicious. "We are seeing them today." Adriana squealed and hugged Jason. She kissed him and he kissed her back.

- - -


Adriana and Jason watching the Northern Lights.

Streaks of pink, green, purple and blue danced in the sky. "Isn't it beautiful." 

Jason commented and Adriana nodded back. She hugged him as they watched it. "You know what the best gift I got today was?" Adriana faced Jason and he shook his head. "What?" Jason asked. "Spending precious time with the man I love." Adriana smiled and kissed him. "The best thing that happened today was spending time with my gorgeous wife." Jason picked Adriana up and spun her around. Adriana laughed and hugged Jason. Adriana placed her feet on the ground and got Jasons hand. She placed it on her tummy and he kissed her. "It's stopped now." Jason said and Adriana saw a dark and blank sky above them. "Yeah." Adriana murmured and they walked together hand in hand. Jasons phone rang and he answered it. "Hey Amy. Today? Could it be tomorrow? Why is today have to be so important?!" Adriana frowned and looked at her tummy. She knew what it was about. "Bye." Jason hung up and looked at Adriana. "It's them isn't it." Adriana placed a hand on her tummy. "Yeah, unfortunately." Jason replied. "Do you mind doing it?" Jason asked. "Yeah, it's alright. We have to do something afterwards though." "Of course. A nice special way to end off the day." Jason replied. Adriana looked up abd hugged Jason. They got into the car and went to the clinic. "I wonder why it was so urgent today?" Adriana asked Jason. "Who knows." Jason replied and parked at the clinic. They both got out of the car and went inside. They saw Amy sitting on the seating and went to her. Jason and Adriana both hugged Amy in greeting. "Let's go in shall we?" Amy suggested and they went into the ultrasound room. Adriana lay on the bed and Amy turned the machines. Jason sat next to her and he kissed her. "Sorry it has to be today." Amy apologised. "Its alright." Jason replied. Amy placed a blanket over her legs and Adriana lifted her top up. Amy placed the cursor on her tummy. Jason and Adriana watched the screen. "All looks like it's going well Adriana and Jason." Amy commented. "Well done." Jason murmured to her. Adriana clutched her tummy as she felt a kick and closed her eyes. "Adriana. It was only a kick." Amy told Adriana. Amy turned off the machine and Adriana sat up. Jason kissed her tummy before placing her shirt over the top. Adriana held her tummy and carefully got off the bed. Adriana placed her hand on her back as they walked into the consulting room. Jason stroked Adriana as she sat down. Amy placed a strap on her arm and placed a hand on her tummy. "Ok. I'll get the ultrasound pictures, then you are good to go." Amy commented and left the room. Jason went in front of her and lifted up her shirt. "Jason." Adriana spoke as Jason stroked her tummy and eventually kissed it. Jason got up and stroked her exposed tummy while looking at
Adriana&#039;s birthday ornaments

The ornaments Amy gave Adriana.

Adriana. Adriana placed her hands on his and kissed him. Jason still stroked it and Adriana placed a hand on her tummy.  Amy soon came in and Jason didn't stop stroking her tummy. Amy handed Jason the ultrasound pictures and also handed a gift to Adriana. "Jason told me it was your birthday today. So I got you this." Adriana opened the gift and unwrapped the gift. She saw 2 ornament's carefully placed together. Adriana looked up at Amy. "Thank you." Adriana thanked and carefully took them out and showed Jason. "One was your wedding cake topper and the other was my choice." Amy smiled at Adriana and Adriana hugged Amy. Adriana placed them carefully in and got off the bed. "We shall organize another ultrasound soon Jason." "Ok. Bye." Jason hugged his sister. "Bye." Jason and Adriana went to their car. "Let's go for dinner somewhere." Jason suggested. Adriana nodded when she got in. Jason kissed her tummy and then turned the engine on and went onto the road. "Could it be my favourite restaurant?" "Of course Adriana. Since it is your birthday." Jason replied and they headed towards the coast.

Chapter 6: AdrianaEdit

"I love the nursery! The snowflake theme was perfect." Adriana exclaimed and Jason stroked her tummy. Adriana's birthday was a month ago and Jason and Adriana had finished the nursery. Adriana felt a painful kick and grasped her tummy. She squatted low to the ground. Adriana breathed heavily. She soon fell on the ground in pain. "Adriana." Jason dropped the things in his hands and went to Adriana. Adriana started crying in pain, still lying on the ground grasping her tummy. Adriana's breathing became so heavy she left like she was suffocating. "Argh!" Adriana squealed in pain and Jason tried to calm her down. Adriana couldn't move or speak. Adriana closed her eyes. She soon opened them to see Jason looking all around her worried. "Breathe slowly Adriana. It will stop that way." Jason worriedly demanded. Adriana cried even more and closed her eyes. Adriana felt a tingle go through her. She stopped dead still. The pain soon stopped but she clutched her tummy worried. "I might be in labour Jason. T - today is the due date anyway." Jason stared at her worriedly and placed her in the position they had been practising. 10 minutes later full of worry, nothing had happened and Adriana and Jason were full of disbelief. "W-why aren't they here?" "Sometimes sweetie they don't come on the due date." Adriana started crying and leaned on Jason's shoulder. Jason muttered something to himself and stroked her arm. "We have to take these contractions more seriously now." he commented. Adriana still cried. "Ssshhh, there there. It's alright. Nothing has happened and its all over." Jason comforted Adriana. Jason placed a hand on her tummy and she pushed it off. "I was a bearologist and now I am pregnant!! I can't believe it has been 9 months of pain and exhaustion for me! I was never ready for this!!" Adriana got up and shouted at Jason. "I am sorry but it's not my fault." he stood up and faced Adriana blank faced. "If the twins were right here right now I would get rid of them!!!!! I never wanted to become pregnant or be a mother till later years and 9 months later I am still stuck with it." Adriana went to the door. "But Adriana -" Jason sadly replied. "But what Jason? but what?" Adriana retorted and walked into their room. She nearly slammed the door and cried on the bed. "Adriana?" Adriana looked up and saw Jason staring at her. "Leave
Adriana in nursery room

Adriana in the nursery

me alone!" Adriana demanded and Jason sat on the bed. Adriana sat up but facing the other direction. "I would do anything to get rid of the twins and spend more time together, just us two." Adriana started crying again and lay on Jason. Adriana held Jason's arm and Jason hand soon slipped into hers. "I would too but we will have to find a way to do so." Jason replied and he kissed her before getting off the bed and leaving the room. Adriana cried more and lay on the bed.

Chapter 7: JasonEdit

It had been 3 weeks since the due date of their twins and Adriana was getting worried about when they will come. "I can't believe how this nursery looks Jason. You have done a perfect job." Adriana kissed Jason as she admired the nursery. "You helped a little bit as well remember Adriana and that the nursery was made 6 weeks ago." Jason replied and went behind Adriana. "Yeah, just some small things though. But i just love it in here."Jason placed his hands on Adriana's tummy and Adriana had her hands on top of his. Adriana leaned on his shoulder and kissed him again. When are the twins going to be here?! Jason thought as Adriana sat down on the mat below them. Jason sat down and Adriana sat in front of him.  "When are the twins here? I am worried that they aren't going to come." "Don't worry Adriana." Jason replied stroking her tummy. "They'll be here soon."  Adriana sighed. "Is the cot in the bedroom still?" Jason nodded. "Ugh. I keep on forgetting things." "That's what happens while you're pregnant." Jason replied to her and admired her big tummy still growing weeks later. "Lets practice the exercises." "Ok." Jason replied and Adriana leaned back on him. Adriana closed her eyes and placed her hands on Jason's. Adriana's hand was placed lightly on Jason's stroking hands. "Breathe in and breathe out slowly. Breathe in and out slowly." Jason instructed and moved one of his hands on Adriana's right shoulder. Adriana breathed slowly and stroked her tummy. "Good Adriana. Now bring your legs up in the position." Adriana's legs were in position. "Well done, keep breathing slowly." Adriana opened her eyes and they both saw Midnight and Snowy there with their pups. "Come here." Adriana gestured them to come and midnight and snowy went to them holding Shadow and Sugar. "Look at them! they are so big now." Adriana exclaimed and Sugar placed one of her small paws on Adriana's tummy. She bounced back as she felt a kick and toppled down. She landed on midnight's back and snowy took shadow. "We are going into your room. We came to just let you know." "Yeah, it's alright." Jason smiled and replied. The 4 dogs left the room them Adriana grasped her tummy. She closed her eyes and bent down in pain. "Help Jason!" she choked and Jason went in front of her. "Argh!" Adriana exclaimed in pain. Adriana lay back and heavily breathed. Jason and Adriana's hands were placed carefully on Adriana's tummy. "Breathe in and out slowly Adriana. Slowly breathe in an out. It's just a contraction." Jason calmly comforted Adriana. Adriana raised

Adriana having a contraction.

her back. She lay back down and panted. Jason heard a cracking noise and saw liquid appear at Adriana's feet. "Jason...." she said about to cry. "Adriana, labour has started." Adriana cried and spoke. "No, no. Im not in labour. Jason I'm not." Jason picked her up and sat her on the sofa  in the nursery. She sat in pain while Jason held her hand in front of her. She grasped her tummy with her remaining hand. Adriana started to cry. Jason stroked Adriana's head. Jason saw Adriana's tummy rise and fall deeply and quickly. Adriana squealed in pain. Jason replied feeling her tummy. "Argh!" Adriana exclaimed as a powerful kick pushed at her tummy. Adriana started crying again. Adriana moved her hands away from her tummy and placed them in Jasons hands. Jason moved one of his hands around on Adriana's belly and noticed the pain had died down. "The pain has finished." Jason said and Adriana sighed with relief. "Phew, it's finished now." Adriana choked still breathing heavily. "Calm down Adriana." Adriana's breathing went back to normal. "I am going to get a drink." Adriana slowly got up clutching her tummy. "No Adriana. We have to get you to the hospital." Jason replied. Adriana sat back down. "You stay here. I'll get your things." Jason instructed and went to their room. Will I be a great father to two and also play a role as a husband or am I just the worst person to have a family with?

Adriana and Jason at the hospital

Chapter 8: AdrianaEdit

"Argh! Another contraction!" She cried as she lay on the hospital bed. She had been in hospital for 8 hours and contractions kept coming and going. She clutched her tummy and Jason comforted her. When it stopped a nurse came in with Amy.  "Adriana. The twins might be close so lets get you prepared." Amy said and the nurse left. "Finally! At 10pm!" Adriana heard a cracking noise and she stopped dead still. She held her tummy and a kick forced her to grasp it. "Amy they're here." Jason exclaimed.  Adriana felt something wet at her feet  and Amy gasped. "They are. I'll close the door." Amy closed the door and went to the end of Adriana. They're here! Oh no! Another kick caused her pain and she closed her eyes and she dipped her head. "Adriana, you are going to get through this." Jason held Adriana's hand. Adriana soon was breathing heavily. Amy placed her legs in position and Jason placed 2 towels on her left shoulder. Jason soon sat close her and Adriana laid back. Adriana kept grasping her tummy and closing her eyes. She raised her back and soon cried in pain. "This is too much!" she tearfully cried. Jason comforted Adriana and watched her. "We're going to push ok." Amy suggested and Adriana turned her head facing Jason. "3,2,1 push!" Jason instructed and Adriana closed her eyes and pushed. "Argh!" she cried and started crying. "Make it stop. Make it stop!" Jason comforted her and she pushed again. Adriana closed her eyes as Amy bent inwards. She soon heard a cry of a baby and looked to see Jason placing one of their babies on her shoulder towel. Both Adriana and Jason held that baby carefully. Jason looked at his watch and noted down the time. Adriana cried more as pain swelled through her and she grasped her tummy. "A few more pushes Adriana. It will be over them." Jason whispered. Pain surged through her as she pushed, making her muscles weak. " 2 more." Amy instructed. Adriana pushed and pain almost made her feel like she was dying. "I am going to die!" Adriana cried and realised she couldn't move. "Argh!" "Last kick Adriana and one more push." Jason told her and Adriana gave a long squeal of pain as she made one last push. Amy bent over again and Adriana wearily watched her. She felt a tingle go through her as Amy grabbed their remaining child. Jason placed the other baby on the towels and covered their back with another towel. Jason noted down the time on a piece of paper. "I am now weak Jason!" Amy got up and checked Adriana. "Well done Adriana. That was perfect." Amy congratulated "don't worry Adriana." he said and soon pulled out his phone. Adriana looked at her twins and remembered that all that work and pain she went through turned out to be bringing their 2 new children into the world. " Hey Lauren, Guess who just had twins?" Adriana listened to Jason's conversation and she noticed her eyesight going blurry. "She has just done it at the hospital. No. I don't think she can have visitors till tomorrow..." "Jason?" Adriana couldn't see Jason clearly now. She blearily saw Amy and Jason race to her side. She could feel his and her movements. "Adriana!" was the lasts words she heard before she lost all her senses and was surrounded in darkness.

Chapter 9: JasonEdit

Amy and Jason were doing everything they can to get her awake. Amy carefully took the twins. "What are you doing!?" Jason demanded. "The twins are not safe with her.I'll put them in a incubator and bring them back here." Jason stared at Adriana worriedly. Amy came back with the twins minutes later. Jason looked at them and back at Adriana. "They have your lips." Amy smiled. "Could I hold my son and daughter Amy?" "Sure." Amy replied to Jason and carefully placed his twins in his arms. He admired him and looked at Adriana. "She has gone through lots but she has made 2 little babies for us into the world." Jason commented and looked back at his children. "Are you alright staying up all night? Well most of it?" Amy asked. "I think so. Why?" "She could wake up at any moment and we need to make sure she is comforted." Jason nodded and looked away as Amy placed needles into Adriana's hand and arms. "I'll put your son away for you if he's to much to carry." Amy suggested. "I would like to do it." he replied to Amy and went to the incubator. He placed them both in and kissed them before the covering went on top of them. He smiled at his children. 5 hours later, Amy and Jason heard the machine beep faster and looked to see Adriana waking up. "Jason?" Adriana asked half asleep. "Adriana!" he hugged her. "Careful! She has wires and stuff still connected to her tummy." Amy instructed. Jason nodded and went to sit next to  Adriana. Adriana soon looked to see needles in her arms and hands. She lifted her hospital dress up to see all the wires connected to her tummy. She sighed and Jason kissed her. "I must go start the certificates." Amy spoke and stroked Adriana's cheek. "You did well." she murmured to her and Jason hugged Amy. "She might experience some pains." she whispered to him. "You will be an excellent parent." Amy and Jason looked at Adriana who was gazing at her tummy. "No-one's in there now." Jason comforted Adriana and sat next to her again. Amy left and Jason looked at Adriana. Adriana placed the hospital dress over her tummy and placed a hand on top. "I still have all that weight on me." Adriana frowned looking at her tummy. "well at least there aren't babies in there now." Adriana nodded and looked up and Jason. She smiled and lay back in the bed. She sighed and tried to lie sideways. "Can you call Amy? I would prefer to move around a bit in my bed." she asked Jason and got out his phone. He called Amy. "Hi Amy." "Hi Jason, Anything wrong with Adriana?" "No but she is wondering if anything on her tummy can be taken off because she wants to move around." just replied, stroking Adriana's fingers. "I'll come over and see if there is anything. ok?" "Ok." Jason finished and hung up. He kissed Adriana and Amy came in. Amy looked at her tummy and thought of which ones could be taken off. "Ok. Most of them can. 2 have to stay on but she can move around." Jason nodded and Amy unstrapped the strap across Adriana's tummy. She started taking things off her tummy. Adriana looked at Jason and Jason looked at her. She gave a small squeal of pain as Amy look the last one off. "Thanks Amy." Amy just nodded and left the room again. Adriana lay on her side and suddenly Amy came back in. "Jason, your seat can go backwards. Want me to do that for you?" "Ok." Jason replied and got up. Amy showed him how to do it and he sat back down. "Thanks." "No problem Jason." she replied and left again. "Let's rest shall we? Since it's 3:40am." Jason suggested and Adriana nodded wide-eyed. They both got comfortable and Adriana closed her eyes. "Well done in labour, my precious and brave wife." he murmured to Adriana, still holding her hand, before closing his eyes

Chapter 10:AdrianaEdit

Adriana felt the stroke of Jason's hand on her fingers which woke her. Adriana  looked at him and then the clock. "5am!" Adriana exclaimed. Jason replied. "I woke up 30 minutes ago." Jason kissed her on the forehead and Adriana turned to face him. "Where's the twins?" Jason pointed to the other side of the bed. Adriana looked to see her daughter and son in an incubator. A small kick was felt inside her and she clutched her tummy.  Jason comforted her. Soon Amy came in and went to them. "You want to hold your son and daughter?" Amy asked and Adriana nodded. Amy placed the twins in her arms and she looked at Jason. "Thanks." Adriana thanked Amy. "Could you decide some names. Not right now but when ever you can. I am not pushing you for time but when you can." Amy said as she headed for the door. "Send me a text with their names, time and parent info please Jason." Amy said before she walked out of the room and shut the door. "They have wrist bands on them to show the

Adriana with her newborn twins.

gender." Jason indicated. Adriana noticed a blue band on the left baby and a pink one on the right. "They are so cute!" she quietly exclaimed "and been placed with a excellent couple as parents." Jason added. "Aawww. Come here you, you lovely husband." Adriana carefully kissed Jason and looked back at the twins. "Ouch!" Adriana felt a little pain in her side. "Don't worry. You are just recovering from labour that's all." Jason comforted her, stroking her arm. "Do you mind taking one?" Adriana asked. "Oh. Yes I will." Jason took the child on her left and he smiled at it. "Shall we sort out some names?" Jason asked and Adriana nodded back. "We need an Italian and English name. Our girl can have an Italian name and English middle name. Our boy can have an English name and Italian middle name." Adriana suggested and Jason nodded. "I'll do the English names,  you do the Italian." Adriana nodded in reply. "Let's start with our girl." theirs girl's small hand wrapped around Adriana's middle finger. Adriana smiled at her and kissed her little nose. "I have always loved the name Kathlina."  "Then name her Kathalina!" Jason replied. "Well, I don't know. My cousin's name is Kathalina." "Don't worry about anyone besides this little family in this room at the moment Adriana." Jason replied. Adriana sighed. "Kathalina it is." she replied joyfully. "Now Kathalina's middle name. Your turn." she looked at Jason. "What about Rachel? If I had a girl, I would name her Rachel." "So this tiny princes is going to be Kathalina Rachel Randolf?" Jason nodded. "Yes." Adriana smiled. Jason wrote the name down on paper and asked. "Our prince's name?" Adriana replied. "You name the first name, me the middle name remember." Jason nodded and thought for a minute. " What about Ethan? So far Ethan Randolf?" Adriana replied with a nod and she care fully kissed Jason. "Careful Adriana, you are still weak and will need about 4 or 5 days here to regain your strength." Adriana sighed and continued. "Ok. Now his middle name... Hmmm." Adriana replied and thought for a minute. "Ah, I got it! What about Angelo? It is Italian." "I love it Adriana! So those are our twins' names?" Adriana nodded and Jason pulled his phone out. Jason texted Amy with the names and soon she replied. "She says she needs to tell us a few things." Jason told Adriana.  Amy came in through the door. "Hi. I love the names." Amy commented and smiled at them. "Ok. Adriana. You will need to be here a week at the most to recover." "A week?" Adriana asked in disbelief.  "Jason will be here. He will have to go and check the dogs."  "Alright." Adriana replied and looked at her twins. / I have held them in me for 9 months, and have given birth to produce these little twins of ours. I still regret getting pregnant though. / Adriana thought and Amy continued. "Another thing, visitors can see you between 7-11:30am and 12-9pm. Jason is allowed here all the time though." Jason kissed her."The certificate previews are ready Jason. So you can bring them and show Adriana if you prefer." Amy suggested "I need to go get the certificates. I'll be back in a minute." Jason comforted her before Jason and Amy left the room and she sighed. Jason came back soon with 2 pieces of paper. "Here." Jason passed the papers to her. "Can you put the twins back in their beds Jason?" Adriana asked before she took the certificates. "Ok." Jason took them and placed them in their beds. "All the info is correct I think." Adriana replied as she looked at them and handed for Jason to hold the certificates. Soon it was 7:15am and Jason passed Adriana Kathalina and Jason held Ethan. "So I was in labour just after the exercises yesterday afternoon-" "Surprise!" Adriana looked around to see Lauren and her family at the door. Adriana gasped. "You came!"

Chapter 11: Adriana Edit

"Of course we came Adriana! I wouldn't not want to see my nephew and niece." Lauren excliamed and came to her. "Look at them!" Lauren gazed at her nephew and niece. "What are their names?" "This one is Kathalina and the one Jason's holding is Ethan." Lauren smiled and carefully hugged Adriana. "You have done very well." Lauren commented and Adriana smiled. "Who is my precious daughter!? You are. You are." Adriana touched Kathalina's nose and she smiled. "You know the gender Lauren?" "Of who?" lauren asked. "Your unborn baby silly!" Adriana chuckled. "Oh yeah." Lauren smiled and whispered to her. "It's a girl." "Oh Lauren, really a girl!" Lauren nodded. Adriana looked over to Jason. "Jason." Jason looked at Adriana. "Can you put Kathalina in her bed for me? She's getting a bit heavy." Jason got up and went to her. "Ok but can you hold Ethan for a minute." Adriana nodded and held Ethan. As soon as Kathalina left Adriana's arms, Kathalina started crying. "I'll quiet her." Adriana slowly got out of the bed and passed Ethan back. "We can go if you want." Lauren commented. Adriana looked puzzled at Jason. "We will let you guys be alone." Lauren added and came to Adriana. "Bye. Text me if you need help." Lauren carefully hugged Adriana. "I will. Bye." Adriana kissed lauren on the cheek and they left. Adriana slowly started bobbing up and down. "Sshh. Sssh." Adriana quietly murmured to Kathlina and kissed her but Kathalina continued crying. "Jason can you get her bottle for me?" Adriana asked and Jason grabbed her

Adriana feeding Kathalina

bottle. "Thanks." Adriana commented as Jason passed her the bottle. Adriana sat on the seat next to her bed and fed the bottle to Kathalina. "How long are you going to have off?" Adriana asked Jason. "Well, my boss said I can have the rest of the year off." Jason replied looking at his phone. "That's great!" Adriana commented. Adriana saw Kathalina's eyes close and she took away the bottle and placed it on the table. Adriana smiled at her daughter and she saw jason place Ethan in his bed. Jason came over to her and kissed her before he gazed at his daughter. Amy burst into the door. "Adriana, you're still pregnant." she said out of breath. "WHAT!?" Adriana exclaimed wide-eyed. "You're still pregnant." Amy spoke when she caught her breath. "Amy, she can't be." jason retorted calmly. "She is." Amy replied. " I was looking through the recent ultrasound pictures and I saw a growing third baby. I went to the head and she said that you are having a baby." Amy finished as Adriana placed Kathalina in her bed. When she put her in, she looked at her tummy and held it. She looked at Jason worried. She felt that she was losing her balance. "I feel a little faint." she was able to say before she fell to the ground and her eyes became closed.

Chapter 12: Jason:Edit

Jason ran to his wife. "Adriana!" he exclaimed and Amy came behind him. "Any water?" she worriedly asked Amy. Amy passed him a cup of water. He splashed it on Adriana's face and she awoke. She breathed heavily. Jason picked her up and placed Adriana on her bed. Adriana's breathing became normal and she held onto Jason. Jason sat on the bed and Adriana hugged him. She started crying. "You have a choice of keeping the child or killing it when it comes." "KILL IT!" Adriana tearfully shouted. "Kill it! I don't want to see it's face!" Adriana exclaimed and placed her head on his chest and continuisly cried. Jason mouthed 'Thanks a lot' to Amy and she mouthed 'sorry' in reply. Jason stroked Adriana's back. "I'll be back in 10 minutes." Amy sadly replied. Jason turned and saw Amy walking towards the door. He carefully got up and went to her. "Amy." Amy turned to him with wet cheeks. She turned around and left the room.Jason went next to his wife and sighed. "Adriana, more likely it was a mistake. Doctors make mistakes." Jason comforted Adriana but she didn't look at him, she just kept crying. "It won't be a mistake." Adriana tearfully mumbled. Adriana turned to Jason and wiped away her tears. Adriana carefully got off the bed and sat on Jasons legs and hugged him. Jason kissed her and stroked her back. "You're a good husband." Adriana murmured to him. Jason smiled at her and Amy came in, wiping away her tears. "I was wrong.." Amy said. "See. It was a mistake." Jason muttered to her. "but what she has is rare and is a bit disappointing. Can I talk to you outside Jason?" Jason nodded in reply and went to his children. He carefully took Kathalina and placed her in her mothers arms. Adriana smiled and he went outside with Amy. Amy shut the door and she began talking. "She has a disease which is rare. Only 5 other new mothers in the world have it." "What is it?" Jason worriedly asked. "The weight. It's staying there." "What do you mean?" "He weight, admit is now, will stay like that until there is a medicine which can take it away. She will experience contractions and kicks even though there isn't a baby in there. If you decide to have a baby, the size won't go bigger but the baby will grow a bit bigger. She will need to be under very good supervision." Amy finished. "Oh." Jason replied and they went back in. Jason saw Adriana shift the neckline of her shirt around and looked up at Jason. "Can I tell her privately?" Jason asked facing Amy. Amy nodded and closed the door. Jason went to Adriana and kneeled in front of her. He held one of her hands and looked at her. "Adriana. It's not as bad as you think but it is something rare." Jason took a deep breath and continued. "This weight will stay there and won't decrease." Jason pointed at Adrianas tummy. "You will encounter contractions and pains until there is an antidote found. If we decide to have a baby. The tummy size won't gain but you might become even heavier." Jason finished and Adriana passed Kathalina to Jason to put back in her bed. As Jason got up Adriana started crying. Jason stroked Kathalina's head carefully before placing her in her bed and he went back to Adriana. Jason sat on the chair and Adriana sat on him. She placed a hand on her face and one on her tummy and continued crying. Jason stroked Adriana and kissed her. Adriana leaned on his shoulder. "I never wanted this to happen!" Adriana sadly murmured. "I know Adriana." Jason replied back. "But we are ready for this."  Adriana started wiping away her tears. "I hope we are becuase I feel that I am 100% not." Adriana spoke and hugged Jason.

Chapter 13: JasonEdit

Jason saw Adriana's ipad buzz. "That would be a skype call." Adriana said and Jason grabbed the ipad. Adriana finished wiping her tears and they saw that it was Adriana's parents. Adriana answered it. "Hello?" adriana's mother asked. "Hi mother." Adriana replied. "Hi sweetie!" Adriana's parents said as their camera was turned on. "Congratulations my sweet daughter. Lauren told me you did well." "Yes she did." Jason said with a smile. "I am sorry we aren't there to see you Adriana. We left a week after your due date." "It's alright mother anf father. You will see them soon right?" Adriana asked. "We sure will. We are getting flights for in 2 weeks." Adriana's father reassured. "So are you guys at home with the twins?" "No mother, we are still at the hospital. We are here for another day is it Jason?" Adriana said with a smile on her face. "Yes it is 1 more day. Today and tomorrow we leave here." "Oh. Send us some pictures on the twins first day at their home won't you?" Adriana's mother asked. "We will. Jason will put some on Facebook as well." "Even better." Adriana's father exclaimed. "Looks like you still have all your weight on sweetie." Adriana's dad shly commented. "Really Dad. It has only been 2 days. It will gradually go away." Adriana replied. "Well, we are sorry this is short but we have to catch the train into the city now. Bye." Adriana's parents waved to them. They waved back and Adriana blew them a kiss. "Bye. I love you." "Love you too Adriana." Adriana's parents replied and ended the call. Jason placed the ipad on the table next to them and sat back down with Adriana. Adriana placed her arms around his neck and sat on his lap facing him. Jason placed a hand on her tummy and immediately took it off. "I got to get used to not doing that, even though your weight will still be there." Jason spoke and a few tears fell down Adriana's face. Jason kissed Adriana and hugged her. Adriana got up and went to her twins. She carefully picked them up and went back to jason. "Go on. Hold your daughter." Jason took Kathalina and Adriana sat down on the bed holding Ethan. Ethan fell asleep so Adriana placed him back in his bed. Adriana soon grasped her side and looked at Jason. She cocked her head quickly and smiled. They both knew what it was. "Well, I am surprised it's this seeing I'm not pregnant!" she exclaimed and jason placed Kathalina back. He dashed to Adriana who was starting to breathe heavy. "A contraction?" Adriana nodded and closed her eyes. She bent down in pain and squealed. Adriana started to breathe slowly. She grasped her tummy tighter and raised her back. She soon stood up again and was alright. Adriana hugged Jason with fear as she started crying. "I don't want this Jason." she sobbed to him. Jason slowly moved from side to side and sushed Adriana. Jason stroked Adriana's back. "I know you don't." Jason replied and kissed Adriana on the head. Adriana looked up at Jason with wet cheeks. Jason stroked her cheeks and smiled at Adriana. Adriana tried to put on a smile but placed her head back on his shoulder. Jason twirled Adriana's hair around his finger. "Jason!" Adriana exclaimed with a laugh. "Stop it!" Adriana got Jasons finger out of her hair and they both laughed. Ethan started crying. "You know what to do." Adriana said and went to Ethan. She took him out of the blanket and cuddled him. Jason went to the table and made milk for Ethan. He placed it in the bottle and passed it to Adriana. She fed the milk to Ethan and slowly cradled him. Jason went behind Adriana and hugged her. They both watched their son eat. Adriana lay her head on Jasons shoulder and admired her son. Jason kissed Adriana on the head and continued watching Ethan. Jason heard the door open and Adriana and him looked at it. "Sorry, to bother but we needed to pay a visit." Adriana gasped and went to the couple. "You guys came!" Adriana carefully hugged them and Jason soon noticed it was Adrianas parents. Adriana looked at him and gestured Jason to bring Kathalina over. Jason held Kathalina and walked over to Adriana.

Chapter 14: AdrianaEdit

Jason passed Kathalina to her. "I'll go get some stuff for the twins when we leave tomorrow." Jason murmured to her. "Very nice to see you." Jason hugged her parents. "Congratulations." Adrianas father commented. "I'll be back in 10 minutes Adriana." Jason said and left to room. Adriana sighed and looked at her twins. "Adriana, sit down on
Mother holding her newborn twins 10022033-oct0611

Adriana holding the twins.

the bed. You will feel more comfortable that way." Adriana's mother suggested. Adriana carefully lay on the bed with her twins. "So who are your little babies?" Adriana's mother asked by Adriana's side. "This one is Kathalina and the other one is Ethan." Adriana replied. "They are so adorable my daughter." her father commented. "Thank you father. I can see me and Jason in them." Adriana smiled and adored her twins. "We won't be staying long.' Adriana's father commented. "Why?" Adriana sadly asked. "We have to see Lauren." "Oh."Adriana replied looking at the twins. Jason came into the room minutes later. "Hi." Adriana greeted Jason again. "Well since Jason is back, maybe we should leave." Adriamas mother suggested. "ok." Adriana replied. "I hope we will see you guys one more time before you go." "We go?" Adriana asked suspicious. "She doesn't know yet." Jason replied. "Oh ok. Take care you 2." "We will. Love you." Adriana's parents left the room and Jason sat next to her. "Jason.. you are hiding something from me." Adriana told Jason as he held Ethan. "If I told you,.." Jason sighed. "You wouldn't believe it and you wouldn't accept it." Jason replied holding Ethans little hand. "Come on... You can tell your own wife anything." Adriana replied and Jason sighed again. "Well.. I don't come from here." "What do you mean You don't come from here." "Brace yourself because it's about to get crazy... You know the Land of fairy-takes book I have?" Adriana nodded. "The land of fairy-tales is real Adrina. I come from there." Adrianas eyes were wide in disbelief and shook her head. "No that's not true." Adriana saw her husband disappointed and laid back in his chair. "It is interesting, but how do I know it's real? I don't know it's real." Adriana commented. "You want to start a whole new life from what I know." Jason sulkily replied. "Yes.." "If you want to leave this world and see it for yourself.. Then do. We can start a whole new life... Run our own kingdom in fact." Jason said more perked up. "A kingdom?" Adriana exclaimed. "Just before I came in, Amy told me we have to go back." "When? Why?" "As soon as possible. Our aunt wants us." "She knows you guys are here." "Yes. We told her at this age we would come back." "So that's why my parents said last time before you go.. I am not... Well.. Umm. I guess I can go. We need a new and fresh start." Adriana started crying when she replied. Jason took the twins and placed them in their mini cot. Jason sat on the bed and cuddled with Adriana. "I don't want to leave my family! Especially not Lauren. She basically is the only friend I have." "Don't worry, she coming." Jason murmured. "What!? She's coming." Adriana exclaimed. "It sounds like Patrick divorced with her and she is dating Michael.." "Poor her and yay her." Adriana chuckled. "Amy also told me something else-" Amy walked into the room as Jason was talking. "I have told her about the kingdoms and Lauren. Her parents know about it but she does not about-" Jason touched Adriana's tummy. "You are saying that-" Adriana was butted in by Amy. "You are expecting again, just one baby though." Amy finished and Adriana squealed with delight. She hugged Jason. "Gender is unknown abut number is known." Amy smiled but continued. "I won't be your doctor after you leave the hospital." "Why?" Jason asked. Amy placed her hands on her tummy. "I am a month through with a boy." Amy smiled and Jason hugged Amy. They all hugged each other. "Congrats. Will your boyfriend be coming into the kingdoms too?" "I don't know. There is a prince in one of the kingdoms I could die for." she replied to her. "You know Prince Ashton right?" "Yes. Is it him?" Jason replied and Amy nodded. "My boyfriend here has asked about a marriage but I haven't answered yet." "Say no if you have to Amy. Follow your heart." Jason commented and Amy smiled. "Well I have to be somewhere so just letting you know, that you can leave now if you prefer." "We will now. I think Adriana really wants to get back home." Adriana nodded and got up. "I will see you tonight then?" Amy asked and headed for the door. "yes." Jason replied and Amy exited.

Chapter 15: JasonEdit

Jason placed the last suitcase in the boot. "There. Now its getting them in their seats." Jason said wiping his hands. "A challenge." Adriana chuckled. "you do Ethan and I'll do Kathalina." Jason held Ethan and placed him in the seat. Jason successfully placed him in and looked up to see Adriana laughing. "I took 2 minutes, you took 5!" Adriana continued laughing and carefully got in the car. Jason got in and started the car. Jason saw Adriana stroking her tummy with a smile on her face. "You seem happier about this child." "I am happier about this child." Jason smiled and drove on the motorway. Soon they reached home. Adriana sighed. "Home at last! " Adriana exclaimed as they got out of the car and to the back to unstrap Kathalina and Ethan. Jason shook his head as he saw Kathalina get out of the car first. Jason soon followed. "Welcome to your, brief new home." he heard Adriana welcome her daughter. Jason went to the door with adriana and opened the door. "Surprise!" Adriana and Jason stood still with the twins as they saw Adriana and Jason's family in their house. Adriana placed her remaining hand on her mouth. "Did- did you plan this?" Adriana asked Jason. He shook his head. Adriana went and hugged Lauren. Jason went and hugged Michael and Amy. "We need to talk."" Amy commented and smiled."Oh ok.I'll be a minute." Jason went to Adriana and passed Ethan. "I have to talk with Amy and Michael." "Ok." Adriana kissed him on the cheek and Jason went towards his siblings. "Let's talk out side." Michael suggested and they went outside. "Are they prepared for this?" Amy asked. "Who?" "Your pregnant wife and sister in-law silly!" "She said she was alright going." Jason replied. "Of course I have to go, but I am not sure if they are prepared to give up their lives and have their children somewhere else where the parents can't see their grandchildren again. Especially for Lauren." Amy finished and Jason looked at his wife and Lauren. "She might gave the baby in the land of fairy tales, their parents know she is expecting again. I am just not sure." Amy finished and Jason turned back. "But this is not what we need to talk tom you about." Micheal said. "What do you need to tell me?" Jason asked. "Aunt Cinderella has a 2 year old daughter.. And we would love to have seen her earlier but we haven't." "So?" "So!? Aunt has called us back down there to make sure we see her before she gets any older. She means ASAP." "How ASAP?" "The next week at least." Michael replied to his brother. "Please, my birthday is 1 1/2 months away. Can at least it have my birthday here a week earlier and we leave the day before my actual birthday?" "I don't know, we promised her we will see her soon." Jason sighed. "We leave on my birthday?" Amy and Michael sighed. "Deal." Jason, Michael and Amy went to Lauren and Adriana. Lauren hugged Michael and Jason held Ethan again. "So you will be coming alone Amy?" Amy nodded in reply to Adriana. "Are you alright leaving Lauren? Our parents won't be able to see your other daughter." Adriana carefully hugged Lauren. "I'll be fine. I told them they might not be able to see her anyway." Lauren replied. "Are you excited that you will see your true parents again?" Adriana asked him. "Do never speak of them." Jason replied sadly looked at her. "Our parents passed away when we were young Adriana. That's why we came here." Amy replied to Adriana. "Oh. I am sorry for you." Adriana replied and hugged Amy, Michael and him. Jason turned around as he got butted by Midnight. "Hey Midnight." Jason bent down and stroked Midnight. Midnight placed a pawn his hand and smiled. "Can these bundles of fur come as well Jason?" Adriana asked stroking Snowy. "I can't see why not." As Jason replied, Shadow and Sugar slid to them and bumped into Adriana's legs. Adriana laughed. "You guys have to be careful." Adriana said kissing their noses. "Dont speak ok." Jason murmured to Midnight and he nodded. Midnight barked to his family and they barked in reply. Jason got up. "Jason." Lauren gestured Jason to come to her and he went to her. "Do you have a spare room? Atleast one." "I think so, why?"  "I might need it. Since I have been kicked out of next door and Micheal lives 1/2 an hour away.. I wouldnt be able to be with Adriana." Lauren answered kissing Antayla. "Sure you can stay with us. Adriana will be pleased." jason replied and smiled at Lauren."Thank you." Lauren hugged Jason. "Lauren." Michael came to her and went on one knee. "I know we have only been dating for a few months but.." Adriana hugged Jason as she watched the proposal. "Will you marry me Lauren?" Michael showed Laurena ring box. Lauren placed a hand over her mouth and looked at Adriana ."Do what you choose." Adriana smiled at Lauren and Amy cried with tears of joy to Michael. "Yes." Micheal slipped a ring on lauren's finger and hugged her.  Jason cuddled Adriana who was starting to cry with joy as well. Adriana went to Lauren and hugged her. "Congratulations." Adriana congratulated tearfully. Jason and Amy hugged Micheal. "Well done bro. all was done

Adriana playing with Kathlina and Ethan,

smoothly as you planned." Jason congratulted his brother.

Chapter 16: AdrianaEdit

Adriana brought her daughter closer to her. She lay down and played with them. "Peek a boo!" she exclaimed to 1 month old Kathalina. She soon tickled both her son and daughter until they cutely laughed. She laughed and she was pleased that her twins were having fun. Adriana heard foot steps coming from behind her. Adriana soon felt the stroke of Jason's hands on her arms. She leaned back and saw Jason smiling at her. "Another wedding for us on the way," he commented. Adriana nodded. "and another addition to this family." Jason finished stroking Adriana's tummy. Adriana stroked her tummy with him and he kissed her. Adriana and Jason both lied down with their children. Adriana brought Kathalina closer to her. Adriana placed her lips ready to kiss her daughter but Kathalina raised her hand and placed it over her mouth. Adriana blew raspberries into Kathalina's small hand and Kathalina took her hand off. Adriana laughed. She continued to laugh as she saw Ethan on Jason's back. Adriana lay on her back and lifted Kathalina in the air. She moved her around like she was an aeroplane and Jason joined in.  Adriana placed her daughter on her tummy. Kathalina slid off and Adriana caught her. She placed her daughter next to her face and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes at the touch of Jasons kiss seconds later.

Adriana in the nursery.

She smiled and got up. She saw Kathalina and Ethan yawn cutely. "Nap time for these guys." Adriana suggested as she picked Kathalina up. Jason picked Ethan up and cuddled him. Adriana held her precious daughter close to her as she and Jason walked up the stairs. When they reached the nursery Kathalina was already asleep. Adriana kissed Kathalina's forehead before carefully placing her in the cot. Jason placed Ethan in and she covered the twins with their blanket. Jason went behind her and they both gazed at their twins, sound asleep. Adriana sat down on the rocking sofa next to their cot and stroked her tummy. Jason quietly pulled the curtains. "It's time to let them sleep." Jason murmured to her and helped her up. They left the door a little bit open before heading down the stairs. They went to the sofa and lay together. Adriana yawned. "I don't get any sleep nowadays." Adriana sleepily commented and leaned on Jason's chest. She closed her eyes and Jason again kissed her. Adriana soon squinted her eyes in pain and clutched her tummy. Jason stroked Adriana. "It's all right Adriana. Just a contraction." Jason comforted her as she moved around, not feeling comfortable. Adriana raised her back and sat up, leaning on Jason. Adriana slowly breathed and she held her tummy. "Is Adriana alright?" she heard Lauren ask. "She's fine." Jason replied. Adriana opened her eyes still clutching her tummy. "A kick that's all." Adriana replied as Lauren sat down next to them with Antayla. The pain soon died down and Lauren spoke.  "My baby's due any day soon. I still haven't decided if I should have her at the hospital." she commented looking at her tummy. "It will be easier for Michael. He knows the place well." Jason replied and Lauren smiled. "you will be there for me, right?" Lauren asked Adriana. "Yes of course. I will be there the moment she's enters the world." Adriana replied placing her hands on her sisters tummy. Adriana heard a cry coming from upstairs. "Ugh! The twins Jason. Come on, lets go." Adriana said getting up. "Adriana,you stay here." Jason calmly demanded. "But Jason. They might need milk." "I'll bring them down if so. Just relax for a few minutes with Lauren." Jason got up and helped Adriana sit down again. Adriana sighed and stroked her tummy as Jason went upstairs.

Chapter 17: AdrianaEdit

Adriana carefully placed Kathalina and Ethan next to her sleeping husband. "Go on." she whispered to the twins. Adriana sat on the bed as she watched her 1 1/4 month old twins crawl over Jason and lightly hit him. Jason soon opened his eyes. "Huh?" he commented as he noticed his son and daughter on him. Adriana chuckled. "Happy Birthday." she murmured into his ear. Kathalina and Ethan was placed infront of Jason and they cutely clapped their hands together. Adriana lay with them and kissed her family. Adriana went to the cupboard and got some wrapped gifts out. She placed them on the bed. "Open your children's one first." Adriana pushed a gift towards him. Jason sat up against the headboard and placed Kathalina and Ethan on his lap and placed the gift in his hands. He will love this gift for sure. Adriana thought as she cuddled with her family. Jason read the card and then started to tear the wrapping. His mouth dropped down as he saw 2 things under the wrapping. One was a mould of Kathalina and Ethan's small feet and hands when they were 2 days old and the other thing was an album of his twins, put together by Adriana. Jason gently cuddled his twins and placed the gift on the other side of Adriana. "Thank you." Jason murmured as he kissed and hugged her. "Your welcome." Jason chose the next gift. "From me." Adriana commented as he thought of what the gift might be. Jason opened the gift box and his mouth, again, dropped open. "You didn't!" Jason gasped at the sight of an iPad mini and a new version of the iPod nano. "Look on the other side." Jason turned the iPad over and saw an engraving on it. "We all love you dad, from your wife and children." It read. "I got it engraved personally for you." Adriana added holding her tummy. She soon got an iPod nano out of her pocket. "Now we're even." Adriana commented as she showed Jason her one. Adriana chuckled as Jason shook his head with a smirk. "That one is a joint gift from Amy and Michael." Adriana pointed to the last gift and Jason picked it up. Jason opened it and again he saw 2 gifts. "Perfume. Really." Adriana nudged him carefully. "Sweetie. At least it was something." Adriana added as Jason smelt the fragrance. "Pretty nice actually." Jason commented and picked up a small box and took the lid off. "Look at it Adriana. All our memories bound into one book." Jason placed a hand on the book with a smile. "You know how we take a picture each day?" Jason nodded. "Each picture has it's own personalised page." Adriana opened the book and showed Jason what she meant. "You also might need these." Adriana bent down onto the other side of the bed. She held her tummy as she gave more empty albums to Jason. Jason huffed in amusement and got his camera out. "This is the perfect time for today's pic." Jason said turning the camera on. Adriana and Jason cuddled with Kathalina and Ethan as they took the picture. Jason looked at the picture and smiled. "Perfect memory." Jason commented as he showed her the picture. "Yeah." Adriana jumped and placed a hand on her tummy as she felt a kick. "Jason. The baby kicked." jason kissed his wife with pleasure. Adriana gestured Jason to come on the other side of her and feel Adriana's tummy. Jason lay his head on Adriana's tummy and stroked it with one of his hands. Adriana carefully bent down and kissed her husband. She stroked his back as Jason talked and kissed to her tummy. Adriana smiled and thought. He loves children. "We are going out tonight. Just the two of us." Adriana told Jason as he placed his head on her shoulder. "How can we. The -" Adriana butted in. "Lauren." Jason kissed Adriana and they watched their twins being silly on the bed. "Now that's what babies are like. Cute, playful and precious." Jason described their twins to Adriana.  Adriana and Jason lay on the bed side by side and they cuddled with their children.

Chapter 18:JasonEdit

Jason waited at the bottom of the stair case for his wife. Adriana soon slowly walked down holding her tummy. The purple dress, which was not a maternity dress, she had on was still long in shape. Jason took Adriana's hand as she came near the bottom of the stairs. Jason kissed her tummy then kissed her. Adriana opened the door and led him to her car. "I will be driving, just this once." She explained as she unlocked the car. Jason and Adriana got in the car. Adriana kissed him and murmured in his ear. "Happy Birthday sweetie." Adriana placed another box on his lap. Jason looked at it. "Can I open it?" Adriana nodded after Jason asked her. Jason undid the ribbon and took the lid off. He saw a photo frame with his pregnant wife and twins in. Jason took it out of the box and looked at it. He saw a message engraved at the bottom and read it. "I produced these to gems for us. I will make more because I love you so." Jason looked at Adriana. "Can we get out for a minute?" Adriana and Jason got out. Jason raced to Adriana and carefully picked her up and spun her around. Jason kissed her and placed a hand on Adriana's glowing, big tummy. "You are making more for us, and I love you so because of that." he told Adriana who was blushing. Jason Bent down and kissed Adriana's tummy before they went back into the car. Adriana placed a hand on her tummy as she must of left a kick. Adriana backed up and headed onto the motor way. Now and then she had her hand holding her unstrapped tummy. "Do you mind driving on the way back? I don't feel comfortable driving." "Of course. You are pregnant remember." Jason replied and held one of Adriana's hands. Adriana smiled and they soon parked. Adriana checked her phone. "ok let's go." she commented as she unstrapped herself and kissed her tummy. Adriana locked the car and took his hand. They walked onto the beach. "Now this is where I followed the Rose petals." they soon arrived at a pagoda. "This is where we danced." Adriana added and he danced with Adriana for a bit. Jason bent down and placed his hands on Adriana's tummy. He kissed it and the heard for movements from his unborn child. Jason got up and Adriana kissed him with delight. She pulled Jason to a table and quoted "Will you marry me? Was said right here, where I cried with joy." Adriana lay on the sand and Jason followed. Jason lay on his side facing Adriana and she looked at him. Jason stroked her tummy and Adriana placed a hand on top of his. Adriana leaned over to kiss him and she did kiss. Adriana got Jason's hands on her tummy and placed hers on as well. Adriana leaned her head on his shoulder and they stroked her tummy till sunset. " That was relaxing and memorable Adriana." Jason thanked as they got in the car again. "I know it wasn't like a dinner or something -" "All I am saying Adriana that it was perfect." Jason comforted Adriana who looked a bit stressed. Adriana and Jason strapped in Jason drove them back home.

Chapter 19: AdrianaEdit

Adriana heard a squeal and she woke up. "Adriana! Adriana!" she heard Lauren scream and Adriana jolted awake. She nudged Jason awake. "Jason wake up. Lauren's not alright." she sped out of bedroom and into the corridor. She saw a puddle of liquid underneath the freaked out Lauren. "Jason, call Michael. Her daughter is on the way." she instructed Jason as he came to them. Jason went downstairs and Lauren started crying. "I am sorry it has to be the weeks after Jason's birthday. it-" "just comes naturally I know. it's not your fault, it just comes when the baby is ready." Adriana comforted Lauren. Adriana helped Lauren back into her room. "Lauren, it might have to be born here." Adriana sadly told Lauren as Jason came in. "Lauren!" Adriana turned around to see Michael race to his fiancé. "Michael. I am scared." Lauren said as she hugged Michael. "I'll take Antayla into the nursery. She can play with stuff in there." Jason grabbed Antayla and left the room. "Adriana?" Lauren asked as she sat down next to her sister. "Maybe time to push in 10 minutes." she comforted. Lauren's breathing came heavier and she grasped her tummy tight. She cried in pain and Adriana stroked her hand. Adriana got up and checked Lauren. Jason came back in. "I think it's time." she said. "Who do you want in here Lauren?" Adriana asked and Lauren pointed at Michael and her. "I am sorry but I can't bear to see you like this." Michael cried and left the room. "I'll be with him." Jason said. "Can you get a tub of water please?" Adriana asked and Jason nodded. Adriana went and sat with her sister. "When Jason comes back it will be time ok?" Lauren painfully nodded and clutched her tummy. Michael came back in for a few minutes and comforted his bride to-be. "You will do well Lauren." he encouraged his fiancé to be brave. Jason came back with  tub. "place it on the floor there." she gestured to Jason. Jason placed it on the ground and came to her. "Will you be alright Adriana?" Jason asked worried about her. "Jason, I know what it's like. I'll be fine." Adriana answered and the two guys went out and closed the door. Lauren gripped onto Adriana's hand. "Are you ready?" Lauren nodded again the cried in pain. "3,2,1... Go." Lauren bent forward and pushed. She cried and wailed in pain. "You can do it Lauren!" Adriana cheered on for her scared sister. With Lauren's remaining hand, Lauren held onto one of her knees and pushed. "Argh!" she cried. Adriana got up and went to the end of the bed. "Adriana!" Lauren choked. Adriana stroked her legs. "I am still here." Lauren's mouth dropped down as Adriana  heard a cracking noise. Adriana placed a towel on top if her hands. "One more Lauren...... Now!" Lauren gave one last cry and Adriana left something on the towel. She pulled on it and saw it was her niece. Adriana passed Lauren her daughter and Lauren continued to pant but managed a smiled as she looked at her daughter. Adriana splashed water carefully on the newborn so Laurens daughter would become clean. She did a few other things before sitting next to her sister. "Well done." she murmured to her. "Thank you Adriana. Can Michael come in?" "In a few minutes. Just calm down a bit first." a few minutes passed and Adriana comforted Lauren. She got up and smiled at her. "Ready for the reveal?" she asked and Lauren replied. "Yeah." Adriana and Lauren smiled at each other before Adriana went to the door. She opened it and saw Michael and Jason sitting against the wall. "Michael?" Michael got up and went to her. "Want to see your new daughter?" Micheal nodded and Adriana opened the door. "Amy is on her way." Jason said getting up with Antayla. Jason passed Antayla and they both went in. "You're a big sister now Antayla." Adriana pointed to Lauren and gave Michael, Antayla. Adriana went to the other side of the bed and Jason came behind her. He stroked her tummy and Adriana kissed him. "You did well." Jason commented to Adriana. The door opened and Adriana saw Amy coming through holding her tummy. "The baby is here right?" Amy asked and Adriana nodded as she carefully sat down on one side of Lauren. Amy loomed over to see the baby. "She's so cute." she exclaimed. "I wouldn't of made it if it wasnt for Adriana's help." Lauren looked at her sister. "Thanks Adriana." Adriana smiled and carefully hugged Lauren. "You have any name ideas?" Amy asked and Lauren looked at Adriana. "You know how we both decided jovaani's name?" "Yeah." Adriana replied to Lauren. "We will do that now and you can name her. We have a perfect middle name." Lauren answered and passed her daughter to Adriana. Adriana gladly held her niece and Jason sat beside her. "You choose Adriana." Jason murmured to her. Adriana sighed and thought of a name. "Karina, lauren?" "Definately!" lauren turned to Michael. "Karina Zara?" she asked him. Micheal nodded. "Karina Zara it is!"  Lauren started crying with joy. Adraina passed Michael his daughter and hugged Lauren. Everyone had smiles on their faces. "Now it's just getting back home." Amy said looking at Michael and Jason. "When are we going?" Adriana asked looking at Jason. "At the end of the week. Don't worry we have to whole week." Adriana sighed and saw Lauren shwoing Antayla her daughter. Adriana smiled and got up from the bed. She face Jason and placed her arms around his neck. "I love you." Jason said and

Lauren with newborn Karina

he kissed her. "You should get some rest Lauren." Amy said and Lauren nodded. "We are downstairs if you need anything." Adriana murmured to her sister who had closed her eyes. "Ok." Lauren replied and they left the room with Amy. They all went downstairs. "Really? The end of the week?" Adriana commented sitting on the sofa. "I am sorry. Jason promised us at the end of the month." Amy replied and Adriana looked at Jason with a raised eyebrow. Adriana got up. "I'll get Kathalina ad Ethan." she said and walked up the stairs.

Chapter 20: JasonEdit

"Look at what you've done!" Amy muttered to him loudly. "Sorry, how can I tell her I have a longer name, am a prince and that Cinderella is our foster mother? She'll go 100% mad." "You have to tell her at some stage." Amy calmly replied. "I'll go with Lauren when she comes back and then, then you'll tell her." Jason heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw his wife holding Kathalina and Ethan. "Now you tell her." Amy said quietly and got up. She walked to Adriana and stroked Kathalina and Ethan's forehead. She whispered something to her. "Oh, he does?" Adriana replied and Amy went up the stairs. "Jason.." she said as she sat down with the twins. Adriana placed the twins in their bassinets and bounced them before turning to him. "Ok fine! I am a different person from the one you see." Jason said placing a hand on Adriana's tummy. "don't worry you can tell me." Adriana said cuddling with Jason. Adriana stroked her tummy and Jason continued.  "You know Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella right?" Adriana nodded in reply. "Good, they will be mentioned quite a bit." Jason silently took a deep breath before speaking again. "I am a prince, -" "and how might my husband be a prince if I may ask?" Adriana lay on top of Jason. "Well, sleeping beauty is my mother." Adriana jolted up and clutched her tummy. "Mother?" she choked. "Adriana, are you ok?" Jason asked stroking Adriana's back. "Yeah. A kick that's all." Adriana placed her head on Jason's chest. "Yes she was my mother. She died when Amy and I were 6 years old. Her sister, my aunt, Cinderella looked after us until we were 9. She told us about another world where my other uncle went to look for his wife. She sent us there and we have been here ever since." "Let me guess, you have a longer name?" Adriana asked in an unusual voice. "Yes I do. Jason Conner Randolf." "Just one word longer." Adriana loudly muttered to herself and soon got up. "I think I have had enough craziness for one day." she commented holding her tummy. "But Adriana. It's all real -" "Sweetie, i am not trying to be mean but, I've had enough." she butted in and headed towards the stairs. "I am with Lauren if you need me." she said and went upstairs. Jason buried his face in his hands and shook his head. "She just doesn't understand." Jason told himself before feeling someone stroking his back.  Jason looked to see Amy next to him. "I know it's hard." Amy comforted him. Jason lay back on the couch and sighed. "She can only take in so much." Jason commented. "May I?" Amy gestured to the twins and Jason nodded. He cuddled his daughter and Amy placed Ethan on her lap. "Her parents are coming in a few days so her attitude will change." Amy reminded him and Jason hugged her. "How's your boy getting on?" Jason asked, changing the subject. "He's doing alright and not hurting me painfully. Which is a good sign." Amy commented and showed Jason her tummy size. "He's going to be a big boy isn't he?" Jason looking at the size of his pregnant sister's tummy. "Yup."Amy replied and smiled at Jason.

Jason heard a knock at the door, a few days later, and her answered it. "Jason!" Adriana's parents exclaimed. "Nice seeing you again." Jason replied and hugged him. He gestured them in. He held Amy's hand as they went upstairs. "They're both in there." Jason said and Amy pulled Jason over to her. "Pregnancy can get over board." Amy choked to him. Amy leaned on him and Jason picked her up. He took her into his room and lay her on the bed. By now she was panting and holding her tummy. Amy sat up soon and started crying. Jason sat next to her on the bed and hugged her. A few minutes later he went to say good bye to Adriana's parents then he went back to Amy. He stroked her arm. He startled at the sound of Adriana's voice. "What is Amy doing in here?" Adriana asked. "She just had her first contraction. She needed help." "Oh and you weren't there for my first contraction after we found out I was pregnant!" Adriana stormed out of the room and Jason heard her start crying. "Adriana." Jason pleaded and looked at Amy. "Go. If my boy is calm I am alright." Amy commented and gestured Jason to go to his wife. Jason got up and raced after Adriana. Jason carefully sped down the stairs. When he reached the bottom, he saw his wife on her knees in pain. She cried and wailed as she lay on her back clutching  her tummy. Jason went to her side and tried to calm her down. After minutes of trying, Adriana finally calmed down but Jason lost it. "I can't take it anymore! I wish I was single!" Jason got up and burst outside. Jason sat outside on the wood planks frustrated. He heard his wife crying in the back ground. He turned round to see Amy attending to Adriana. What have I just done!?

Chapter 21: AdrianaEdit

Adriana continued to cry. "Come on Adriana. At least sit on the sofa." Amy encouraged. With Amy's help, Adriana sat on the sofa. She buried her face in her hands and wept. Amy stroked her back. "Make it stop!" Adriana cried. "Calm down Adriana. If you don't calm down another bad contraction will come." Amy said and Adriana looked up at her. She sniffled a few times and then wiped away her tears. "I don't like Jason." she said looking at her tummy. "Why?" Amy asked comfortingly. "He wished we weren't married." Adriana felt that she wanted to cry again. "But I love him so much!" A few tears went down Adriana's face and Amy wiped them away. "I know my twin brother very well and I know he will regret what he said and apologise to you." Amy answered when Adriana got up. Amy followed her to the kitchen. Adriana went to the fridge and got out a drink. "You want anything?" she asked Amy. "I'm fine thanks." Amy replied. Adriana closed the fridge and went to the bench. She felt a contraction might be coming on and leaned on the bench. Amy came next to her. "Breathe slowly Adriana." Amy instructed and Adriana kept her breathing down. Adriana placed a hand on her tummy and she stroked it. She closed her eyes and nearly cried in pain. "You know, the stroking helps calm the baby down." Amy fascinated her. "Really?" "Yes. Also the sound of the mothers voice us another way of keeping it calm." Adriana got up from bending down and sat on the sofa with Amy. "So how do you know it's a boy? You aren't even on the 3rd month yet." Adriana wondered. "By the way my baby is kicking, I am guessing a boy." Amy replied holding her tummy. Adriana placed the drink on the table and got herself comfortable. "You want to go get the twins?" Adriana asked and Amy nodded. Adriana and Amy got up and headed up the stairs. Adriana went to the door nearly closed and opened it slowly. Adriana and Amy went to the cot and they admired the sleeping twins. Adriana picked Kathalina up and Amy anxiously picked Ethan up. They quietly went out of the room and back down stairs. They sat back down on the sofa and decided not to wake them up. Adriana held her only daughter close and stroked her back. She kissed Kathalina on the head and she heard a cute yawn come from her. "Hello." she quietly greeted her daughter. She soon placed Kathalina in front of her big tummy. Kathalina decided to touch Adriana's tummy and attempted to climb it. Adriana chuckled as Kathalina couldn't go up. She held her side after placing Kathalina in her bassinet. Adriana stroked that area and saw Jason coming back from behind Amy. He went in front of her and held her hand. "I am sorry Adriana. I didn't mean to shout and hurt you." Jason apologised. "It's alright sweetie." Adriana hugged Jason and Jason sat behind Adriana. Adriana lay back and Jason placed his hand on his 3rd child. He began stroking her tummy and it made Adriana feel relaxed. "You guys are alright now?" Adriana and Amy nodded. "It's time to leave soon." Amy said. "It is?" Adriana asked puzzled. "We haven't got our stuff done yet." Jason ended Adriana's question. "Go do that now. I'll look after the twins. I need some practice." Amy said and gestured them to go upstairs. Adriana and Jason got up and went upstairs.

Chapter 22: JasonEdit

"Jason, I'm scared." his wife nervously said after placing the last thing in her suitcase. "How come?" Jason asked and Adriana lay on him. "Well, everything. But 2 things are really worrying me. Birth and fitting in. Lauren and I aren't part of that world you know." "I know. Amy, my aunt and I will help you two as much as we can." Adriana sighed and got up. "Now the twins suitcase." "That includes the other one right?" "What other one?" Adriana replied. Jason was surprised Adriana forgot about their 3rd expectant child. "Oh yeah, this one." she finally said touching her tummy. "I am going to forget even more things soon." she said and Jason placed the suitcases next to the stairs. Jason followed the love of his life into the nursery. Jason got his camera out and took a picture of the nursery. He placed his camera away and brought in another suitcase. Jason opened it and saw Adriana had already got a pile of clothes for them. Adriana turned to him. "Ok. Half is for the twins and 1/2 for the, soon to be, new arrival." Adriana said placing stuff in the suitcase. 10 minutes later Adriana was just about finished, when she started crying. Jason went to her and hugged her. "I don't want to leave Jason!" she cried. Jason slowly moved around the room with Adriana. "I've taken pictures of the rooms so in the castle we can have the exact same room decor and layout." Adriana looked up at him from Jason's shoulder. "Really?" she said with a smile. "I thought it would help get you used to being in new surroundings." Jason answered and Adriana gave him a big kiss on the cheek. "Is there a way the house can be used as something like  relaxation rooms next to the castle?" "I'll see." he replied and spun Adriana around carefully. "I wish at least these two things came with us." Adriana said sitting on her much loved sofa rocking chair. "Can you get up for a minute?" he asked as he pulled out a stick from his pocket. "Jason...." Jason waved the stick around and the cot and chair flattened and went perfectly into the suitcase. Adriana's mouth dropped wide. "It - it -it just did what I though it did?" Jason nodded and hugged Adriana. "You guys nearly done?" Amy appeared at the door way and Jason did a 1/2 sign to her. She nodded and left them. "Want some magic?" he asked Adriana. She asked in reply. "What are you going to do?" "I'll make sure the house comes with us, everything in it etc." "Can you? It would make my day." Jason and Adriana went out of the room and called everyone to go outside with their things. "Does that include cars?" "No, but I'll take a picture of you with it and you can take one of me with mine. Jason took the suitcases outside and went to the cars. They were followed by Midnight, Snowy, shadow and Sugar. Amy went to them. "You might want to take them right?" Adriana took them and posed for a picture with the dogs and his children. Soon they swapped cars and Jason held his children close and his dogs were sitting right at his feet. He smiled and Adriana soon gave the camera back. "I can see this car shack as a stable." he said to Jason and they went to their suitcases. Soon everyone came out. Amy placed the book on the ground in front of them all. Jason waved his wand and the house became a small box in his hand. He put it in his backpack and placed Ethan in the holder strapped to him. "Shall we go first?" he asked Adriana. She hesitated them nodded. They dropped their baggage into the open book. They held the twins close and Jason held Adriana's hand. "3,2,1... Jump!" Jason exclaimed and they jumped into the book. The world he had known turned into light and faded.


To Continue.....Edit

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