Chapter 1: OrlandoEdit

"I can't wait till our wedding Orlando!" Antalya hugged Orlando. "I can't wait either." Orlando kissed his wife to-be on the head. Orlando went to his daughter's cot and carefully got her out. "Hello." Orlando greeted Amelia as she woke up from her nap. Antalya placed her hands on Orlando's arms. "She has your dazzling aqua marine eyes." Orlando commented and Antalya blushed. "Amelia has your nose." Antalya added."She's our own masterpiece which we created." "I let her be in me for an annoying 10 months." Antalya said placing a hand on the leftover baby weight. "You still looked beautiful. Even if you were in pain." Orlando lay Amelia back in the cot and turned to Antalya. Orlando placed a hand on Antalya's back and pulled her right close. Orlando began kissing Antalya. Antalya linked her hands in Orlando's as they continued kissing. Antalya ended the kissing by placing her forehead against his. He was taller even though he was a year younger than his cousin. Antalya slid her hands onto Orlando's chest. "Orlando." "Yeah?" "I feel something weird." Orlando's eyes met Antalya's. "What does it feel like?" "Kicking." Orlando held Antalya's hand. "Don't worry. It's just part of the recovery from what mum said. You feel kicks because you felt them with the baby." Antalya slowly nodded. Orlando took Antalya's hand and lead her outside. As Antalya sat down, he went to Amelia and held her. He went back to Antalya with Amelia and placed her in her arms. Orlando sat on the chair next to her. "She's cute when she's asleep." Orlando looked at her daughter, cutely opening and closing her mouth and moving her arms around. "I see Antalya and you're right. We made her that way."

Chapter 2:JasonEdit

"Did you hear about the rumours spreading around the kngdom sweetheart?" Jason asked his wife as they finished eating dinner, 2 weeks after the birth of Zach and Ariana. "No. About what?" Adriana asked and she drank. "Us." Adriana placed the cup back on the table and started coughing. Jason stood up but Miranda started patting her back to stop. "Im okay now." she told her youngest 15 year old daughter. "Us?" Adriana faced Jason, fear in her eyes. "It's okay Adriana. It's hopefully nothing bad." "Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Adriana stood up and excused herself from the room. "Finish up and then you may go." Jason stood and folowed his wife. "Adriana, stop." Adriana stopped in the distance. Jason ran to her and hugged her. "Im scared for our lives." Adriana murmured, nearly crying. Adriana burst into tears.jason placed his right hand on the back of Adriana's head and started swaying. "Ssshhh. There is no reason to be scared." "What if they are death rumours?" "They're not. Adriana don't put that in your head." "Ow." Jason stepped away and Adriana looked up placing a hand on her tummy. "Adriana it's just post pregnancy symptoms." Adriana hugged tighter around Jason's body and Jason comforted his wife. "I want more." Adriana muttered. Jason stroked his wife's back. "You know we've said good bye to pitter patter of little feet inside you Adriana." "I know but I was so happy being pregnant." "Most of the time." Jason corrected. "Ok, most, but you get my point Jason." "Adriana, you're going to be a big girl okay?" Jason titled Adriana's face to look at his and he stroked her cheeks. Adriana nodded. Jason kissed Adriana and hugged Adriana, sniffling. Jason picked her up and carried her to their bedroom where Ariana and Zach were. When they reached inside, Jason lowered Adriana and she ran to her twins. "Hello." she whispered. "Is it feeding time? Yes it is." Adriana picked up Zach and held her while she lifted her top and started getting Zach feeding. Jason walked over to his wife and 2 week old son and stroked Adriana's back. "You're a big boy aren't you." Jason gazed at the bright green eyes of his son staring at Adriana. "Hello Zach." Zach's eyes turned to Jason. Zach stopped feeding and Adriana handed him to Jason. Jason smiled at his son. "Are you full now?" Zach started moving. "Hold him properly on your shoulder." Adriana suggested and Jason placed Zach on his shoulder. Jason started bobbing up and down. Jason watched as Ariana started feeding. Jason slowly lowered Zach into his arms. He saw his sons closed eyes. Jason lightly kissed his forehead before letting him sleep in his cot. Jason looked up and saw Adriana quietly singing her daughter to sleep. "Go to sleep little one, the moon has gone to bed and so shall you. Close your eyes and curl up to have sweet dreams all night long." Adriana hummed the tune and lay the sleeping Ariana beside her twin brother. "Haven't heard that before." "I made it up during their pregnancy. I wanted them to have a special song and it seems to get them to sleep as planned." "Yes. You have to teach me it. Bobbing up and down and shushing them quietly is all I can do to get them to sleep. Adriana chuckled. Adriana went to the curtains and shut them. "Let's get on the bed and express our love." Jason nodded and wrapped his arms around Adriana. They walked, linked together, to the bed and adiana pushed Jason onto the bed. Adriana took off his shirt, leaving his vest on and they started kissing each other. Jason ran his hands up and down Adriana's back and Adriana touched Jason's cheek as they kissed. As they stopped kissing, Jason placed his finger on Adriana's bottom lip and she lifted her head up to make Jason finger run off. "I've not felt this good since we last did this." Adriana commented and lay ontop of Jason. Jason kissed her forehead and they fell asleep next to each other.

Chapter 3:AdrianaEdit

A week later, Adriana woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke. She sat up and saw it was filling the room up "Jason." Adriana dhook him awake. "What?"" "Smoke." jason bolted up and they both got out of bed. Adriana went to her twins cots snd they both started squirming. Adriana and Jason started coughing and squinting. "Jason?" Jason came infront of her. "What's going on?" Jason shrugged. "We have to escape. Adriana, go with the four youngest to Lauren's castle. You'll be safe there." Jason instructed between coughing. "What about you?" Adriana question, nearly suffocating. "I'll be with the others at Aunt Cinderella's. Call my mobile when you're there." Jason hugged Adriana. "Go." Jason tied fabric around Adriana's mouth but Adriana continued coughing. She took Ayesha, Jay Jay, Ariana and Zach over the garden to her car. Adriana gasped for breath as she placed the four kids into the car and stripped off the fabric. Tears rolled down her face.She was separated from her husband once more. She quickly strapped them in their seats. She saw Amy, Jason, Ethan, Miranda and Kathalina running to the garage. Jason quickly hugged and kissed Adriana. "I'll see you soon, I promise." "Mummy!" Miranda and Kathalina screamed. "Don't worry girls." "Go now!" Jason ordered and Adriana climbed into the front seat. She slammed the door shut and turned the engine on. She buckled herself in and sped into the forest, heading to her sisters castle. Ariana started squirming in her car seat next to Adriana. "Ssshhh, Ariana." Adriana held her youngest daughter's small hand and she started crying. "Oh Ariana." Adriana muttered under her breath and started singing to Ariana. "Go to sleep little one, the moon has gone to bed and so shall you. Close your eyes and curl up to have sweet dreams all night long. The stars are shining bright to give you light, so you can feel happy as you sleep. Those little fluffy birds have shut their beaks to sleep, little teddy has fallen asleep too. Join little teddy and sleep till morning light. Go to sleep little one, close your eyes." Adriana sung and looked to see Ariana sleeping with her teddy. Adriana quickly looked behind her and saw the other 3 children asleep. Adriana looked ahead and saw Lauren's castle in the distance. She took a deep breath, hopefully being able to get in. She sloweddown, getting nearer to the gate before stopping for the soldiers. She wound down her window. "Who are you?" "I'm Queen Adriana from the Red Kingdom." "Are you here to see Lauren?" "I wish to see her." "Open the gate." the soldier instructed and the gate open. "Sir,mould you please contact Lauren about my arrival." "Of course your highness." Adriana wound up her window and slowly made her way into the castle grounds. She stopped and turned to engine off infront of the marble staircase. Adriana quietly cried. She saw the door opening and stepped out of the car.

Chapter 4:OrlandoEdit

Orlando, Antalya, Lauren and Michael walked outside to the top of the stairs. "Orlando!" the person gasped and ran to him. He recognized the voice as his mother. "Mum?" Adriana hugged Orlando. "You're alright!" "Adriana? Why are you here?" Lauren asked. Adriana turned and hugged her sister. Why was she here? Adriana started crying. "Oh Lauren, it's terrible. Our castle is gassed out with smoke. Jason, Amy, the kids and I have escaped unharmed but were separated!" "Why separated? Is anyone with you?" Michael asked curious. "Jason said for me to come here with Ariana, Zach, Ayesha and Jay Jay while he goes with the others to Aunt Cinderella's. That reminds me." Adriana pulled out her phone. Lauren looked to see who Adriana was dialing. "She's calling your father Orlando." "Jason? I'm here." Adriana started sniffling. Orlando hugged his mother. "Why are we separated again? Jason you know I want to be with you." Adriana wiped tears away from her eyes. "You won't be able to see Zach and Ariana. I will then. I love you with all my heart. Stay safe. Bye, bye." Adriana hung up and went to her car. "Lauren, do you mind?"Lauren went down to Adriana. "Hello Ayesha and Jay Jay." Lauren gestured them to come out. "Carefully now." Ayesha and Jay Jay got out of the car and noticed Orlando. "Orlando." "Hey guys." orlando went to his 3 year old siblings and hugged them. "How are you doing?" "Good." Ayesha and Jay Jay both said. "That's good." "I'll get Zach our for you Adriana." Lauren said and Orlando saw Zach sleeping. Adriana carefully and quietly closed the car doors. "Come on. We'll give you a big room to share." Michael commented. Orlando held his siblings hands and they walked slowly up the stairs. "Sorry it was unexpected." "It's okay. You didn't know it was coming either." Lauren calmly retorted. "What have you been doing?" Orlando asked his mother. "Protecting ourselves. There have been rumours spreading about us around the kingdom." "Oh." "Here we are, even better this room is next to Antalya and Orlando." Adriana smiled and went inside. "You shall sleep Adriana. I'll come in the morning." "Thank you so much Lauren and Michael." "No problem." Michael replied. "See you guys later." Orlando let go of his siblings hands and the door closes. He stood up and held his cousin's hand. Antalya smiled and they went into their room to continue sleeping.

Chapter 5:JasonEdit

Jason clutched the edge of the window sill as he stared at the rising sun, making Lauren's castle a silouhette. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he dipped his head. Jason shook his head, full of sorrow and looked out at the sky. "I knew you'd be awake." Jason turned to look and see his aunt. Jason walked to Cinderella and hugged her. Cinderella looked like she was in her thirties when she was actually in her sixties.  You grow older in age but you look younger. Jason sniffled and Cinderella patted his back. "Be strong." Cinderella encouraged. "How can I? I told her I wouldn't be separated from her again." Jason sobbed. "This all came in a few minutes. You made a big choice." "I'm going to see her." Jason broke away from his aunt and adjusted his collar. "What about your kids?" "Tell them I've gone back to check on the castle." He said as he went to the drawers. "At least say goodbye to them dear. Be the father that cares for them." Jason nodded. He placed his jacket on and went to his aunt. He kissed her on the cheek and exited. "Stay safe." Cinderella commented. Jason knocked in the door next to him. "Yes?" Jason opened the door and saw Miranda and Kathalina chatting on the bed. "Hey Guys." "Where are you going all dressed up father?" "Back to the castle. Make sure everything and one is okay." Miranda nodded. "I'll be back before sunset." Jason kissed his daughters on their heads and they hugged him. "Bye." they both farewelled. "Be good for aunt Cinderella and uncle Chace okay?" "Yes dad." Kathalina replied. Jason left the girls and went to Ethan's given room. Jason knocked on the door and looked inside. Ethan was lying on the bed, in his own world. "Hey Ethan, just letting you know I'll be out for the day." "Yup." "Make sure you and your sisters don't get into any mischief." "Yes, whatever." Jason closed the door and sighed. "Oh Ethan." he murmured and walked to the stable. At the stable, a carriage was getting ready for him. "Where to sir?" "The castle at the Crystal Kingdom." the man nodded and Jason hopped into the carriage. Soon it took off and Jason sighed. " I'm coming Adriana." he muttered. Jason looked outside, much later, as they approached the red kingdom. Right in the distance he could see happy people. Jason frowned and looked away.

Chapter 6:AdrianaEdit

Adriana smiled as Ariana and Zach quietly slept as she held them in her sisters garden. Zach reminded her a lot of Jason, she frowned at the thought knowing she won't be seeing him for and while. Adriana looked up and saw oranges,reds,pinks and yellows as the sun rose. "Your highness" Adriana looked at the castle and saw a guard on the stairs. "Yes?" "There is someone at the front for you." Adriana nodded in thanks and the guard bowed and left. When he was out of sight, Adriana gasped. Might it be? Adriana jolted up and slowly ran to her room given. She placed  Ariana and Zach into their cot and closed the maroon curtains. "Go to sleep little ones, the moon has gone to bed and so shall you. Close your eyes and curl up to have sweet dreams all night long. The stars are shining bright to give you light, so you can feel happy as you sleep. Those little fluffy ducklings have shut their beaks to sleep, little teddy has fallen asleep too. Join little teddy and sleep till morning light. Go to sleep little ones, close your eyes." She hummed the song again and walked to the door. Adriana went out to quietly closed it. As soon as the door shut, Adriana sprinted to the front door of the castle. It was so hard on her, she forgot she gave birth only a few weeks ago. She stopped in front of the door. She saw her hand shaking and she reached the wood. She gently pushed the door, not letting it make a noise. Adriana's mouth dropped open but she forced it shut. Adriana saw a carriage with a man looking away from her. She opened the door widely and lifted the bottom of her dress up. She quickly ran down the stairs. "Jason!" she exclaimed and as the man turned around to face her, she jumped into his arms. Adriana continuously kissed Jason on the cheeks. Jason gave her a big kiss on the lips and Adriana placed her feet on the ground. Adriana gave Jason another big kiss and Jason placed his hands on her cheeks. "Adriana, it's only been a few hours." Jason spoke as their lips parted. "I know but I can't last the long without you. After what we've been through recently." Adriana replied and gazed into her husbands bright eyes. "Come, I think you're desperate to see them." Adriana took Jason's rough hand and they walked up the stairs. Jason wrapped his left arm around Adriana's waist and Adriana held Jason's right hand in front of them with a smile.  Jason stroked Adriana's side as they walked.

Chapter 7:JasonEdit

"They're so adorable." Jason commented about sleeping Zach and Ariana. Jason hugged his wife. "So they weren't in me for nothing." Adriana chuckled. Adriana kissed Jason before Jason gazed at his children. Jason placed a hand on the post-pregnancy bump Adriana had. "Sorry, no more Jason." Jason got Adriana's hand and pulled her closed. He picked her up and they lay them on the bed. Adriana sat ontop of Jason. He gave Adriana a deep kiss before he grinned and adriana started lifting his shirt off him. Soon his chest was bare and it was his turn. Jason started pulling Adriana's top off. Adriana chucked his belt onto the floor and pulled off his trousers, leaving him in his boxers. "You sure?" Jason asked his wife.Adriana nodded and smiled. Before she slid off her skirt. Adriana raced her hands up and down Jason's chest and Jason gently grabbed her neck. "Come here." Jason pulled her neck down and Jason started kissing her neck. Adriana decided to lie on Jason as she started moaning with pleasure. Adriana ran her hands through Jason's hair. "Get more aggressive!" Adriana pleaded. "Fine." Jason bit Adriana's lip and Adriana kissed his. Jason pushed his fingers hard into Adriana's back. "That's it." Adriana commented. "Keep Going." Jason let go of Adriana's lip and she gestured for him to go ontop. Jason nodes and they rolled until Adriana was on the bottom. Jason got Adriana's hand and placed it on her shoulder. Jason placed his hands on Adriana's tummy and started pushing. Adriana started whining. "Ouch. Argh!" Adriana wailed as she gritted her teeth. Jason pushed harder. Adriana nearly screamed but Jason stopped her with a kiss. I don't want to hurt her. "Jason, too much! Stop." Jason took his hands off her tummy. Adriana panted. "Keep going?" Jason asked his wife. Adriana pulled him closer to his lips. Adriana had her mouth open. Adriana bit Jason's tongue for a few seconds before kissing him. "Swap." Adriana suggested and Jason lay on his back. Adriana curled up on Jason's chest and closed her eyes. Jason turned his head and saw a blanket. He grabbed hit and pulled it to them. Jason placed it on top of Adriana and placed his hand around Adriana. He kissed her on the head.m"Thankyou. That was lovely." Jason thanked his wife and he fell asleep.

- - -

"Dad. Dad!" Jason woke up being shaken. Jason opened his eyes to see Orlando shaking him. "Orlando!" Jason jumped and disturbed Adriana. "Sorry Adriana." he murmured. "What's wrong Jason?" Adriana asked and she screamed as she saw Orlando and Antalya in the room. She pulled the blanket up over her more. "What were you doing this morning?" Orlando asked, worried "We were doing what we enjoy." Jason answered. Jason held Adriana his arms and placed her on the bed sheets. "Zio Jason you're going to be here for the wedding right?" Antalya asked. Jason placed on his top and went to Antalya."Ofcourse." Jason hugged his future daughter in-law. "I think Zia would get mad at me if I wasn't." Antalya and Jason chuckled. "It's in a week isn't it?" Antalya nodded and smiled. "It's going to be brilliant." Jason commented with a smile. Jason looked up at the clock. Oh great! he sarcastically thought. "Orlando." Jason gestured him over and he hugged his son and future daughter in-law. "I love you guys." "Yeah." Orlando thanked and he broke the hug. "Do you guys mind going next door? I want to talk to mum." They nodded and exited next door. When the door shut, Jason turned to Adriana and sighed. "Adriana, I don't want to have to do this." "No! Don't go now Jason!" Adriana burst into Jason's arms and stared crying. Tears started falling down Jason's face. He placed his wife's chin in his hands. Jason kissed Adriana's forehead. "I'll be back next week." "No not next week. Tomorrow." "I can't do that Adriana. I'm devestated as much as you are." Adriana gave Jason a big and long kiss before slowly moving away her lips. Adriana started into Jason's sad eyes. "Say goodbye to Zach and Ari first." "Ari?" "Nickname." Adriana replied in a single word and brought him over to the cot. He frowned at his sleeping twins. Jason kissed each one on the head. "I love you guys." Jason looked up at his wife and shook his head before embracing her. "I don't want to leave you." Jason sobbed. "I don't want you to leave me." Adriana added. "See me to the door?" Adriana nodded and grasped Jason's hand. They went out of the room and headed for the door. They stared at each other as they made their way to the front. Jason gave Adriana a kiss as they were outside and let go of her hand. Jason walked down the stairs to the carriage infront of him. He turned with wet cheeks at his wife and smiled. "It'll be alright. Call me." Jason hopped into the carriage and shut the door. He moved the curtain so he could see his wife. As he started moving, Adriana waved and Jason waved back. When she was out of sight he placed the curtain over the window.

Chapter 8:AdrianaEdit

Adriana let out a long sigh and dropped her waving hand as she watched her husbands carriage go around the bend, out of the castle complex. She wiped single tears rolling down both her cheeks. Please let me see him soon. Adriana sank down to the marble floor, leaning on a pillar. Adriana stared of  into the distance, with only Jason on her mind. Adriana slowly drifted off to sleep.

-     -     -

"Adriana. Adriana." Adriana's eyes slowly fluttered  open as her sister disturbed her sleep. "Thank goodness." Lauren sighed with relief. Adriana looked beyond her sister to see a black sky and lights on. "It's cold out here. You're shivering and you've got goosebumps."  Adriana looked at her right arm. Lauren was right but it didn't make any sense. "But I'm hot." Adriana groaned. Lauren stared at her confused. Lauren placed one of her hands on her forehead. Adriana moaned in pain and placed a hand on her tummy, forgetting it had no children in there.  Lauren's hand made her feel hotter. "You've got a temperature. Come on." Lauren helped her up and supported Adriana as they walked. As they entered the room,  Lauren stripped the duvet and blankets off on one side of the bed. "Lie on the bed. I'll get a wet cloth." Adriana slowly lay on the bed and Lauren returned. Lauren placed a soaked cold rectangular piece of cloth on her head. Adriana winced as the cold touched her head. Lauren sadly smiled and stroked her leg as she sat next to her. "I want Jason." Lauren frowned. "I can't get him." "You can." Anger started rising inside Adriana. "Adriana." Lauren placed a smooth hand on her shoulder and Adriana calmed down. "You expressed this morning?" Lauren asked, looking at the clothes thrown on the ground. "Yeah. But we weren't trying for a bambino." Lauren smiled. "I heard you've stopped." "Well thats what we think." Adriana looked at her leftover baby weight. "But you want more?" Lauren asked and she nodded. "I'll get the twins." Lauren stood up and went to the cot. Adriana carefully sat up. Lauren came back and placed the twins in her arms. "Hello." Adriana greeted Zach and Ariana. "Can you help?" "Breastfeeding?" Adriana nodded. "Ok." Lauren lifted Adriana's top up and got Zach and Ariana suckling. Adriana smiled and leaned her head back. Adriana tilted her head to face Lauren. "Antalya and Orlando doing well?" Lauren nodded. "She is just how you were, when looking after the newborn Kathalina and Ethan." "Thats good." Adriana croaked. "Let me get you one of my light nightgowns for you to change into." Lauren lifted herself off the bed. Adriana wanted to object but she realized Zach and Ariana were still feeding. "I'll be back in a minute." Lauren commented and walked out of the room. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. Adriana opened her eyes as the door shut. Lauren came to her with a nightgown. Lauren took off the cloth on her forehead and Adriana kissed her children. Lauren moved the cot to the other side of the bed where Adriana was. "Thanks." Lauren placed Zach and Ariana in the cot, one at a time. "Night gorgeous." Lauren kissed both Zach and Ariana and Adriana smiled. "I'll change you." Adriana closed her eyes as Lauren changed her. She drifted off to sleep as Lauren finished moving her.

Chapter 9:LaurenEdit

Lauren smiled as she noticed her sister had fallen asleep, a few days later. She kissed her sister on the cheek before gently placing another wet cloth on Adriana's head. She sat and watched Adriana sleep. "Poor Adriana, separated from half of her family and having a temperature." Lauren murmured. "I want him."Adriana mumbled. Lauren turned as there was a knock on the door and Orlando and Antalya entered. "Orlando." Lauren looked at Adriana, who had her arms extended for an embrace. Orlando hugged his mother.  "How are you?" he asked.  "Alright. Sort of improved." "At least you're on the road to recovery Zia." Antalya commented. Lauren placed a hand on Adriana's head. "Still a bit hot, I'll get a new wet cloth." she walked over to the bathroom and raised the sink tap, placing the plug in. "Are you excited for Saturday, sweetie?" Adriana asked, in the background as Lauren lowered the tap. "Yes." Orlando and Antalya both said and they chuckled. Lauren placed the new cloth in the sink full of water. Lauren looked out of the bathroom door and happily smirked. "Adriana is so lucky, in some ways." Lauren muttered to herself. She squeezed water out of the soaked face cloth and let the water go through the drain of the sink. She walked over to Adriana and placed the cloth on her forehead. "There you go." Adriana sighed and looked at Lauren. "Thanks. Per tutto quello che hai fatto per me." "That's what sisters are for. Right?" Adriana smiled. Minutes later Adriana clenched her hand. "Adriana." "I want my Jason." "Adriana, you'll see him soon." Lauren tried to comfort her sister. "No I won't." Adriana's temper rose. Lauren motioned Antalya and Orlando to move back, and they did. "Adriana, calm down." "I want Jason right here and right now! Get him to come here now." Adriana shouted at her. "Adriana, he's not here. He's at the Glass Kingdom. " "I need him." Tears started filling Adriana's eyes. "I can't get him for you." "Yes you can! Don't lie to me Lauren. Go get him!" Adriana started thrashing around in the bed. "Get the doctor." Lauren demanded to Orlando. He ran out of the room and Antalya grasped onto Lauren's arm. Adriana screamed and shouted. The door burst open and the doctor came in with a bag, followed by Orlando. "Calm her down. Do something." Lauren pleaded. The doctor pulled out a syringe and went over to Adriana. The doctor held her arm and placed the point in her skin to inject whatever was in the syringe. Adriana went limp and fell asleep instantly. "Come on. Let's leave her alone." Lauren sadly ushered her daughter a future son in-law out of the room.

Chapter 10:JasonEdit

Loved ones danced around the room at the reception of Jason's son and daughter in-laws wedding. He walked through the twirling dresses and groups of people in search of Adriana. He had to see her. He kept searching until he bumped into someone. "Sorry -" the woman apologized before placing her hand on his jacket and running her hand up to his cheek. The woman looked at her hand as it went up him. When Jason saw the woman's eyes  and he smiled.  "Hello beautiful" Jason kissed Adriana and Adriana hugged him. "Didn't see you at the ceremony, handsome." Adriana commented. "They were trying to keep us away from each other I think." Jason said to his wife and she chuckled. Adriana jumped into Jason's arms and he twirled her around. Jason kissed her and picked her up bridal style and ran out of the room out onto the balcony. Adriana laughed.jason had a it grin on his face, he was with his wife.

--Briefly Lauren's point of view.--

"Go dance Antalya and Orlando." ""Ok, come on sweet." Orlando took Antalya's hand and headed into the middle of the dance floor. Lauren saw movement in the corner of her eye and turned to look. She saw Jason carrying Adriana and running out of the room. Lauren smiled and felt hands on her shoulders. "Let them be." Lauren kissed Michael on the cheek and Michael led them onto the dance floor to dance with the newlyweds.

--Back to Jason's POV--

As they reached the balcony Jason twirled around again. "Jason!" Adriana laughed. Jason lowered her to ground and Adriana gave him a deep kiss. Jason ran his hands up and down her body. Adriana closed her eyes and placed her hands on his cheeks. Jason wrapped his hands around Adriana's waist.Adriana broke away and slowly opened her eyes, looking into his. "I miss seeing those eyes every morning." "Don't worry, you see them all the time soon." Jason grinned and moved hair away from Adriana's eyes. "Why can't you come stay with us now?" "I'll stay tonight and maybe I will see in a few days." Adriana pouted. "Please stay here from now on." "Adriana -" "No buts sweetie. You're missing out on time with Zach and Ariana." "What about we do what we do?" Adriana asked. "Kiss." Adriana pressed her lips to Jason's. he felt Adriana's tongue on his lips. Jason opened his mouth and placed his tongue in Adriana's mouth and started french kissing. Jason placed his hand on Adriana's stomach and she shoved it off. Adriana stopped kissing and started at him. "You know no more." Jason grabbed Adriana's hand and towed her to her give room. As they entered, Adriana entered and he closed the door. Adriana was bewildered in why she was here by the look on her face. Jason pushed Adriana back on the bed. "Jason." "No, we're doing it even if we produce." Jason knelt over Adriana and stripped her clothes off. Adriana did the same to him. "Come here." Adriana said eagerly. Jason leaned forward and Adriana kissed her. They rolled over and Adriana became on top. They continued kissing until they stopped to fall asleep in one another's embrace.

Chapter 11:AdrianaEdit

Adriana smiled as she heard her husbands soft snoring. Adriana opened her eyes and turned around to face her sleeping husband. Adriana carefully placed her hand on Jason's cheek without waking him up. She did so successfully. Jason moved his left hand on to her tummy. Adriana frowned as she saw where his husbands hand had been placed. "Maybe." Adriana quietly answered. Adriana kissed Jason's nose and he opened his eyes. "Hey." Jason looked down and chuckled. She forgot she was nearly all naked. "No. Don't go." Jason grabbed Adriana. Adriana placed her hand on Jason's chest and watched her hand stroke his chest. Jason tilted Adriana's head up and Adriana gazed into Jason's hazel eyes. Jason and Adriana both leaned forward, wanting a kiss. Their lips locked and warmth filled Adriana's body. She closed her eyes and placed her hand under Jason's ear, with her thumb stroking his cheek. They took a quick breath and continued. They sat up and Jason placed both his hand on her waist. Adriana stopped kissing and opened her eyes. She trailed her eyes down to Jason's hands. She placed her hands on top and looked at Jason. There were mines of silence, just them staring into each other eyes. "Sorry." Jason said later and pulled his hands away. Adriana placed the, back and Jason looked back at Adriana. "It doesn't matter. You can do it." Adriana smiled and sat on her Jason's lap. She placed her hands on his chest and placed her nose on his. Jason put his forehead on hers. "Come closer." Adriana went closer to Jason, with Jason's chest nearly touching hers. "I know you don't but -" "Ssshhh." Adriana put her finger on Jason's lips, stopping him. "I know." They both smiled, enjoying the moment. "I wish I could live in this moment forever." Jason commented. "So do I."

-  -  -

Adriana wrapped her arm around Jason's as they walked to the stable. "That mauve colour suits you dear." Jason commented. "That's good. I should wear it more often." Jason kissed Adriana on the head and smiled. They drew closer to the stable. They knew they had to say goodbye. Jason and Adriana hugged each other and Adriana burst into tears. "Ssshh." Jason comforted her and stroked her hair. "Don't go." Adriana calmly demanded. Jason got onto his knees and held Adriana's hands. "I know, I don't want to go either but -" "No buts. It's not the best for our family. Our young ones ask where you are and I have to say youre on a trip and that you'll be home soon." Adriana retorted. "Sweetie, just a few more days then I can come here with they others okay?" Adriana nodded in reply. Jason stood up and kissed her before they hugged once again. "Don't make yourself sick." "I won't Jason." Jason sadly smiled and they looked into each other's eyes. "I'll see you again soon okay?" "Ok." Adriana kissed Jason on the cheek. Jason placed his hand on Adriana's stomach. "Maybe?" Jason asked. "Maybe." Adriana replied. Jason turned and hopped onto the horse he was going to ride to the glass kingdom. "I love you forever and always Adriana." "I love you." Jason kicked his heels against the horse and Jason galloped out of the stable into the open. "I'll see you soon." Adriana murmured, watching Jason disappear into the distance.

Chapter 12:AdrianaEdit

Adriana jumped as a knock was played on the open door, days later. "Miss Adriana?" Adriana red to the door and saw one of Lauren's guard holding a piece of paper. "From the Glass Kingdom." Adriana quickly walked to the guard and slid the envelope into her hands. "Thankyou." she smiled and closed the door with her free hand. She carefully tore open the envelope as she made her way to the window of her given bedroom. She noticed it wasn't Jason's writing. Adriana read the letter from her aunt in-law.

'Dear Adriana,

I am sorry but this news has to be told to you.

Jason went missing yesterday and is reported to be -'

She knew without reading the next word what had happened to her husband. She gasped and backed up, smashing a vase. "No. No Jason!" Adriana collapsed to the ground to scream and cry her eyes out. "No! He can't be - be dead!" Adriana started violently shaking. Fear was spread across her face. Adriana grabbed a small shard of glass from the broken vase remains and ran it along her arm, making her scream at the top of her lungs. She looked at her arm and saw blood spilling out. "Jason! Why didn't you stay! Why!?"

Chapter 13:LaurenEdit

Lauren walked passed Adriana's room and heard screaming and crying. Lauren stopped in her tracks and turned to the door. She slowly opened the door to see Adriana in tears on the floor and blood streaming from her arm. "Adriana." "NO! GO! Let me bleed to death so I can be with him." Adriana demanded looking up at her face. Lauren jolted as she saw Adriana. Lauren walked up to Adriana and took the letter out of her hand. Adriana started  crying again. 

'Dear Adriana,

I am sorry but this news has to be told to you.

Jason went missing yesterday and is reported to be dead.

We will bring his body to you when we find him.

With Love,


"Oh Adriana." Lauren sat in front of her sister and placed her hand on her shoulder but Adriana nudged it off. "Don't touch me." "Adriana, he might not be dead." Adriana stared into Lauren's eyes. "No, he is." Adriana buried her face in her hands. "Adriana don't think like that. He might be alive, you won't be separated from him. Even though he is possibly dead there is a chance he isn't." "You got to have hope in yourself that he isn't dead." Adriana slightly nodded. "Now let's get some bandage for that cut." Lauren stood up and went to the bathroom. She search through the cupboard and found a wrap bandage roll. She dabbed tissues in water and then went back to Adriana. Adriana squirmed as the tissues touched her cut. "Sshh. It's okay." Lauren comforted. Minutes later, Lauren wrapped the bandage around her arm. She fastened the bandage on and smiled. "There." "Thank you." Adriana quietly thanked. "I'll go burn the letter in the fire." "No. I will." Adriana retorted. Adriana slowly got up and held the letter in her hand before tossing it into the fire, where it burned. "Go rest Adriana." Lauren suggested and she nodded. Lauren helped Adriana into bed and she closed her eyes. Lauren kissed her sister on the head and placed the covers over her shoulders. She half closed the curtains and quietly closed the door.

Chapter 14:JasonEdit

"Come on guys." Jason ordered Miranda, Ethan and Kathalina as they approached the crystal kingdom. "Coming." they all said at once. "I can see the gate ahead." Jason exclaimed as he noticed the black gates tower in front of them. "Can we have a rest dad?" Jason stopped and looked at his 15 year olds. "Ok." Miranda and Kathalina sighed with relief and plopped themselves onto the dirt ground. "Don't ruin those dresses." Jason instructed. "They're your mothers." he added quietly. Ethan sat himself down without a word and stared into the distance. "Are you alright E-" "I'm fine." Ethan replied to him sternly. "Just stop worrying about me." Ethan added. That's all you do when you are around me." he muttered, loud enough for Jason to hear. Jason dropped his bag and leaned against the tree close by. He buried his head in his crossed arms and leaned on his knees. "Dad?" Jason heard footsteps and felt one of his daughter's hand rubbing his back. Tears started falling down his face. "What's wrong?" Jason looked up to see Miranda kneeling next to him. "I'm worried about your mother. She's bound to have been I was dead." "Don't think like that Daddy." Miranda replied. "Mummy will be happy once she she's you." Jason nodded. "Come here." Jason extended his arms and hugged his daughter. Jason kissed her cheek. "I love you daddy." "You too." Jason replied and smiled. He loved Miranda. "Where would I be without you guys?" "Somewhere without mummy or us." Miranda asked unexpectedly. Miranda broke the hug and sat in front of him. "I'm glad I met your mother. She is amazing and  loves you and me very much." Miranda and Kathalina nodded. "Very much Ethan." Jason repeated specifically for Ethan and stared at him. Ethan looked up. "Oh Dad. Please. Not the stare." Jason laughed in his mind. Ethan covered his face with his hands and lay his head on his legs. Jason stopped and Kathalina, Miranda and Jason all laughed. Ethan looked up to make sure Jason had stopped and blushed. "Someone's blushing!" Kathalina teased pointing at Ethan. "That's enough Kathalina." Jason said and stopped the laughing. "Let's get going now." Jason stood up and helped his children and they set off again.

-   -   -

"See you again soon guys." Kathalina, Ethan and Miranda joined Orlando and Antalya as Jason went off to find Adriana. He soon approached the door. He listened and heard Adriana crying. Jason quickly frowned but then smiled. He wrapped his hand around the door knob and slowly and silently opened the door. When the door was open wide enough he leaned against the door frame with a smile. Adriana still had noticed but she will soon. Jason watched his wife before opening his mouth to speak.

Chapter 15:AdrianaEdit

"Why you crying?" Adriana heard and immediately stopped crying. '"Who is that?" Adriana looked down at the picture in the photo album. She didn't recognize the voice. "You have to look up to find out." Adriana slowly closed the book and placed it on the left of her. She lifted her head up in the direction of the door. She gasped as she saw who it was. "Oh Jason." Adriana stood up and ran to him. She threw her arms around his neck and jumped into his embrace. She started kissing him as tears of joy ran down her face. She rested her head on Jason's shoulder and he lowered her to the ground. "Hey. What's wrong?" Jason placed his hand on Adriana's cheek and tilted her head so her eyes met his. "Aunt Cinderella told me you were dead." "Well I'm alive and standing in front of you." "I love you and am here to stay." "Wait, did I hear what I thought I heard." "Yes." Jason replied. He was staying. Adriana smiled and hugged him. "What happened to your arm?" Jason asked. "I cut myself, thinking you were dead." "Why would you do such a thing?!" "Jason, I thought you wouldn't be coming back to me." Adriana frowned and looked at her bandage. "Kathalina, Miranda and Ethan?" She asked, changing the subject. "Yes." "Well..." "Ok I'll take you." Adriana quickly kissed Jason before he led her to her 3 children she had missed dearly. Jason opened the door and Adriana gasped. Kathalina, Miranda and Ethan face them. "Oh my gosh!" Adriana ran to them and hugged them. "I'm sorry. I love you guys so much." Jason joined the hug. She smiled as she felt his warm embrace on her body. Jason broke the hug and spoke. "Zach and Ari?" Adriana nodded and raised her index finger resembling 1 minute and Jason nodded. Adriana picked up her skirt and ran out of the room and into hers. once she entered she dropped to her knees. Adriana started crying with joy. "vi ringrazio mamma e papà! Grazie!" Adriana smiled and finished crying, not removing the tears. Adriana stood up and went to Zach and Ariana. "Come on. Let's go see daddy." she lay them on her arms and exited the room. She smiled and she saw Jason again. "Here." Adriana carefully placed her youngest son and daughter in Jason's arms. "Dear, you've been crying." Adriana nodded. "I'm complete again. Don't ever leave me." "I won't, I promise." Adriana kissed Jason, not caring about her children. "Dada! Dada!" Adriana and Jason looked down and saw Ayesha and Jay Jay hugging Jason's legs and giggling. "Come here you." Adriana bent over and picked jay jay up. He squeaked and Adriana laughed. She bent over again and picked Ayesha up. Ayesha gave Adriana a sloppy, big kiss on the cheek. "That's my 4 year olds." Kathalina, Miranda, Ethan and Orlando circled around them and placed their hands on Adriana's shoulder. Adriana smiled at Jason. They were both treasuring this moment and locking  it into their brains. Jason leaned his forehead onto Adriana's with a chuckle. "Want to?" Adriana asked and Jason leaned in to kiss her.

Chapter 16: OrlandoEdit

Orlando smiled at his parents. I'm glad they're together again. He thought. Orlando took his hand off his mothers shoulder and walked over to Antalya. "Your turn." she murmured and Orlando held his hands out to hold Amelia.  Orlando kissed his daughter on the head and Amelia opened her bright aqua-marine eyes. She placed her small thumb in her mouth. Orlando began tickling her feet and chuckled. Amelia smiled and cutely laughed. "Here comes the tickle monster!" Orlando quietly exclaimed and raised his hand and moved his fingers before placing them on Amelia's tummy. Amelia laughed louder and Orlando saw in the corner of his eye that it had caught his fathers attention. Orlando looked up as his dad came to him. Jason gazed at Amelia and smiled. "Hey Amelia." Amelia stopped laughing and looked into Jason's eyes. "Say Hi to grandad." Orlando sat Amelia on his arm and instructed her daughter. She just giggled and stretched her hand out to him. Orlando walked closer but Amelia looked at Orlando. She placed her outstretched hand on his nose. Antalya kissed him on the cheek and smiled. Orlando looked at his father and Jason smiled. He treasured the happy moment. Antalya grabbed hold of Amelia and slipped Amelia into her arms. "Come Orlando." Antalya asked and he followed. Antalya and Orlando walked with their daughter to her cot. Antalya carefully place her in and she instantly fell asleep. Orlando hugged Antalya and kissed her on the head. Orlando took his wife's hand and rubbed his thumb over her wedding ring. Antalya placed her hand on his chest. She went on her tippy toes and kissed him. Orlando felt a hand on his shoulder. "See you at dinner." Orlando turned as his mother took her hand off. "Okay." Orlando replied and turned back to Antalya. He picked her up and placed her one the bed. He sat down on the bed next to her. Antalya sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around her neck. Orlando  placed his hands on her waist and smirked. "Let's Go." Antalya pushed Orlando backwards and he fell onto the duvet.

Chapter 17: AdrianaEdit

Adriana ran her right hand along the water of the fountain as she walked with her husband at sunset. She never let go of his husbands hand. She didn't want to loose him again. Snowy, Midnight, Sugar and Shadow ran slowly ahead of them. Adriana shrieked as she was lifted off the ground and carried bridal style. "Oh sorry." Adriana looked at Jason and saw him smirk. Adriana held his cheeks and kissed him before he started walking again. "Let me go!" Adriana repeatedly teased.  "In a minute." Jason whistled to the dogs and they turned to them. Jason gestured his head back to the castle and they ran back. "Where are they going?" Jason didn't reply and started walking again. "Jason!?" Jason looked at smiled at her. "Just wait." Adriana heard a grunt by a horse and turned to see a horse in front of her. Adriana gasped. Jason helped her get on, side saddle, and he got behind her. Adriana bit her bottom lip, remembering her incident 12 years earlier. "It's okay. I've got you." Jason placed his arm around Adriana and she relaxed. Adriana placed her hand on his arm and turned to smile at him. Jason got the horse moving and they cantered out of the castle. Adriana realized that the sea was in front of them. "Oh Jason." Jason stopped the horse, metres away from the sand. Jason kissed her on the head and the horse started galloping. Sand rose around the hooves of the horse. Adriana closed her eyes with a smile as the wind blew her hair out of her face. She rested her head on Jason's shoulder and looked at him. Jason soon pulled on the reins and stopped the horse. Adriana sat up and Jason hopped off the horse and tied the horse to a nearby tree. He held his arms out to her and she jumped into his arm. He carried her bridal style to the edge of the sand where the water splashed onto their feet.  She lay with her head on Jason's lap and he stroked her hair. Jason kissed Adriana on the cheek and murmured to her. "I love you." Adriana smiled as she turned to gaze into Jason's hazel eyes. Jason lay his hand on Adriana's tummy and Adriana placed her hand on top of his. "I love you too baby." "I always have and forever will." Adriana got up and sat on his lap. She leaned on him and placed her soft hand on his right cheek. Jason turned his head to face her and Adriana kissed his nose. Jason chuckled and kissed her deeply on the lips. Jason and Adriana both closed their eyes and continued kissing. Jason wrapped his arms around Adriana's waist and Adriana placed her other hand on Jason's other cheek. Minutes had passed when they stopped. They leaned their foreheads on each others and smirked. They stood up, hand in hand, and went deeper into the water. Their clothes got soaked but they didn't care, they were focused on each other. Adriana splashed water onto Jason's face and he repeated to her. Adriana pushed Jason under the water and Adriana laughed. Jason jumped out of the water and Adriana shrieked, falling into the water. She closed her eyes and held her breath. Her toes touched the water and she pushed up to the surface. She gasped for breath and grabbed Jason's shoulder. She jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jason tumbled back but got his footing again before wrapping his arms under her legs. Adriana smiled at her husband and he smiled back. Adriana hugged him as he started walking out of the water. When they were out, Jason lowered Adriana to her feet and stared at her with love in his eyes.

Chapter 18:JasonEdit

"Thank you. That was fun." Adriana commented. "No, thank you." Jason emphasized on the thank you. "You started it."  Adriana placed her hand on his chest and push him backwards. Jason fell onto the soft sand and waited. Adriana knelt down and crawled to Jason until she was over the top of him. She leaned her chest onto his and cupped her hands on his cheeks. Adriana pressed her lips onto his. Jason placed his right hand on her neck and his left on her head. The kiss soon turned French. Jason felt good inside. With Adriana laying on top of him, Jason rolled over so Adriana lay next to him on the sand. Adriana broke the kiss and they opened their eyes. Jason was the first to open and Adriana slowly opened hers. Jason stroked his wife's cheek with a smile. Jason wrapped his arm around Adriana and brought him as close as he could. "Go on. I know you want to." "Ok." Adriana kissed Jason and then lay her head on Jason's arm, followed by resting her soft hand on Jason's chest. Adriana snuggled closer to him and he wrapped her free arm around her. She closed her eyes and Jason kissed her forehead before closing his eyes. 

- - -

"Jason , sweetie, wake up." Jason woke to the sound of Adriana. "Adriana?" Jason opened his eyes and waited for his eyes to focus. Jason stretched and sat up. He looked to his right and saw the sun setting. "We should probably head back up now." Jason stood up and helped his wife up. Adriana wrapped her arms around Jason as the walked back to the horse. Jason stopped and lifted his wife up. Adriana held onto Jason's shoulder as jason stretched his arms up. They both smiled before Jason lowered her to kiss Adriana. Adriana then wrapped her legs around his waist and Jason held his wife. As they got closer to the horse, Jason broke the silence. "I have something to tell you when we get back." "Alright. I'll remind you." Adriana answered with a smirk and Jason chuckled. Jason carefully placed his wife on the horse. Jason unwrapped the reins connected to the trunk and got on himself. He placed his feet in the stirrups and adjusted his hands on the reins. Jason kicked his heels against the horse and u-turned. They then trotted back to his sister in-law's castle.

Chapter 19: AdrianaEdit

"Now you wanted to tel me something?" Adriana said as she looked up from admiring Zach and Ariana sleeping in their cots. "I'll tell you outside." Jason replied with a frown. Adriana noticed the serious tone in his voice. "Oh. This must be more serious than I thought." "And so rig you are." Adriana grasped Jason's open hand and Jason lead her onto the balcony. Jason let go of her hand and he closed the glass doors quietly. Jason turned to look at her. "I am scared of your reaction." "How would I scare you with my reaction?" Adriana questioned. Jason shrugged. "I don't know." Adriana hugged Jason. "Tell me." Adriana whispered into his ear. Jason deeply sighed and replied. "Our home...." Jason paused. "Or home?" "Is unlivable." "What!?" Adriana stepped out of Jason's embrace. " I went there... Adriana the village doesn't want us there." "Can't we just start over? Who ever doesn't want to have us as rulers can go." "We could attempt it but I'm worried for us." Jason stared into her eyes full of fear. "It's okay baby." Adriana stroked her husbands right cheek. "No it isn't." Jason fell to the ground on his knees and sobbed. "I'm a horrible man." Adriana lowered herself to her husbands height and stroked his shoulder. She leaned her forehead on Jason's head and comforted him. "Ssshh. It's okay. You're not horrible, you're an amazing man that I love dearly." Jason sat properly and placed Adriana on his lap to hug her. They buried their heads into each others shoulders and closed their eyes. "What about tomorrow we go and check our home?" "Ok." Jason said before kissing her neck. Fire burst inside Adriana and she smiled. "You know I love you so much dear." Jason commented. "I know but you telling me wont show that you love me extremely, hat you would die than be  separated from me." Adriana answered and looked up. "I can you know." Jason smirked. Adriana cupped her hands on Jason's cheek and gave him a deep kiss. Jason returned the kiss and they sat on the marble ground for minutes, showing each other they would rather die than not be with each other.

Chapter 20:JasonEdit

Adriana carefully kissed Zach before placing him in Lauren's arms. "You know what eir schedule is. Same as the others." Adriana commented and Lauren replied. "Yup. Be careful there." Jason and Adriana nodded before entwining their hand and heading out of the living room and into their room. Jason went to the cupboard and grabbed their long cloaks. Jason place his on e bed and walked towards Adriana with hers. She turned around from looking into the mirror and Jason rested the fabric on her shoulders. Jason buttoned the cloak at the neck and smiled. Jason went to the poster bed and placed his on. "Let's go if you're ready." Adriana encouraged as she stood at the open for. "Ok." Jason replied.

- - -

Jason stepped out of the carriage and held Adriana as she made her way out. Jason noticed Adriana had placed her hood over her head as well and was looking at the stating townspeople nervously. The two royals made their way up the stairs, not holding hands. Jason looked ver and saw his wife bribing her lip. "Stay Strong." Jason quietly encourage as he lay his hand on her back. Adriana smiled as he nodded. Adriana smiled and they entered through the doors. Once they were both through, they sighed with relief. "You okay?" Jason asked stroking Adriana's back. "Yeah, I'm fine." "Who goes there?" Both of them heard a mysterious voice and a sword being unsheathed. They Looked to their left as Jason and Adriana lifted the hoods off their heads and let them collapse on their backs. Holding the sword and stepping through the dark doorway was their head guard. "Dave?" Dave lowered his sword slowly when he realized who he was facing. "Your majesty's." He bowed at them. "My apologies." Dave apologized. "That is quite alright. We are just checking in on the castle." "Ah yes. We have cleared 95% of the gas out." Jason nodded. "Becuase of that I will stick with you. 10 metres behind you and at the door of rooms." "Thankyou Dave." Adriana smiled as she thanked him. Jason turned to Adriana and held her shoulders. "If you get too uncomfortable or it gets too much gas or not, tell me please." "Ofcourse I will baby." Adriana kissed his head. "I want to go to our children's memory rooms and before we leave can we pack some stuff for. Zach and Ari?" Jason nodded. "Let's go. Dave?" "Sir." Dave gestured them to go forward. Jason wrapped his arm around Adriana and began walking to Adriana choice of destination.

Chapter 21: AdrianaEdit

Adriana slowly opened the door and they both entered. "I'm out here." Dave commented and Adriana turned to nod. Jason closed the door and Adriana gazed around the room. Perfectly intact. Adriana coughed unexpectedly and Jason raised his eyebrows in fear. "I'm ok, I'm ok." "Good." Jason relaxed and Adriana soon stopped, giving him a reassuring smile. "I'll be next door to check that everything is okay there." Jason kissed Adriana on the cheek. "Call me if you need me." "I know, I will." Adriana replied as Jason made his way to the connecting door. He unlocked it and exited closing the door behind him, leaving Adriana alone. She made her way to the mini pillar in the middle of the room and face the blank wall ahead of her. She saw a hologram screen come up ontop of the pillar and she tapped it, leading her to the menu. She started exploring the different links. She saw wedding moments and more pregnancy pictures. Half an hour went by and Adriana was about to finish when she found something she hadn't seen earlier. She clicked it and looked up at the wall to see a hologram of Jason smiling at her. "Hey dear, it's me." Adriana gasped as the video played. "I wish you hadn't found this video but you have now so I way as well continue." Jason spoke. "I was going to tell you this at our royal wedding which never happened and then when you were in your coma after I transported you to Toronto City Hospital but you distracted me with waking up." Adriana became confused. "But then I realised what I was going to tell you was not right." Adriana sat down in the small couch behind her and resumed watching. "I realised when we were separated for those many months. I had this dream...." Jason paused and sighed. "..about our memories we have created as a couple and ,I don't know if you had this too, it changed me. The fact that there was something about us, at first, I couldn't make out. The first memory I had was at a ball and I came up to this girl n a coral pink dress, hair all down besides two strands that were braided and joined at the back. I asked her to dance and I knew she was the girl of my dreams." "Wait what?" Adriana commented even more confused. "Then it changed and I was at the conservationists dinner party, where I thought to have officially met you for the first time. I was confused as I saw that girl in you." Adriana chuckled "That was the same girl, me." Jason continued. "After the dream, I woke up with a start and finally realised the point of my dream. I loved you more and had longer than I had when I met you that day in Toronto." Tears of joy started running down her face and she smiled. Jason looked away from the camera for a few seconds before looking back. "I know this will seem like a speech to you but to me it isn't." Adriana braced herself, expecting that she will start crying because of his words. "Adriana, before I met you I didn't know where I belonged in the world. When you came into my life, I finally felt wanted by someone who would love me for who I am. I just want you, Adriana, to understand that without you, I would be able to call you mine and say 'I love you'." Adriana wiped away her tears. "You look at me as if I'm the only one that can love you as much as I do. You make me feel important in your life. You have shown me what it's worth to love someone each and every day. So for everything you've done to me, thank you and I hope you understand baby you are the one I can't live without." Adriana started crying with joy. Jason blew her a kiss. " I love you my dear Adriana." Jason stopped speaking and a message came up on the blank wall and read 'Forever and Always'. Adriana burst into tears and lay her head on her hands, feeling loved more than she knew.

Chapter 22:JasonEdit

Jason looked up from fixing on a picture of Zach to his side of the room. He listened on silently and heard Adriana crying next door. Adriana. "Adriana!" Jason quietly exclaimed. He raced next door and burst through into the room his wife was in. He looked around around the room and found Adriana crying on the couch. "Oh sweetie." Jason sat next to Adriana and wrapped his arm around her waist to bring her closer. She turned, still crying, and hugged him. "I did too, I now understand." She murmured and brief her head into Jason's shoulder to continue sobbing. Jason stroked Adriana's back, confused at her comment. Jason kissed Adriana on the head before looking to his left and seeing forever and always written on the wall. Jason soon realised it Adriana had watched the video he made for his wife. "Did you like the video?" Jason asked and Adriana nodded. Jason then smiled before lifting Adriana's head. "Hey, hey." Jason wiped away the tears on her cheeks. "Every word of that was true." Adriana smiled and kissed him. "I'm happy, those words touched me deep down." Adriana kissed him on the lips and Jason returned it.

- - -

Jason selected a song from the stereo that matched the emotions Adriana and Jason were feeling and pressed play. Jason chose Unconditionally by Katy Perry. Jason got Adriana's hand and headed to the middle of the dance flor in the ball room. As the music started, Jason started moving in circles. Adriana smiled and gazed into his eyes. They danced slowly but as they came to the chorus Jason picked Adriana up and spun her around. Adriana laughed and Jason smiled. Adriana placed her hands on his shoulders bent down to kiss him as the chorus ended. They continued dancing, laughing, smiling and kissing until the song ended and they headed out to go to their home they brought from Toronto. "You two are great dancers." Dave commented and smiled as they entered the garden. Adriana blushed and replied. "Thank you."

- - -

"Can you help me pack up the pool Jason?" "Sure!" Jason and Adriana were packing up the birthing equipment and placing it in the roof as storage. After placing the pool in the box, Adriana placed it with the other stacked boxes. "Nearly done?" Adriana asked Jason. "Just changing the bed sheets then, one room down." Jason replied and Adriana nodded. Adriana started walking over to Jason to help him. Halfway there, Adriana stopped in her tracks. Jason looked up. "You okay?" "Yeah." Adriana replied placing a hand on the area and closed her eyes. She shrieked in pain. "Adriana!" Jason exclaimed and rushed to her side and placed his hand on her cheek. "Just back ache." Adriana opened her eyes and sighed. "Done." "Okay. What about you sit down for a little bit." Jason suggested. "Alright." Adriana replied and he helped Adriana sit down on the bed.nhe kissed her before finishing up folding the lightly stained sheets. "Are you sure you don't want my help?" Jason looked up and nodded his head. "Yes, I'm sure." Adriana sighed. "Okay then." She said and leaned back on the pillows. "I'll put these boxes in the roof and then carry you next door." Adriana nodded and Jason placed the sheets on the bed and walking to the cupboard on got out a small ladder. "I'll wait here." Jason placed the ladder under the slide door in the ceiling. He went up the ladder and opened the door. He walked down and placed boxes in the roof.

Chapter 23:OrlandoEdit

"Can I see Antalya?" Karnia Zara, asked Orlando as he walked to the living room whe his aunt and uncle were. "Yes, she's in our room." Karnia Zara smiled. "Thankyou." she said before walking off. Orlando continued walking and soon approached the closed living room door. He inhaled a deep breath before knocking on the door 3 times. "Come in." Orlando exhaled and opened the door to enter. He walked in and closed the door behind him. Orlando looked to see Michael and Lauren, with Aurelia sitting on her lap. "Orwando." Aurelia squealed and she raced to him. Orlando kneeled down and opened up his arms. Aurelia jumped into his arms and hugged him. Orlando wrapped his arms around her and stood up. Aurelia squealed and laughed. Orlando sat her on his right side. "You called me?" Orlando asked Lauren and Michael. "Yes, your parents called." They replied seriously. "Are they alright?" "Oh yes! Nothing wrong has happened. They wanted a message to be passed onto you." Lauren said and Orlando nodded. "You have to make a decision." Michael started. "To go with Antalya and Amelia to Red or you stay here with them." "How long till mama and dad come?" "They come tomorrow." Lauren answered. "Stway." Aurelia demanded in her cute 4 year old voice. Orlando looked innocently at his aunt and uncle. "Even though it would be a shame. Your mother is more experienced with parenting than me. But here, Antalya would have our support." Lauren commented. "I dwon't want wou to go." Aurelia frowned. "Aunt Lauren, can I talk to you alone?" Orlando placed Aurelia on the ground. "Okay." Lauren replied and gestured him to the corner or the room. "I don't want to disappoint Aurleia. If I was to go with my parents, with your and Natalya's approval, could we take her as our own?" Lauren's mouth dropped in shock. "Ummm..."

- - -

"So yes Antalya, we are going to Red and we will?" "Yes Orlando, she is such a lovely girl." Antalya kissed Orlando and then gazed at Amelia. "You want to have the pleasure of telling her?" Orlando asked Antalya. "No you dear. She loves you." Orlando sighed. "Oh alright, but you're coming with me." Orlando grabbed Antalya's free hand and smirked. He jogged out of the room heading to where Aurelia would be. Orlando stopped meters away from their bedroom. "I'll take her." Orlando slipped Amelia onto his right arm from Antalya's and carried on to tell the news to their future foster daughter.

Chapter 24:LaurenEdit

Lauren hugged her eldest daughter and burst into tears. "It's ok mummy. I'll be fine.Zoa Adriana will help me." Antalya stroked her back. "You're leaving the family at a young age." Lauren stuttered. "Mummy, I'm nearly 17. I think I'm alright. Besides, I have a family too look after now." Lauren sniff.ed and smiled at her daughter. "Say bye to nana Amelia." Amelia looked up at Lauren form sucking her fingers. "Bye." Lauren waved and kissed Amelia on the head. "Goodbye dear." She kissed Antalya on the head and then Antalya moved onto Michael. Or.a do next came to her. "Look after my daughter, won't you." "Yes aunt. I will" Lauten also kissed orlando on the head. Orla do smiled before moving on. "Thankyou for your unexpected hospitality on behalf of the family." Adriana commented while hugging Lauren. "Visit anytime but give us notice." Adriana smirked. "We will. Take care, you have a handful" Adriana and Lauren laughed. 'Bye." Adriana kissed her on the cheek and went to Michael. "Mummy!" Mummy? Aurelia came up to her and Lauren hugged her. "You know I'm not your mummy anymore. Antalya and Orlando are, call me nana now." Aurelia nodded. "Bye nana." she gave Laire. A big sloppy kiss and ran to hug Michaels leg with a smile. "Tine to go." Jason exclaimed. "Thanks for looking after them while I wasn't around." Jason hugged Lauren and then man hugged Michael. "See you bro." "So Amy you're staying?" Amy nodded. "At the moment." Lauren smiled as Jason hugged Amy goodbye. Skokn everyone bundled in cars and carriages. Lauren focused on the single carriage her married daughter's family was in. Michael wrapped his strong arm around her bake and stroked her arm. The cars honked and moved to head out of the castle grounds. The carriage started moving and hands started waving from in the window. Michael, Lauren and Amy waved back. "They will be fine. They're in safe and experienced hands."